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Did the conspiracy against time travel member Darby participate in the CIA MKUltra LSD mind control experiments?


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November 21th, 2013
(Some material for this post was from Darby's public radio interview.) Darby went on coast to coast AM and gave a public interview. That is were I learned a lot of my material for this post.

In my previous post I posted what I found out about Darby. That his job was Experimental Psychology. If I understand that right he experimented with people's brains. No, not curing them but experimenting with them. And, I was told he was CIA. So, a good friend of mine brought it to my attention the famous CIA LSD experiments where they tried to control people's minds with LSD which really screwed up a lot of them for life. Some without their knowledge or permission.

So, Darby is retired. That puts him at about the right age to of done some of that work. The Unabomber himself, participated in CIA-sponsored MKUltra experiments. Everyone remember him. He hurt all those poor people but it really may of not been all his fault. People do bad things when exposed to LSD.

So, why am I bringing this up? I have been trying to figure out what the conspiracy against time travel's interest is in me. What I believe is there interest does not have good intentions.

So, in my last post I established Darby wants to be like me. He plays on a time travel forum all day instead of having a life and has a interest in physics like I did. But, he can not time travel like I can. But, he wants to. That is where his interest in me comes in. And, he may not be as good of a person as some would like to believe. 

Now, why does Ray hang around with Darby? Oh, it gets better. I figured out Ray is a Mafia/gangster/thug wanna be. So, you have a guy who might of experimented on people's brains and another guy who might look up to him because he just likes being plain mean and cruel to people. HOLY SHIT!!! It fits the picture for me of why this two thugs give me so much crap. 

This two guys run the fake like Guantanamo Bay detention camp in cuba because that is how Darby is use to running things and how Ray who looks up to Darby because Darby has qualities that Ray admires. They got some sick freak show going on over there at the fake

AND THESE GUYS WANT MY TIME TRAVEL SOFTWARE!!!!! WHAT EVIL AGAINST MANKIND ARE THESE TWO LOONS PLANNING??? And they talk about my nuke sight? These guys are seriously crazy and mean!!! That is the advantage these loons have over me. This is why they sometimes get the best of me. Their mean, crazy, greedy, power hungry, and have connections and resources that I do not have. I have in the past seen Pamela complain online about how mean these thugs were. And, she was not lying.

Case in point one of their agents I think I met him at the Conspiracy Cafe A while back but I have not confirmed that. He seemed like a person of interest in hacking my computer and seemed like a person of interest in spamming my forum 

And, him and I have spoke directly about this post and he said I was "Shooting my only friend in the foot." So, after careful deliberation I will hold a wait and see attitude on this guy. 

He said much of the reasons I suspected him made sense except a couple of them were just : condensing his words: bull shit. So, since him and I never met except through the internet I still have at least some right to my claims though they are not yet fully supported. Truly I doubt law enforcement will investigate my claims of computer hacking so I may never get vindicated.  Most likely that will not happen even though my logs and my isp logs say I was hacked.

But the reasons I suspected him were:

1. He knows how to tap into someones computer and view their screen. He told me this himself. I have that email.

2. He once sent me a email talking about a video I just viewed on youtube.

3. His ip seems to be the one that was once used at my forum two years ago on a spam account. And, on the last video below one of the last ip's looked similar to his. That may have been done purposely to communicate with me 

4. He has the skills I talked about because we briefly talked about going to a hacking convention.

5. He had the time. He does not work. Which is bad news for him if his living situation ever falls apart. 

6. He went through a lot of trouble to contact me.

7. I have previous emails which seems from him pretending to be someone else trying to contact me before we actually made contact.

8. He wrote me saying his credit card disappeared from his account the next day my credit card company contacts me and tells me my credit card had been deactivated because someone else which was not me was using my credit card. (This is was big wake up call for me.) 

9. There are other reasons but these are the main ones.

So, I am giving him credit for his side of the story which is not much more than a few curse words and you know me stuff which I do not completely agree with. 

