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Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela from Titor Story CIA agents Cover Blown!!!!!!

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I learned yesterday from a private source that Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela from the Titor story are CIA Science, Technology & Weapons Analyst. I posted a copy of the job posting from the CIA they have in my previous blog post.

Their jobs are to evaluate science, technology, and weapons threats to the USA and write recommendations to policy makers. Of which explains why Darby Phillips followed my nuclear web-site all these years. It explains why Ray Hudson and Pamela from the Titor story followed my time travel all these years.

They are intelligence agents under cover for the CIA in forums around the internet. So, Titor's female friend "Pamela" probably not her true name was a CIA agent.

It explains why they shut down my thread every time I post in the forums. BECAUSE THE PUBLIC IS NOT SUPPOSE TO KNOW THIS STUFF!!!!

The story that unfolded with me starting from 2001 to now 15 years later has shown me why I am being treated the way I am on the internet. IT IS BECAUSE THE USA GOVERNMENT IS AFRAID OF ME!!! MY CYBER BULLYING THUGS ARE ACTUALLY CIA INTELLIGENCE AGENTS!!!

If I had posted my time travel computer media every time someone asked for it I probably would of had my front door kicked down and my house raided years ago.  I am glad I did not do that.

So, Ray Hudson has three jobs. He is a Aerospace engineer, college professor, and a CIA analyst. That explains why him and Darby spend all day on the internet talking to children. Aaron if that was his real name was a CIA agent or contractor. Pamela aka (Bitch Dog) is a CIA analyst. aka is a CIA honey pot. is a CIA honey pot. Wikipedia is a CIA honey pot. And probably any place on the internet with traffic is a CIA honey pot.

And, they are hacking the shit out of me to steal my home made technology secrets. My own government is trying to steal from me without compensating me and paying  me money for what they have and are trying to take from me and for the harassment and stalking of myself.  I think the CIA should fire Ray, Darby, and Pamela for their mishandling of my case, mishandling of CIA resources, and unprofessional behavior.

There is one thing I am still trying to put my finger on and that is "Why does Ray Hudson need three jobs". Does he have a sex, gambling, alcohol, and drug addiction problem? Is California that expensive place to live? Is Ray Hudson trying to keep up with the Jones? What it is Ray Hudson? Ray Hudson are you going to Las Vegas every weekend to gamble and sleep with 18 year old or younger prostitutes, sniff coke, smoke and get drunk and stoned out of your fucking mind? Is this the picture of my CIA analyst that called himself Ray Hudson handling my case?

Ray Hudson do you like them 18 year old or younger girls? Huh Ray? I know from that picture I had of you a few years back you where with a awfully young looking female? I think I know now why Ray Hudson needs three jobs. I think I know now where RAY HUDSON SPENDS ALL THAT MONEY!!!! WHY RAY HUDSON NEEDS 3 JOBS TO MAKE ALL THAT MONEY!!!

The money Ray Hudson makes from hacking my home network. The money Ray Hudson makes from stalking me on the internet. The money Ray Hudson makes from harassing me. The money Ray Hudson makes from stealing my technology and my intellectual property and materials. And for what? 

So Ray Hudson can go off to Las Vegas and fuck 18 year old or younger girls and gamble and do drugs and get drunk!!!

God damn Ray Hudson is a very sorry pitiful and pathetic individual. As for the rest of Ray Hudson's co-workers they are not any better than he is. Hey Ray Hudson are you getting any pussy from Pamela? 


I bet he is not fucking Pamela BECAUSE SHE IS TOO OLD FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh god my ribs hurt I had better stop. Moving on.........

So, my own country is sending thugs after me, stealing from me, hacking me, stalking me,  and harassing me because I posted about my method of time travel on the internet. 

Well, those guys can no longer call me a hoax. The hoax here is Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. That is the hoax.

