Monday, September 2, 2013

Vol 1 of the Series Time Travel With Computers

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Update 09/02/2013

Any way this is just a notification to the people that already know me that my first book is near completion and has been accepted for publication. Right now it is in the proof reading stages getting out all the errors. It has been completely written as of this post.

Update 10/06/07

Burris Numerical System - Expressing Numbers As A Function of Space and Time.


My book has been released for publication. It is now at and going every where else in the world.

But, now everyone can read volume one in my series of time travel with computers.

This book is about expressing numbers in both time and space mathematically and physically. Where a number no matter how big it is has a fixed size but the length of the number is only constrained by the amount of time needed to express the number. Only the last part of the number is stored in normal space the rest of the number is mathematically stored in time. This was to provide a tool to science along side of scientific notation that was my original intention but I discovered so much more with it since then.

The number system is called Burris Numerical System. It is the very beginning of time travel with computers by way of Storing and Retrieving information in both Time and Space. But, it is not the final chapter on my topic. There is so much more. For those who asked for proof. Here you go.
And in the future there may be a book two to this one or an edition two. I still have a lot more to write about besides my Burris Numerical System.

Here it is at the store

Burris Numerical System

Until I get done with my book trailer which I am making to publicize my work here is a screen recording of BNS working. This video I found out is poor quality which is the software I used for the very fist time. I am  making it better with better software. Right now I am just trying to get something up. Get something out there. These are the same videos.  Im wondering if I changed my screen resolution when recording if it will make the video better. I will look at it later.


Uploaded to blogger

Update 10/07/2013
Earlier today I had a moment. I was actually considering opening up all my blog post to the public. Still considering it. Though I remember why I closed it too. Man I have a lot of work to do. I have to update my websight. I have to get the book updated. I have to start writing book number two. I have the program to BNS to write. Man, where does the time go? I will make it.

update same day 10/07/2013

This is a reply to lledbetter2266 at
It seems my post to him just up and disappeared off the forum. They delete my post when I make a good point to keep the public from seeing it. I guess they are finally working there way back around to getting ride of me again but they wont stop the truth. Here is lledbetter2266 post to me.
Start of lledbetter2266 post to me."
I noticed that you are focusing all of your attention and energy on informational time travel techniques. This works fine, but there is a lot more to it than computations. 
One point you made certainly caught my attention, and that is the point of verification. This aspect will probably never be resolved, because a given target, regardless of range, can never be verified. This process can be demonstrated mathematically, but I am not the one to explain it. As a result of the 'verification problem', most of our projects focus entirely upon attempts to gather not only information, but also physical artifacts, in an attempt to acquire some type of evidence that we have indeed time travelled. The process is exceptionally difficult. While we can retrieve valid physical artifacts, and recorded information, there still remains no way to prove that such is nothing more than some sort of alteration of the present, or, as some think of it, a type of parallel existence. Due to quantum law, it will never be possible to know for certain if we are experiencing actual past events, or simply a parallel version of our own 'present'. Also, if you continue to make any type of s here, you will be included in their hall of shame. At that point I would suggest creating some type of fictional expressions; if you tell them the truth, they will not believe it. If you lie, they may believe it. And then, perhaps we can continue to attempt communications at this address. Otherwise, we can not do so. And once again the dilemna arises; is anything we observe here really from 2013, or, are we deluded consciously, as a result of our lab's mechanisms of altering our own present locale and our conscious awareness of such? This question unfortunately has no absolute answer. I could get into the more complex reasoning of why this technology is even being pursued, but this is not the place to do so."

End of post to me.

My reply that got deleted was that information in the past if there is a record of it then it can be verified with found information from the counter. I mean the two could be compared. An example would be someone finds something on a binary counter with my methods then looks for records of it in the past. Finds those records and verifies it with the counter.

If the record exist in the present then access to the record in the present must be givien. If the information exist in the future then one must wait till the future gets here to verify the record. 
There you go Mr. Lledbetter2266. Sorry someone removed my post so you could not see it. Them "Bitches at the fake BE CRAZY SOMETIMES." I guess they got off their meds again.  Hahahah.

I was wandering when the fake was going to get around to censuring my post again. Just for that TTI I am going to open my blog so the world can see why I call you guys: "THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL." (Their everywhere their everywhere.)  Some will say that my blog may discredit me as a writer. Well I certainly agree it can effect people's opinion of me but if anyone actually reads the book they will see there is a point a method a reasoning to what I do.  The only crime I can ever be guilty of is exercising my freedom of speech. If talking is a crime then I am guilty as charged. But, other than that I have never done anything to hurt anyone. So, it is hard for me to understand that my blog may make me look bad as someone has tried to point out to me before. Because, all I have done is speak. Nothing more. Well, writing computer code, testing computer code, uploading code to the internet. Well, I did that too. Running programs. Yes, I am guilty of running programs that run counters and data mine counters. Yes, I am guilty of that too. But, other than that I have done nothing wrong. I had to make that little correction.