I know what he has told me about him and some other basic info but that does not tell me who he is as a person at all. Not one bit. And, what I do know about him is largely  fragmented. 

I had to Google him and his family to really get the big picture. Which was easy to do because of their professions. One piece of information my alleged hacker denied was that never he went to college but, that info I got seemed to tie directly into the information he gave me. And, I got a picture of him from that too. He seems like a really healthy person someone that may of played sports. 

In fact, I have a picture of most members of his immediate family including him. And, I told him about that too. Remember I was trying to be honest with him. Oh man he got pissed about that. I do not blame him but he has my phone number and address and info about a brother of mine which I did not give him.

He might keep secrets from me but I am an honest person I do not try  to keep any secrets from him because we are alleged friends. So, I respect that pact even though I have my suspicions about him as a member of the conspiracy against time travel.

On top of that I am letting the world know his side of the story too while not given out his identity publicly or anything remotely local to him publicly. But again, I maintain my suspicions. 

At my age I have learned that you can know people all their entire life then wake up one day and find out you never knew them at all. The reason I say that is because people can flip like a light switch it is human nature. So, I dont buy into this you know me stuff. But, he should not take that personal Im like that with anyone.

So, I made my claims here in this post and I had to go back up and rewrite this post after my accused person of interest had a conversation with me about this blog. So, I rewrote this to set the story straight.

So, I will continue this post and maybe edit some of what I said but  I still want to try to leave it intact as possible.

Also, I did recently visit the and they did have my IP and could of pulled off these hacks leaving me to blame a newly met friend on the internet with the conspiracy being directly responsible. 

Continuing post after corrections: 

So after much planning they because this was more than one person cracked a plan to steal my property and get revenge on me. 

Now, the problem this kid has is yes he constructs really good proxy chains but every now and then he screws up and HIS REAL IP BLEEDS THROU
 Actually if he takes his glasses off and faces the camera he is uglier than this. He puts glasses on and faces sideways so people do not know how ugly he really is.


Take a look below and see what I mean. Only a mother could love that face.

GH!!! That is how hackers get caught. In a perfect world which in their minds they believe they are in but sooner or later they find out this is not the perfect world they play in. So, this guy might have been working for them. (Here on the IP after looking at my logs it seemed like he registered for an account on my forum about two years ago but it was a spam account. 

So, jury out on that one. This is why I wrote about the IP bleed through. Normally my spammers come through proxy's but one time this IP which I linked to my friend did not. But on forum accounts unless that IP goes into real bad behavior it is not enough to convict. This one just had a random user name like slkdjrflkds or something like that.)

These dudes really need to take a break and relax. Their alleged hacker friend turned me onto a hooka and I tried it and like it. I used Shisa tobacco which is real legal tobacco. It is marinated and when it is heated not burned and the marinade evaporates taking some of the nicotine and smell with it. I think Darby and Ray should try it if they have not already done so. Maybe their alleged hacker friend got that from them? Here is a pic showing what I mean.

Here are some more pics I did for this morning. You know, sometimes you have to take the lemons life gives you and make lemonade. It is not my fault these guys want to ruin me, run me off the internet like they did Titor, and steal my intellectual property. But, I will give them hell for trying. Here are the rest of the pics. You have to click on them to make them bigger.

 Actually if he takes his glasses off and faces the camera he is uglier than this. He puts glasses on and faces sideways so people do not know how ugly he really is.


Take a look below and see what I mean. Only a mother could love that face.

When their alleged hacker friend contacted me by sending me email that went to at least 10 other addresses I might of had I gave this guy a shot because I generally try to be nice to people if their intentions are good. One time I tried explaining a little of what I knew about the future to this kid. That nuclear bombs or robots is not the real threat to mankind. The kind of threat man makes himself. But, rather from mans use of nano-technology. 

I think I scared the shit out of him because his next few emails complained about bad dreams. I laughed my ass off. You see nano-tech is not very well known now but in the future nano-tech will have categories like type 1 nano-tech, type 2 nano-tech and so forth. It will be complicated to place nano-tech in those types but they will be judged on their size, energy use, material use from the environment, replication ability, how long they can last under certain conditions and so forth.

