Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well I may end up repeating some of what I said.

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Well I may ending up repeating some of what I said in the past but also there will be some new stuff to tell. I have been posting occasionally at the old fake The trolls there changed their web-sight which I am grateful for that because I want as much difference between their fake site and my real (the sight that I own). They have been stepping up their attacks against me at their fake site no doubt for the eventual planned expulsion of me again. As I have repeatedly told those guys I am immortal on the internet. So what I have done lately. I have been working on my IA to search my time travel media files. The computer code for that AI can be found at my web-sight . I also have been writting more counters which I may or may not release to the public just yet. I have expanded my theory a little. And of course my experiments continue with time travel with information and data mining information from binary counters. Here are copies of some of the post I have made lately else where.

"That using advance computing we can now data mine for information instead of inventing it and even  decipher information itself out of time and space. What I said this morning was that there is more than one way to run a check sum counter to do this. In my methods I previously showed that we could run a counter like this using bytes from 0 to 255.

127 8 9 = 127 + 8 + 9 = 144
126 9 9 = 144
125 10 9 = 144
124 11 9 = 144

These numbers would represent a file on a computer. The check sum counter when it could no longer run would give a carry to the next numbers over to the right and the sum would be distributed to the left to equal 144. As we run this counter we would data mine the file for information be it time travel computer media or knowledge.

Now we could also run a binary file like this

1100 = 3 in binary but the check-sum would be two zeros and two ones.
1010 = 5 in binary but the check-sum here again wold be two zeros and two ones.
0110 = 10 in binary but the check-sum here again would be two zeros and two ones.

While I am on the topic of this counter how would it run. It would run like this: For this example I will use 1 binary 1 check-sum for the ones and 3 binary zeros the three is the check-sum for the zeros. Here it is.


You see we take a specific position in the binary file and swap it with the next position in the file. Then we do that again and again till we reach the end of the file. Then we go back to the beginning of the file and do it all over again. This we with a specific count of binary ones and a specific count of binary zeros we run thru every combination those ones and zeros can have in the binary file. Thus ( a new way to run a check-sum counter with binary. )

Now we could use many methods to data mine these files. The simplest method would be to mathematically plot the distribution of information within the files. Now the distribution for information is different than the distribution for random numbers. Also the same distribution for two different pieces of information  could look the same. What it would tell us is that there is information there. Now what we would look for is the distributions to prove we have indeed uncovered information then we would look at the information itself. You see the information itself would be different. If we are seeking specific information we just look for the information itself (information finger print) that was plotted with the distribution curve. So that is the easy way to search a check-sum counter for information or time travel information."

"Now with brute force check-sum counters we will eventually come up on the information we are searching for. We will also miss lots and lots of other information that we might of found useful or interesting. You see, it is hard to save all the useful information in the universe. Techniques I use is to write messages to myself in the future and in the past. Get a finger print of the information in my messages then get a range of check-sums from all my messages to establish the check-sum range I am communicating with myself in. Then run my counters only within those check-sum ranges while looking for a distribution curve or curves that my messages have then checking those messages for my information finger print to find messages I will write to myself in the future or that I wrote to myself in the past. You see information has no mass. It can travel thru time and space very nicely with no problems. My methods create sort of a 5th dimension to search for time travel media which makes it fit the laws of physics quite nicely.

Now what if we are not looking to use brute force counters. Why not use random counters. We can indeed use random counters but the distribution curve for the information within the files will be different. What we have to do is force a distribution curve on the information that we are writing to a file. More or less filtering the noise out of the random counter. We use a probability map or probability filter if you will that we pass the numbers from the random counter thru. If the numbers being generated and written to the file are within the distributional curve of information we let those numbers get written to the check-sum file. If not those numbers are not written to the file. Now we can still get a file that is jiberish. Now what we do is for a syntax filter on the information from the random check-sum counter. If the information being generated from the random check-sum counter both passes the distribution filter and the syntax filter then now it is allowed to get written to the check-sum file that will be searched for information. If it does not pass the syntax filter then it is not allowed in the file.

Now we can use our AI or other data mining techniques to verify the file that we deciphered out of space and time."

The subject that I do using information theory to data-mine for technology instead of inventing it and decryption of computer media of the future or past out of space-mine is a staggering topic and as I have found over the years really hard work. What I would love to one day see is like China, Japan, or Russia using their massive super computers to validate my work. In the USA there is not much interest in what I do. Im hoping somewhere some day some real computer power will be put into this. If I can accomplish what I do on my alienware computer at home with my communicating with myself in the past, future, or alternate time-lines just think what could be done with real computing power.