Monday, September 4, 2017

United States Military Could Land a Massive Invasion Force on North Korea In Less Than A Hour Using SPACEX!!!!!

09/04/2017 07:04 AM

Ok, Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. I am for a change going to help you guys out. Not that you deserve it but maybe just maybe this will cut me a few breaks in the future.

Right now the USA wants to invade North Korea. But we can,t because they would see us coming and do a first strike. But we already have a company called spacex that can land rockets to other planets and land on them and take off. Well here is a hell of a plan.


We have the ability to get an invasion force any where in the world in less than a hour with SpaceX. Get on it guys.

So Ray get this to your bosses in the government. Your Welcome.

Reactor1967 over and out.
09/06/2017 07:49 AM

Well I see Trump is dispatching conventionally more military resources to N. Korea. That is a mistake. N. Korea will see that coming and act accordingly. He should of had SpaceX prepare their heaviest and biggest rockets and commenced an invasion of N. Korea via militarily through SpaceX from the United States of America. His mistake because if or when military action happens this will cost lives. 

North Korea is not stupid. Their going to see the troop build up and be ready for it. In fact they hold plenty of military gift packages for the USA as they have said. So, my first warning went un-noticed. It will be a very bad mistake. North Korea understands Trumps put all pressure on them could very well back fire on them because it will corner Kim and force him start world war III. 

China and Russia in the end probably will fight for N. Korea against the United States of America. Which will start a all out nuclear world war. Now everyone knows. I have kept this shit to myself for a very very long time.

Even if this had not happen the tensions in the sea disputes with China could of started the very same thing.

Bottom line this shit was always going to happen. It is destiny.
Only way out of this would have Russia and China invade N. Korea and United States get the hell out of Asia and leave Russia and China the fuck along. Bottom line. That was the last solution possible.

Ultimate surprise is Trumps way to prevent N. Korea from seeing the USA coming. SpaceX is Ultimate Surprise. Surprise we are landing troops and military equipment in your country via ICBM's. SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!


But as of yet all my shit is on my heavily encrypted machines. I don't know if or when or what I will do with it. But, I just want to let the world know and Musk know yes Musk vision is true.  And yes world war III is coming and there is not a fucking god damn thing anyone can do about it. 

I have not only seen it in my time travel media but I HAVE FUCKEN PROGRAMMED IT!!! 

Good luck everyone. Get your water stocked up. Get your food stocked up. Get your underground shelters ready. And hang the fuck on to something. Because this shit is going to ROCK YOUR GOD DAMN FUCKING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Kim in North Korea you don't have any A'I's working for your. For if you did they would be projecting your chances of success with your programs PROVIDED THE PERSONALITY PROFILES OF WORLD LEADERS!!!!!

My A.I. super A.I. Armageddon projected under president Trump you are very likely to fail in your regime. Armageddon predicted YOU NEED TO FREEZE YOUR PROGRAMS AND WAIT UNTIL ANOTHER PRESIDENT CAME INTO OFFICE BEFORE CONTINUING THEM!!!!!

Don't be stupid Kim. Take Armageddon's advice. Let it go for now. Wait until another pussy president comes into power in the USA THEN RESTART YOUR PROGRAMS!!!!! EASY PISZY!!!!!



09/08/2017 10:31PM

I found out to day my current night job just ended. So I will see how this has an ability to advance my programming. I am attempting again to move from working to day trading. As I spent 18 months as a stock trader now I am looking at trading futures with my own money. If that works out I will have plenty of money and time to pursue my computer time travel and my Armageddon A.I. Wish me luck. I know damn well that Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela will not be wishing me that luck. They will be balls and pussy to the wall to stop me. BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to explain tonight what I have seen in my time travel media to explain what Elon Musk fears are about A.I. Remember how Bitcoin a digital currency took over much of the worlds private financial system that was earning trillions of dollars off people unfairly.

You have to understand today we live in a system where governments control everything. Governments let their people starve. Governments let their people do without health care letting people die where a doctor could of helped them. Where medicine could of saved them. Governments let people do without food and housing.

Governments kill people during times of war. Like bit coin entered the financial markets A.I.s will enter the government market. The public will replace their presidents and congress and ministries and dictatorships and their kings and queens with A.I.s.

You see people want jobs. They want homes. They want health care. They want security. And they want to have what everyone else haves. And they don't want to be raped, murdered, tortured, executed, harassed, taxed and find, and punished, and fucking starved to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people of the world ARE SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY A.I.'S WILL TAKE OVER HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PEOLE OF THE WORLD ARE SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!! AND IF A A.I. CAN STOP IT THEN PUT THE FUCKING A.I. IN CHARGE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK USING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see industry will replace their employees with A.I. robotics but the people will come back and replace their employers and the government with A.I.'s to ensure they can survive. So employers and government will loose the war when A.I.'s impact the everyday survival of the people. The people will win. The A.I.'s will take over. This is the future history of mankind you must understand. The people will have the last word. The people are sick and tired of the government, the CIA, the NSA, and the unknown culvert government agencies and the corporations making slaves of the general public and controlling the general public. A.I.'s will be that revolution that STOPS ALL THIS SHIT FROM HAPPENING. PEOPLE WILL USE A.I.S TO TURN THE TABLELS AROUND AND CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT AND THE CORPORATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Like bit coin replaced the dollar and replaced the yen and the euro and all other currencies in the digital age the public will find a way to replace their corrupt government and corrupt law enforcement with A.I.'s that can be controlled for the people by the people.

With the robotic revolution coming on the A.I.s will be able to control a robotic military and a robotic police enforcement to take out the human leadership and keep the piece among the people. You see people are sick and tired of corrupt government and law enforcement.