The worst type of nano-tech is the kind that can go very small, can self replicate, and has a self sustaining energy source, and function in extreme temperatures and pressures. I told my hacker friend who at the time I did not know he was hacking me by getting my ip off my emails that this was a very hideous type of stuff. 

Just a needle head of that stuff could wipe the planet barren and that includes all life on it then eat the planet to its core. Then float off into the rest of the solar system  and start on the other planets. The hacker said "Oh well just shoot them with a EMP pulse." Well, in a perfect world maybe. In the comic books maybe. So, this is what I have seen in the future. We go from weapons that can destroy a city to weapons that can destroy an entire solar system. And the public doe not know and will not know about it.

You see society does not yet fully understand nano-technology and what it represents and what it can do. I do understand it because I read about it from my time travel media though I did tell people to take what they read from counters with a grain of salt. So, after being politically correct I will continue. Nano-tech can concentrate UNGODLY amounts of energy. Like the world has never seen before. 

Nano-tech can build technology with UNGODLY circuit sizes which means think of a computer mother board the size of new York city. Now, imagine what a computer that size built with to-days  size specs could do. When technology becomes smaller the complexity that technology can achieve can be will UNGODLY.

So, not only do you now have UNGODLY complexity combined with UNGODLY ENERGY USE. WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT KIND OF TECHNOLOGY CAN DO!!! A WHOLE LOT!!!

Remember that civilizations are categorized as types 1, 2, and 3. And we have not even got to one yet. But with nano-tech not only can mankind be immortal but a single person could be a very dangerous weapon of mass destruction not just for one planet but for every solar system that person encountered. 

And people wonder why NASA has all those videos of ET watching us. Yeah, I know why they are watching us but I am not going there now. There are more secrets in heaven than hell could ever hold. 

Well we could with nano-tech elevate mankind to GOD STATUS IN THE EYES OF THE ANCIENTS AND EVEN IN THE EYES OF TODAY'S CIVILIZATION. You see what makes one generation different from the next is the complexity of their technology. As that complexity grows so does achievements  of society. Now, those achievements can be for BETTER OR WORSE. We can make our lives better or DESTROY PARTS OF MANKIND. OUR OWN KIND. 

So, with the complexity growth of technology we can become god or the devil. Now, what makes things worse as technology grows so does a single persons ability to be good or bad. As technology grows so does a single persons ability grows to destroy others or help others. 

Government tries the big brother thing but in the long run it is about civilization being able to rear everyone as equals and monitor everyone as they do so. 

Unless that is achieved we are destined  to experience social problems which will lead to much death and destruction. People must be equals in society not rich and poor not black and white but equals on all levels. And that means getting raised without getting abused as well. 

That is what will end war and poverty and terrorism. Only as equals can we ALL ACHIEVE GREATNESS. So, on that point that means man kinds extinction or continuation in this great universe of ours. This is what time travel has taught me.

And, what scares me is Darby and Ray just made a play for my technology directly to my computer. What were they going to do if they actually got it? Sell it to China or Russia and retire near the equator basking in the sun and playing on their yachts? Was that their plan? Or, are they actually working for the government of the United States of America and this was for the military? I want to know and I am sure everyone else does too. WHAT WAS YOUR PLANS DARBY AND RAY IF YOUR HACKER GOT MY STUFF???

No, I do not have that tech on my system. In fact my main code was stored offline. As I explained to the hacker I have not written any code for a while now and since I was writing my books I have stopped running my time travel software. 

So, they did get my minor code but nothing major like my very advanced mathematical algorithms. Also, I do not keep all the media I bring into existence. My space is limited and I have to pick and choose what I have on hand. 

Answering a question someone asked me. Yes I do have my BNS but NO way in hell am I keeping all the media I find in existence. SOME SLEEPING DOGS ARE BETTER LEFT ALONG!!! 

