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Wikipedia banned article on time travel.


Wikipedia joins the cover up on time travel.

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I could not help but notice that John Titor has his own page on Wikipedia. So I thought what the heck. I should have one too. Not one written by someone wanting to cover this up but one written and approved by me. So I posted one at Wikipedia.

I want to point out first that WIKIPEDIA

Did not research this article before coming to a conclusion whether or not to include it. But they claim all articles are researched before a decision is made. Proof is in the reply the moderator gave to me. She did not research my links or she: Would not of question whether or not this is factual.  They claim they research all sources given in a article? No they do not. 

I want to point out that Wikipedia posted an article about another so called time traveler called John Titor.  The reason the ladies at Wikipedia gave me was that they they did not like my sources. What I do not understand is how they could not like my sources if they did not research them?

I gave programs as a source. Titor never gave any programs. He only posted a few pictures.

I gave math as my a source and proof. John Titor never posted any math about his work. I did on my blog. And in my post on the internet. They research sources of articles they look at? Bull Pucky! They do not. I gave a heck of a lot more proof than Titor ever did yet again he gets an article posted on Wikipedia?


OK folks here is the article as I submitted it to Wikipedia and their rejection picture and the chat log I had with the moderators follows this article. 

Wikipedia:Articles for creation/Reactor1967

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Wikipedia: Articles for creation


Reactor1967 Avatar

Reactor1967 first appeared on the internet in 2008 claiming to be working on time travel with computers. He said he was writing software that could retrieve/create computer media files from the future, past, or alternate time-lines. Later he came to call his software a 5th dimensional time travel simulator. Reactor1967 claimed that like John Titor he too was a time traveler even though he did not physically time travel. His only similarity to Titor was that he posted on forums. He had the same skeptics. And his post were often highly criticized.

Reactor1967 developed problems keeping his post up in the forums he posted on and much of his early and later post were deleted by the moderators in the forums. He claimed it was some kind of conspiracy against him to keep him off the internet to cover up time travel with information.

Reactor1967's 5th dimensional simulator

Reactor1967 went on to post some code on the internet some as open source and other code as copyrighted. The bases of Reactor1967's time travel theory was based largely on binary rolling check-sum counters. These counters contained a list of numbers from 0 to 255 which formed a computer file containing binary bytes of information. He often drew similarities between his work and the well known program Rsync but said his math was different and that his programs were not for backing data up or sending data over a weak internet connection. But rather he would set up his binary rolling check-sum counters to be data-mined by bot programs searching for time travel computer media files from the future, past, or alternate time-lines.

His programs worked in a series of steps.

1. Finding the weak check-sum range of the time travel media being looked for.

2. Running binary rolling weak check-sum counters within a weak check-sum range to do a search.

3. Running bot programs to data-mine these binary rolling check-sum counters and verify as much as possible the found computer media files off these counters.

During this period he came up with the algorithm that if A in the past and B in the future both knew the weak check-sum range of their messages to each other then A in the past and B in the future could data mine a check-sum range with binary rolling check-sum counters for their messages to each other in space-time. He later called both this method and his data-mining check-sum ranges method "time-hacking" and claimed he was a "time-hacker". Time-hacking as Reactor1967 defined it - Using computers running binary counters or binary rolling check-sum counters to retrieve computer media of the future or the past where Causality of both its cause/event one and its effect/event two is revealed within the computer media itself. When finding computer media of the future Causality is violated because the effect/event two of Causality is known before the cause/event one. This is also known as a time-violation or time travel.

Reactor1967 claimed a simple way to prove his 5th dimensional time travel computer simulator works was with a simple experiment using a USA penny or quarter. The researcher on day 1 would flip the metal currency several times while recording the results heads or tails. One of the results on day 1 of the experiment would be the actual outcome of the metal currency flipped at a specific time on day 2 of the experiment. Thus the results obtained on day one of the experiment was both the causality cause/event one and effect/event two of day two of the experiment. Thus one of the results on day one of the experiment revealed the effect/event two before the cause/event one on day two of the experiment ahead of time. Though the researcher did not know for sure the result would come true until it actually happened.

