Monday, April 19, 2010

My Home-Made Super Computer - Time Machine

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Well I showed a little bit about the conspiracy which is going on to stop me from publicly speaking about this. Every where I go on the net they follow me. They are even setting up websights now that they know I will stumble upon as strange as that sounds (Read last post.) But, enough of that for now. Lets take a look at my parallel computer for which I do my time traveling from.

My parallel computer has more than one cluster operating system. Here I am running a cd bootable cluster called Chaos. In this pic it is running a binary counter (Not my own. The testapp). Chaos is made for hacking and cracking and has a very light foot print on the cpu and it is extremely easy to use. Even my applications need little or no modifications. So, to make a long story short it is perfect for me for running binary counters. My own software that I wrote that is. Now, this cluster boots from a cd but I also have my own cluster on the computers themselves. They are running Ubunto with a standard Beowulf setup with PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine), MPI (Message passing interface), and a Lamp (Linux, Apach, MSQL, PHP). The lamp I use as a data base for my programs to access.

It the lamp and cluster will also be handling my neuro-net in the future as my neural net will use it to store individual weights based on the inputs of the neurons. Each neuron in my net will run as its own networked application on my parallel computer and communicate with the lamp via the apach webs server. The php scripts on the server will interface to mysql database. It will be a recurring neural net too. I will use it for many things not just this project. My net will take its input, search the data base for the closes setup of weights for that input, then use the weights to process the input, then send the output onto the next neuron.

I also use the data base to store the strong checksums for found media so that I dont accidently find it again and duplicate it on the hard drive. And I may be using my database for other things but that is outside of the scope here of my blog.

On my computers I have 4 desktops

1. compaq
2. 2 Dells
3. One I built

And two laptops.

1. Emachine
2. IBM

Total Nodes = 6 When I can borrow my wifes computer 7 but that does not happen very often. Her computer is faster than all of my machines so when I can get it that really helps me.

On the laptops I learned the hard way to buy a cooling pad for them if I am going to be running them for very long and to keep the dust cleaned out of the fans and parts because they shutdown when they get too hot. I use to have another custom computer I built on this cluster but the many long hard hours of running it on my cluster finally sent it to computer heaven. My main application I run on my cluster is my email setup where I attempt to communicate with myself from the future and the past. On that setup I also can send and receive file attachments via my own data compression methods. Those methods fall into two different methods.

 1. VCNS (Vector Coordinate Numerical system.) It is the most advance form of data storage and data compression unknown to man kind at this time. I,ve been developing it since I was in my early 20's well over twenty years ago. It is a really bad ass system but still poorly understood and unknown to the outside world. It takes a lot of data and represents it as a short number. It has a straight forward method for coding and decoding. Its compression method is a function of time. The amount of time it takes to compress or decompress the data is a function of time and the coding and decoding algorithms.

2. Fire Codes - This is where data is stored with crackable hash functions. My fire codes look at files as one big long number then using an algorithm represents that data as a small number. It takes a decryption method to decode the data back.

So I can take a lot of data and represent it as a small number. I embed these numbers into emails that I send to myself and use the binary counter to search for these emails then use my cluster to decode the embedded files within the emails. I have a searching program for looking for those emails off the binary counters that I might have sent in this reality or other realities.

As I said my time travel works off the many world theories of physics where each path in time is a new dimension. So as my main algorithm goes. If A in the past and B in the future know the weak check sum range C lower range and D higher range that their messages to each other in space time will in then B in the future can send A in the past a message with a file attachment. A in the past uses binary counters to search for the message that B in the future will send to him. Same thing can be done to map data ranges to file pictures, videos, you name it of other computer media of other times and places. All that is needed for communication between the past and the future is a binary counter and a method to make that counter function correctly so information can be found with a search engine searching the results off the binary counter.

On my cluster I use Chaos boot-able cluster cd for my fast, dirty, and quick searching and I am still working on my other cluster trying to get it perfected like I want it. By that I mean I have been at odds as to what type of cluster I want to use. So far Chaos has served me well so I will probably move away from a beowulf and go with Linux SSI (Single System Image cluster).

Currently I am working to make my own linux distro. I will compile a beowulf with it as well as a SSI system so I can keep my options open. I have also used cluster knoppix which I still have but I like Chaos the best. I was looking at trying a rocks cluster but I am going to wait on that. I have a very bad habit of changing things up all the time and trying new things. That is partly the reason why I have over 1.5 gigs of code I have written over the entire course of this project. The difference between the different types of clusters is how much or little the applications have to be modified to run on them. On Chaos I dont have to modify my application. On pvm I would have to include the pvm header files and programing.