If I want it bad enough I can run my software again and find it again I do not have to keep it and that is almost just as good as my BNS. I have many different ways to accomplish the same task. That is why I am so good at doing this stuff.

Right now I do not have anything worth stealing on hand nor worth anyone's time. Except for my time travel code and software itself. And, that I am taking steps to make sure no one gets it. Yes, answering another question I got since writing this post. I am still going to write my books.

I want to show the conspiracy against time travel what they did not get when they hacked my computer. Oh, I am loving this. Ray, Darby and other members of the conspiracy against time travel. This is what you can not have. 



Here is backup's of the time travel code.

Here is the Rocks Cluster Software I use to run my code.


Well before I call it a post I just have to do one more thing. Public please forgive me for this out burst I am about to make. This is for the conspiracy against time travel not directed toward the general public. This is personal between them and me.

To the conspiracy against time travel:
Hey conspiracy against time travel IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? You guys aint got nothing!!! What you gonna do? Huh? You guys are pussies. Pamela could kick all your asses with both hands and one leg tied behind her back. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!
You guys aint got nothing! Wimps. If that is the best you guys can do you need to go home and break out your hooka's and forget about it.

Here are some videos of the conspiracy against time travel attacking my forum. They use Russian addresses because I said some stuff about Russia to them including my alleged hacker. 

Conspiracy Cafe use to run a Russian Bride site and in these videos will be a women that seems Russian looking for a man. And, they post in the conspiracy part of my forum because when I was posting about the conspiracy on the internet I posted in the conspiracy part of the forum. 

Here we go - LIVE ACTION!!!!

Update 11/26/2013

My hacker friend (I have had worse friends so he should not feel too bad.) has since I started writing him be wanting to know how my time travel technology works. Well I sent him my book. I wrote dozens of emails to him trying to explain. And, he still does not understand. Why, well when he got my book and seen the math in it he realized he was going to have problems. He is a code guy he writes code but he seems to have a problem with the math.

So, I am working on a documentary (YES CONSPIRACY YOU ARE IN IT.) and he told me to detail how my code works. I have news for him. Yes the code is a very important function of how I time travel with information but the code can not achieve that time travel along.

You see, when I work up a counter project I go through pages and pages and pages of math CALCULATING WAY POINTS ON THE COUNTER WHERE TIME TRAVEL MEDIA MIGHT EXIST. 

You can not just roll a counter and expect to find time travel media of any significance (Unless you have a quantum super computer.) No, it takes some work. So, even if I did detail the code for him he would still be lost. The counters have to be setup and ran according to a plan. A plan that is worked out in advance.

The counter has to be organized into spacial concepts where computer media have coordinates and locations. And, to get from one media/location to another media/location takes a counter direction and counter speed. And can have more than one counter direction and more than one counter speed. The speeds and directions are THE COORDINATES AND LOCATIONS FROM A FIXED COUNTER STARTING POINT.

Time travel with binary counters hell even with text counters is like traveling to another planet. You take off from earth. You speed up. Half way there you start slowing down. When you get to your location you enter orbit. From orbit you make plans to land on the planet. FINDING TIME TRAVEL MEDIA ON A BINARY COUNTER IS LIKE THAT. AND THAT TAKES A SHIT LOAD OF MATH. 

So, in my next book I will do my damn-est to show people how to do that. So, my hacker friend thanks if I showed him my code he could do it himself. BULLSHIT. No he would still have problems. 

Why would he have problems? Because before you ever run the code you need to work through pages and pages of math to set up the files to run the counter. He would be completely lost. So, this is a case where if anyone did get my stuff that would still have to learn more that just what the code showed them. 

Here is the one thing I have had trouble getting people to understand. Physically the binary counter is simulating the 5th dimension. Now, in the 5th dimension on a binary counter is all the computer time travel media of everything that has happened in reality here on earth and everything that could of happen but did not and everything that did happen in the eons of the past or the future when space-time wrapped around on itself and the universe was born anew to experience different time-lines and different realities only to die again before its next rebirth.