I do have more to say but I am going to stop for now. Here is of picture my traffic today.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States 72
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Czech Republic 1

Well next time the USA try's to tell China, Russia, and North Korea to give their citizens rights I would like to personally request that China, Russia, and North Korea hand the USA government a copy of my blog and ask why are you suppression the free speech of this guy? THE USA HAS NO BUSINESS TELLING CHINA, RUSSIA, AND NORTH KOREA WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR CITIZENS WHEN THE USA IS DOING THE SAME FUCKING THING TO ME AND I FUCKING LIVE IN THE USA!!!!!


When I tried to post at (the fake one) they deleted my post EVEN THOUGH I LIVE UNDER A CONSTITUTION WHERE I AM SUPPOSE TO BE ABLE TO POST MY FREE SPEECH ON THE INTERNET AT (the fake one)!!!!!!!!!!!!




YEAH I BUILT IT AND THE CIA CAME ALL RIGHT. CIA, should you not be more concerned with what is going on over seas than fucking with your own citizens? Really? Really CIA? Really?


1. I have built, designed, and completed: A method time travel with software. (completed building it is done).
2. I have built, designed, and completed: A numerical system called BNS that can store an unlimited amount of data as two 5 digit numbers.
2. I am building a military grade A.I. that can fit inside of a virus or worm.
3. I am building a reaction-less propulsion drone.
4. I am building a 3D printer that can print sub-atomically from the ground up.
5. I have built and completed a web-sight about how to build a nuclear reactor and discussed home-brewed ways in comic book like pictures to build a nuclear bomb. No blue prints where ever posted. I may even update and upgrade this site in the future but still no blue prints will be posted I keep it low keyed.

Truth is I have nothing in my home that is illegal to have. All I have is software and web sight code and a electronic work bench with a 3D printer and some old parts out of microwaves and tv sets and some home made electronic parts but nothing weapons grade.

There is nothing here at my home. My most important c++ code and my time travel media is encrypted and when I die it will go to the grave with me except for what publications I have out.

So, the CIA sent their analyst after me in 2001 after I put up my nuclear web-sight. They intensified sending even more analyst after me when I posted about my time travel project in 2008. I had actually tried to write a scientific paper about BNS back in 2001 in a New York journal paper but it was rejected. At that time BNS was less developed than it was when I published in 2013.

That I am building Armageddon the reaction-less drone controlled with a operating system that is a military artificial intelligence that can fit inside of a worm or virus , and the atomic replicator after completing my time travel project and my BNS numerical system I AM PRETTY SURE THEY THE CIA ANALYST WILL BE PAYING ME A LOT MORE OF ATTENTION TO ME!!! THEY WILL PROBABLY BRING IN THE NSA AND FBI TO BUG ME WITH MICROPHONES AND CAMERAS AND MONITOR ME NOT ONLY VISUALLY BUT AUDIO-ABLE TOO. THEY ARE ALL READY HACKING ME TO THE POINT I CAN BARELY PROGRAM WITHOUT THEM GETTING MY FUCKING COMPUTER CODE.





Well enough kidding aside. I can expect to be hacked from hell and back and my freedom of speech suppressed on the Internet and the stalking and harassment and threats to continue for a very very long time.

The saying "BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME" should of been said "BUILD IT AND THEY WILL WATCH YOU". That is the politically correct way to say it. 

Here is my blog traffic for today. I have started closing my blog from 5am to 5pm central time in the USA. I am pissed at the USA right now so I open it when other countries can view it but I close it during the day USA time.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States 117
France 67
China 3
Saudi Arabia 3
Ukraine 2
Czech Republic 1
Germany 1
Portugal 1


Now that I know who the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" are now my next job is figuring how what they think of me. I know they won't tell me but from their actions I can piece together what it probably is.

When I started my nuke site I upset some people in academia and in the government. No one wanted me telling people how to make gamma rays, xrays, or particle guns. They did not like me showing people how to use easy home made fusion to enrich uranium or make things radioactive. 

But, I barely caught the CIA's attention mostly because my nuke site was laid out like a comic book with simple diagrams. There were other things there in my nuke site that people did not like either but I don't have time to go into all that. My nuke site is at my web-sight at if anyone wants to look at it.