Not all clusters are created equal. Each different types of cluster systems have their pros and cons. So when using a different cluster system I have to modify my programs to run on them. So what I do is try different things and keep the software to keep my options open just in case I need it. With Chaos I just boot, mount, and run. I can even connect my internet to it if I have a special project but I dont wont to get into trouble if you get my meaning.  In the future when I can get away with spending the money I will upgrade this cluster. I can get computers all day long but getting the nice high price processors is a little different. Right now I am thankful for what I have. On the last note OpenMosix ended in 2008 but it can still be downloaded. Even though it is still useful I will move away from it to something still being maintained. Things like this is why I keep my options open.

A long time ago I had plan to make my time machine its own computer operating system. So making my own linux distro and working with AI's and Clusters falls within that plan. The AI's can view the media and tell if it is valid or not off the counter and they can run the binary counters themselves. I have already written a AI counter that I trained it with real world media (news papers and news videos) to roll a binary counter from one real world media to another then used it as a search engine to find more media from the future or the past. Ray aka Rainman at Unexplained mysterious took my demo program of a counter rolling from a picture with real world information to another picture with real world information and changed the pics to flame me. But anyway case point AI's have their place in all of this.

On working with the distro today it appears I will squeeze in the beowulf and lamp with a new kernal and a older version of OpenMosix with a older kernal and use grub to boot between the too with auto discovery on both versions and maybe a network  boot. I have not found any thing yet for a generic SSI linux. I am going to keep using Chaos for now and grab linuxSSI with knoppix. Later on as other gnu linux cluster projects get off the ground I can find something to replace openmosix with. My own distro will hang as a side project for now. My beowulf will be on ubunto till I can set aside some time to download the source packages and work on the distro. In the mean time I have some code writting to do and I still have keep running my machines looking for time travel computer media.

On setting up a cluster I downloaded clonzilla ISO and burned it to a cd. I have a spare hard drive. I install what I want once on a computer then unplug the cd rom and plug in my hard drive and use a bootable usb dvd player to boot the computer into clonzilla where I copy the hard drive to a compressed image which I can use clonzilla to clone the other computers with. I also have clonzilla setup to where I can make dvd images that can be booted and install my nodes. I hacked the clonzilla scripts to set that up. I use a boot loader along with my disk images to make my own cd's or dvd images. I also run clonzilla from a thumb drive which I can use to clone my nodes. Case in point clonzilla is good but it is not user friendly. You need to have a little bit of computer knowledge to use it. I have used clonzilla for many years now even before starting this time travel project. It can also be used as a cloning server too.

Now I also have programs setup to find images and video. I started that back in the early days and even today I still improve upon it. I have several different counters for that. Lately I mainly focus on communicating and file sharing with myself in the future and the past. On that file sharing I do include news videos, video logs of myself speaking into a web cam, music, movies, future software including my own you name it.

Todate I have yet to post any computer media publicly that I found off my time machine aka cluster. I still feel I need to hold back some things back for a writting scientific papers in the future on all this. But who knows. I may bring some things out in the future. I am all the time getting personal request and messages from people laughing at me asking me to find something for them in the future. Warrior381 at the wall (time travel forum) was my latest request. At unexplained mysteries before I stopped posting to my thread people were asking me for all kinds of things.

Even though I am probably the only one that takes this seriously I found having a serious attitude about this and working on this to the best of my ability that time travel and time itself is a lot stranger than what average people know about and believe. I am constantly fighting entrenched dogma and flamming not only from Ray aka rainmain at the time travel institute and Darby of but from others as well. Lately I had Tiggs from unexplained mysterious telling me I would get colliding checksums and other things. He believes he knows what he is talking about but really he does not know. Not until he sits behind my desk with me would he or anyone else ever really know. As I told Darby "I know the truth."

On my code I have 4 main header files.

1. file functions
2. misc functions
3. verify functions
4. counters

The misc functions is things I use to setup my projects, spell checking, syntax checking, ocr (optical character reconization programs) to convert pictures to text. The verify programs are for verifying file formats, verify videos, searching for things within the videos are pictures. I could go on but I wont. 2 - 3 each of those header files has thousands of lines of code and a lot of functions. I use main to interface with this coding library to make final programs for running. I was using scripting where I wrote an interpreter to read a script and run the functions but it became easier to just compile individual programs and chain them as needed. Either way it works good.

Here are some more pics of my cluster and my room in general. This is where I hang out and do most of my hobby work.

