Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ray Hudsun aka Rainman's company Northrop Grumman aint worth jack shit.

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Just learned Mojave-based Scaled Composites, a subsidiary of defense contractor Northrop Grumman is responsible for the virgin Galactic spaceship explosion.

Ray works for Northrop Grumman. He is also a teacher and a Admin troll for the fake and I believe also works for Wikipedia.

Well after having Ray Hudson and his thugs chase me all over the internet for years trying to silence me in the forums I am not surprised that Virgin Galactic ended up a pile of shit on the desert floor.



Food for thought. So, Ray I just came back here to tell you your company aint shit! YOU AINT WORTH SHIT! AND THAT IS WHY THAT SPACE PLACE IS PROBABLY LAYING IN THE DESERT IN PIECES. Stop chasing time travelers and DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!! (Talking to Ray Hudson)


I'm sitting here this morning smoking my hookah. The shisha I bought is Al Fakher grape with mint flavor. It is ok. I got tired of my coconut coals and went back to the ones I can light with a match and have burning very quickly. The hacker the hired to come after turned me on to the hookah. So far I quite like it very well. I consider it just one of the many things those "Stupid Sons of ******" have done for me. But, really  I do enjoy smoking that thing all sarcasms aside. 

Unlike Aaron Hiniker I do not buy pot but I can smoke Shisha because it is legal and will not get me divorced. And, again unlike Aaron Hinker who has the only responsibility of maintaining forums and servicing his masters ******** at the fake and keeping his boyfriend or girlfriend happy my responsibilities are a little more complicated and demanding and less involved sexually than his own.

I have come back to gloat at the fake to laugh at them for not figuring out my time travel code yet. Aaron did get a little gleam and a very little one at that of my BNS system. Just enough for that "little momma boy's boy toy to Ray and Darby" to say he was going to write is own book or paper on my system. But surely that "little stupid mother fucker" failed do the real work regarding my BNS system because of his real lack of knowledge of my numerical system. My numerical system can mathematically prove my methods of time-travel and my theories as I have laid them out. It is also usful if one knows how to plot R a person can save a the entire library of congress as a single small number small enough to write down on a piece of paper and stuff in your pocket. Then, using BNS decode the entire library of congress files back out. It is the ultimate way to store and retreive computer data because time is the constraining factor when storing and retrieving information instead of space. BNS itself is a form of mathematical time travel. It can even be used to find computer media from the past, future, or alternate realities and BNS itself can also be used as a form of communication between the future and the past. And last BNS can also be used to store STORE ALL OF MAN'S KINDS KNOWLEDGE AS A SMALL NUMBER AGAIN SMALL ENOUGH TO WRITE DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER AND STUFF INTO SOMEONES POCKET. THEN WHEN NEEDED THAT NUMBER CAN BE DECODED BACK OUT TO RETRIEVE ALL OF MAN-KINDS KNOWLEDGE!!!

Now to be clear because I know I confuse people. I have two systems for mathematical time travel. My BNS which itself is way to store and retrieve numbers, information, and computer media files with Einstein's point of reference which I also use as a way to mathematically to prove my methods of time travel. Then I have my second system which is a pure check-sum hacking method to find computer media files of the future, past, and other time-lines. Both systems can be used for time-travel communication and can be used to find time travel media. The difference is BNS is there to prove it mathematically and my second system is there for the pure joy of time travel, time travel communication, and time travel hacking. But both essentially can be used to do the same thing.

In theory my second system can also be used to prove time-travel as well by way of proving causality violations. So, I use my first system to try to prove it mathematically and lean on my second system as a crutch for the pure computer time-travel experience. Again, BNS is mainly there to help to prove it mathematically and for actual storage and retrieval of information across time and space and my second second system is there to actually  do the time travel itself. Both systems depending on how you use them can do the same thing. Sorry if that was confusing but what I do is very very mathematically complicated, time-consuming, and involved. I try to make this a walk in the park for causal vistors but there again to prove myself I also have to try to explain it and prove it which I try to do.

Aaron that "little *****" is so stupid I do not believe he could find the nuggies on his own *** with a satellite camera and a wall size monitor. That "little fucking boy toy ***** shit" Aaron Hiniker is very limited in how he can use knowledge. And that is the difference between me and him. I am not limited. But he, as a hacker is just a "***** *** script kiddy".

So, it has been a while now since had Aaron Hiniker hacked me and I can now still SEE THESE "STUPIDS *****" DID FUCK UP THEIR OWN HACKING!!! They fucked it up big time.

They still do not have a clue as to what I can do and how much power I actually have with my technology that I invented. When I say power this technology is extremely useful because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. And finding computer media from the future or the past and alternate time-lines is very useful. It can even be used to hack computers without connecting to them and to communicate accross space-time itself.

Those "******" from what I can see were engaged in pure revenge and not scientific discovery of the truth as they claimed they are truth seekers. Truth is those guys aint "jack shit". The got very little or no truth at all in them which they proved from their hacking of me. Their desire to get revenge instead of seeking the knowledge their fake forum claims they seek.

