Sunday, April 10, 2016

Time Travel One Station running again.

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Well again the conspiracy against time travel opened up their web-sight again. They can't make their minds up if they want to keep it or shut it down. I changed my domain for my web-sight to and low and behold those fucking bastards changed their domain to They want people to confuse my web-sight with theirs. Their dis-information campaign against me is continuing. Well our sights look very much different now. They are a commercial web-site and mine is a time travel research site.

Im not sweating it. I started upgrading my site again. I need to get a web-editor. I still do web programming with notepad. A habit I picked up from being old and and around when the internet first opened. My real blog is down because I did not do my homework before moving my domain but I am trying to fix it. On this blog I have banned every single person I could from subscribing. The bans from subscribers are not personal to the public. I just wanted to kick the conspiracy against time travel out of my blog on their asses. So, I hope the public does not take it personal.

The conspiracy against time travel were subscribed to my blog for many years. I don't care about subscription readers and I also don't care about advertising or commercializing my blog. I came here to let the truth be known nothing more.

I stopped using Rocks cluster to run my software. To get away from the conspiracy against time travel hacking me I keep my code in a external USB device. When I program or run my parallel computer I boot it up from a DVD with a fresh image away from the internet. I do my programming or parallel computing of course off the internet then save it back to the USB device. 

I use clusterknoppix or pelicanhpc. On my code I can use the single image parallel computer or MPI. With MPI I compile a header into my code and instructions in my code that tells MPI how to run my code. Here is a updated version of my parallel computer. In these pics I don't have it running but here are my computers that run my time travel software to find computer media of the past, future, or alternate time-lines. Please excuse the mess. I don't have virtual company very often so I did not clean up before hand.

These computers is what I boot with my super computer disk image with. Time Travel Station is on the left. Time travel station is where I boot and run my super computer from This photo shows my external drives where I keep my code setting on top of the computers with the external DVD player. I do my day trading and super computing on the left side of this setup and I do my leisure computing on the right side of this setup. Both sides are computer desk.  I also have several USB sticks I keep my code on.


Every thing is encrypted with veracrypt and truecrypt. Even my hard drives on my computers are encrypted. So, good luck to anyone taking my shit. When I run my parallel computer from my DVD I have to reinstall veracrypt and truecrypt to access my files but that does not take but a minute.

In all I have 14 CPU's on my parallel computer. Time Travel Station has 8 CPUs with 32 gigs of memory. My Alienware has 8 gigs with 4 cpus. And my other desktop and laptop has one CPU.

Where there is a will there is a way to get away from the conspiracy against time travel. To get away from slash

Those evil bastards won't get it all from me. I think in the long run I can defeat Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and their thugs.

I just got to be smart with what I do on my computers. I have got another firewall and a VPN for my internet. Im setting up a VPN router with a firewall too. That may not stop them but maybe it can slow them down.

I have received another email from them awhile back. I received that last email from them about the time they took their site down. And, they are still following me around on the internet. I don't know how they do it. I still don't understand why they do it. They can have one person with me at any time or several people with me at any time. So, this has been going on for years now. Nothing new in my day. They want me banned from every site on the internet but they want to watch my every move too. So, keep watching conspiracy against time travel. I don't care anymore. I really don't care. 

So, if anyone gets a chance check out my updated web-sight. My time travel site. I still got to do something with my blog situation. I am basically running two blogs now. But its a good thing. One blog is down and I am blogging on the other.

In closing here is something good from all of this despite all the negativity my blog usually has. Lately when I observe my time travel media I can't help but think how limited science is with studying things. Time is a mask that covers up the secrets of the universe. To truly understand physics and life science needs to be able to observes many millions, billion, and trillions of years of history. 

They will never understand the continuum. The way that life, universes, and multiverses come and go. They will never be able to understand the limits of science and technology. 

They will never understand multi-dimensions and all that they entail. WITHOUT HAVING A TIME TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY SUCH AS MINE!!!! 

Science is very limited because they can only study time and what happens within that time within a single human lifespan. So too is their capability for understanding the micro-world is limited too. Even micro-structures take time to evolve.

To truly understand the cosmos time travel capability is required and demanded.

The conspiracy against time travel and phillips/ Ray Hudson they are like a colony of cock-roaches, they are like rodents feeding on trash, they are like shit eating bugs. They are the trash of society. Looking to steal a meal from people that are better and smarter than they are. Conspiracy against time travel go back to eating your trash and your shit. Your not getting what I have.