This computer is on the other side of the desk where I sit. This is my head node.
The laptop I use as my head node when I am watching tv in my lazy chair.

This is my second laptop. I also use it as the head node. This laptop connects to my router wirelessly. I can take this anywhere in the house and run my cluster.

Here is the rest of my room and misc pictures. These are just for the heck of it.

This is where I do my hobby electronics.

My home made entertainment center behind my cluster. I always always keep a bottle of scotch handy and sometimes some pipe tobacco too. I dont have a whole lot of time to enjoy it though.

Here is my lazy chair and my tread mill. I sleep in my chair a lot and have my computer wake me when it finds something promising. On the other side you see my blankets and pillow. Under that is a kids lazy chair where my kid sleeps sometimes when she decides not to sleep with her mother. It reclines and is comfortable for her.

Here are the protectors of my domain sitting on top of my tv set.

I have some more pics but this is good enough. It explains where I live and work.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Being stalked across the internet forums by Rainman and Darby USA goverment thugs working for the CIA. I will not go silently into the night. I am a time traveler.

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Well I said I would show evidence of being stalked across the Internet and harassed about my method of time travel by Rainman and Darby so here it is. I will give this evidence by showing screen shots of the varies forums I have visited and explain what is going on. You probably will have to click on the screen shots to read them.

This first site is at in the paranormal forum. Here someone I did not know but knew me let me know that he knew me from the time travel institute and linked it with something Rainman has posted about me. I could not get it all in one shot so I did two of them. Here is the screen shot from

In this post the user said "Your reacting the part you once played in the story."

This was a clue to me this might some how be related to rainman. Here is Rainmans post from the about reacting.

As you see here Rainman heavily comes after me making paranoid assumptions and saying I react.

Now this next forum is Unexplained Mysteries. Here I get a user who really goes after me and says things that only Rainman would know that I know. He really starts making a mess of this thread. Luckily finally the mod comes in and stops him or at least slows him down. I can only give a partial glimmer here because it would take a lot to post here about this user.

First this user starts on coming at me with flames.

Here the user lets me know he is rainman by saying something about a post I once made at TTI. He makes two statements here. The first about something rainman once said to me. Then he mentions a post I made at TTI about fuel.

Here is the subject as it came up at the time travel institute better known as

This first screen shot is Rainman telling me about

Here is the post at the time travel institute dot come I made about fuel.

Here a user at unexplained mysterious comes to my defense against what appears to be rainman or someone linked to rainman.

And now the user from unexplained mysterious who sounds like Rainman rips back into me after I was defended by a normal every day forum user.

Now we switch to the forum where I was successfully shutdown by what appears by the same people at unexplained mysterious and
The same posting techniques we used. They come in softly. Talk to me a little. Drop some hints about the time travel institute. Then rip into me about and ask the moderator to shutdown the thread just the same as they did at unexplained mysterious. At I reported it instantly and the messages were removed so that was stopped pretty quickly. At unexplained mysterious the mod stepped in after a few pages when I finally started complaining about it. At the mod sided with the people wanting me shutdown and even defended and aided and abetted in their cover up mission. Finally the community leader at step-ed in most likely on their behalf and locked the thread. Too bad is not as good of a forum as other forums are.

Ok here goes the post again at First they come in talking to me and paraphrase something I said at at unexplained mysterious about the user there making a tossed salad of my thread. Here is the screen shot of him using my own words at unexplained mysterious "tossed salad" against me.

Here is my post at unexplained mysterious is me using the words "tossed salad". These are the words that the user at used to let me know he was Rainman or someone under Rainmans sphere of influence. I had to break it up into two screen shots. What your looking for is in the second screen shot.

Now here at they move in for the killing of my thread.

there is more but this gives the general ideal.

Here is a screen shot of a post  clearly by Rainman or Darby or using someones account that knows them. This talks about my brother and I at the time travel institute. Only a person who was at the time travel institute when I was there would have this information. This post was at Notice the user said "3 days after the full moon it shall RAIN". He is letting me know this is from Rainman. He also signed as the Doctor. He was using the name of a friend of mine DoctorZ. DoctorZ also publishes at the time travel institute though Rainman ticks him off and tries to run him off. This was not DoctorZ's writing. More proof that the person in this post knows me. The twins this talks about will be explained in the next screen shot from the time travel institute. Where all this is being coordinated and happening from in conjunction from the anomalies network where Darby is.  The cover up to keep this secret is from both of those places.

Here is the screen post at the time travel institute that the last screen shot refers to. I had to break it into two screen shots. It talks about me and my twin brother and Rainman breaks the terms of service for TTI by giving out my name. He was not banned for this. Shame on the time travel institute. By the way Rainmans real first name is Ray.