There is more to me than my bitching about the conspiracy at the fake TTI. The reason I like bitching so much about the conspiracy is mainly number 1. They do not want me too. Number 2. They are playing a little game with me called king of the hill where the internet is the hill. They want to knock me off of it. 

So, I kill two birds with one stone. I stay on the internet because they do not want me on it talking about what I know about time travel and I bitch about them again because they do not want me too. 

And, while I am doing that I get a extra bonus. I get to talk about time travel with my methods which was the whole point from the very beginning before Darby and Rainman aka Ray at the fake started their shit with me.

The blog was put here because I was being censured. It was put here because my writings were getting deleted across the internet.  And it was put here to tell my side of the story because else where not only was my writings getting edited and changed without my permission they were even bringing in people to try to discredit me. And, they even put up web-sights to get back at me or to discredit me. They guys stop at nothing. I mean absolutely nothing. And, they started it again because I put out a book giving the proof they asked for so long ago. Which they really did not want they were just trying to make me look bad.

 I think what really got the ball rolling again at the fake AGAIN
was I said to those freaks while I was gloating about my book the other day I said: "YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. YOU MIGHT GET IT" Yeah, that really pissed them off. It is the reason Darby is acting like a jackass again. But, that is nothing new for him. Most people that know him knows he is a jackass and a troll and a coward.

Update 10/07/2013

I figure out what was going on over at the old fake

When I published my book I went back to tell them about it. They are pissed I got published and proved them wrong. So now they are deleting my post. Here is the last conversation between me and Darby. Notice how he said Buh-bye In is post. Man what sore losers. I bet that poor baby cried himself to sleep sucking his thumb. CRY BABY DARBY!!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

They are the ones who asked for proof from the get go and when I gave it to them they start deleting post. 

Here is Rainmans aka Ray's words to me 
"Prove it!"
What a joke those guys at really are. I mean. What idiot(s) says prove it then when they get the proof they CENSORS THE PROOF!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
I mean, what kind of fucked up shit is that? I think it stands to show for their true  test of character. 

It was said and I forgot who said it to test a man give him power. Those idiot(s) got power when they took over that forum at and as a true test of their character just look at what they done with it. Darby already killed his old forum. Their current forum postings has droped badly in recent years. And, they ran off the only real time traveler they really had through there. Yes, test a mans character and give him power. Darby and Ray - I can see your true character. I think everyone can see it. I have talked to many people over their who have never been happy with those guys running that forum.

The answer to what idiot(s) I asked while ago is you guessed it. Stupidity does not even begin to describe them and I have tried really hard in this blog to show just how stupid they really, really are. This blog is absolutely full of the absolutely very stupid shit they have done to cover up time travel with information. To cover up time travel with computers. To sweep all this under the carpet in hopes that it will go away. And as I told those freaks they are living the pipe dream. It will not happen that way. And even to this day on the forums I have visited in the past and else where they are still trying to discredit me. They do stuff all the time. 

Without further ado here is the post between Darby and I (Which I want to point out he still hides his post from me. I can only see them when I am not logged in. What a dummy, talking to someone that you hide your post from. Golly. Hahahahaha.

Ok here it is. from the fake
Darbys post
"You can't even verify that barns, outhouses or sheds are proper units."

My post 
Darby - It has been my experience that people want the files off my computer they want my personal property. Well, this is a forum and as such is limited to what you will get in the way of proof. Now, as I said in a post which I think twice now because I went back and did not see my first post that my first book in a series of books is now for sale. If you guys want your proof I will be happy to post a link to my book but you will have to ask me for it because you guys have gotten onto me in the past about advertising. Or you can just go out there and search for it. I am pretty sure the opinion here and the public opinion will defer. I am a train that can not be stopped.

Darbys post

And I did make my point. You don't have a clue what "barns", "outhouses" or "sheds" are. They have nothing to do with taking information off your computer (though for the life of me I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in anything on your computer)

but I digress...

You're supposed to be the resident expert in nuclear physics and nuclear reactor engineering. Says so right on one of your websites and in your original handle here. Expert? You have to know what the SI unit "barn" is if you are going to be involved in nuclear fission. Sheds and outhouses are exponential expansions of barns.