No, I think my time-hacking via check-sum hacking is what really got the CIA's feathers up in a raffle. Man they did not LIKE ME TALKING ABOUT THAT ON THE INTERNET. And, that is what put me here today. Plus my unending curiosity to get to the bottom of Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips which I finally did after 6 long damn years. I knew it was probably government but I never had anything on them specifically until now.

So, I believe my  BNS and my time-hacking has the CIA's highest interest. Now, why the hell did they just not show up at my front door with a suit case full of money I don't know. Budget cuts maybe and plus they knew or believed they could just steal it from me and not have to pay me for it. This part is what pisses me off the most.

As for the rest of my stuff I believe Armageddon the software is the CIA's next concern after my Time-Hacking and my BNS. So, I believe they will watch me more for that to see where it goes. I may get my threat level assessment upgraded if they see I am making progress on Armageddon. That will mean my penetration will be increased. Right now they are just hacking me as far as I know. If they do more I probably will never know it. 

I don't believe the CIA is too concerned about me getting my lasers tweezers working to any high degree that would concern them.

And as for my reaction-less propulsion drone well the public in general has being trying to build UFO propulsion and no one has been successful to any degree as far as the public knows. So, they probably will believe I won't be any more successful either.

Then there is the fact I am working two jobs and taking college level classes and have a family. So, they probably will think I won't have the time, resources, or energy to do very much. 

So, what concerns the CIA's is MY SOFTWARE. They are concerned about my time-hacking, BNS, and Armageddon M.A.I. Their assessment of me I think is: 

"A low level threat that should be watched with caution and discouraged from speaking. The target should  be lightly penetrated. (That means hacking)". 

So, that may not be my assessments exact words but close enough. 


If my sources are correct and I do believe they are this is where I am at with my CIA analyst Ray, Darby, and Pam from the Titor story. 

If you want to know the truth the CIA is much more concerned about me than they were about John Titor. But John Titor was way more popular than me. The CIA forced John Titor off the Internet by trying to find out who he was. The CIA forced me from the forums and have been preventing me from speaking because they don't want me to obtain "Titor Like Status". So, anyone reading this blog please tell the world. Post my blog on social media and any where else you can.

Before I go I want to say that after my experiences coming on the Internet and wanting to share my technological idea's with others.

I was greatly taken back about how America talks about freedom and free speech only to find how America has no more free speech than China or Russia. The CIA and the NSA are every where. Jesus its like fucking Hitler Germany all over again.

Every time you go into a forum or chat room on the Internet there is probably a CIA analyst in that forum or chat room. And to make it worse the NSA is monitoring everything too.

When I read about Russia and China hacking the American government now because I was hacked by my own government and I still am being hacked by them I laugh my ass off when I read about Russia and China hacking America. America pay back is hell is it not.  Shit America is no different than Russia or China we just call things by different names but they all mean the same damn thing.

Here is a news Article. FBI investing Russian hack.

Tonight I was on YouTube and I saw a video of a man that uses solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. He runs the hydrogen to a fuel cell to make electricity for his home.

He charges he vehicles up with electricity they are all electric so he does not buy fuel either for transpiration.

The hydrogen and oxygen are stored in tanks. When he needs water he just recombines them. He uses the heat from the whole splitting and fuel cell process to heat his home.

This man has a 100% recycled system and has not paid 1 damn energy bill or bought fuel in OVER 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More than a few post back I mentioned a system America could use. It use use nuclear energy and water to make a clean 100% recycled energy system for American's that would eliminate America from Oil and Gas COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see my time travel technology is not the only technology being kept from the American public. There is tons and tons of tech in black government programs that could free up American's to live their own lives without being slaves to corporations and governments. 

But, it will never happen because the 1 percent of society wants to keep the remaining 99 percent of society in economic slavery. There is a lot of technology the CIA knows about that they do not want American's to know about. My software was just the very tip of the ice burg.

I advise everyone if they can to save these two YouTube videos. If you can adapt this mans system to your home and stop paying energy bills and buying fuel then do it. 


With this hydrogen/oxygen/water energy system with nuclear energy and sea water California could solve its water problems and go completely green as far as energy is concerned. No smog. In fact the whole world could convert over right now and tell all the oil producing countries to keep their damn oil and gas.