In the fifth dimension all this exist. Now, in order to visit other places in space-time through the binary counter creating computer media of the future, past, and alternate time lines ONE HAS TO KNOW HOW TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THE FIFTH DIMENSION. ONE HAS TO KNOW HOW TO NAVIGATE THE BINARY COUNTER!!! That is where my math comes in. So, yes the code explains a lot but WITH OUT THE TIME-HACKER SKILLS HAVING THE CODE IS WORTHLESS!!! I have the skills. I alone know how to do this. Trying to steal from me without having the skills the conspiracy against time travel is wasting their time.  

Time hacking is an acquired skill that is only learned through years of practice. You can not just steal the code and expect to time travel. It does not work that way. The conspiracy against time travel want to steal my time travel code and remove me from the equation. That is not possible either. Anyone wanting to use my code HAS TO HAVE ME TO DO IT!!! With out my help they are pissing in the wind. Pissing in their own faces.

And last for this post. The arrow of time is about going from order to disorder. Space and time is like a hot glass of water that is getting cold. This is called entropy.  The measure of information in a system. 

Now, on the binary counter it is possible to go from order to disorder and it is possible to go from disorder to order. So, mathematically the counter has proven that it is mathematically possible to do so. SO, IN A WAY IT MAY BE THE BASIC BEGINNING TO SHOW THAT OUR UNIVERSE WILL GO FROM DISORDER BACK TO ORDER. Being born anew again to continue this great wonder of life, death, and re-birth. 

Like it our not the one fact the conspiracy against time travel will have to learn to face is that the ultimate truth which they hate to do so. Why, because they find most disturbing the parallel which I gave them and brought this to their attention and they hate me with no end in site because of it.

That the Universe is like a binary counter. It starts at the beginning rolling until it reaches the end and rolls over and starts over again. Why is they so? Because the Universe seeks to express all possibilities of information. The universe is like water and information is like the container that holds that water. Eventually all possibilities of information get represented. This is the continuum I talked about. The is the computational universe I talked about.

Update 12/04/2013

Well my  work is steadily coming along. I am not done with my BNS program I just have some side stuff I have to do with it.

I have been writing my program for the 2nd book and my time travel documentary I will be making. The hacker guy (the one I talked about up above in the post) him and I traded a few messages but I did not get too series with the guy and oh yeah I tried not to have my IP in my communications with the guy either. 

I just asked a few questions to kinda of test him and he met my exceptions rather well. I am wondering if he is the guy in the conspiracy against time travel circle called "Cosmo"? Hmmm, I need to do so more research on that one. But, enough said there. 

Besides pushing me to finish my first book when I told him of my interest in trading currency true to form he paralleled my interest and talked about bit coin. Today It hit me like a sack bricks over my head that I could be using my time travel counters to data-mine for bit coins. I just need a API to interface with my code with. Im checking it out. He may have unknowingly helped me again. And, im kicking myself for not thinking of that earlier. 

So, when I do my documentary I may be showing my counters data-mining for bit coins, as well as my A/B email system, and trying to find other computer media of the past, future, or alternate time-lines. As well as playing the lottery. Anything to show my programs work. But bitcoin will show how good my counters work finding the present. The rest will be to show my counters finding the future, past, and alternate time-lines. 

In my documentary I aim to show that my programs do more than just computer generate computer media but that the media itself can be a causality violation in the time-line. And the process to get that causality violation is called "Time-Hacking".  

The plan is to use my documentary to help prove time travel with information then follow that up with the release of my 2nd book and software for both BNS and time-hacking.

Now for tonight I wanted to talk more about entropy (the measure of energy in a system).  I believe the arrow of time is nothing more than the physics of our universe and that time itself is more or less an illusion. When we go from order to disorder the arrow of time is suppose to be pointing forward. When we go from disorder to order the arrow of time is suppose to be pointing backwards.

Now, when the arrow of time goes forward that is from order to disorder a energy system is getting colder. It more or less is losing energy but in our universe there is never a loss of energy just recycling. It depends how how big or small you look at the situation.

