Thursday, December 6, 2012

5th Dimension simulator

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Well after using my old equipment for a long time I finally ordered me a 8 core 3.1 gigaherz cpu and decided to upgrade. No it wont be windows 7 nor 8 nor any version of windows. I spent some time working on my AI and now I am upgrading and rewritting that too.

I was going to use it for the Darpa virtual robot competition but with work and all I would not be able to keep up and it is mainly for teams so that kinda counts me out I would be working by myself. I pre-registered for the competition but will not pursue it farther. I believe Darpa has more to loose from me not pursuing it than myself because my AI is made for production work, very quick learning, scalable, adaptable, programmable and deprogrammable. Its neural net data base can be searched like a data base because it is a data base. You cant do that with a human. And it can learn multiple task besides being able to store a hell of a lot of learning and information. I will insert it in a bot of my own later on down the road. I got my own back propagation training program for it. For the bot Competition I was going to have to train it like you train a child. But this child would instantly learned its training. Then the training programs would have to be together in series as a full program training course down the road so new bots could just come in and learn what they need then hit the road to be used. And now I am Up to recurrent neural nets instead of feed forward. I found when training something that complex it has to be really fast and store a heck of a lot of information and learn really fast to be of any use to anyone.
But the AI should do a fair job of keeping up with my counters and operating them for me if needed and more importantly finding my time travel computer media of the past or the future. That is once I am done with upgrading it, again. To start with the AI stores and retrieves its learning from a parallel scalable data base that works with complex tables to look up information. That is what makes it fast. A master node directs slave nodes to collect input, process that input as a neural network, then pass the output from the neural net to an application that takes the output and uses it or discards it. The input application in my case is my counters. Or in a robot would of been the application collecting input from the sensors. I posted my plans for this AI a long time ago at the fake but those post have long been deleted. All of this can run across multiple computers with a simple network. In my case two computers with 8 cores each for a total of 16 cores.

It has been a heck of a lot of work too. It really cuts into my tv time doing all this programming. And as always im still experimenting continually with my counters. So long story short I will have my alienware laptop with 8 cores and my homebuilt computer with 8 cores.

Lately I have been calling my programs a virtual 5th dimension simulator. Because when everything is up and running that is what my programs do. Simulate the 5th dimension for the purpose of finding time travel computer media of the future, past, or an alternate reality. Again as I go across the internet posting on forums people tell me computers are too slow for that. Programs cant be wrote to run that fast. And I just scratch me head, shake my head in disbelief because I am doing it and have been doing it for a long time with nothing more than a few junk pcs in parallel. Im like what? That has never stopped me. For one with text it is not that hard even on a regular computer depending on how much text you want to use.

Then there are my methods where I store large amounts of information in decodable, crackable check-sums. I can take a weak checksum and a stronger checksum or where I used two different types of weak check-sums that can be decoded and cracked and I take those checksums and embed them into text messages between myself in my current reality and my other selfs in the future, past, or alternate realities. Myself and my other selfs know how to decode, crack, and hack these check-sums to recreate the larger files from other parts of space-time to get the much larger pieces of information out. So I dont need a big counter.

Now as I explained the other day again for the 1000th time to someone I can control the speed of my counters by adding small numbers to them or big numbers to them. And as information comes into view slow the checksum counter down to bring the time-travel information into view or even reverse the counter and back it up like viewing a vhs tape . Here is a little example of throttling a binary counter.

Im just using base 10 here to make it simple to understand.
357 = 3 + 5 + 7 = 15 as a checksum.
+ 9
366 = 3 + 6 + 6 = 15 as a checksum.

or if we want to speed it up 15 steps 9 * 15 = 135

492 = 4 + 9 + 2 = 15 as a checksum.

Now we just skipped our counter forward 15 steps. Now when adding as I do to run a rolling checksum counter there is a little more to this but to prove my point yeah buddy we can throttle the hell out of binary rolling checksum counters and speed them up to find time-travel media.  We can make the counters equal computer media from the past or the future of a known checksum for decoding purposes. Or we can search unknown check-sums for searching the counter for valid files. Now here in this example the counter is giving all the same check-sums but the check-sum collisions as they are called are searched to see if they are valid files. And for searching these files for valid time-travel media yes I use a AI but I also use a distributional curve of information which I can used to validate a possible file. And also again as I may have mentioned before the file format as a way to validate a possible file and also last but not least directly searching the file for information using a search query or a template. Their are many ways to do what I do.