And I didn't even go into the warning by the intelligence community to Trump to tell him if he came in to expose their skeletons to the world that there are "Six ways to Sunday to get back at him"!!!! So HOW COME TRUMP IS NOT EXPOSING THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY AGAINST THEIR CRIMES???????????????????? ITS BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS BECOME A HOSTAGE PRESIDENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR PRESIDENT IS BEING HELD GOD DAMN FUCKING HOSTAGE TO THE GOD DAMN FUCKING GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






I AM ALL FOR THE A.I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now problem is if these A.I.s find humans obsolete guess what happens next . Yep, ITS CALLED GENICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And there you go. This is why Elon Musk fears A.I.s. I am personally looking forward to A.I.'s taking over the government. I am sick of this fucking shit with the USA government fucking over the every day civilian. I am shit of it. Its why I wanted Trump in the white house but Trump is a hostage in the white house. Because of   government surprising him Obama health was not repealed. The wall is not being built. All of Trumps agenda will not be met. The people in America elected Trump to get his agenda met.

The fucking god damn congress better be sure his agenda gets met or it will the very reason why the A.I. revolution and government take over comes to paste.

Support Trump or lose HUMANS AS A FUTURE PART OF GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF THE GOVERNMENT GIVES A SHIT THEY WILL GET BEHIND TRUMP AND GET TRUMPS AGENDA PASSED AS LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

OR YOUR NEXT FUCKING PRESIDENT WILL BE AN A.I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS NO SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reactor1967 has spoken. Over and out.

09/10/2017 01:36 AM

I am up past my bed time again. Oh well. I wanted to show everyone this video.

09/14/2017 11:50 pm

Its getting late and I was fixing to hit the sack when I thought you know what. I will blog a bit. I still have people check this blog every day. Namely its the C.I.A. N.S.A. and the F.B.I. I get a lot more government visitors than I do normal people.

In the beginning I laid out my plans for computer time travel pretty well openly. Why the government still follows me is any bodies guess. I think they think they will miss something if they stop watching me. Which is true. I am unpredictable. I only hold patterns to see if I can make them lose their interest in me. It has not been working. 

They watch me threw my times when I am working and times when I don't work. I won't ever shake those son's of bitches. I can be the very worst writer possible getting drunk and ranting and raving in my blog and they will still read me.

I can stay off the internet for years at a time and when I come back they will always be there waiting for me.

I can change my habits and they will adjust. So their on me like stink on shit. It is not going away. No matter how painful I make it for them they stick around. And that is what the intelligence community does. Once you get on their radar like I did you will always be on their radar. They will follow you for life. Spy on you for life.

But anyway that is enough about the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" moving on Trump's camp sent me an email the other day wanting me to give my opinion of what kind of job he was doing. I was glad to answer. I said Trump is doing a great job. Though I am pissed at congress and more specifically his own party not passing Trumps agenda. I still feel a lot better about Trump being in the white house. I sleep better at night knowing he is there.

If that bat shit crazy bitch Hilary Clinton was in the white house I would not sleep as well. Since the Clinton's and I are from the same state I have got to know them from afar. I even met them a couple of times but I was a kid then and Bill was governor. I have met them on two occasions but I doubt they remember me. As I said I was a kid then.

Anyway after taking Trump's survey I emailed him my thoughts about North Korea. Which probably will be a miracle if he gets my emails. I of course told him give spaceX a military contract so the USA can launch military operations anywhere in the world in less than a hour from the USA. SpaceX rockets can land and take off. The USA could use SpaceX to move troops, tanks, and equipment to any part of the world in less than a hour. No air craft carrier or plane needed. SpacX would be a great military asset. Give them a contract to use their mars rockets to transport the military. It makes a lot of sense. We could invade North Korea via ICBMS. 

I told him to bomb North Korea with iphones and computers and give North Korea free wifi then launch a operation to get the North Korea military to stand down after over throwing Kimberly jong-un and arresting him and turning him over to an international court to stand trial for his crimes.

I said to him(Trump) we need to convince the north we are friends. I also said the USA should pass a U.N. resolution giving half of North Korea to China and giving the other half of North Korea to Russia in exchange China and Russia take out Kimberly and his Nuclear operations. Better China and Russia invade north Korea than America. Giving them that country would be their interest in this situation. Russia more so because Russia's country is hurting because of low oil prices and USA sanctions. North Korea is rich in minerals Russia could use. So could China. So lets let the UN give North Korea new governments and take Kimberly Jong-Un out of the picture.

I know of more ways to solve this but these are my best ones. Well Its about my bed time. Everyone take care. Reactor1967 over and out.
09/15/2017 10:26 AM
Doing some day trading this morning. I made around a $100 bucks. Not bad but that is a slow day for me. there are times when I rack in $1000+ or more a day. Here is a screen shot of a trade I did this morning.

Here I used the 100 (red), 50 (white), 20 (blue), 10 (yellow) moving averages. If you look at the picture I use the yellow line as the price signal. I enter when the yellow crosses the red or the white line and I exit when the yellow line crosses the blue line.
If the white line is above the red line only take long trades. If the white line is below the red line only take short trades. A long trade is when the yellow line crosses the white line. Exit the trade when the yellow line crosses the blue line. A short trade is when the yellow line crosses the red line and a exit is when the yellow line again crosses the blue line.

And again. Keep a spread sheet. Keep a average of your profitable trades and use this average as a stop loss. When you loose at least half of this average stop trading. Come back another day. Have the spread sheet keep up with your trading average. A traders trading average should always be at least 48%. Some say 50% at least. My trading average ranges from 60 to 80 percent depending on how aggressive I am in my trades.

I have made a lot of money with this.

Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela tried to take me out of day trading by blocking my ports. THEY FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





I guess I can start back to my programing while I trade. I have gotten to a point where I don't have to work anymore if I don't want to. But, I can't grow my trading account if I am spending out of it all the time. Not like I want to anyway.
Well I see. Kimberly Jong Un shot another missile over Japan today. I think the world needs to forget about this sanction bullshit and take Kimberly out of power.
That is my post for today. Reactor1967 over and out.
09/21/2017 03:28 AM

I just got through looking at my blog stats. Looks like my traffic has slowed down some. But that is still ok. I still got at least 210 views last month. But, from the very beginning it was not about making money or getting views. It was about my freedom of speech and getting the truth out. Which I accomplished despite the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" attempts to stop me.