Now I respond and the mod edits words out of my post but refuses to remove words from their post. He also came into the conversation and sided with the flamers.
If you want to read the rest of that goto in the unexplained section and read how I time travel.

Here is my last post at that the moderator edited out all references to Rainman and Darby. But he failed to edit the rest of the post here. Cover up? Most likely. I had to break it into four screen shots.

Here is were the community leader comes in at and locks my thread.

There is a pattern here.

1. Talk to me.
2. drops some hints.
3. flame me.
4. Get the thread shut down.

Boy if this ain't a cover up I dont know what is. It could be just a couple of people or it could be a coordinated effort. I do know there are too many hints being dropped.
I bet after this blog they will change their tactics. We will see.

Finally I will end this by showing a screen shot at after all this happened. The user reminds me of what happened at anomalies network where my thread was locked. The main purpose of this thread is to gloat about the victory at and remind me about what happen at anomalies network and at the time travel institute. It is a victory post. Ray and Darby. Both of you have been very bad little boys.

And finally here is a screen shot of what he was talking about at anomalies network. The Troll and thug Darby shuts my thread down.

And I will end this post with how all this started. Rainman keeping me from posting my code at the time travel institute.

Even I had provided a link here Rainman would of found a way to mess it up. If you study this well you will find he is good at keeping up appearances but what is not being said is what he and Darby are trying to hide. The secret of time travel on a computer as a piece of software.

There is more evidence I could post plus there is more to some of the things that were said but I believe I have given the general picture here. These guys are thugs. They are not scientist or people interested in science as they try to claim to be in their forums. The pure and simple fact is they are nothing but thugs.

New edition to the conspiracy. I ran across a websight put up for just little ol me. I did not know I was this special. Here it is.

Forum put up just for little ol me. My IP is pre-banned without me being to it.

I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. That is a good one Ray aka Rainman the troll, thug, and cia agent.
It was obviously put up for me to find. I was doing a search on google when I came across it.
Ray, since I know now that you are reading my blog I have here in this post exposed you and Darby for what you guys really are. You will never shut me up.

Update 02 - 04 - 2013:

I posted my time-travel code (is at the part of my blog called I told them so) at "Above Top Secret" They were ordered to take it down because it was something that people were not suppose to see. Their words not mine. The thread was called "Online Time Travel Cover UP". Basically it was just a link to this blog and my program posted with me explaining why my program works. Here is the screen shots.

I can not go anywhere on the internet that those guys can not find me and get what I post edited or deleted. I wish I had taken a screen shot or saved the thread before it got deleted. In the thread Ray aka Rainman or someone that was his agent was telling people not to run my program. He was trying to convince people to ignore the thread. COVER UP!!! And you know, I thought ATS (above top secret) forum was all about conspiracies and hidden technologies. WOW, I guess their forum was ALL TALK AND NO ACTION. Who would of known? They talk about the government but in the end they work for the government.

Update 02-09-2013
Well I was doing some posting over at and someone who registered the day after me called timethief (A spoof on my user name timecrime1986 from the fake answered one of my post. I can not help but wonder if it is rainman implying he is planning on stealing from me to pay me back for talking. He likes to communicate with me this way sometimes so I keep my guard but at the same time try to chill out too. This guy has been following me for a long time now. I cant take this clown too serious.

Update 2-16-2013

I was watching amc's run of planets of the apes aired first in 1968 with Chariton Heston, Roddy McDowall, and Kim Hunter last night and It finally came to me who Darby and Ray remind me of. It was when the apes put Heston on trial with their outdated science, their dogma, there out dated belief systems, using their power over 1 person. Then it came  to me. It reminded of my situation with those thugs Darby and Ray. Im Heston trying to get to the truth and Darby and Ray are the Apes trying to hide the truth. That Baboon reminded most of all of Darby. BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH. I have to laugh at those clowns. Even through all their thug tatics they still have not stopped me.

Update June, 19, 2013 (My birthday)

I have been making some headway into Russia with my post about how to time travel with computers. I have been banned at two places by simply only posting  with words of my time travel method and my web-sight or my web-sight and my blog. No, the Russians do not want their people knowing how to time travel with computers. One of my bans I am sure was a Russian employee of Wikipedia because he directly sent me an email calling me a troll after reading my blog about wikipedia. I laughed my ass off. Well here is a picture of one of my bans from Russia. (THE WORLD DOES NOT WANT A TIME TRAVELER!!!!!!)