And again I can just work with 1's and 0's too. I can have a check-sum for the 1's and a check-sum for the 0's. I can put these checksums in a higher number base other than 10 like 255 or higher to make the check-sum smaller. And with two check-sums and my counters running in decoding mode when the check-sum for the zero matches and the check-sum for the 1's matches I know I have found my time-travel media. I use this some-times to decode or encode computer media to myself from the future or to the past that I send myself. Time-travel media like movies, tv news shows or what ever. I put theses check-sums in messages to myself from the future to "time-email" myself time-travel computer media. My messages start off pretty much like this paragraph just words telling myself what has happened in the time-line then send myself a movie, news program, or other stuff as a check-sum to decode.

2839292389989 90238338734 x255 avi 8mb (this is a simple example how I would embed a file to myself from the future. The first number would be the 0 checksum, the second number would be the 1 checksum the base that it is in and the file format then finally the length of the file. I would read the message manually then type these numbers into my counters to decode the file.

So to update my form of time-travel. My computer code is a 5th dimension simulator used to search for and find computer media of the past or the future. Our to be more precise its a 5th dimension simulator for the purpose of time-hacking.  My 5th dimension simulator becomes a fixed point across the space-time continuum. The keyhole which intersects many other quantum realities. In quantum machanics for any event there is a infinate number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcomes we will follow. But their is a theory in quantum physics that all possibilities that can happen do happen in alternate quantum realities. So in theory every reality my 5th dimension simulator finds is a real quantum reality. And in theory my form of time-travel is valid and holds true.

The other day I posted on a forum that I am the most dangerous hacker in the world right now. Because with a proper profile of the computer media I am looking for I can get information off other computers without ever connecting to them. Without even connecting to the internet. And if the time between my actual time and the media I am looking for is close the media can even be current or up to date. With my 5th dimension simulator all I need is a profile of the data I am looking for. The data can be anything anything at all.
Being able to use and access the 5th dimension is way more powerful for hacking when it comes to obtaining information. That is why I am the most dangerous hacker in the world. Im the only hacker using the 5th dimension. And its legal because I am not physically connecting to other computers. And in the process no one can claim I damaged their computer or owe them money because they had to change their security.

As for my CIA agents I have largly gone unchallenged on the other forums for a while now. But they are still attacking my forum
I posted a link on my to my forum. My biz sight needs a lot of updating my forum is pretty current. Darby took down his old forum so I have been told. The Rainman was gone for a while doing something else but now he appears to be back at the fake They completely redid their forum. It was about time I was so tired of those guys copying me. So now our two forums dont look very much alike any more.

Someone the other day wanted to know the specifics on my parallel computer. Well in the past I have used a bunch of boot up cd's or dvds to quick and dirty boot up a parallel computer. To name a few here is my list.

Chaos - a real easy to use parallel system.
openssi knoppix
ABC linux automated cluster
cluster knoppix
Kerrished Live

My version of linux: Ubuntu and I,ve used fedora, suse, lfs.

And I do recommend setting up a beowulf for a more permanent parallel computer. Im currently doing that with my new system. It is easy to do you just need a few applications

Linux that you can use as a server
NFS (network file system)
and a message passing interface.

In the past I have used PVFS now it is PVFS2. And a lot of my programs use tcp/ip instead of a mpi and a lot of times I have my code fork and thread to get my stuff going in parallel. If you dont program you may not know this stuff.

And by the way parallel programming code can be hell to debug. Well their I go explaining my trade. A lot of people get mad at me for not showing proof but if I show them a video I get called a liar. If I give them a picture I get called a liar. So anymore I just talk if they dont listen oh well. And I have found that what makes people the madist at me is when I give them the proof they want. I show them by example how I do something. Then they cant prove me wrong but they still try. It is a pride thing for them. Now In Ray Hudon's case aka rainman or RMT (retared muted toad) for short and Darby of Darbyshire them sons of trolls are disinformation agents. It is not about being wrong or right it is about keeping knowledge away from the public. No, time-hacking is a true form of  time-travel and hacking at its purist form (A purist is one who desires that an item remain true to its essence and free from adulterating or diluting influences.) Yes, hackers can be purist too. The time-line can be hacked. And I am a professional time-hacker. And I believe all knowledge should be free to the public. It is why I started this project a long time ago. To collect information, knowledge, and technology.  If I got wrote a ticket every-time I have actually violated causality I would be in prison right now for thousands of unpaid time-violation tickets. But I live in America. I can get away with it here.