Though this was a over simplified explanation of finding video/audio and other computer files of the past,future, or other time-lines Reactor1967 claimed this was the best way to describe how his method of time travel really works. Another way reactor1967 described his methods of time travel was that and this is a direct quote: "Information has no mass thus it travels very nicely through time. It just needs a method of arriving at its destination in space-time. I provide that method."

Reactor1967 has never posted any of his time travel media on the internet or released it publicly because he claims if he did this his time travel computer media would go the same way as UFO or other paranormal videos posted on the internet. People would look at them call them interesting but refuse to call it proof and many would dismiss it out right. Also, he said and this is a direct quote: "I enjoy viewing my time travel computer media in private while laughing at my skeptics and enjoying my favorite adult beverage".

The time travel computer media files reactor1967 said he never publicly released were news broadcast from future, past, or alternate time-lines from publicly broadcasted news videos from popular business entities. Digital news papers from popular business entities news sources outlets. Videos of himself talking to himself in the past from the future or alternate reality time-line. Patents of technology from across the time-line and alternate reality. Fictional movies or television programs from across the time-line and alternate reality. Music and books and other works of art from across the time-line and alternate reality. And, other computer media from across the time-line or alternate reality. He also claimed he was avoiding patent right legal problems and or arrest for copyright crimes so he kept the computer media private in order to avoid legal problems.

Reactor1967 said that when he consumed a business product in the past he paid for it in the future when that product was released so that he was not stealing copyrighted material. Thought he believed he could not be convicted of a crime if he legally obtained material before it was legally physically produced and questioned if he could legally claim to be the original owner of the material since he had it first before it was legally thought of and produced (effect before cause - Causality violation) though he has no plans to make any claims now or in the future. After all he considers what he was doing as time-travel.

One of Reactor1967's best known software was his VCNS short for Vector Coordinate Numerical System also known as The Burris Numerical system for Reactor1967's real last name. The Burris Numerical System is a set of equations Reactor1967 invented after reading Albert Einstein's Train Thought experiment. In VCNS/Burris Numerical System information is thought of as a number moving through space-time with its reference point. In doing so Reactor1967's algorithm for VCNS claimed to be able to store an unlimited amount of information as two small numbers never getting any bigger or smaller that a preset digit limit as long as the variable called the reference point can always be found. The information in VCNS/Burris Numerical System is considered events moving in space-time view-able by their reference points so that each frame of reference applies to the next frame of reference and so forth. In doing so a time-line of informational events is created. During this process only two numbers were always kept the rest could be discarded and later decoded using Reactor1967's equations. Reactor1967 claims to be writing a paper on the subject for later scientific publication as a numerical system governed by algorithms that expresses information as a number system in both space and time.

Reactor1967 says his numerical system can store information mathematically in time by mathematically creating space-time pathways for storage or retrieval of information. His equations are based on his main equation V = V + or - ((Absolute Value(V - R) × (base - 1)) + N). Where there is a specific number base used.

VCNS coding data in time

VCNS coding data from time

Reactor1967's binary rolling check-sum counters used a variety of methods to achieve his purposes but to simplify his explanation for how his counters work he said just add or subtract a multiple of one minus the base to the counter to keep it the same check-sum. It more or less seems to work. By doing this in multiples of one minus the base Reactor1967 said his counters could be speed-ed up, slowed down, or even reversed to find time travel computer media files. He said an artificial net or advance statistical program could be used to monitor and control the speed of the counter. By doing this Reactor1967 claims desktop computers can be used instead of super computers to run his software. Other programs after the (binary counter program and bot programs) called verify programs would be ran on the computer later and used to test suspected time travel media files by verifying the file formats, informational mathematical graphed curves, and other details of a suspected time travel media file. Reactor1967 claims his counters work best by good ol addition or subtraction to the counter. When the bots found a time travel file the counter was saved as a computer file on the hard drive for further verification.

Reactor1967 claimed his methods could be used to find technology, news, email, video, audio, applications, or other files from the future, past, or alternate time-lines.