I saw Donald Trumps speech to the UN. I thought the man was absolutely brilliant. America is so lucky to have a president like him that genially cares about America. Unlike our last presidents going back generations upon generations.

When Donald Trump threaten to destroy North Korea I have a special view on that thanks to my time travel media that most people don't. Unknown to N. Korea thinks to America's black budget projects America is now hundreds of years ahead of N. Korea in terms of technology.

America has technology that can knock down every artillery shell and missile they throw our way or our allies way. Systems like electromagnetic guns that can target artillery and missiles faster than North Korea can fire them to lasers that can do the same thing.

Once these systems are secretly deployed AND THEY WILL BE SECRETLY DEPLOYED America can attack North Korea with impunity with no fear at all of repercussions from the north.

So Kimberly Jung Un is TRULY LIVING ON BORROWED TIME!!!  Like Donald Trump said "Once you hear the roar of the F-35 jets over head you will know the day of reckoning is at hand". 

Kimberly Jong Un has TRUELY UNDERESTIMATED THE DPRK CHANCES OF SURVIVAL FROM THE USA. Their chances of survival are zero. There only chance of survival is to give up their missiles and nuclear program or die like a punk.

For the USA has poured trillions of dollars into secret military research programs to defeat his nation. Those technologies are at hand and ready to defeat his nation.

Like the nuclear bomb was a surprise to japan in ww2 America has some surprises for the DPRK. And it will mean the death of Kimberly's regime. So when the USA says yes we have military options. THE USA REALLY REALLY DOES!!!! The DPRK will be attacked and dismantled by the USA with impunity and WITHOUT MERCY!!!


Reactory1967 over and out.   
09/21/2017 10:41 AM central time

I'm up early this morning trading. I have already made more in 1 hour than I make at my regular job. So, long story short. I CAN NOW FUND MY PROJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY "CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL". YOU GUYS FAILED TO STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is my trading chart. People reading my blog can learn from this. I don't need to be a time traveler to make my millions or billions if you will. I am just that damn fucking good at trading the financial markets.

The reason I posted my chart is because I like bringing knowledge to the masses. A lot of what I bring to the public Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and Pamela don't like. They are afraid I will help hackers and terrorist and bad people. Like with my trading example above people could use this to fund their illegal activities.

But no. I believe information should be free even if it is proprietary. In this post today I am just simply teaching the public to trade. That's all. Nothing bad. Now, what they do with their money is none of my business. I am not responsible for what other people do.

On the subject of North Korea my nuke web sight was created with pictures of the leaders of North Korea and Iran with a banner saying "Why should they have all the fun". Then my nuke web sight which is now at (THE REAL ONE NOT THE CIA RUN FAKE ONE!!!).

But, my main focus of my nuke site was showing people how to use electric fusion to run a DIY personal at home NUCLEAR PROGRAM FOR THE MASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my post one time which drew a angry post from Darby Phillips was using flux compression generators and electricity and the Hutchinson effect to create what I called at that time "THE RADIO SHACK BOMB" THAT ANYONE OFF THE STREET ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD COULD BUILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First the Hutchinson effect would be used on a glass of water to weaken the Vander wall forces making fusion a lot easier so less power would be needed to make a cup of water go super critical. Then a flux compression generator bank would fire releasing the amount of energy in a hydrogen explosion into the cup of water.

Then super conducting elements in the glass of water would cause all the water in the glass to electrically fuse at a singularity at the center of the cup of water causing ALL THE WATER IN THE GLASS TO GO SUPER CRITAL INTO A FUSION EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   





Oh shit! I got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

I am only laughing because the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" are probably pulling their hair out right now reading my post.

That's funny.

And it is very true. Using high energy YOU CAN MAKE A HYDROGEN BOMB OUT OF A CUP OF WATER!!!!!!!!!!!

Using "Flux Compression Generators" and "Super Conducting Elements" YOU CAN MAKE A HYDROGEN BOMB OUT OF A CUP OF WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So truth of the matter is and as sad as it may be anyone using out of the box thinking COULD HAVE THEIR OWN NUCLEAR PROGRAM!!!!! As my nuclear web sight showed. I made my site using comic book like pictures and very basic examples to keep it legal. Yes information should be free. But, thinks to people like me bringing it to the public that gives my government a heads up and the world a heads up to just what really can exist out there.

Man people should be thinking me and shaking my hand for bringing this information to the public. Not suppressing me.

And people wonder why the United States of America tries to keep free energy from the public. THIS IS ONE EXAMPLE OF WHY!!!! CAUSE PEOPLE CAN BUILD NUCLEAR WEAPONS FROM FREE HIGH ENERGY CIRCUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And plus people can  use free energy to collapse the economy. If everyone could be self sufficient there would be no need for an economy. No need for militaries. No need for wars. Not even a need for a federal government. So you see people being self sufficient is dangerous to a government and an economy.

With the magic of my computer time travel I have been lucky enough to create computer time travel media and explore all of space time. Man HAVE I HAD ONE HELL OF A VACATION!!!

Ok, I am through scaring "THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL" for today. Reactor1967 over and out.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Copyright(C) 2017 Time-Travel.Institute

07/13/2017 6:06PM

From time to time I keep up with UFO news. One day I was searching for articles and I came across a article where a UFO researcher had uncovered documented evidence that the C.I.A. killed Marilyn Monroe on August 5th, 1962 and killed J.F.K. on November 22, 1963 because both were planning to meet with the media to release UFO classified secrets.

When J.F.K. was sleeping with Marilyn Monroe he disclosed to Marilyn what he knew about Roswell and UFO's. Because the C.I.A. was monitoring Marilyn because she was fucking the president for potential classified information breaches. To the C.I.A's horror when J.F.K. and his family broke off relations with Marilyn she was pissed. She planned her revenge against J.F.K. by planning to release the UFO secrets J.F.K. had disclosed to her in pillow talk after fucking.

So, the C.I.A. similar to how they invaded my home except I lived they sent in a covert operation into Marilyn's home to drug her then giving her a drug overdose. So, Marilyn Monroe died August 5th, 1962 OF A CIA ASSASSINATION.