How about the neutron capture cross-section of a nucleus?

My post
(Me quoting darby)

And I did make my point. You don't have a clue what "barns", "outhouses" or "sheds" are. They have nothing to do with taking information off your computer (though for the life of me I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in anything on your computer)

but I digress...

You're supposed to be the resident expert in nuclear physics and nuclear reactor engineering. Says so right on one of your websites and in your original handle here. Expert? You have to know what the SI unit "barn" is if you are going to be involved in nuclear fission. Sheds and outhouses are exponential expansions of barns.

How about the neutron capture cross-section of a nucleus?"

My post to Darby starts here.
I just brought up my computer because when people want proof they want the files I produced from my counter. Oh my old site. I miss that. I did put up a older version to it but I have not maintained it. Yeah I remember you were against that site from day one. And when I came here you brought it up again and were against it. Dude, it was a hobby. Get over it. (Hey, I called Darby dude. Haha.) I mean that in a nice way. You want to do me a favor not that you would review my book then load up both barrels and let me have it. I dare you. I posted the info on my blog so as not advertise on your site.


Just a note for Darby from Darbyshire I do not think that jackass knows what the hell he is talking about. Hey, dude, you being hitting that wine bottle again? Barns and outhouses? Really? Really? OH, please. Just stop before you embarrass yourself even more. AGAIN!

Also in regard to Darby had I answered his questions about nuclear physics no matter how well I answered it HE WAS TROLLING ME!!! He never wanted a true answer. And that my friends is what the is all about. Trolling their very own users. Enough said there.

My shit is disappearing fast at the fake TTI. If anyone wants anything they may leave the rest of my stuff or they may not. Oh in fairness to the fake TTI when I saw they deleted my post I went ahead and deleted the last 3 post of mine because I knew they were going to delete it anyway. So, they started deleting so the last three I wrote I deleted.  I do not know about the previous pages. I did not look at it. I made a copy a while back but I have not checked the site recently with my copy. Last time when it got too hot for them they deleted the entire thread. Like I said THEM BITCHES BE CRAZY AT THE Well I got to go. I need my sleep so at some point in time I can get back to my programming and writing. I still have more books, a websight, and a program to finish.

Final note - I just found out the videos posted in my previous blogs have been taken down by youtube. It said "Taken down by the user". 
Hell, even one of my own is gone. I had made it private then when I went back I could not see it to make it public again.

I have the videos I posted. I can put my own back up but I will have to find new links for the others if I can.

Update 10/08/2013

I found out why the conspiracy at the trys so hard to keep my blog from getting linked in the forums and other web-sights. CAUSE THAT WOULD MOVE MY BLOG UP IN THE SEARCH RANKINGS!!! EVERYONE PLEASE PUT A LINK TO THIS BLOG ON ANOTHER WEBSIGHT SOMEWHERE!!! AND IN YOUR LINK ASK OTHERS TO DO THE SAME. PLEASE HELP ME TO DEFEAT THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL. (This has been a friendly time travel public service annoucemnt. )

Update 10/14/20013

I had a funny thought today. If I am ever again at the fake again in the future and someone says to me "Prove It!!!" Im pretty sure Darby and Rainmain will be like "OH SHIT, Don't tell him that!!!". They will be like "OH NO, we have to delete that post before Reactor sees it." BAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHAHAHA.

Yes, I bet it would be like that.

Update 10/20/2013

Well this is not a beatup the fake TTI/conspiracy today. This is a announcement that I am working on a commercial BNS program that will be for sale at (THE REAL TIME TRAVEL INSTITUTE. NOT THE FAKE ONE.) That will take someones files no matter how big they are and represent them as two small numbers.  

I am planning to also put a strong or  weighted check-sum with the number though for a recovery option. But, it wont be encryption I will make it so that any number is recoverable with the decode portion of the program. I still have a lot of work to do on this programming wise the technology portion of it though is fully completed. So this is my next project. Then back to the books. A friend of mine pointed out to me that with each book I need to make sure there is a program with it. So per that request I will do that. 

On my second book which will be my A/B email system a full working program will come with the book. Now my last book has programs in the book but this will be the advance commercial version supporting BNS.  

I am not making this portable. Registration is required. I may  make the uncompressed available for free with registration but IT WILL NOT BE OPEN SOURCE. Each program will run for a year then the user has to come back and get a update. Registration is good for 5 years. With compress payment will be required.