Reactor1967's real name is Lloyd Burris though he shuns using his real name on the internet except to take credit for his work when he publishes it. He lives in Arkansas,USA. He moved around a lot during his beginning adult life attending several different colleges but never completing a degree because of his inability to stay in one place. He blames his failure on getting a college degree on having to work full time and make a living for himself which robbed him of the time he needed to pay for and complete a college education.

Reactor1967 has the following websights. (Reactor1967'a main websight). (Reactor1967's blog). (Reactor1967's youtube video.)


Reactor1967 himself was directly used as a source.

Category:Time travel with computers



Though I will admit this article does need some editing for clarification to make it easier to read and understand. There was really no reason for Wikipedia to call it crap, say time travel is impossible, and ban the author from working on it further on their web sight. This behavior from Wikipedia really was just uncalled for, out of line, and unprofessional. Keep reading to see the details on that.

I was going to go back and edit following their templates and articles that were approved for submission. But as you will read below that was not possible. 

Does Wikipedia works for the government? Are they hiding something? Read what Wikipedia employees said to me in the chat log I copied while talking to them.

Here is the chat I had with the moderators. I am sorry I was not able to get it all copied before I got booted out but I got a good bit of it. Here I only display what I could of the conversation between me and the moderators. The complete log at least what I could copy is here at this link.

tus #wikipedia-en-helpX
[Welcome to the English Wikipedia help channel! | Nobody around to assist? Type !helper followed by your question, and wait for volunteers (who have a + next to their name) to respond (please wait longer than 1 or 2 minutes, we're not that fast!) | We can only answer questions concerning editing the English Wikipedia; for other questions, try | No public logging]
[17:18] == burrild [442f81fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikipedia-en-help
[17:18] <+Helpmebot> Hello burrild, welcome! Move your mouse to the input area at the bottom of your browser, type your question, and press Enter. Please wait more than a few seconds, we aren't that fast... If you are asking about a particular page, please include a URL to the page in question, or just the page name.
[17:19] <+Celebi> Hello burrild :)
[17:20] The reviewer said my submission was humerious or a hoax and did not take the time to research my submission. What can I do?
[17:21] <+Celebi> burrild: I'm looking.
[17:21] I dont want toi remove it I want it submitted. I can edited it but again it was not researched.
[17:22] <+Celebi> burrild: That looks like a hoax to me as well, as it's blatantly wrong in my opinion. Huon may have a different opinion however.
[17:22] <+Celebi> Hey faiz, how can we help?
[17:22] What sources did you read and how did you come to that conclusion?
[17:23] <+Celebi> burrild: The fact that time modification is impossible.
[17:23] <+Celebi> burrild: I don't care what sources you provide, it's notpossible.
[17:23] <+Celebi> faiz: As many asit takes to establish notability.
[17:24] You are arguing science of which I can kick your butt on that. this is an wikipedia submission
[17:24] <+Celebi> burrild: I'm arguing that there's absolutely no way it is correct, and if it is, show me the NYT, LA times, and BBC articles on it.
[17:24] <+Celebi> burrild: You have NO reliable sources.
[17:24] The sources was which gave computer programs and examples and computer science
[17:25] <+Celebi> burrild: That's a blog, no reliable.