The sea water and nuclear energy would make hydrogen and oxygen. That would be used to make clean burning gas and electricity. The remaining gases would be used to make clean water.
This could be used for 1. Clean water 2. Clean electricity 3. Clean fuel 4. Clean heat. All the energy needs met with just water and energy. The sun could be used in solar arrays to reduce the need for nuclear energy. And, instead of using uranium and peritoneum other cleaner forms of nuclear energy could be used.

We don't need to buy oil and gas from other countries. That is what the rich 1% want everyone to believe. We don't have too do that.  

I,ve been told by someone I know that wikileaks has list Edison's current device as the best free energy device. And the CIA has tested it and they don't won't the public to use it.

If my information is correct Edison's current device draws electricity from the ground. Enough to power your house if you build it right. 

Here is my traffic since yesterday.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States 121
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Ukraine 2
Czech Republic 1
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Portugal 1
When ever I come up with a new post that talks about Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips the next day my Internet stops working for a couple of hours or so when I am trying to use it. That is their way of paying me back. I honestly laugh when that happens and tell myself "What Ever". Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips are such Goofs their pathetic.

So, yeah I found out the truth that these guys are CIA analyst. But, that still does not make what I have said about those guys any different. RAY HUDSON YOU ARE STILL S-T-U-P-I-D!!!!!!

And so are you Darby Phillips. And, I know now Darby is a CIA analyst I know he is probably not retired. He maybe retired from being a nut doctor and went to being a CIA analyst because he could work at home remotely.

Still what bothers me the most is I know the CIA hired Darby Phillips to fuck with peoples minds and now he is in the forums and chat rooms TALKING TO OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN!!!! That is just plain WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darby probably worked in the CIA projects ULTRA project that gave Ted the unibomber LSD. And DARBY PHILLIPS IS TALKING TO OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN IN THE FORUMS AND CHAT ROOMS. Damn that is so wrong.



I am not sure how much of my computer code the CIA has stolen from me. I know they have gotten bits and pieces here and there from me. They infected my thumb drives and set up my computers to log everything I did off-line and to upload it when online. They did all kinds of shit. And I have collected their virus and malware and analyzed it.

My core programs are safe they have been stored off line its my sub routines mainly that the CIA has breached. A lot of stuff I was upgrading or rewriting.

They also may have gotten some of my earlier code. Well no matter as my mother always told me "Don't cry over spelt milk". I will move on. At this point I am really not caring because I am putting publishing my methods anyway.

Everyone remember what movie stars do when someone gets a private picture of them. They take more pictures and publish them so the person that took the private picture can not profit from it.

So, that is why I should do. If the CIA is going to steal from me I should just go ahead and publish all my shit for the world to see. So, that is what  I am feeling now. My blog has pretty much explained how my stuff works anyway. All that is missing is my specific equations and algorithms.

I should hunker down to stop the theft as much as possible and publish is what I should do. Every thing the CIA has stolen from me and more I should publish for the world to see. What bothers the CIA and my analyst Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and dog bitch aka "pam" is that I self publish. I circumvent the scientific review process by which the CIA could use to shut me down. No, I self published. By self publishing I took control away from the CIA and my analyst watching me. They can not shut me down like they do in the forums which I think is funny as hell. They bitched about it to me in 2013 when I posted in a forum. 

Here is a news article that proves there are planets outside of earth suitable for hosting life. Another conspiracy cover up. The USA already has already performed man Mars missions but it was the military that did it. No announcement was made to the press.

Mars habital 4 billion years ago.

The USA already has this space-warp propulsion technology. What I want to know is I know the military is at least 100 years ahead of the public in technology.

Where will the USA be in another 100 years if it survives that long. I'm pretty sure what civil rights people have by then in the USA will be completely gone.

Everyone in the USA lives in a make believe wonder land. As long as everyone has TV sets, a job, and some money in their pockets plus mass entertainment and the occasional vacation and fancy restaurant to eat at most people will be happy.

And that is what its is all about. Keep the people well feed like livestock and keep the livestock happy and the government and the rich can do what they want. The government and the Rich have it all figured out.