Also, this technology will and is available for any company wishing to license it right now from me but I will not be cheap. I plan to retire someday. With my future books and programs I plan to do pretty much the same thing.

Now that I made the fake TTI/conspiracy eat their words I can now focus on the public, commercial, and scientific aspect of my work as I intended from the very beginning before they started their shit with me.

Also in the future I plan to write my autobiography about my life as a time traveler. That is planned with my future books. 

FYI - My book trailer is completed.

Now, I have to get that trailer and get it posted around the internet. Then get some programming done so I can bring BNS the file program to the world. Also, I will do one for science so scientist can now use BNS numbers besides their scientific notation. I also have some other things I might do concerning science and BNS but I have to think it out.

Update 11/01/2013

Tonight I want to discuss something new for you people that read my blog. It will be about time travel and not about the conspiracy. Does anyone remember the movie Matrix. It is funny how fiction often gives way to science. And now it has for me but rest of the world is still learning. It is still a baby to BNS. Now imagine a group of BNS numbers decoding but the information coming out of those numbers are information of events in space-time some where in the future or the past in the continuum. Now, the numbers themselves are very large so the amount of information from these space-time pathways streams is so large that the BNS numbers themselves may be decoding for a very very long time.

Now, imagine having all those BNS numbers in a matrix and being able to perform matrix mathematics with those time streams. Oh yes my friends (Yeah I sometimes call everyone that) Now time travel itself with information gets real interesting with matrix mathematics with time-streams instead of normal numbers. Now, what you get with this depends on a ton of factors including what data is in the time-stream and how it is formatted and of course what you are looking for and what is done mathematically with matrix mathematics concerning the time streams. Whether your observing a civilization in space-time or trying to solve a problem what you a get from those matrix of time stream once again depends on your goals.

Or, it is possible to use the time-streams individually or with one or more other time-streams for other purposes besides matrix mathematics. 

And there are a lot of purposes they could be used for. Way too much for me to go into here. Later when I can get to my future books I will try to write a few chapters or more about BNS numbers, time Streams, and matrix mathematics. 

Moving on... To truly build a time machine I know two things that must be done physically and mathematically to accomplish that task because my algorithms with computer time travel require these things. 

1. The event carrying the information and the matter to be time traveled has a forward physical process. That event has to be reversed physically in its process so that its information goes in reverse. That in our space-time is done with speed but space-time can be run in reverse without speed with a machine that speeds up or slows down space-time even though the machine is setting still.

2. There are physical points of reference that must be followed like way points in airplane navigation.  Failing to follow this reference way points will send the time traveler off into a alternate reality and yes could even be fatal for the traveler exiting into real space-time from his journey if he ends up in the middle of a planet or a sun or even hitting a asteroid. Or crashing to the ground from the sky. Or even ending up in outer space without protection from outer space.

So, to travel to the past the physical reference points to the past must be known or somehow physically followed by nature. Now if nature can follow those reference points simply by crossing the speed of light then ok the time traveler is good to go until he changes something. But, if the traveler must find his own course on his own then his reality could change permanently.

Also, simply by going to the past or the future reality has changed for the time traveler. His time-line has changed and there may be little he can do about it.  Hence the new reference created by the mere act of time travel have has changed the time travelers time-line. 

So the mere act of time travel makes changes in space time and causes the reference points in space-time to change to different reference points. So the mere act of time travel could screw the time traveler as far as his future is concerned. At least his future in the second reality he has created for himself. 

His first reality is still there but the time traveler now has created a second reality and if he can not follow the same set of reference points that created his first reality back to his first reality then he can never return to his first reality. 

In science fiction they all ways talk about changes to the time-line. What they should be saying is making changes to the points of reference to reality. Those points of reference to physical reality is what determines the time-line. So yes making changes in the time-line creates new points of reference. Once a new reference point is created information can flow differently.  I deduced that through my work with BNS.

Now the reference points were required by Einstein in his theories. I think I am the first to use them to prove time travel of some form with reference points. REFERENCE POINTS AND THE EVENTS THEY OBSERVE ARE EVERYTHING IN TIME TRAVEL. I MEAN EVERYTHING. 

Now what about the grand father paradox. Because of reference points there is no paradox. Because from the reference point of the grandfather in the first timeline he is ok. Now, the grand father in the second time-line well he gets killed. In both time lines the time traveler is ok.  Because, as Einstein said everything is a matter of a point of reference.  

With points of reference more than one time-line can exist. More than one space-time can exist. More than one reality can exist. It is all a matter of reference. 