Before I start my next paragraph my two favorite people in physics are 1. Stephen William Hawking 2. John Hutchison.
 And last a while back I talked about  my interpertation of gravity. Ok well today I wanted to bust the UFO coverup bubble. Here is how they fly. Everyone remember the Hutchinson effect by John Hutchison (This dude deserved way more credit than he got. He deserves the Nobel prize in physics for his discovery. but because of his income, education, profession, and the importance and military classification  of his discovery he was denied the proper credit.)  He had like 4 Tesla coils around a object any object then he used a dish to aim EMF at the object. Well the High voltage was regulating the speed and distance of the electrons around their nuclei (basicly controlling the nuclei energy state) the atom was in sync or in phase with the incoming emf. If everyone remembers how emf propagates it goes negative -, positive +, magnetic north, and magnetic south then repeats all over again. Well atoms are also negative, positive  north and south. So, this set up the guass gun effect. The atoms repelled and attracted to the emf electromagnetically setting up a simulated gravitational effect. Also as you remember he melted metal thru wood at cold temperatures  That is because the electrons got pulled far away from their atoms during Hutchinsons experiment. So, The UFO's do the same thing. Control the speed and distance of the electron around the nuclei with high voltage and use emf to put the matter in phase with the EMF. Now using the phase of the EMF with matter can make a UFO repel or attract. Keep in mine I am trying to keep this simple. The voltage and also has a current and frequency used to control the energy state of atoms. But I am explaining this in a simple manner. Remember Bob Lazar. He said the UFO modulated a gravity beam underneath the ship to pull it forward or push it backwards against earths gravity. At the cafeconspiracy forum Darby aka starlord deleted one of my pictures when I tried to show this example.

THAT IS HOW UFO'S FLY. THAT IS THE COVER-UP AT AREA 51. THAT IS HOW THEY GET ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. Basicly using voltage and EMF they make their ship act like a guass gun and with control of gravity they control time and inertia so they can do all them fancy tricks. I also read somewhere they spin a magnetic liquid at incredible speed around the tube on the inside of the ship to create a gravity effect. It would create gravity if it was fast enough using the theory of relativity. It would also create a gyroscope effect for maintaining orientation of the ship. So in theory it would at least be needed for stable low speed flight.

Update - Using the Hutchinson effect with deuterium and  flux compression generators or other energy source: In  a round metal container the outside layer of the round container would be the Tesla coil and the inside would be 2 to 4 EMF dishes all pointing to the center of a round container filled with deuterium. If my calculations are correct and im sure they are and if the frequencies and phases of the tesla coil and the EMF dishes is correct this would either create a fusion reaction and if the power is high enough a fusion explosion. This is so because it would be acting as gravity does in a star on the deuterium. How this power is harnessed of course is up to the users skill, knowledge, and intentions.

Update - I have my new computer built. It is running 8 cores 3.1 to 4 gigaherz depending on how I clock the bios with 32gig of memory. I have a AMD unlocked 8 core processor with  a ASUS sabortooth motherboard. I only have a 1 terabyte hard drive now but that will change. Its all sata now and I have USB 3 which is nice. And I have a blackwidow keyboard and rocker gaming chair of course with it. My video card is capable of 3 monitors its DDR5 1 gig I will upgrade again later. So with my alienware laptop now I am running 16 cores which was my orginal goal 16 cpus.  With all the extra memory I run my counters from memory now instead of the old way which was a mixture of memory and hard drive space too. Now my hard drive space is only used for writing out found time-travel media. Getting that 32 gig memory up was a b***. For a while I was only getting 8 or 24 gig up I really had to play with putting the memory in and out of the slots before I got the computer to see it all. Which explains why when I buy a computer and check the memory it is not always running what I paid for. Lazy techs and lazy builders. Well im off to explore the space-time continuum.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well I may end up repeating some of what I said.

