Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taking a break

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I am pulling my post for a little while because it has started catching up with me in my personal life. When this all blows over I will be back to re-establish myself. 

Paper update 08/13/2013

I have certain people that email me every now and then and want to know if my paper is done. Well it is getting close. I wrote it but I am working on making it better. Right now I am one by one copying and pasting all my programs in at the end of the paper that I used to design my system. So, it is coming along. I only get to work on it 1 to 3 hours a week because I am real busy with jobs, wife,kids, and social life though not much of one. But, I am coming along. working to the conclusion. So, even though still working on things I have to keep a low profile for a while.

Paper update 08/14/2013

I had an epiphany today. Publish my paper as a book commercially instead of going to a academic journal.  Im going to check it out. The paper I hope to have come out before Christmas I had set this summer as a time-line. Now, if   book publisher gets involved that would delay the process by at least a year. But, I could get paid back for my work on this.One thing hinges on this is if the publishers are hampered by the same government laws as scientific journals

update 08/15/2013

I found out I can publish my work as a Ebook and earn royalties. If I go thru the academic they decide if it gets published or not they keep the royalties. Nope, its the ebook route for me.  This way I am in control and only I decide and I earn the royalties Well, I have a lot of copying and pasting to do to get my research in the book plus a lot of editing.

My book is called the burris numerical system will be available at and maybe others. I will post it here when it is. I have it written I am currently adding my research programs to the back of the book and I have a few things I want to edit. After that it will goto some experts to format it for spelling and sentence errors and general book stuff then it will be online available as a printed book or a downloadable ebook.
I spent 20 years inventing this so I went this route to try to get back as much of my cost in labor and time as I could. Hopefully I will at least break even if I get lucky make a profit.

It will greatly benefit mankind by changing how information including numbers is stored. My system stores information as two small numbers no matter how much information there is with time being the only constraint. How much time do you have to code or decode. That is the only limit to how much information you can store. I call the time of coding or decoding the age of the file with the size of the file being the bytes size. It will be a pretty good book to read.

Its a shame I had to pull my post but it was and still maybe effecting my personal life.

second update 08/15/2013

Here is my upcoming book cover. I will post here when my book is available. I am clearing my schedual and speeding up my work on this book. I am even considering taking a leave of absence from my job to get it finished. It may hit the market sooner than I expected. It will still take a little bit to get it professionally edited but I wll try to get that done quickly too.

With out further ado my book already has a ISBN number and is coming to the market very soon.

(Update I do not have this cover any more.  I changed it.)

I will change my format around a little. My book was actually written as a academic paper but I am adding all my years of research at the back of the book to support it. So, I will be filling in more details and add a dedication and make it more of a book. I am not planning on extending this too much it is already long enough to be a book. Just making it more like a book than a academic paper. Actually this is my invention and I am releasing that invention. My publisher(s) are waiting for me to upload it too them so I can not wait too long. I have to finish it now and in a realistic time. Like soon.

I have hundred of research programs I was copying and pasingt one by into the back of the book but now I found a script I can use write to do the same thing. it is the copy + filename + filename masterfile command.
I will have to have it print a bar like ________ between the programs and put the names of each program in the copying but now I can sit down and finish this up much more quickly. Then I can get back to my editing. But over all the book is ready to go. I am editing and my methods and results sections the most because I want that as understandable and useful to the general public as possible.

third update 08/15/2013

Well the script works but still I have to manually edit hundreds of entries so I found I can use c++ or basic to read the directy as a list.txt file and write the bat script for me. I LOVE LOOPS!!!! So, im good. Fixing to hit the sack I have to be a work early in the morning then on a #$#! weekend I have to work. In fact I dont get off work until next week basically. And people wonder why it is taking me so long. But, bills come first.

I am excited about finally getting this out to the world and not doing that for free. Anyone that read my blog when it was up what I had is nothing compared to what is in the book.

update 8/16/2013

Well the service I am going thru to get my book published wrote me today asking me all kinds of questions. I answered them honestly. Now I am waiting to hear back from them.

On the book I have my c++ program to write the script but I am having a hard time with my windows batch file commands. They are completely over writing the file I am trying to create so when my commands finish executing I have a empty file. I found some documentation so I am straightening things out.  My c++ program is ready to go to write the script to copy my hundreds of research programs to the back of my book. They will be needed for anyone doing any serious research into my work.