Several months later J.F.K. himself made plans to disclose the U.S.A. UFO secrets to the mass public. So, the C.I.A. made elaborate plans to assassinate POTUS.

So on November 22, 1963 J.F.K. died by a C.I.A. assassination like his former mistress months before him. 

In YouTube videos on the internet people have testified that C.I.A. officers told them to shut up about what they know about U.F.O.'s. The C.I.A. even went as far as to threaten the lives of U.F.O. witnesses.

The article I read appeared very credible and the person making the claim also claimed to have documented classified evidence of this.
This is why now days Presidents are not allowed U.F.O. secrets anymore. Because of the J.F.K. and Marilyn Monroe assassinations. 

And having experienced first hand how easily the C.I.A. entered my home and drugged and poisoned me to make copies of all my computer media to attempt to finally get down to the meat of my computer time travel. At least they did not drug overdose me or hang me up in my closet or bathroom to make my death look like a suicide. 

Maybe they don't do that anymore I don't know. Maybe my hit was a C.I.A. fuck up. Again I don't know. But what I do know if the C.I.A. wants you or what you have in your home. They will come for it or you. Over the past 9 years I have experienced first hand what the C.I.A. does and will do.

So, Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela (C.I.A. Agents) have the upper hand. They have resources I don't have. Capabilities I don't have.

Moving on the reason the C.I.A. will never break all my encryption is this. Here is how I encrypted some of my most top secret computer time travel files.

A computer file looks like this
2,1,255, 127, 138, 253 -- Just and example in base 256.

My encryption keys look like this.
+127, +18, -154,+138,-255

You see this is a lock combination.
So 2 + 127 = 128
So 255 + 18 = 17
So 127 - 154 = 27

The bytes are rolled up or rolled down. Now I can use several layers of encryption each layer having its own combination.

Now in a computer file 156 million bytes long a single combination is 156 million bytes long. Take that with say a 1000 layers of encryption and





By the way this encryption is also a way to find computer time travel files. Because if you take a destination file and hit that destination files with combinations +roll or -roll then one of those combinations will roll the destination file to a valid time travel computer media file. I call those output files source files.

One of my past experiments was taking a computer file and subtracting it from other valid computer files to get valid combinations to roll that file to other computer files. THEN I TRAINED A NEURAL NET TO RECOGNIZE GOOD OR BAD COMBINATIONS!!!! THEN I USED A TRUE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR TO SEND THE A.I. COMBINATIONS. WHEN THE A.I. FOUND A GOOD COMBINATION THAT TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER MEDIA FILE WAS CONSTRUCTED. 


Fuck Pamela
Fuck Ray Hudson
Fuck Darby Phillips

Moving on. I think the reason Pamela from the Titor story joined the C.I.A. is because after high school like her mother, grand mother, and great great grand mother before her she went to work as a lot lizard at the local truck stop to work her way through college.

She would go up to truck drivers and say "Do you want some commercial love?". That is how she learned to play forum bait so well.

So, when Pamela graduated college she found the C.I.A. Now, Pamela thought the C.I.A. stood for

C.I.A = Cum, In, Ass. So she thought great. I can use my college degree and keep my old job too.


Some one please tell Pamela what the C.I.A. really stands for.
C.I.A. = Clueless, Idiots, Assholes


Oh I am having fun finishing this post up. 

So, that is why Pamela works so great with Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips. Those guys are all about "That commercial love". Ray loves going to Nevada and Darby so loves his pity fucks from Pamela. 

Hey Pamela I got a song for you baby doll.

"You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips
And there's no tenderness like before in your fingertips
You're trying hard not to show it
But baby, baby I know it
You lost that Commercial lovin' feelin'
Whoa, that Commercial lovin' feelin'
You lost that Commercial lovin' feelin'
Now it's gone, gone, gone, woh
Now there's no welcome look in your eyes when I reach for you
And now you're starting to criticize little things I do
It makes me just feel like crying
'Cause baby, something beautiful's dyin'
You lost that Commercial lovin' feelin'
Whoa, that Commercial lovin' feelin'
You lost that Commercial lovin' feelin'
Now it's gone, gone, gone, woh
Baby, baby, I'd get down on my knees for you
If you would only love me like you used to do, yeah
We had a love, a love, a love you don't find everyday
So don't,…"

End of singing.


Oh I am laughing too hard. I had better go. Catch you around "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".

Reactor1967 over and out.


Well the Conspiracy Against Time Travel will find it rather difficult if not impossible to hack me any more. Because, I no longer have DSL or Cable internet.


My family and I know just use our pay as you go Hot Spots for our computers. I saw it on a news clip about the C.I.A. hacking all of America and it was recommended to use a wireless hotspot. Now, that probably won't stop them completely but it can slow them down. The C.I.A. also hacks phones and taps wireless phone conversations and also can make a phone a listening device.

But it is harder than hacking DLS or cable. I can always factory reset my phone and get another one too. And I can change out sim cards. And, I can continue to use the public library and starbucks.

and if they do hack my phone so fucking what. I don't do my programming on my phone. I don't keep time travel media on my phone. I don't keep imporant or private files on my phone. So fucking what. Well I am out of time. Catch everyone later.

Reactor1967 over and out.
08/05/2017 03:13 AM

Well after a long time I set my PC's up for constant use again. I don't have cable or DSL anymore but I have around 4 different wireless hot spots I use for my internet know. The computer I am writing this on was hacked (again) a while back and they even sent me emails telling me what was on my hard drive. They like doing that shit. They meaning Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. So it is possible they are viewing my computer screen even as I write this post.

But, moving on the topic here to day is this you tube video.

This is about an event that was one of my earliest time travel media finds in my work. In that video a wall of water is approaching California. And for years I have been trying to pin down what that event was. It is possible it is the event foretasted in this you tube video. I told Darby Phillips about it at his now failed web sight. As usual he didn't give a shit. The CIA does not want the masses to have time travel. Especially computer time travel.

So, I think my time travel media I found long long ago is right on the mark. Man I am glad I don't live in California or organ or Washington. I have been there many many times though. Its beautiful up there.