[17:25] .the sources was
[17:25] <+Celebi> burrild: Not reliable.
[17:25] the blog is availble from the links I gave on the submission
[17:25] <+esmareeeelda> there'll be no buttkicking here - if you can provide sources that demonstrate this article is widely accepted by mainstream science then you'll get an article, otherwise its a no
[17:25] <+Celebi> burrild: Blogs aren't reliable.
[17:25] <+Celebi> burrild: Nor are random websites
[17:25] Hang on let me pull up the links
[17:25] <+Huon> burrild, for something violating the known laws of physics I'd expect peer-reviewed scholarly papers as sources, not blogs on the internet
[17:26] <+Celebi> burrild: Regardless, you won't be able to provide reliable sources, as it's either a hoax, or some guy trying for his 5 minutes of fame, or not really time travel.
[17:26] The laws of physics is not the argument this is software and stastics
[17:26] how many refences do i normally need for an article to get accepted
[17:26] the statiscts play into the the current theories of physics
[17:26] <+Celebi> burrild: No they don't, or the NYT, LA times, BBC, CNN, Fox news, etc would be all over it.
[17:27] <+Celebi> faiz: As many as it takes to establish notability.
[17:27] to put together a 5th dimeions
[17:27] <+Celebi> burrild: First of all, current physics says that IF there are more than 4 dimensions that they are not currently measurable with current instrumentation.
[17:27] Your wrong about the news outlets they are only interested in what the public is interested in. My science is too advance for the public to understand
[17:27] <+Celebi> burrild: Second of all, there is only ONE time dimension in ANY physics theory, thus there can't be a "5th"
[17:27] <+Celebi> burrild: Seriously, Wikipedia isn't for your crap.
[17:28] <+Celebi> In fact, Dragonfly6-7, would you mind deleting it now?
[17:28] <+esmareeeelda> burrild, if it is too advanced for the public, then wikipedia is DEFINITELY NOT a place for it, sorry
[17:28] I am not measuring the 4th dimesion I am using information to create a 5th dimesion and the amount of information I have is unmeasurable.
[17:28] <+Celebi> burrild: Seriously, stop.
[17:29] but the amount of information that can be obtain per computer run is measurable
[17:29] No you stop. You did not read the sources and you are not listening to me and giving proof of your decline to publish
[17:30] <+esmareeeelda> burrild, we dont need to provide you with proof
[17:30] <+Celebi> burrild: I'm telling you you have NO reliable sources.
[17:30] Then you do not need to ask for proof
[17:30] <+Celebi> burrild: I'm telling you there ARE none.
[17:30] You are wrong dead wrong so wrong you do not even know it
[17:30] You are so wrong you can not comprehend how wrong you really really are
[17:30] <+Celebi> burrild: Then leave because you're getting nowhere.
[17:31] No it is you going know where I am somewhere and I have something
[17:31] <+Celebi> burrild: I will not respond if you are going to personally attack me. You will not get that article on Wikipedia.
[17:32] I did not personally attack you. before I go I need the link to my orginally denial for submission I could not find it. Seems it was deleted
[17:32] <+Celebi> Dragonfly6-7: Can you please delete <-- a="" accepted.="" an="" and="" article="" as="" blockquote="" get="" hoax="" never="" that="" will="">
[17:32] <+esmareeeelda> burrild, come back and see us when you have some national news articles on the subject - its straightforward
[17:32] <+Celebi> burrild: There's the link, it hasn't been deleted YET, but it WILL be soon.
[17:32] where is it?
[17:32] <+Celebi> burrild:
[17:33] <+ChrisGualtieri> There is only one time travel thing I've ever known... this is not it.
[17:34] <+Celebi> burrild: Did that link work?