And, when the arrow of time goes backward that is from disorder to order a energy system is getting hotter. It more  or less is gaining energy but there again in our universe it is just recycling.

So, when our solar system was born energy was put into our system forming our sun and its planets. Is this an example of the arrow of time going backwards? Because, if there are trillions of worlds like earth our history could of happened before and will happen again. This is what I mean when I say the arrow of time is really an illusion. 

Energy was put into our system we all live and die and as our sun burns up and our planets get cold energy leaves our system thus the arrow of time goes forward for us but what a minute what happens when another earth is born someplace else? Oh, yeah for a short period of time the arrow of time backs up putting energy into a system to create ORDER from DISORDER then for billions of years that energy slowly drains out of that system going from ORDER to DISORDER and life lives and dies all over again. So, when a solar system is born entropy goes from disorder to order the arrow of time backs up. Then, as that solar system lives it goes from order to disorder. The arrow of time goes forward.

So, in reality the arrow of time does not just go one direction only. No, it actually goes both directions. Academics physics today wants people to believe the arrow of time only goes one way but actually the arrow of time goes BOTH WAYS all the time! Yes, I call this the Burris principle of entropy.

So, the arrow of time is really just an illusion. Time itself is a mere thermodynamic property of physics. Time itself is just a thermodynamic property of entropy and the illusion of the arrow of time. Control the thermodynamic energy flow in a system at the quantum level and time itself can be controlled all together.

The reason gravity controls time because gravity is an efficient energy flow manager. Time occurs because of thermodynamics and the direction of energy in that system. When I say the direction of energy I mean is it getting hotter or colder.

So, gravity controls the flow of energy in a system so gravity controls time. The speed of an object in our universe as it gets faster the flow of energy slows down in a system thus time slows down in that system. As it stands acceleration like gravity controls the flow of energy in a system. Acceleration in principle is like gravity.

There is no magic to time. Time again is a thermodynamic property of entropy. This is the Burris principle of time. (Yeah I name it and take my credit because if I do not someone else will try to claim it.) So, the arrow of time and the pace of time is a property of energy flow within a system.
Last topic for this evening. Now everyone knows that energy is never created nor destroyed it just goes from one from of energy to another.

Matter is never created nor destroyed it just too just changes and eventually turns to energy. Matter really is just energy.

So, what happens when all the matter in the universe decays to energy and there is nothing left but cold dark black space all at the same temperature? Energy was doing this?

                                < * >

Here the arrow of time goes forward for the universe. We are experiencing this now even with planet formation and star formation.

It is my belief that space-time is energy itself. And that energy can not come to a complete rest. It can not come to a stop. Why can it not come to a stop? Because the laws of physics say that energy is never created nor destroyed it just goes from one from of energy to another. So, if all matter decay's away in our universe including black holes and space-time is void and empty and reaches its absolute temperature it can not go anymore and nothing else happens then that would really mean that the energy from our space-time was completely gone. Used up, Empty, nothing, doing no work. It can not do that because for me that would violate the very laws of physics currently taught at our schools.

No, Energy can not stay still even under complete entropy. Space-time can not stay still. When the end finally comes for our universe the energy in our universe will have only one course of action left to follow. One path to flow when all is said and done. And it will be this path.

> * <
The arrow of time reversing as it does all the time but this time it does it on a very large scale.

Now question I have about this is every now and then in some part of the internet people talk about getting energy from space-time. What if all the energy in a small system could be self contained and the arrow of time sped up until entropy is at its very end? 

Would that produce a weapon of mass destruction? Would great amounts of energy be released as the energy was forced to come to a complete rest but instead it created a mini-big bang? 

Could this be a way to harvest space-time as a energy source? Oh, it goes way beyond just a simple energy source too. 

If this was true (and I believe it is ) if the ratios and dynamics of the energy matrix could be controlled in a collapse (Yep, done by adding more energy or subtracting it at the right time) then the ratio of matter to anti-matter could be controlled and collected. Exotic particles produced. Synthetic singularities. 