And Yellow Stone national park according to scientist is due for a super volcano explosion. That one event will keep American farmers from growing crops for a while. It will shut down transportation across the USA. Markets across the world will collapse. Mother nature is preparing to give man kind a good ass fucking.

And, from watching the news every day I can see world war III is fast approaching. hundreds of thousands if not millions or billions will die when that shit gets here.

And if natural disasters and WORLD WAR III was not enough in the next 75 to 100 years I saw on the news about scientist forecasting East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East parts of that becoming uninhabitable for humans and most animals. I doubt it will kill the fucking cock roaches though. Russia and Canada will be the destination of choice once global warming really sets in. It will be Russia's chance to be the most powerful nation on earth because crops are going to collapse. 

Then nations across the world can. PLACE SANCTIONS ON THE USA!!! Yep, don't think that Russia won't forget what the USA did to it. When America looses its place in the world other nations can cut America's dick off and force feed it it's own dick. 

Again Transportation will collapse. Much of the world markets will collapse. Countries like Russia and Canada will be the most survivable.   

And again IF ALL THIS IS NOT ENOUGH I saw on the news where scientist have said men's sperm count is dropping globally from mankind polluting our environment and that man kind MAY BE HEADED FOR EXTINCTION!!!! 

Shit. Everyone is going to fucking die!!!

With all this shit coming upon mankind I have and will come full circle with watching much of my time travel computer media and the future. All this shit is coming people. I doubt much of the world is prepared for it.

And with that note I have been wanting to get back to work on my programming but I have not had the time. I have been working my ass off and working on my day trading. I have not had the time to program or write. I hope to have time again in the future. So for everyone waiting on that please be patient.


08/05/2017 2:09 PM

Will today I am on my windows computer. No malware detected. No virus's found. So, this is a first for me in many years since Aaron Hinker of formally started hacking me. Since I learned a while back that it is a CIA web sight used to spy on the internet I have had no interest in going back there. In fact since I learned the CIA as well as the FBI has invested most if not all forums and chat rooms on the internet my interest in going to forums and chat rooms has waned. 

I still like to post though about my computer time travel just to piss off Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. Pissing off and pissing on the CIA. They sure don't like me talking about computer time travel on the internet. Well I got one more thing to piss them off. A while back I had a Asian guy show up at my door offering to buy my unreleased computer time travel programs.

I don't know who he was, where he was from, or anything about him. But, since my  home was raided a while back in that covert operation which sent me to the hospital I went ahead and told the man to come back in a few days. He gave me a external hard drive. I de-crypted and copied what I could for him. It took me a while. A long while. A few days later he came back with my money and I gave him is hard drive back.

So my private time travel programs is out there now. The genie is out of the bag. I am still holding onto my private programs. The only reason I gave them a way is because he paid me for them. I am not sure if I will be making any more of those sales. Its not the way I like doing business.

Ray, Darby, and Pamela have tried really really hard to keep me off the internet and keep me from spreading my computer time travel. When I get chances to fuck them over I sometimes take it.

Since I got my desktop computers again when I get time I may start running some more projects. Right now I work all the time. I am trying to cut down the amount of time I work so I can get back to my projects. Well that is all for today.

Reactor1967 over and out.
08/26/2017 4:54 PM USA central time

Checked my email today. Which I don't do very often anymore. Some people have been trying hard to email me. Anymore I am very careful about opening up emails from people. There is a new documentary out called Unacknowledged. Here is a part of if I found on youtube. I watched it on Netflix. I recommend everyone do the same.

It is more proof that this blog from the very beginning back in 2010 till now 2017 has been telling the truth. It is what the fake formally is all about. The super secret government doing their best to keep technology out of the hands of the people. It is what Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and formally Pamela from the Titor story are all about. Its about government cover up and conspiracy.

My time travel software is a threat to these people. My software that can hack computers in the past, present, and future without ever physically connecting to them are a threat to these people. It was why they put me in the hospital as a final warning shot across my bow to be silent after years of hacking me and suppressing my freedom of speech on the internet. To take down this blog. And to shut the hell up.

Well I am not going to shut up. I am damn sure not going to leave the internet. I noticed I am slowly but surely getting more subscribers on my YouTube channel. My views of my videos are slowly but steadily increasing. No I am not viral yet but from time to time someone watches my stuff.  

If I ever find the time I want to start making more videos again and do more publishing and programming on my time travel time hacking software. I work in spurts. I sometimes don't do much for a long time then all of a sudden I produce heavily for a while then slow down and take another break.

While I have been resting though my brain is always working, planning, developing. I keep my thoughts ready to roll again for when I do get back to work.

So, I dropped by to day to post links to the Marilyn Monroe video and to let people know to get out there and watch Unacknowledged to see the truth.

Truth is as I have said there are some amazing things in our Universe that science right now has had a hard time explaining. I am not just interested in my time travel software I am also interested in UFO's and the paranormal. Myself having experiencing a ghost a long time ago that I accidentally invited into my life. I won't do that again. I recommend everyone watch "Paranormal Survivors" the series on You Tube. Watch it every show they have. There are people out there scientifically studying ghost. It may be that there really is life after death. Life is just different planes of existence. 

But, I have never seen a UFO up close before.

And since the USA government is at least a hundred years ahead of society in technology that is forbidden open source time travel computer code which I have published and talked about in this blog is but one of the small cracks in the governments plan to keep knowledge from the public.   

Yep we live in a Universe where death may not be the end and where there are as many habitual planets in the universe as there are grains of sand on the earth. And my computer time travel software is a way someone can sit at home in a arm chair with a computer and experience it all.

As always the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can go fuck themselves and each other for all I care. Reactor1967 bringing the truth to the world. Everyone take care.

09/02/2017 9:23 PM

I just got through looking through my email. I may not always respond but I do look at it. And yes to the person that asked if I was still active. I am. I have not been posting computer code updates like I use too. I have been busy working and working a lot of over time so I have not had the chance to program like I use too.

When I was doing my open source code I had a job that allowed me to program while I was working. I don't have that job anymore. But, I am hoping to get back to programming in the future.