Now this is were people get upset at me. They think time travel should be perfect and predictable. DUH, NOT AT ALL!!! It is not at all perfect. It is not at all predictable. IT IS A SCREWED UP CLUSTER WRECK because with the points of reference anything is possible and if something is or has changed then it may not be fixable. 

Time Travel is like wall street. The markets do what ever they want and in the time-line it follows a natural mathematical course of points of reference and causality where event A turns to event B which turns to event C and those events are always dependent on the points of reference between the events. If you change the points of reference between the events you change the events themselves. Thus changing the information those events carry. Thus changing the time-line.


So, the best approach with time travel is to simply observe and stay the hell out of the way. No changing anything. But, that can be practically impossible to do. So, when I talk in the forums about time travel that is when the rare occasion the conspiracy does not get my post deleted people get upset when I show them their beliefs about time travel are false. They think it should be a simple tool to use to fix any problem. But, time travel does not fix problems it just creates more problems. The only fix is not to time travel at all.

With BNS using the same range of numbers to act mathematically as space-time. The mathematical created space-time can encode a unlimited amount of time-lines in the same mathematical space-time. See my video at the top with the BNS demonstration.

So, if one time-line goes off on a skew the other time-line is not effected because both time-lines are a matter of a collection of points of reference observing their information. And, it has all been mathematically proven with BNS. Its all in my book.

So, what does that mean for us as humans. Our existence is a matter of a point of reference. We as matter and energy belong to a single space-time continuum. That single space-time continuum creates life to view itself from different perspectives but we are all the same single space-time continuum. We basically all are one created as many to view the one. As Einstein said it is all relative. I believe if there is a god then that is creation itself which we are all apart of.

Update 11/07/2013

I have recently made a post at

Where I talk about time travel with counters. I was going to rewrite it here for the blog but I decided to point others there. So, far this week I have been treated ok over there.

update 11/09/2013

Future plans

1. A documentary for youtube, my web-sight, my blog, and posting it a few other places.
2. video of my time travel software doing its thing.
3. 2nd book
4. Finish Commercial BNS.
5. Finish Commercial  Time Hacking Email System for 2nd book. Last time I wrote the book first. This time I am writing the software first for the book. 
6. Keeping this one to myself . But it is in the works.
7. Making more plans.

update 11/12/2013

Well I posted a while back about this but I deleted the post. The conspiracy against time travel with information has taken to hacking me personally at home to knock me off the internet and steal my source code and what ever they can get their hands on. They probably got my IP off the forums mainly their forums I posted on because I was posting  there until they banned me again recently for writing a book and gloating about proving them wrong which really pissed them off.

So, I have secured the files on my computers with more encryption even backing up the encrypted file containers in case they delete them. And now I have to change the way I use the internet. I can no longer post using my real IP and I can not email people that I do not know very well with my real IP but that is ok.

The hard core hackers do this stuff anyway and so I must do as they do to protect myself. I must admit all this hacking stuff kinda turned me on because I am into the computer scene. So, besides stealing my personal info which they did and violating my privacy which they did I am ok and as I said their hacking caught my interest because I like hacking. If I was dishonest it could be a professional full time job for me. They got a little from me but in the long wrong I will not be stopped. TIME TRAVEL WILL OCCUR. TIME TRAVEL WILL HAPPEN. And, there is nothing them little cockroaches can do about it.

They did not get my main time travel software THANK GOD because I was smart enough a while back to move it away from my computers connected to the internet but they did get some of my lower level source code and some other stuff. FBI complaints were filed. I will say I do not have a lot of faith in the FBI though. Oh, I see they get the big bad guys but very seldom do I see them help the little guys.

Now everyone knows why I call the conspiracy against time travel c*** suckers. They sink to their knees to harm me while I stand up right. So, now every one knows why I call these guys stupid. Because stupid IS WHAT THESE A**HOLES DO.  Stupid is as stupid does and those guys are complete idiots.  So for the conspiracy against time travel I have only this to say to them. RUN FOREST RUN!!! And keep running you freaks. Till next time. Reactor out.

update 11/12/2013

I was watching through the worm hole tonight and it seems that a lot of theory's about space and time allow for the time before time. That time will repeat over and over again for ever. That we all live in a universe that was here once before and was born again anew to start time and space all over again.

So, a lot of what I do covers the information side if these. Using a binary counter to see the time before time the time before the beginning. A place where we all lived before and will live again. 

It gives credence that in physics that anything that happens once can and will happen again over and over.

So, this is stuff that I have talked about before. With my work on time travel with information we do not have to die and be reborn to see this. We can see this now. Simply just by searching the counter for time travel information of the past, future, and realities that will be at some point in space-time.