What I said should piss Darby off. He just absolutely hates it when I talk about physics. I think he is trying to compensate for something and I am just getting in his way. I think that is it.

So, messing with space-time as a energy source is THE ULTIMATE FOR A TYPE III CIVILIZATION. These is where holes are punched in space-time and dimension's bridged and traveled.

So in conclusion here is the Burris principle of entropy. As energy goes from one form of energy to another it can not every come to a rest. It has to continue going from one form to another form for all eternity. 

And in doing so the arrow of time can go backwards as well as forwards for the micro and well as the macro. The arrow of time is not static in one direction. It never was. It goes both ways. And, I believe this might be what caused the big bang and will cause it again.

Update 12/11/2013

I read a article today at called
Possibility of Cloning Quantum Information from the Past.  Basically in a nutshell this says that information encrypted with quantum mechanics is safe as long as hackers do not have access to "Wildes's looping closed timelike curves". Good luck there buddy. BAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Ok, lets say I take known computer media say todays and yesterdays news videos. I put two of those videos on a counter. One counter does not roll. The other counter is trained to roll from the first news video on day one to the second news video on day two.

While the first counter rolls to completely match the second counter my programs study the counter speeds (counter speed is controlled by addition or subtraction of small or very large numbers to the counter) and assigns mathematical checksums (Numbers that represent the mathematical state of the current counter state ) to each counter speed the counter rolls to make the 1st video on day one roll to the second video on day two and do so very quickly.

Well now I have a collection of checksums with assigned counter speeds. Well lets say I do a whole lot of this videos and now I have a really big collection now of these checksums with assigned counter speeds.

Now, I teach my AI all this stuff and put my AI in charge of controlling the counter TO FIND TIME TRAVEL MEDIA OF THE FUTURE OR THE PAST OR ALTERNATE TIME LINES.

Question for you public. Do you think your information encrypted with quantum mechanics is safe from a professional time hacker where closed time loops mean nothing to him?

Why would the closed time loops mean nothing to a time-hacker? Because a skilled time hacker can get access to the information BEFORE IT WAS ENCRYPTED IN THE PAST OR WHEN IT WAS DECRYPTED AGAIN IN THE FUTURE!!! And, HE DOES NOT NEED THE ENCRYPTED FILE TO DO IT!!!

Yes, hacking by time traveling. Or, time hacking. Yes, a skilled time-hacker has all the time in the world to do this. Quantum mechanics and quantum computing will stop nothing. The game will continue. It will be afoot.

I am going to tell you that no information is safe from my methods of time hacking. As one technology is invented to safe guard the future another technology is invented to free that future from it's self.

update 12/14/2013

Well here I go again. Science Daily published another article today confirming that the big bang will indeed happen again. Here is the link. Collapse of the Universe Is Closer Than Ever Before. Basically when entropy runs its course there is a phase change in the energy level of the universe then the mass of the universe increases causing it to collapse into another big bang. In a nutshell what I said before would happen. Hmmmm funny how I know these things. I wonder why? Ok, that being said Now I will introduce the machine I briefly talked about up above. It uses electric gravity to control mass and time. It uses a high voltage source to control the energy level of the electrons then emf which has the properties of electricity and magnets hits the subatomic matter at the right phase and wave length causing the atomic material to go thru the emf charges and poles like a gauss gun thus creating gravity. Now gravity controls time because time is a thermal property of entropy and gravity is a energy flow manger. As it controls the energy flow it controls time. So here is the ultimate in power sources for civilization's. It is also the ultimate weapon. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Now public please excuse me it is time for some Darby and Rainman bashing. Since those goons sent their hacker friends after me it is the least I can do to return the favor for them. So public here goes. Step out if this bothers you.

(Since Darby feels like he can go around the internet calling me names what I said below should not offend him)
Hey Darby I talked about physics again. You pissed off yet? I hope so "MOTHER FUCKER". You stupid pussy. Hey I just have one question for you and Ray aka Rainman. Between the both of you "WHO IS THE BITCH?" BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good night pussies. Im going to bed.