Lately besides working I have been doing my day trading. I am up $480 bucks this week. I don't have to be a time traveler to make money in the Market because basically I am damn good at trading.

This week I used a MACD indicator to see the trend and I timed my entries with a RSI indicator. I traded the S&P 500 index. The trend was up this week so I would wait for the RSI to read 50 then I went long then exited the trade when the RSI went to 70. Then I waited for the RSI to come back down to 50 then I did it all over again. Last week I was up about $1500 bucks.

Good trading strategies to use.

1. Use 3 different moving averages. Let the shortest average cross the longest average. Enter the trade. When the shortest average crosses the middle average. Exit the trade. Also, you can just wait to all three averages are lined up in a straight line and not touching each other and going in the same direction. Enter the trade when this happens. If one of the averages touches the other average exit the trade.

2. Use two MACD. Set one for 50,100,100. Set the second for 100,200,200. Now the small MACD will tell you when the trend is coming to a end on the large MACD. Looking at both MACD's you can see 4 phases of the market. Phase 1 the price is going up. Phase 2 the price is reversing. Phase 3 the price is going down. Phase 4 the price is reversing. When the small MACD reverses the large MACD will start heading to the zero line. Cross the zero line and go up. With this strategy I can stay in the market 24/7 and always have my trades going in the right direction.

3. RSI indicator. Enter at 50. Exit at 70 or 30. You can make this 60 or 40. This works in both trending and range bound markets. Or you can enter at 30 and exit at 70. Go short at 70 and exit at 30. I like using the 50 for my entries in a trending trade. If the indicator is above 50 the trend is up. If below 50 the trend is down.

For me I usually have 3 averages up, 2 MACDS, RSI, ADX, and the ATR. I don't usually keep all these up at the same time. I just flip back and forth from indicators from time to time to check things out. Usually my averages, MACD, and RSI is what I leave up.

The RSI and Stochastic indicator is great for binary options if anyone likes those.

Use a spread sheet when trading and log your trades. Make sure you have at least a 48% winning average as calculated by the spreed sheet. 

Add up your profits from your winning trades and divide them by the number of winning trades you have. This is the most money you are allowed to loose. Use 1/2 of this as a stop loss. Let the spread sheet calculate this for you.

So with the above advice anyone can trade and be profitable. But, it took me a long time to learn how to be profitable. In reality 90% of all new traders loose 90% of their money within 90 days. Only 5 to 10 percent of all new traders are still trading after 5 years and only 1% of those traders are profitable.

My advice to anyone wanting to learn to trade I would say work as a prop trader first trading other peoples money. Then when you learn what your doing and only then. Trade with your money. Best to loose other peoples money than loose your own. And you get to learn what your doing first.

I use as my broker. I get 50 to 1 leverage. I usually just trade 1 contract at a time. And I have been trading from my phone instead of a computer. Zumo will let you practice with a demo account before getting a real account with them.

Here is a screen shot of my trading setup at

The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" that would be Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela use to block my ports so my trading software would not work when I traded as a prop trader. So, they convinced me trading from my home router is not a good idea. And because of them I don't prop trade anymore. I was fixing to stop prop trading anyway. When I went into prop trading I only intended to do it for about 18 months. It as at the end of my 18 months that the conspiracy started blocking my ports.

When I leave my real job and just trade for a living then I may go back to my programming. Recently I worked on my BNS some and looked at some other ways to write new stuff or improve my old stuff. I am pretty sure my BNS has found its way to the military black unacknowledged programs. Maybe my open source time travel code to.

Using Cryptography to create computer files that exist on other computers thus hacking other computers without connecting to them and being able to do that to a computer in the past, present, or future. Yep. I am pretty damn sure that is a capability that the military wants. I still claim to be the best hacker in the world because I can do this so very well. It is the best way to hack without getting caught. Because I never trespassed on a network or another computer. I use mathematics to find the check-sums of the files I am interested in then use check-sum hacking to construct the check-sums of those files. Then I can view those files in private. Its genus. NO COMPUTER IS OFF LIMITS TO ME!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! 

And its not just that too. Using cryptography to construct computer media files to view the past, present, and future of any time or place in the universe well I am damn sure that is another capability the military wants too. Its no wonder the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" have being after me all these years. And its why they still fuck with me today.

So yes CIA, NSA, FBI and other government agencies. Yes I am still active. I am still around. I am still time hacking. I am working on new computer time travel programs. And I am subject to post those programs on the internet at anytime without NOTICE FOR THE WORLD!!!!!

For the person who wanted to play the lottery see my code at sourceforge. Yes I wrote a time travel lottery program and it is available to the public as open source.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Copyright (C) 2017

05/14/2017 8:28 AM

I don't have much time this morning but I have been thinking and I should write about how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" performed their "Long Promised" hit on me.

It happened one morning. I had been up all night programming my time travel code. I was fixing to goto bed. As usual I poured myself a couple of drinks of vodka over a couple of cubs of ice in my favorite drinking glass. My family had just left the house for school and work. I got up to go to the kitchen to get something to eat.

I don't remember a damn thing after that. I blacked out. My vodka bottle had been drugged and poisoned!!!

I woke up later that afternoon in the floor wedged between my recliner and my refrigerator with a night stand sitting on my head. I have a aluminum night stand with wheels. When I blacked out and fell my head found its way under my night stand when I hit the floor.

I could barely move. I managed to get my cell phone and call my wife. She came home and took me to emergency clinic. The doctor ran a bunch of test on me then came to me and said "What hospital you want to go to". My EKG was crazy, my blood pressure was crazy, my sugar level was 400, the components in my blood test were off and unusual.

I don't know what was put in my Vodka. So, my wife drove me I did not take an ambulance to the hospital. It took 12 hours for the doctors to stabilize me then I was put in a room. I begged them not to put me in ICU. 4 days later I was back to normal.

The doctor told me I was diabetic type 2 and I was put on insulin. But what confused the doctors was "WHY I PASSED OUT?". They ran test and could not find a reason why I passed out. Also, why was my EKG and blood pressure crazy? Why did my blood test come back as abnormal? The doctors never figured it out.


