Saturday, July 19, 2014

Many thanks to my followers

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Note: to people just getting here my blog has been taken black for a little while. When it comes back up it may be at another location.

Here is Jonny Bradshaw, He claims to be a member of the Shadow Cabinet. Whether or not that qualifies him as a member of the conspiracy against time travel. I can not say with 100% accuracy but he has been a long follower of this blog. When I was in the forums fighting against the conspiracy against time travel I have had a post from someone using the name Jonny but whether or not he was or still is part of the conspiracy against me  and against time travel I cant tell. Jonny, I was always curious as to why you deleted you follow picture on this blog one day when I posted a link in USENET to this blog you took your pic down minutes after I posted that link. And you had your pic down for a long time. And, as soon as I take this blog black and the traffic slows down you put your picture back up? Your a curious fellow.

Here he says he is a member of the shadow cabinet I wonder if that means he is a member of the group has established against me known as the "CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL"?

Uncle Clover. He is very shy. When I click on his follow link I get no information about him.

Metaholic. He is just like uncle clover he is very shy.

Charlie_Xx. Another shy person.

jacob glasnovich. I saw some of the sites he likes. Still I know very little about him. He has been a loyal follower for a while.

Simeon heath-moss. Another loyal follower of my. He posted no information about himself in his profile.

Susan. This is the person I am most curious about. I have often wondered if she was the person who interviewed Titor and who posted to me as a female at above top secret dot com. Is she also a member of the shadow cabinet too? A member of the conspiracy against time travel? Im pretty sure I will never really know. She has been a long time follower of mine too. She has no info in her profile.

According to blogger I have 1 mystery follower. No nothing about this person. Is this person a member of the FBI, CIA, NSA or law enforcement or other. This follower has not been with me for as long as the others. He only came around about the time the conspiracy against time travel hired a hacker to steal my credit cards and break into my computers thus violating most of the computer laws in the USA in his pursuit to do what he was hired to do. The hackers name was Aaron Hiniker. He lives on the east coast.  Im still waiting for the FBI to arrest him. I may be waiting a long time. It seems they like sipping on their coffee and sitting on their butts.

I wanted to personally give thanks to my followers. I hope you enjoyed my post here.

Last but not least I forgot about Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips the ring leaders of the conspiracy against time travel from the the fake one.
You guys are my biggest readers here so I have to give my thanks to you to. I have something I think Darby should read since he once made a post I did about using water as gasoline. My post concerned putting something in the water and he tried to make it out like I was crazy for posting it. Well as usual I make fools out of Ray and Darby. Here Darby read my evidence against you.