After this I got booted out. I wanted to ask that stupid Celebi jerk off why they posted John Titers article but not mine????



Here is John Titors article.
Wikipedia copy and past did not work correctly here so I can not past the article directly. To see this article un-messed up go directly to Johns Link on wikipedia.

Otherwise you can download it from Download John Titor Article and unzip it and open it from a file.
 What I always have a hard time understanding is how come people do not understand binary counters and how they work. If you record a news program off your tv and save it on your computer and view it with a binary editor all your going to see is a list of numbers from 0 to 255. It takes more than one number I think 3 the last time I studied my file formats to make a pixel on your tv screen. So if you look at a video file it might look like this.

187 186 186 200 152 273 120 119 187
pixel 1          pixel 3            pixel 3 

So say this is a news program from the channel 11 news.
Take the numbers and add them up.

187 + 186 + 186  + 200 + 152 + 273 + 120 +119 + 187 = 1610 if my math is correct.

Ok now lets run a counter. Lets add 255 because the base here is 256 and I am using the equation 1 minus the base to keep a rolling checksum.

442 - 256 base = 186
186 + 186 + carry of 1
186 + 187 +186 + 200 + 152 + 273 + 120 +119 + 187 =  again 1610 if my math is correct.

that jerk off at Wikipedia said a blog is not proof. But oh, in my article I said add 1 minus the base to a computer file to run it as a rolling check sum counter. Now grant you this is not perfect but in all if one minus the base is added to a computer file as a number it will over all retain its rolling check-sum. Now again some times the results are a little off but it always goes back to its original check-sum. There is a way to keep it from doing that but I am talking layman terms here. Now if you add multiples of this the counter runs faster and faster and faster. If you start adding smaller multiples of this the counter runs slower and slower. So, with simple  addition and subtraction the speed of the counter can be controlled with out paying NASA's or anyone else for that matter for super computers to make it run faster.

By multiples I mean by multiplying N * (base - 1) then adding or subtracting that number from the binary rolling check-sum counter to advance the counter faster or faster depending on N or reverse the counter making it roll backwards. (Good for when you pass something good up and you want to get back to it.)

And the great thing.

YOU CAN DO THIS ON A DESKTOP COMPUTER!!!! And, with the advance of better computers and the coming of quantum computers this will only get better and better.

So back to my example. On a computer these numbers

187  186 186  200  152  273  120 119  187

Could be part of the evening news program showing the causality cause and effect of what happened on a certain day.

So, I take its weak check-sum. Plug them into my counters and find another video say a week from now (causality - cause and effect) ahead of time and view that video. Why - because my computer can take this numbers 187  186 186  200  152  273  120 119  187 and change them to this

187  186 186  200  152  273  120 119  187

To find another news video a week from now showing who won what, who died, national events, heck some new science invention the stock market what have you.

Now, the other part so say I recorded the news for  several weeks. This is before doing my search with my counters. I can take my programs and looking at each news program as a single long number I could get all their weak check-sums and find a check-sum range for this specific news channel with a specific file length.

Now running my programs and data-mining my check-sum range I could look for future programs that I will not record for weeks or years from now because those events have not happened yet. But, I could get my programs to find them before hand like flipping the penny to get effects the day before I thru my penny one time to find the cause after that effect. 

Why can I do this? Because with computers files are simply numbers and only numbers. All I have to do is CHANGE THOSE NUMBERS AND LOOK FOR THE CAUSALITY - EFFECT AND CAUSE IN THE TIME TRAVEL MEDIA. Its called - TIME HACKING!!! And I invented it. 

The elements in my 5th dimensional computer simulator.

1. A theory of how this works with time. With the first 3 dimensions of space and a 4th dimension of time the 5th dimension is where all reality exist whether it existed in the past, it will exist in the future, possible outcomes of reality that may or may not happen, improbably outcomes of reality that probably will not happen but still can. 

2. Causality cause and effect. Now we violate causality by trying to find events that happened in the past or will happen in the future. We do this by simulating the 5th dimension.

3. Knowing events happen we can generate those events on a computer as computer media files and match those files up for when or if they do happen whether in the past or the future. As I said - time hacking

4. Computer science - All computer files are a list of numbers from 0 to 255. It is putting those numbers in a specific order to create a computer media file with a file format that contains causality cause and effect therein by simulating the 5th dimension through hacking techniques. I use check-sum hacking per the rolling check-sum method and check-sum ranges for my hacking techniques combined with data mining my binary rolling check-sum counters. They are many many ways to do what I do. My way is by using binary rolling check-sum counters and data mine the results off my counters per the methods I have discussed in this blog.


Celebi (her user name) must of forgot to take her medication that morning when she was talking to me. 

And, then there is my VCNS/Burris Numerical System. It mathematically works off Einstein's principles. I can take too small numbers and from those two numbers decrypt a heck of a lot of data that was coded mathematically into it using Einstein's principles. I gave math and code examples!!!

Hey Celebi (Her user name not her real name): Yeah you girl. You said my work was crap. Well You are full of a nasty big pile of elephant shit, Whale shit, Rino shit, bull shit, dog shit, a whole lot of shit. In fact, you stink of shit you are so full of it. Yeah, I bet everyone is tired of your crap! You should go home and stay there.