But it is not as easy as that. Right now if all services stopped completely in the USA within 4 days people would be killing, rapping, looting, and warlords and gangs would be taking over territory. America within 4 days would become like Iran, Syria, and the rest of the middle east. It is just that simple. People today just don't know and don't care. And all this has been well documented by scientist and you can find that on YouTube.

And all that would take to stop services within 4 days is cyber attack and EMP bombs. China and Russia could put America back to the middle ages without ever setting off a nuclear bomb.

America could do that too to other countries. In world war 3 this is what we may have. Even if the nukes don't go off American's could be having their neighbors over for lunch except their neighbors will be the lunch. Its true.

People think reality is stagnant and stays the same. I know from looking at my time travel media that is not the case. Reality can change on a dime like bitch on her period.

At some point with all the tensions in the world between the various countries at some point one country will say "That's it. I have had enough of this shit. Lets go to war". And the other countries will say "Ok you got it buddy boy". And that is all it takes. And the press will not inform the public about most situations because they do not want to cause a public uprising. Most of what goes on in the world today DOES NOT MAKE THE PRESS!!!! For good reason. We are to watch shows about cooking and sex and sports. What ever keeps the public minds off most world events. Most likely world war 3 will occur WITHOUT AN ANNOUNCEMENT ON THE NEWS!!!!

A lot of this stuff I have seen as possibilities in my time travel media. My time travel media is mainly why the CIA is afraid of me and rightly so. Because if the CIA truly knew the power of my time travel media I probably would not be writing this post right now.

But, THEY CAN'T PROVE I HAVE THIS POWER so now I remain "A low level threat to watch with caution" their words not mine. 

The rest of my stuff I started working on does not help my case much with the CIA. I go about my daily life anyway. Doing as little as I can to provoke the CIA.

Now, not to say I don't provoke their analyst RAY HUDSON, DARBY PHILLIPS, AND THE DOG BITCH AKA "PAMELA FROM THE TITOR STORY. I ENJOY DOING THAT. Those stupid *** ** ****** deserve it.

By the way here is the latest ban when I attempted to talk about my method of time travel in a forum on the internet. This is what the CIA does to people trying to talk about real time travel technology on the internet. If my technology was just theory I would not be banned like this. But, because my technology is real time travel right fucking now technology I get banned when I try to talk about it on the internet. Here are screen shots of the bans. These screen shots were taking from my cell phone.

I leave you with this video from YouTube.

"Of all species that have existed on Earth, 99.9 percent are now extinct. Many of them perished in five cataclysmic events. According to a recent poll, seven out of ten biologists think we are currently in the throes of a sixth mass extinction."

Evolution: Extinction: A Modern Mass Extinction? - PBS

This gives mankind a .01% chance of survival in the future.
And if mankind did survive from that .01% man would go onto evolve into something else. So even if mankind survives then after that survival evolution will take its toll. So that gives mankind a 0% chance of survival into the far future. So, what that means is with time mankind as we know mankind now will NOT EXIST IN THE FAR FUTURE!!!! MANKIND WILL EITHER DIE OR EVOLVE!!! BUT MANKIND CAN NOT AND WILL NOT GO ON TO SURVIVE AS MANKIND IS NOW IN ITS PRESENT FORM. 

Here is my traffic for today.

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In my publishing I am coming out with a book called "The Original Guide to Time Hacking". I will be redoing my third book and making it more in depth to the process. So, other than that there is not a whole lot new. I am still getting the shit hacked out of me at home. I have scaled back my activities on my network and pulling my programming back to quarantined only computers. Here is my traffic for today. France has by passed my traffic from the USA.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

France 158
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India 1

Nigeria 1

Well today I activated a sleeper account at and went in as a user.  Their what he: Arron Hiniker calls, "the owner", had hacker beside his name to taunt me and was posting false post to taught me. And I learned pretty much what I already knew was that (the fake one not mine).

is a false web-sight. Use to I ment when I said that I ment the web sight is fake it pretended to cater to time travelers. Now, know I mean no really it really is a fake web-sight. Cosmo is a CIA analyst. From what I can tell he works the night shift at the CIA.

