Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Update

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During the past summer months I have never got very much work done. This summer is no different. I am moving my small parallel computer inside the bottom of a computer desk. I got rid of two monitors and keep only 1 flat thin monitor. I spent thousands of dollars on a Alienware laptop with a chip that has 8 cpu's. I also have a good graphics card and I can use the gpu's on that as well. My Alienware will help me run my stuff while I am on the go which I am a lot. I have always been. Only working on this project when time permits. My Alienware laptop as more processing power than my parallel computer. I can use both of them together. So far this thing the Alienware has been pretty good at heat management but I have not taxed the processor too much as of yet. My web-sight is still doing good no traffic as of yet. Later I will have to advertise and maybe get a team on it to bring people in. On the time travel aspect of my code all my old principles I claimed still hold true. A binary counter can find time travel media of the future and past. If nothing else entertainment and technology. I have never regretted one second starting this project and pursuing it though my enemies certainly have tried to stop me. They still mess with me but anymore it is nothing more than having a fly buzz around me. Very minor stuff. I have some more forums I plan on posting on in the future.