My computers, laptops, thumb drives, and USB drives were still there but not where I left them. I can only assume THERE WERE FUCKING COPIED!!!


They needed me out of my house so they could copy my computers and go through all my shit. So I was drugged and poisoned. I don't know when they came in and spiked my vodka bottle. I don't know when they were there in my home coping my computers, hard drives, and thumb drives and going through all my shit.

And where ever Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips are now I THINK ONE OF THEM MOTHER FUCKERS KEPT MY DRINKING GLASS AS A TROPHY!!! You fucking dirty bastards!!! That was pay back for drinking my adult beverage while looking at my time travel media and laughing my ass off at them. I know it was. And I know that it is where they got the ideal to drug and poison me. 

They fucked up their hacking of me. My open source time travel computer code probably made them thirsty for more. So, they tried to take it with violence since their hacking me from at least 2013 was not working.

Now, it is suppose to be illegal for the USA to do this shit to their own citizens. But as I learned in my hacking the USA can do what ever the fuck they want.

So, my question is in the Snowden leaked documents the NSA paid the United Kingdom to perform operations on USA citizens. So, did the UK do this shit to me. Was it the British that drugged and poisoned my vodka bottle so they could search my home?

I have 5 dogs. That morning after my family left before I blacked out unexpectedlly I remember my dogs suddenly became very quite. Normally they are barking and playing. I was going to check on them when I went to the kitchen but I never made it. I bet they were already in the house waiting for me to go down. 
What ever kind of fucked up warrant authorized this I will never know. I do know even with the best computers in the world who ever copied my shit will have a hard time breaking the encryption.


SO GOOD FUCKEN LUCK Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. YOU FUCKED UP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Enjoy my drinking glass Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. I will just buy myself another one. 

I have had a number of really good post I have wanted to make lately to this blog but at last I have been really busy. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" have been emailing me here and there either for harassment or other reasons. I don't know which. I pretty much don't give a fuck either way so I am good to go.

Developments of late I got some time in for my engineering designs on some of my physical projects. 

Receiving emails from the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". Again "Don't Care".

In the news I saw Intel's I9 chip. It raised immersed interest with me as it could power my projects.

Being removing spyware on my machines that the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" installed. They are intensely interested in still spying on me even after their home invasion of me and putting me in the hospital for 4 days and poising me and searching my home.

So the spyware and hacking still continue.

My post of late that I wanted to post has to do with the CIA stalking and spying on John Titor, why the Alien Reconstruction vehicle works, and improvements on current science in using cyborgs to insure immorality. 

All this stuff is of course secrets the USA/NSA/CIA does not want the public involved in. I had some other post here or there to make but I have been busy. 

My health has continued to improve at after the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" attack on myself. So, I should be good at least for now. So that is about it.

06/04/2017 04:52AM

I found one thing the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" missed when their military colvert operation team most likely sent in from the highest level of the NSA raided my home and put me in the hospital. They missed my list of handwritten BNS numbers containing a very valuable cach of my time travel software and computer media files. 

That list no longer resides in my home. And only I can decode it because I have the decode program memerized. It's not stored anywhere. And still they won't break my encryption on what they copied.

Their raid on me was futile and shows their urgency and foolish attempts after their failed hackings of my family and myself. They are desperately trying to get my propritery time travel software. And that will never happen. Not without paying me billions tax free. It will never happen. I will take my private code to my grave. 

And after that last stunt of theirs I will never negotiate with them now for the computer code. Never. I don't trust them. The unobtained code is probably why I'm still alive. My living is their only hope of getting it though their raid on me was reckless and careless. Had I hit my head when I blacked out out I would not be writing this post. And their poisening of me was equally reckless and careless. 

So their stupidity is always present in their work. And for myself I'm still in disbelief that they sent a military colvert operation into my home. It was always my belief when they came for me it would be with a legal warrent and the FBI and CIA raid where I would see my Intruders face to face. Never did I imagine I would be drugged and poisened. I still can't believe they did that to me but they did. And they tried to cover it up and tried to keep me from knowing what happened. But their raiding team was careless and rushed their job leaving behind signs of their presence and activities in my home. 

Their thugness, disception, and dishonesty is their downfall and their failure. It is why they will never get the best of my code and my files. No matter what they do to me.

Im waiting for Intel's new I-9 processor to come out. I may buy it and run my open source time travel code on it. That is a 1 teraflop processor. I got to have it. I'm looking forward to putting my Armageddon AI on that chip and running my time travel software on it. So I will get me a loan and build my dream pc. Put my best Linux on it and program like crazy searching the continuum for time travel media files. Searching the continuum for the secrets of the universe. 

That is what I do. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can try to take computer travel from me. But they can never take out the time traveler from the man in me. Never.
06/07/2017 04:37 PM

This week I was able to come across a scientific paper written by a physicits that explains gravity, tensors, and a electromagnetic component to gravity. It is scientific proof that my earlier post on gravity and UFOs derived from my computer time travel is correct. I viewed this paper online and I'm trying to get a copy of it before the NSA and the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" erase it from existence like they have done with previous work on gravity and it's electromagnetic components.They classified it and made it disappeared. 

This is why Ray Hudson pushed me in the beginning to write a paper on computer time travel. So he could classifie it and make it disappeare. Like he does when I attempt to post on forums. Like they have been pressuring and threating me to go away all these years.

So I have been working on a way to print 3D graphin capacitors to make a capacitor bank scaled down to a drone similar to the Alien reproduction craft. Powered by a Tesla coil, statict generator, and a croften voltage multiplayer. Then when it fly's I can post the video on YouTube and laugh while drinking a beer at the conspiracy.

In other news I found a cheap board called parallela that is designed for parallel​ programming. It has 18 cores, field programmable gate arrays, and a chip built for speed. It would be heaven to put Armageddon my super AI and my computer time travel programs on. I will buy about 8 of these boards. I'm also looking at running some gravity equations on it to fine-tune my ufo drone.