Now, how do I data mine binary rolling check-sum counters. Oh, I simply show my AI what to look for and test for file formats and other things. Or, I could setup a program that graphs the information in the known files and compares those graphs to information in the data-mined files looking for a percentage match. Again, basically showing my software that "Hey this is what your looking for". ITS AS EASY AS TAKING CANDY FROM A BABY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING.

And also, my software has to know how close I am to decoding a file and either slow down the counter or speed the counter up as an unknown file is constructed. Oh how do I do that? Simple I take known files and roll my counters and compare my counters to the known files to teach my software how to tell what percentage complete a counter is to a known file. After doing this so many times my counters can tell when they need to speed the hell up or slow way down even reverse if needed. Again, its not rocket science just simple computer science.

Yep, a lot of dang computer programming. Enough to make you go blind from looking at the computer screen all day and make your wrist cramp up. But, I am good im use to it.

So, again. What is so freaking hard about understanding my science??? I do not get it.

Like I said on Wikipedia just as I can flip a penny 5 times today. One of those results will be the result of what I get when I flip my penny again 1 time tomorrow. 

I rolled the penny today to help me see my causality effects today before tomorrow when I roll again to see the causality cause of those effects I rolled yesterday. (Author note: Take your time here to understand this.)

But wait a minute. Was not the rolls I did yesterday the results of after my one roll I did today? Answer: Well yeah!!! That is how this works. I find the computer media today off my computer that is suppose to be recorded/written in the future tomorrow when ever that might be. So I flip a penny five times today. So lets say I get two heads and 3 tails. Tomorrow I flip my penny again. I got one tail. So one of those 3 tails I got yesterday was the one tail I was suppose to get tomorrow after I flipped my penny. But yesterday I did not know my result of todays flip before hand. I was just not sure of the result I would get tomorrow until after I flipped that penny again tomorrow. Time travel with computers is like that. 

Now this is where it gets even more interesting.
But when the right result/effect before the cause hits today tomorrow might change because of the complexity of the result. My time travel today might change my future tomorrow depending on the complexity of the result/effect before the cause. 

Example: If we find how to build a bomb today that was originally built 100 years from now in the future that is capable of exploding an entire planet. Lets say this was for stopping asteroids from hitting the earth not meant for harming people but saving life's. 

And, finding that technology with time travel with computers today instead of letting it develop 100 years from now, then tomorrow our planet might not exist because that weapon got used in a time of war before it was intended to be developed, built, and used in its original intended manner. This is being extreme. But, this is also the reality of time travel with computers.

The complexity and ability of changing the time-line is measured with the complexity of the results from this form of time travel.  Throwing a penny will have no measurable result on the time-line because the complexity of the result of the penny in .999 percent of the cases it was thrown is not going to change history very much if any.

Seeing the effect before seeing the cause in science with causality is called time travel in science. Time-violation. Violating causality. The penny and the results could care less if I know what the effect is before the cause.

That is not the penny's fault. That is not the fault of the result of the penny after I throw it. So I have several outcomes of effects before the cause. 

The trick is "THE EFFECTS ARE FREAKING THERE BEFORE THE CAUSE" Its my own fault if I can not understand the results. But, if the complexity of the result is great then I still might find value in that result. That is the trick to the whole thing.

That is what science does not understand. With causality it is assumed by science that the effects can only come after the cause.
NOT TRUE.  Science needs to understand that effects can come before the cause in causality. As in the case of flipping a penny I can flip a penny to day and one of my results will be the effect before the cause I get tomorrow when I flip my penny again. By using the penny analogy with computers  WE CAN DECODE COMPUTER MEDIA OF THE FUTURE, PAST, OR ALTERNATE REALITY!!! Why can we do this? Because computer files are just numbers. All we have to do is change those numbers around. Simple but takes a lot of work to do in real practice.

A prime example of my methods is the lottery. Someone always picks the causality effect before the cause and gets a great big financial reward for it and the cause and effect become true. Now, the effect was discovered before the cause and the proof is the winning ticket. 

With my methods of computer time travel the knowledge contained within the results can not be measured by monetary value along. And can cause good or harm depending on how that knowledge is used.