Here is a copy of my forum posting to explain counters. I find I need to re-explain it every few blog post because not everyone will read my entire blog. They just want the highs and lows.

Begin copy of forum post-------------------------------------

First starters BNS stores and retrieves numbers mathematically in space and time using the concepts of a reference point observing its event which is carrying information and with each place value in a number being a pointer to its previous place value. This is so only the last place value in the number is stored and kept while the rest of the number is mathematically stored in time via the concepts of causality. I can also use BNS to embed file attachments in my messages to and from my self when I search for messages to myself and from myself in the time-line from the future or the past.

The counters themselves are run of the mill counters used for hacking except with a twist. They are improved for getting a counter quicker to its results. That happens with better algorithms for running the counter and for good data mining bots to search the results off those counters for positive results.
My current method and I have tried and used many methods is by simple addition or subtraction to the counter to skip a specific number of steps to make the counter run faster. It works to get the counter closer to its result. Later after the result is saved a counter can further be used to take the result and find a clearer file or the result can be used to perform calculations to find a better location on the counter for the file and the counter sent to that location to search for a better file.

On counters there are many ways to use them. In parallel with brute force. Also with files like dictionary files which can be binary or text where sections of good bytes are rolled to create a file which is a intelligent counter. What ever the methods used the concepts are same.

1. Thing thing to be hacked is the time-line. (That is the foremost and most important goal and concept.)
2. Creating a counter that can get those results for the goal.
3. Searching methods for searching the results off the counter.
4. Methods for calculating where on the counter time-travel media can be found.
5. Being able to use the counter like a map. Having the counter going from section to section on that map where time travel media may exist.

A counter is viewed as a medium for travel to find computer media like 3d space is used for travel. So, the counter has to be broken down into working mathematical concepts to achieve these goals.

Now using the counter as a hacking device the counter turns into a 5th dimensional simulator since time becomes the thing that is hacked. Now, physics holds true that time travel is possible through the 5th dimension. So, using the counter as a 5th dimensional simulator with the proper algorithms and data mining techniques to data mine the results off the counter finding time travel computer media becomes a reality. 

Now, taking the counter and making it searchable like a map is the next key. A counter that is not organized in the way that it can find possible useful information is useless for hacking. So, I was devising a check-sum counter. So I wanted to search the same check-sum but I needed to do so in a organized way. Example.

number = checksum
13 = 4
22 = 4
31 = 4

Notice the pattern. It is in numerical order. Now, I can run the check-sum counter in numerical order but also the speed of the counter needs to be controlled so the next step

Number + (1 minus the base X steps to skip) = new number with same check-sum
13 + 9 = 22
13 + 18 = 31

See the next step. Now, not only do I have numerical order now I have steps I can skip to roll the counter faster to a solution thus making the counter roll faster to that solution.

Next step is developing some mathematics that tell us how fast to roll the counter and for how long to roll the counter to find time travel computer media. That I have also been working on. It was all a matter of a lot of hard work. Once the counter is functioning in the manner I have described it is just a matter of using statistics with check-sums and weighted check-sum to come up with a plan for speeding up and slowing down the counter to get it as close as possible to unknown time travel computer media. It s a lot of work and a lot of math. If anyone has taking a look at my first book they can begin to understand how math intensive this stuff really is. It has not been easy by any means but also it is not at all impossible as many people that I met along the way claim it is. It is very possible and a reality.

The out come of my experiments have varied from time to time. I have been able to get some pretty good stuff but also at times it was a struggle to get anything at all. Practice and more practice was the key. I learned a few lessons about files and check-sums. Things that I never expected. Like finding a poor quality file and trying to find a better quality file using the same check-sum only to find out later the better quality file existed at a higher or lower check-sum.

When rolling the counter it would get close to the file but with that same check-sum would never complete the file. But, as I went to a higher and higher check-sums when the counter came around to that file pattern it it would get better.

Now, the reverse is true too. Rolling a check-sum counter as the counter rolled around to a specific file pattern for a known file the quality of that file would get poorer and poorer as counters check-sum moved away from that file.

When a counter is recreating a file I can get thousands upon thousands of the same file but each file being a little different than the last. The file itself blurs into existence then at its peak starts bluing out of existence back into complete noise.

I can go through a thousand files of the same file trying to find the best file possible where it blurred into existence then started bluing out of existence.

And just because a good time travel media file is good never accept it as the real thing until it can be proven real. Doing so can get you into trouble if your take a time travel media file as real before proving it. 