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Well I may ending up repeating some of what I said in the past but also there will be some new stuff to tell. I have been posting occasionally at the old fake The trolls there changed their web-sight which I am grateful for that because I want as much difference between their fake site and my real (the sight that I own). They have been stepping up their attacks against me at their fake site no doubt for the eventual planned expulsion of me again. As I have repeatedly told those guys I am immortal on the internet. So what I have done lately. I have been working on my IA to search my time travel media files. The computer code for that AI can be found at my web-sight . I also have been writting more counters which I may or may not release to the public just yet. I have expanded my theory a little. And of course my experiments continue with time travel with information and data mining information from binary counters. Here are copies of some of the post I have made lately else where.

"That using advance computing we can now data mine for information instead of inventing it and even  decipher information itself out of time and space. What I said this morning was that there is more than one way to run a check sum counter to do this. In my methods I previously showed that we could run a counter like this using bytes from 0 to 255.

127 8 9 = 127 + 8 + 9 = 144
126 9 9 = 144
125 10 9 = 144
124 11 9 = 144

These numbers would represent a file on a computer. The check sum counter when it could no longer run would give a carry to the next numbers over to the right and the sum would be distributed to the left to equal 144. As we run this counter we would data mine the file for information be it time travel computer media or knowledge.

Now we could also run a binary file like this

1100 = 3 in binary but the check-sum would be two zeros and two ones.
1010 = 5 in binary but the check-sum here again wold be two zeros and two ones.
0110 = 10 in binary but the check-sum here again would be two zeros and two ones.

While I am on the topic of this counter how would it run. It would run like this: For this example I will use 1 binary 1 check-sum for the ones and 3 binary zeros the three is the check-sum for the zeros. Here it is.


You see we take a specific position in the binary file and swap it with the next position in the file. Then we do that again and again till we reach the end of the file. Then we go back to the beginning of the file and do it all over again. This we with a specific count of binary ones and a specific count of binary zeros we run thru every combination those ones and zeros can have in the binary file. Thus ( a new way to run a check-sum counter with binary. )

Now we could use many methods to data mine these files. The simplest method would be to mathematically plot the distribution of information within the files. Now the distribution for information is different than the distribution for random numbers. Also the same distribution for two different pieces of information  could look the same. What it would tell us is that there is information there. Now what we would look for is the distributions to prove we have indeed uncovered information then we would look at the information itself. You see the information itself would be different. If we are seeking specific information we just look for the information itself (information finger print) that was plotted with the distribution curve. So that is the easy way to search a check-sum counter for information or time travel information."

"Now with brute force check-sum counters we will eventually come up on the information we are searching for. We will also miss lots and lots of other information that we might of found useful or interesting. You see, it is hard to save all the useful information in the universe. Techniques I use is to write messages to myself in the future and in the past. Get a finger print of the information in my messages then get a range of check-sums from all my messages to establish the check-sum range I am communicating with myself in. Then run my counters only within those check-sum ranges while looking for a distribution curve or curves that my messages have then checking those messages for my information finger print to find messages I will write to myself in the future or that I wrote to myself in the past. You see information has no mass. It can travel thru time and space very nicely with no problems. My methods create sort of a 5th dimension to search for time travel media which makes it fit the laws of physics quite nicely.

Now what if we are not looking to use brute force counters. Why not use random counters. We can indeed use random counters but the distribution curve for the information within the files will be different. What we have to do is force a distribution curve on the information that we are writing to a file. More or less filtering the noise out of the random counter. We use a probability map or probability filter if you will that we pass the numbers from the random counter thru. If the numbers being generated and written to the file are within the distributional curve of information we let those numbers get written to the check-sum file. If not those numbers are not written to the file. Now we can still get a file that is jiberish. Now what we do is for a syntax filter on the information from the random check-sum counter. If the information being generated from the random check-sum counter both passes the distribution filter and the syntax filter then now it is allowed to get written to the check-sum file that will be searched for information. If it does not pass the syntax filter then it is not allowed in the file.

Now we can use our AI or other data mining techniques to verify the file that we deciphered out of space and time."

The subject that I do using information theory to data-mine for technology instead of inventing it and decryption of computer media of the future or past out of space-mine is a staggering topic and as I have found over the years really hard work. What I would love to one day see is like China, Japan, or Russia using their massive super computers to validate my work. In the USA there is not much interest in what I do. Im hoping somewhere some day some real computer power will be put into this. If I can accomplish what I do on my alienware computer at home with my communicating with myself in the past, future, or alternate time-lines just think what could be done with real computing power.