Morgan Freeman in through the Worm Hole was speculating that we need to simulate a civilization in a computer to study time. Well, that is not a bad suggestion but I say my method of time travel is far more valuable.  Why, because not only is my method of time travel more easier than a simulation but the results are not depending on the simulation. Not depending on the skill of the programmer and the limited variables programmed into the simulation which can give errors. My results are way more compatible with nature and the universe than one would get off any simulation. It just works more with how nature really is. Thus, it is a better form of time travel. And, more can be found from my form of time-travel than with Morgan Freeman's through the Universe simulation. Morgan, not dissing you dude. Just saying how I see it. Your still one of my favorite actors. 

UPDATE 5/25/2013

Wikipedia has put in place a filter preventing me from submitting my article further. And, they keep deleting my work. See emails below. Click on the picture.

It means basically:


Very strange because Wikipedia said this to me during the chat conversation.

"[17:32] <+esmareeeelda> burrild, come back and see us when you have some national news articles on the subject - its straightforward"

Again if Wikipedia had read my blog (You stupids) they would of saw where I talked about Morgan Freeman through the worm hole coming to a conclusion that more likely than not the only way time travel will ever be achieved IS WITH COMPUTERS!!! 

But since they DID NOT CHECK MY SOURCES!!! They did not see that I was referring to national news outlets. And to make matters worse THEY FREAKING HAVE ME BANNED!!!  So I can not even try again as I was told by esmareeeelda. COVER-UP? Discrimination?

Why COVER-UP or discrimination?
Lets take a look at my chat conversation again?

[17:27] <+Celebi> burrild: Seriously, Wikipedia isn't for your crap.

This is what she said without ever reviewing my article and checking its sources.

I am going go get my sources together and contact them. What you wanna bet me I will fail. With her attitude toward me and my science I have no chance.

One of the comments I failed to get in to the chat conversation I posted was because I was booted out was where one of the moderators told me. "You will never have an article here." That was meant there mind was made up WITHOUT A REVIEW OF MY ARTICLE OR ITS SOURCES."  

My last comment to the moderators was that "I am going to publicly post this chat conversation and your  rejection to show everyone how stupid you are." 

What dis concerns me is Wikipedia is suppose to be a partial repository of man kinds knowledge. So, I guess we live in China or other government controlled press country now where the public is censored to what knowledge they can see. I knew that long before I tried to submit at Wikipedia. The latest case was where 3d files was pulled from the internet that would of allowed people to print guns with a 3d printer.  I was just hoping Wikipedia would prove me wrong and submit my article to the main stream public. I am suppose to be a USA citizen but a lot of times I do not feel it. What does the USA stand for anymore? Right now I do not even know anymore. Moving on.....

I want to leave you with some emails that Wikipedia sent me. These are not the only ones I just do not see the point in posting all of them since they all say we deleted your crap basically in a nutshell.

Email one
Wikipedia page Wikipedia:Articles for creation/Reactor1967 has been deleted by Legoktm

MediaWiki Mail
May 24 (1 day ago)

to me 
Dear Burrild,

The Wikipedia page Wikipedia:Articles for creation/Reactor1967 has been
deleted on 24 May 2013 by Legoktm, see

Editor's summary: [[WP:CSD#G3|G3]]: Blatant [[WP:Do not create

Contact the editor:

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your watched pages on your watchlist.

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To delete the page from your watchlist, visit

Feedback and further assistance:

end of email one

Email two
Wikipedia page Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Reactor1967 has been deleted by DragonflySixtyseven

MediaWiki Mail
3:52 PM (5 hours ago)

to me 
Dear Burrild,

The Wikipedia page Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Reactor1967 has
been deleted on 25 May 2013 by DragonflySixtyseven, see

Editor's summary: for user's own good

Contact the editor:

There will be no other notifications in case of further activity unless
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Feedback and further assistance:

end of email two.

Oh, this is my favorite email of them all. This is my welcome email from Wikipedia. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. Yeah right those little ladies made me feel so welcome and at home. Like going to visit grandma.

