Saturday, May 22, 2010

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Does the past and future really exist.

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In normal every day events all I see is my programs running and the output media those programs produce. From there I have to wait and see if events come true. I stay in my own time line never leaving it. The other day I was reading a post at TTI where the conspiracy started against me and I read a post from a user who asked if the future and the past really exist. It was really the only interesting post on that site that day. The rest was the trolls Rainman aka Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips post trying to keep a dieing forum afloat. They flame their own users, tell people what they can and cant talk about, and kill threads and then expect their forum to live. It is all so laughable.

Anyway the users question was answered. As Einstein said space and time are not absolute. If two people on each side of the universe set their watches to the same time no matter how well built both watches are they would not keep the same time. One watch would be faster than the other watch. One person would be in the future and the other person would be in the past. Both people would still exist. They would still be alive. It is proof from Einstein that the future and the past do exist. And what is more spectacular is that the past is still in existence at the same time our present exist. At the same time as our future exist. Both the past and the future are very real indeed and still peacefully co-exist with in space and time at the same time. So, Space and Time are not absolute. 

Today people believe just because something is in the past it is no longer real. Truth is that is completely false. Einstein proved it. People believe just because the future has not happened yet that it is not real. That is completely false too. Again, Einstein proved it. 

And, when we look at light coming from other planets we think it is their past but since space and time do not keep the same time how do we know for sure we are not looking at another planets future instead of its past? If our time here is very slow compared to the planets time we are in the past and the planet is in the future.

When science does a calculation to see how many light years a planet is from earth the space-time dilation as compared to our own is not measured and can not be with todays technology? We take the distance to the other planet at the speed of light and compute a time-frame in light years but hey, time flows differently in all parts of space. So, that calculation is not accurate at all.  And, if the light year calculation is not accurate then the distance may not be accurate either. Planets could appear closer or further away than they really are.

So, when we look at light from other planets sure we learn something but both places in space and time do not have the same time because time flows differently everywhere so how long ago it was or how far into the future it was is the question science needs to be asking because if they want their distance calculations to be right how time flows between the earth and the planets being observed should be taking into account.

Also, that light crossed space and time where each part of it time flowed differently than our own space-time. So, when we do finally receive the light there is no way in hell of telling for sure the true time it took for that light to reach our planet from its source. That light could be from the planets future or it's past depending on the time difference between us and the planet. 

The public is being mislead on this. When will mankind learn this? Well when we start actually traveling to other planets. We well look at our telescopes then travel to that other planet but when we get there if we can because remember the distance calculation will be off too we will scratch our heads and say "What the hey"? Yeah, then we will figure it out. But, I have time travel computer media that I look at so I am a little ahead of the game. Yeah, you can not trust the speed of light calculation ONLY for telling the time and distance the light left and reached earth because does time flows differently in all parts of space and time.

Now, if one were to walk down a road and cross a bridge after crossing the bridge that person could still turn around and see the bridge behind him. The reason the person could still see the bridge is because the bridge is moving through time and space in the same direction and at the same speed as the person who crossed it. The reason we can't see our past or future is because we are moving through space and we are moving through time both at the same time. We cant see our past because we have past it up. It is not like the bridge it is still at the same space time coordinates but we moved on to other space time coordinates so we cant see the past. We have not yet arrived at the space time coordinates of our future so we can see that yet either. In fact our actions today determine what space time coordinates we are at tomorrow. And the events we set off with our actions determine the space time coordinates of others and in turn their actions so too work the same way. So we have not yet arrived at our future.

But yet through out space and time is the past and the future and all the alternate reality in between of the choices not taken. Roads not traveled down. Then there are the roads that we did travel down which we hold in our memories. The past and the future are very real indeed.