Serves those "**** ******* son's of ******'s" right. Well, I am still here time traveling with information and those guys from the fake are still "JERKING THEIR *****" AND PLAYING WITH THEIR BOY TOYS. Not learning much at all in the way of their pursuit of knowledge as they claim they are after. Time traveler knowledge according to their fake websight. Well, I have since I first went to their forum have been moving forward and they as the truth seekers they claim they are have been moving backwards.

My A/B system where if A in the future and B in the past both know the check-sum range of their messages to each other through space-time then A in the future and B in the past can data mine that check-sum range and construct those computer messages and yes with file attachments containing computer media files by way of check-sum hacking to each other across space and time. To construct A and B's messages to each to each other through space-time. Now, my enemies at the fake do not realize this but this is like a person on a Iland throwing a bottle into the sea with a message in it but THE RESCUE PARTY KNOWS WHERE TO SEARCH FOR THAT BOTTLE FOR THE MESSAGE!!! And yes NSA if someone else knows that range too they can do the same thing to EASE DROP ON A AND B'S MESSAGES TO EACH OTHER SO YES YOU TOO CAN SPY ON THEM WITHOUT PHYSICALLY CONNECTING TO COMPUTERS OR WATCHING THEM.

There is truth and there is wisdom in what I do and how I do it. These "SOB's" are trying to tell the public that is not so and working hard to keep me off the net.This blog is here to prove. "THE BUCK STOPS HERE. THIS SHIT OF WITHHOLDING KNOWLEDGE FROM THE PUBLIC STOPS HERE AND NOW. THIS BLOG IS MY LAST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST A INFORMATION COVER UP. I KNOW I VENT AND CUSS AND I AM SORRY IF THAT MAKES PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE BUT IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER BECAUSE I HAVE LABELED THESE THESE GUYS THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL AND IT HELPS ME FEEL BETTER TO GET IT OUT BECAUSE OF THE CRIMES THESE GUYS COMMIT AGAINST ME". Please understand I have been stopped from posting in the forums on the Internet and most every every where else on the Internet and I can not even write WikipediA articles on this because these guys own wikipediA too. 

How do I get to talk to the public about mathematical time travel when I have a informational cover up going against me and HAVE EVEN BEEN THREATENING WITH DEATH IF I CONTINUE!!! My hacker threaten with me a accident. So, this blog is it for me and my blog writing is what it is. I am who I am. If people want to know about real time travel I am a real source of information for that but people have to wade through my blog, download my files, and read my book(s) to learn. So there we go. That is the truth as I see it coming from me here on this blog and this blog is the only way to get it out for now. 

I have been facing a disinformation cover up on the Internet where anything goes no matter if it breaks the law or not. As a individual I pretty much express my personality, my beliefs, and my opinions here. Yes I say what I have to say. Most people that I have communicated with that have read my blog their jaw drops, they are speechless, some times they are extremely interested in my form of time travel and want to talk more and other times they can't get past my style and do not understand what I have to say and have strong feelings about this blog. 

But, the way I see it  time travel is my subject here. And, a hundred  years from know no one will probably know anything about me nor my name. You see that is the way time is. I will fade as a memory into the past eventually for anyone living and for the people living in the future. My existence here is a point of reference from myself and others and in time my point of reference will fade. But, the upside is all information repeats itself in time. So, in time all will come to past again only to fade again. This is the nature of time and space. As a time traveler I have been getting comfortable with those facts.

I also do take this blog down from time to time only to bring it up here or other places on the net again. I also have planned more books, a documentary, and other web-sights. So, I do plan to be around some where one way or the other on the Internet. Ok, moving on...


Please read the below story at

Illustration: Mark Allen Miller


Yes, the world is starting to learn that algorithms can FIND OR CREATE INFORMATION!!!! 



Here is the oldest known photo of a living person. It was taken in 1838. The news story for this is here CNN news story of the oldest known photo of a person.

This photo was taken in 1838 in Paris France. I plan on doing a mathematical analysis of this photo and decode my time travel computer media pictures and compare this photo with the ones I have to see if I can possibly find a older photo. Proving my photos are genuine and may be real would be difficult but if my photos that I already have can do this then this is important to my research.

I can take the architecture from the period to see if anything I have matches the mathematical profile of this photo architecture and to see if my pictures can be proving genuine from the photo of this period. This type of time travel research is why my time travel project is so important. It is photos like this that are known and comparing those known photos that I have to validate my time travel research. You see this is things like this why I can not let the conspiracy against time travel from the fake and their campaign to stop me is why I can not let these guys win. Society would be losing out on valuable knowledge and research.

My method of time travel is real and my time travel research is valuable and important. 
I was watching the video today about Bill Cosby


It drew parallels to my last post I made about Rainman_Time aka Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips aka StarLord of the It reminded me how people who commit crimes can be protected from their crimes. In Cosbey's case the media protected him and in Ray and Darby's case the CIA and the FBI and the government is protecting them. It just goes to prove that people who seem like that are all that really can be monsters. They prey on their victims and are protected by the public, by the media, and by the government even though they deserve to be in prison. Enough said for now.