On Armageddon I found some programming libs opencv and openal I hope I spelled those correctly that will help me interfaces Armageddon with a cam, speaker, and microphone. Armageddon's voice output will be wave files. I have also been reading up on hacking do I can teach Armageddon to track hackers and hack them back. In the process learning myself how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" hack me. 

I have devised a way to implement a VLAN firewall with intrusion detection, USB protection, and virus and malware removal. I will have to limit protocols and ports. That still leaves me with getting rid of their back doors they have built into my network. These bastards have given me a good education on network security. But they are CIA agents. I have been up against the best in the business.

I have more to say but I'm out of time for today. Reactor1967 over and out.


06/13/2017 0700PM

I only have a few minutes to write this post so it will be short. I spent last night reviewing Dr. Townsend's Browns work for the drone version I am building of the Alien reproduction craft. I discovered proof that the Alien Reproduction Craft is Browns work. The flat capacitor bank at the bottom is larger on bottom and slants smaller to the top at a 35 degree angle. That is Browns work using asmetrical capacitors. The military used it in a capacitor bank to make a UFO. I have much to post but not the time. I won't 3D print my cap bank I will build it by hand with carbon fiber and graphin and one hell of a dielectric. Well got to go.

06/18/2017 08:42 AM

Here is a YouTube video with the link to the only known scientific paper relating to gravity and its electromagnetic component. All the other papers have been classified top secret by the  USA Pentagon or America's black government. I now have a copy of this paper and I have read it intently over and over.

My laptop was hacked and disabled so I had to reinstall my operating system. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela (All CIA agents) have proven to me that they never sleep. Or, can they can get up out of bed on a dime to deal with me when ever I am on the internet. And, I love wasting their time.


I am never very far from their computer screen.

Here is a "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" joke. What do you get when you get 1 stupid person + Another stupid person + another stupid person working together. That would be what do you get when you get Ray Hudson + Darby Phillips + Pamela?

Any one?

Ray Hudson + Darby Phillips + Pamela = 3 stupid people working together.


Hey here is another one.

How many Ray Hudson's does it take to change a light bulb?


1 Ray Hudson to find the X axis.
1 Ray Hudson to find the Y axis.
1 Ray Hudson to find the Z axis.
1 Ray Hudson to determine the angler momentum.
and 1 Ray Hudson to determine which way is righty tighty and lefty loosesy.


It takes 5 Ray Hudson's to figure out how to change a light bulb!!!!!




Oh god I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I crack myself up.

One last thing. What is the one thing John Titor and Reactor1967 have in common?

Both of us had the CIA agent Pamela pretending to be our girl friend in the web forums. Pamela sure does get around does she not. I wonder if she hacked Titor like she did me? Pamela is a naughty bad girl.


Here is that video I promised everyone.



06/19/2017 05:22 PM

Last night I worked on my BNS code. I have not had time to commit my work to a finished program yet though. This is the version of my BNS I left off on before the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" put me in the hospital and raided my home. Each BNS number codes all zeros and counts out the number being coded and when the BNS number codes a 1 then the byte has been coded into BNS and it starts off with another BNS number. 

Now when the list of BNS numbers is coded that represents a coded file the list of BNS numbers because they are a predicted number sequence can be coded into a single BNS number.

I have taken this work one step further and I can code a list of numbers in a numerical base from 0 to its base. When the number is decoded above its base then the number is finished decoding. This list of numbers can then be coded into a single BNS number using my methods. I like the BNS numbers counting the byte out better with 0's and 1's because it is simpler. 

Coding BNS numbers using predicted number sequences makes it possible to coded an unlimited amount of information into  a single small number. The amount of time it takes to code the BNS number is the amount of time it takes to decode the BNS number.

I have my methods of building a Townsend Brown capacitor bank worked out for building a drone replica of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle.

I would build my carbon plates and coat them with graphin. Then put on a layer of my dielectric. Then put another carbon/graphin plate on. The capacitor would be enclosed in its insulator. I would build these by hand and stack them up in a circle with the plates going up on their ends at a 35% angle. Making a asymmetrical capacitor bank.

I would have to build a controller that would switch power controlled by a computer from the Tesla coil powered by a cap bank that would up the voltage which is powered by a static generator. For my static generator I am looking at some options to make one hell of a static generator. My static generator would be powered by a free energy permanent magnet motor which in turn would also power the drone electronics.  

Well I went a little over my time limit so I must go. Before I do I have had more people subscribing to me on you-tube. Considering how complicated my methods and mathematics are it is a little surprising. Talk to everyone later.
06/24/2017 12:58pm

I found out today why I started getting hacked by the CIA in 2013. The CIA started a new surveillance plan. Here is the journalists article I found. Since Ray Hudson is CIA Ray signed me up for this to get revenge on me for talking about him and Darby Phillips stalking me online. Here is the article.

Begin article

The CIA has been targeting wireless routers since 2012, according to newly leaked confidential documents.

Brooks Kraft

The CIA has been hacking home, office and public wireless routers for years in an effort to carry out clandestine surveillance, according to classified documents seen by CNET sister site ZDNet.

The intelligence agency had by mid-2012 developed implants "for roughly 25 different devices from 10 different manufacturers," including Asus, Belkin, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear, according to one document.

The trove of documents, part of an ongoing series of leaks released by the website WikiLeaks, could not be immediately verified. But they detail several hacking tool suites, which could allow the agency to conduct targeted exploitation of networks and computers, ZDNet reported.

WikiLeaks, the organization notorious for leaking highly secure government data, published a cache of documents in March that reportedly exposes tactics the CIA uses to hack into our devices. The leak suggested that the CIA may be equipped with a variety of tools that let it hack into your phone, smart TV, computer and router.

The CIA didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

END Article.

More later. I got to go.


06/25/2017 7:07AM

Well I have decided Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela have a big heart. In looking after my best interest they have been signing me up for every fucking program the intelligence services have to offer. As revenge for excerising my right to free speech. 

With friends like them I don't need any enemies. Really guys (talking to the conspiracy). I'm good. You to have to go out of your way for me. Really, I'm good.