These are the more interesting results of my experiments with counters.

Now, as I was trying to explain. The counter becomes the 5th dimension for which time travel is possible and allowed by the laws of physics. And now, on the counter after it is mathematically organized time travel media becomes points of travel, destinations to visit, on the counter. A time travel media file can now have coordinates such has

file name - check-sum, steps (x) speed (x), Steps (x) speed (x), Steps (x) speed (x)..........

Where the check-sum with the steps and speed become a coordinate system for reaching time travel computer media of the future, past, or alternate time lines on the counter.

The counter becomes a place to explore and travel to find time travel computer media of the future, past, or alternate time lines. The explorer is known as a "Time-Hacker" or "Time Traveler".

Now the binary counter becomes a tool for the computer Arm Chair Time Traveler to explore the universe from the comforts of her or his home.

It takes a lot of math to compute coordinates on the counter to conduct the searches for the time travel computer media. How the math and statistics are computed to allow for this time travel with computer media of other places and times is well that is a bit much for me to post here in this forum. But it is a very exciting adventure. One that despite all the heck it has brought to me from those that does not want this in the public eye it has been worth the adventure. Worth the trip. And I hope to keep continuing as long as I can on this journey.

End of forum post -----------------------------------------------

So, why does all information always exist? Because the ability to represent that information always exist with space-time. As long as that ability is there then information becomes a very real unseen untouchable universe/5th dimension in its own right. To travel in that universe/5th dimension and explore it we need the computer and the binary counter and data mining technology.

When exploring this universe/5th dimension via computer media off the counter we are exploring all of  space-time itself. All of history both the past and the future as well as the present.

update 11-17-2013

Well I shouldn't be up this late but I am. I was looking on the internet tonight and I will be damned if I did not come across Darby's profile on some forgotten page on the internet.

I found he is a retired government employee. He has a interest in physics but his work and education was in experimental psychology. I even got his full name off the profile. Not that I had not seen it before but this page helped me more with confirming my information.

I now know more of what I am dealing with. He was throwing physics at me but has no education in physics at all just a interest in it. I also found a post of Starlords over at the conspiracy cafe showing they are a sister site of the fake http://timetravelinstitute . 

Here is Startlords post (AKA Darby)

Begin star boys post (That is what he acts like so heck I will us it.)

"Welcome to the Cafe Schella.

Kewlness, Pamela has a mail drop here.

This one's for Boomer and group titor: If You Can Read this, your time travel Hoax still didn't work.

Can't Forget the legal connection:

Yo!! HABER!! Bring us Barabbas. 
Edited by StarLord, 05 December 2007 - 04:48 PM."

End Star boys post

He said Pamela had a box there. So, when the conspiracy cafe messaged me when I signed up num-nut(grayson) had told me they had a beef with the fake TTI that is why he let me in so I could talk about them so now I found out that was a lie. They set it up so they could troll me.

I was setup thus showing more of the conspiracy's intent to go after me. For the hell of it I looked up Rays profile. I already know a lot about him. Anyway. He was as I expected a long history in Aerospace Engineering. As I already know. 

So, when it comes right down to it none of these guys from the time travel conspiracy are qualified to judge me. Hell, they have not a clue to how my algorithms work or how my programs work. They are just spouting off at the mouth like a bunch of drunken idiots. It is fair to say these guys have a lot of time on their hands. 

Old man grayson at the fake conspiracycafe had told me I would never find anything out about him. He said this to me when I was looking at his profile at the conspiracycafe he poped up a message window in front of me taunting me. I found out about Darby so do not believe I can not find out about you too. When someone is following me all over the net and hacking me it is only fair I put the pieces together to see how they fit. 

Actually if Grayson wants to know the truth their is more on him on the net than Darby. I have already looked at some of it.

For the record I never asked for this conspiracy against time travel with information or against time travel in general. At the fake it was my first stop on the internet when I decided to tell the world about it. I wanted to talk about what I knew and how it worked I was full of joy and excitement.

I was interviewed more or less debriefed by Rainman. Darby stopped in to my thread from time to time. The longer I stayed the more I saw the arrogant and hostel side of those guys. They were suppose to be men of science and de-bunkers so they claimed. Later I found out debunking was not all it was cracked up to be if in the wrong hands  of the wrong people and that most people who claim to be debunkers do not know what the hell they are doing. Ray and Darby proved that true over and over again.

Ray and Darby proved my last statement true time and time again as they raged against my method of time travel like a hurricane against a ship at sea that will not sink. 