Here is that welcome email
Wikipedia email address confirmation

MediaWiki Mail
May 23 (2 days ago)

to me 
Hello Burrild,

Welcome to Wikipedia! You've joined the English-language version of the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

To confirm your email address, please open this URL in your browser:

This link expires at 01:23, 31 May 2013 (UTC).

Confirming your email address will allow you to:
* reset your password via email
* exchange emails with other Wikipedia editors
* receive notifications about activity on Wikipedia relevant to you, such as when someone leaves you a message

If you wish to be able to recover your account but don't want to receive other email, visit your preferences at:

Thanks, and once again, welcome!

This email is generated automatically, and does not accept replies. If you didn't register an account on Wikipedia, feel free to disregard this message or click this link:

end of welcome email

Well I need to get some rest and later do some serious work on what Wikipedia calls crap. Those ladies brains are crap. Wikipedia you have shit for brains people working for you. Those  LITTLE WHINY bitch(s) would not know a good article if they saw one. They are just throwing darts in the dark.

To date this blog has had 10605 page views.  I may not have gotten published at Wikipedia but I did get published anyway.  I just keep going that is all I can do. 

Update: May 30, 2013

I started a petitions campaign to get signatures from  the public to persuade Wikipedia to allow my articles I was going to publish. One was the Reactor1967 article the other was a time-hacking article. The petitions can be found here.


Please sign it.

Update May 31,2013 12:37 AM

I Stayed up late working on my scientific paper for VCNS that I am going to submit to scientific publication. Boy messing around with Wikipedia put me behind on my papers. Im hoping to get VCNS published soon. 

On VCNS I am working on my results section now. It is pretty close to my last section of the paper. It is a pretty math intensive paper. If I do fail to get it published scientifically then of course I will publish it here. After VCNS I will try for a paper on time-hacking. If I fail there too then it will be published here too.  On my time-hacking paper I will be under more pressure to prove it as a form of time-travel. Getting VCNS published will be much easier.

June 1st, 2013 10:24pm

My paper on VCNS is finished. I met my June dead-line for finishing it but now I need to put it together, edit it, revise it to make it better and so forth. I have section I am thinking about going back and writing into the paper but that will only take an afternoon. My thoughts now are getting my sources and quotes organized and getting this thing readable by academics. 

I may not submit this till July or  August. My mistakes in the past is just throwing something together and just throwing it out there then expecting it to be accepted. I have the paper now. I will  get it ready and while im doing that I will start my outline for my second paper on time-hacking which will not be ready until after summer. My dead line for that paper is thanksgiving. Then submit it by December or January.

Update 2nd, 2013 5:26pm

Boy my audience from out of country has grown. I am hitting more hits here from out of country than I am getting in country. I want to personally say Hi to all the Russians reading my blog. I have always had an interest in your country. I even tried to learn the language once when I thought I might go there in my late teenage years. I am glad to see outside interest in my blog. My knowledge is welcomed to all. 

Well I got into today and cleaned up my account. I was going to convert to la(tex) but I saw that if not done right there system can scramble it so I am going to submit by way of pdf.

Im using openoffice to finish my paper on VCNS which I am downloading now. I wrote it using notepad I am sure that makes some cringe but I wanted to get my words and math down then worry about formatting it. 

I tried back in 2001 to get published on VCNS with the New York Journal of Mathematics but at that time it was not fully finished mathematically. I was still very heavy into concepts and I was trying to express it mathematically. Plus I did not do a very good job writing it. 

Years of writing programs to test it and develop it forced me to finish getting my math nailed down. So it is probably a good thing I was turned down. 

When I first got my time-hacking going I had not very well thought out the theory of time-travel supporting it. I went with the many world theories. As of late I am starting to believe that not even our own universe is the only universe around. And I am beginning to believe that universes might actually develop from the other side of black-holes called white holes and even break off and grow and go own to form other universes of their own. 

Just as our own planet is not the only game in town I do not believe our universe is either. So, I know my form of hacking causality by way of creating a 5th dimension of information by way which a traveler through their own computer can time-travel through space and time to see the awe inspiring wonder of creation. What started out for me as a simple experiment has grown and developed.