Sunday, May 10, 2015

This blog is moving to

News Flash for Darby, Ray, and the rest of the conspiracy against time travel. Hey pervert cocksuckers. My email address has changed and of course I am not forwarding my mail. Good luck harassing me by email in the future.  And it gets better. All my emails were backed up and downloaded and I am already using a new account and every one who I want to email me is being notified. You loose losers. You can't win. Well you can go suck Arron Hinker off and fuck him up the ass you perverts. Go play with your boy toy you got nothing else.

And conspiracy against time travel it gets better. My site is going to be my main focus in the future along with my  code and projects. Of your course you guys know I have some SECRET PROJECTS IN THE WORKS RIGHT? Enough said. You losers just keep losing.

Also you guys - Talking to the conspiracy against time travel you guys security clearances must be above the President of the USA to fucking commit all the crimes you guys have committed against me including spying on my pre-teen daughters web-cams. The FBI and my own local law enforcement refuse to go after you guys. You guys are are nothing but shit. You guys have some higher government power protecting you from prosecution for your crimes. How the fuck do you guys hack a little girls web-cam and spy on that little girl IN HER PRIVACY AND NOT GET FUCKING PROSECUTED WHEN IT IS REPORTED IN  DETAIL TO THE FUCKING FBI!!! HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THAT GOD DAMN SHIT HAPPEN!!!!! I know how it happen. Edward Joseph "Ed" Snowden warned the world about this shit before hand. I am American citizen of the USA being refused law enforcement protection because of the SPY programs of the USA.

NOTE TO THE PUBLIC - At this time is not looking for assistance from the outside world. I usually find that people that offer their or there assistance have some type of agenda or threats to push with me that is not in my best interest and also not in the best interest of the work I am performing. 

And, when I check these people out they are usually not what or who they claim to be. Usually the assistance I am offered comes from the Conspiracy Against Time Travel directly looking for some type of revenge because I did not disappear off the net like I was suppose too seven years ago and because I perused my work and talked about it and the Conspiracy Against it publicly. 

I also talked about the actions the Conspiracy Against Time Travel took against me publicly. And I expressed my personal opinions and thoughts about the matter. So they, The Conspiracy Against Time Travel because of what I just said they continue to seek revenge against me. 

Most offers of assistance come from them in a Trojan Horse type of thing. Offer assistance then come in for revenge. My last offer of assistance I responded to out of curiosity and the Conspiracy Against Time Travel infected my computers with RAT SOFTWARE- REMOTE ADMIN software and viruses and Trojan horses in an attempt to directly steal my TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER CODE!!! 

And now everyday after the Conspiracy Against Time Travel attacked my home network when I check my computer logs now days I have at least a half dozen attacks going on against my computer network on a daily bases now which I DID NOT HAVE BEFORE AND I HAVE LITTLE GIRLS THAT USE COMPUTERS ON MY HOME NETWORK!!! 


Also to note I usually now forward offers of assistance to the FBI and Homeland security so be for warned before offering to help me. Also, the FBI and HOMELAND have been no help so I believe they may be in on THIS CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL TOO. Them and more likely the CIA as well as the NSA TOO.

At one time I had asked for outside computer assistance so I would have a more powerful platform to run my computer code on but even right now I am not doing that anymore either. So, no need for anyone to try to hunt me down and offer to help.  Thanks but no thanks. I am good.

Also, to note the "TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER CODE" is no longer on a networked computer and stays encrypted when I am not using it or working with it. But, the public has my description of it and how it works and later will have more as my books, documentaries, and code get published. 
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is back up again at its new home. I have to back everything up again in case I have to move. The conspiracy against time travel has been pretty good at keeping me homeless on the internet. So, when  I move again I will take my data bases and what not. I try not to have to redo everything when I can just upload. Now I have to start moving in and I have some editing to do due to my initial mistakes. The main site is up but I have to get my blog and forum up to speed. 

This will be where my new blog and forum will be. I also be be doing a lot of updating and posting of new material, books, documentary's, and my  computer code. Just as Rainman Time wanted me to do. Post someplace else. Some of my other blog post are below click on older post to read them. I have been rotating out my post and on the weekends opening up the entire blog to the world. When my site is up and running good my blog will be transferred to and I will have all my media on one server linked to my blog, forum, and web sight.

FIY if you see my forum getting spammed and flamed that is just the conspiracy against time travel humping my leg like the horny dogs they are. Pay them no mind. Haters will be haters. THEY HATE US CAUSE THEY AIN'T US!!!!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

It drives the pervert haters from the conspiracy against time travel at the fake crazy I got the domain 

They tried to get all the domains time travel institute taken but I got the biz one. Now, if those assholes(Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips of aka The Conspiracy Against Time Travel) had not chased me all over the internet and had not gotten me banned from every fucking forum on the internet and prevented me from talking about time travel with information me getting that domain would not of happen. 

So, I had to get my own domain and web-space on the internet so that the conspiracy against time travel could not ban me from. Since I am a real to god honest time traveler and time travel researcher using computers and algorithms again I got MY OWN WEB-SIGHT, FORUM, AND BLOG where I can speak my mind and not be controlled from Ray and Darby of those thugs, dogs, rodents, and perverts that they are.

Those very very stupid government flunkies and fuck-ups. They have no control over me.

I am going to take a page from Rainman Times aka Ray Hudson's favorite tv show South Park. Please excuse me while I enjoy myself. 

To Ray Hudson aka Rainman time I have this to say to you:

"Nana Nana boo boo I got time travel institute dot biz and you didn't.... Nana Nano boo boo... BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! Sit and spin on it Ray Hudson. Sit and spin. BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh, I got it. You know what domain should change their name too???



My stomach is hurting from all this laughter. I got to go.