So, what I got caught up in was like in a bad college professor's class.  These guys are full of "THEIR OWN BULLSHIT!!!". And, what is worst is they "BELIEVE THEIR OWN BULLSHIT!!!".  

While I was there I saw Ray going around the forum picking on people like a school bully. He seemed to enjoy it. One time he was picking on somebody and I posted to him to leave the guy along. 

Well that started a very long thread of him and I flaming each other ending in a truce in the off-topic section. He derailed the entire thread just to pick on the other member and flame me showing he is no true moderator.

Well later he came after me when I posted my code and Darby came after me when Ray banned me from the fake I went to Darby's forum and he ran me off there.

From there it has been a long 5 year story of those guys trying to run me off the internet with recently hacking me at my private home computer. I wonder if Ray hired this guy or if he knew him personally. And, it all happen after I posted on Reddit and someone who I think was Ray told me to "Log my Blog" then this kid contacted me wanting to help me and I spent 4 months teaching this kid about my stuff but the whole time I was talking to him I was hacked to hell and back and I think he got my IP address from my emails or Ray gave it to him from the fake (I know as a moderator of my own forum we can see other peoples IP's) and still just a couple of days ago was still enduring the hacks but now I can change my IP address at will after spending $200 bucks for a new router and bridging my cable modem to it. 

My firewall alerts me on my Linux box when the attacks starts. Though one day I was doing something and ignored it and the hacker beeped my computer a couple of times and opened up a blank window on my computer while I was working. I closed it and kept on working laughing off the attack as I worked.

I am hoping the FBI will find out and tell me but I probably will not even hear from those guys.

Darby I was told once was ex-CIA so he will probably get that FBI complaint thrown in the trash. So, the conspiracy against time travel will probably continue most likely. As it is with big government the conspiracy's ruin everything good for society in general claiming it is good for the economy or that the threat was a threat against society. A lot of that shit is false. I see a lot of fake free energy stuff on youtube and know a lot of it is attempts to make the public believe free energy is not true. They will not fool me into believing that shit. I know a cover up when I see one. Ray and Darby have taught me all about cover ups.

I need to get back to working on my stuff I have been working on it a average of 2 hours a week. I get up early and do not sleep much. The kid who contacted me from the east coast even though I was hacked really did help me get off my butt and get stuff out. He stayed on me about getting my book out so I finished it to shut him up. Actually I enjoyed talking to him and at times thought of him as a friend even mailing him a signed copy of my book for free. Him talking to me caused me to finish it so I believed I owed him that much.

Also at the time I suffered from sleep arena really bad so I got a breathing machine so I could work which helped me a lot. When I did get rest I was able to continue with my work.

So, I just need to get my energy going again. But damn these guys from the time travel conspiracy never give up. If they are not trying to take down my web-sights they are trying to get into my computer at home or troll me on the internet. 

What they do not know is I do not give up very easily. Grayson will figure that out very soon. I got nothing but time to live and do my work and track these son's of bitches down. I want to at least find out who they are even if I can not find out their reasons for trying to stop me. They are very good at keeping that shit to themselves. I will give up when they throw the dirt over me when I die. Until then this shit is on. And, I am not stopping.

And last for tonight what brought Darby and I together was he considered physics his hobby. I was into high energy physics I had a passion for that stuff that would not quit. I was kind of like a pyromaniac except with high energy instead of fire. Well I had a interest in getting energy from atomic material and my interest was not scientific but it was not evil either. I just like playing with stuff except this stuff I could only look at. Some of it I could do like simple fusion.

So, I started a web sight at ( I think that is the name it has been so long and it no longer exist.) Well from time to time I posted on Usenet and Darby answered my post though I ignored them which really pissed him off. So he said something to someone one day he said "Dont bother I have been answering that asshole for years." Something to that effect. I still have a copy of that post somewhere. 

Well when I went to the he was not a fan of me at all. He wanted me immediately banned and he told me later if it was up to him I would of been. So I think it was because my said was like this.


Why should these guys be the only ones to have all the fun?

Well that is what the web-sight looked like.
Here is a video for you on the subject.
Hey Darby this video is for you!!!

For the record I know longer maintain the nuke site nor do I experiment which I never really did not do much. I am a family man and a law bidding member of my community so I can not do really very much though I would love to be best buds with Bob Lazier and have him educate me. And that applies to John Hutchinson too. Man if the three of us could get together wow no telling what would happen. I would use my time travel shit and those guys could work off what I found. Yeah, probably not going to happen if the USA has anything to say about it.

Well I have to get up in a few hours. I am fucked for work tomorrow as far as sleep is concerned.