Cosmo aka "Aaron Hiniker" if that is his real name posted that the web-sight was in a big cloud and is incapable of being taking down.

If hackers ever attack the fake one not mine I don't think Cosmo will give a shit. I mean this is a CIA run web-sight. Its posters are not real and its users are not real at least most of them. They are creating false accounts and making false post.
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States

In my guide to time hacking I got coming out I am going to bare a substantial amount of code. I will walk the reader from A > Z on time hacking. Now, time hacking has a tremendous amount of computer code. Dog Bitch AKA "Pamela from the Titor story" who is really some CIA analyst from the CIA has some opinions on my code. Though I really don't understand her side yet I believe she is a lot like Aaron Hiniker she has no clue what she is talking about.

My book will mainly focus on my email like temporal communication system because that is the closest I can do to take a non-programmer non-tech person and teach them how to time travel with computers. The book code wise will have three things.
0. My academic paper on time hacking.
1. Check-sum hacking (how to do it). My computer code will be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Time - hacking with check-sum hacking. And more computer code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. A/B algorithm for temporal communication. And more computer code!!!!!!!!!!
4. Temporal email program. And more computer code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. A practical guide of how to expand time travel program.

This will be on the book shelves soon. Per my policy I can not give release dates or when, where, or how the guide will be published because of the CIA heat on me at this time.

Of course when it comes out the CIA, the FSB, SVR, MSS, DGSE and the rest of the list.

They are all welcome to it if they can find it. 

I believe the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" are trying to drag me into cyber-fights and hacking traps to stop me from my work and to stop me from talking to the public. 

Well, while I am not the one to run my primary priority will be to my publications and public Internet postings. Then my priority after that will be to my Armageddon project. Of course I will stop in and visit the fake CIA site once in a while. While it is still up that is. My 4th priority will be indulging the conspiracy against time travel in their little battles with me. But, my time travel and the public come first.

My method of time travel works because the world we live in is confined to 3 dimensions. In this 3 dimensions energy and matter is constrained only those 3 dimensions. Energy and matter does not leave 3 dimensions but information can. 

With mathematics information is not contained to only 3 dimensions. Even Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela know this. It is why science can test theories of how our universe is constructed.

But, I use mathematics and computer science to retrieve computer files from both the 4th dimension and the 5th dimension of space-time. The reason why the CIA is scared of me is because I can hack any computer in the world WITHOUT A INTERNET CONNECTION OR BEING CONNECTED TO THAT COMPUTER. AND I FUCKING TALK ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET!!!!

Time travel media that is from our past, present, or future is from the 4th dimension of our time. That media can be recorded naturally in the present but my methods can retrieve this media WITHOUT RECORDING IT NATURALLY! WITH OUT COPING IT! But rather recording naturally or found using my methods all computer media exist in the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Time travel media that is from other time-lines is from the 5th dimension. You see we live in a continuum. Space and time is for ever. It has no beginning and no ending.

So the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" is afraid of me. They are scared shit-less of me. That is why they have come after me so hard. Because, I really am a time traveler. I am the real deal. I am the real thing.

If the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" really really want me to shut up I can be bribed to shut my mouth but that is up to them. Or, we can continue to play these games we have been playing since 2008.  

Here is my traffic on 08/31/2016 time 7:14pm -6 time zone Chicago

United States

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Today I was sitting here thinking all my Internet connections are being monitored. But, with my time hacking technology I don't need Internet to get computer files off other computers. So, what occurred to me and what made me laugh is "I can get any computer file I want. And, I don't need the Internet to do it". So, the CIA is monitoring my Internet WHY? My work computers are isolated. I don't use thumb drives since I found out they were infecting my thumb drive with malware and it never sees my home network. 

So, my Internet connection is being monitored why? I mean Ray and Darby fucked up their hacking of me. Their CIA covers are blown. They have totally fucked up.


Ok Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips. What ever. God those guys are soooooooo stupid.

Ray and Darby the action is on my work computer you guys never see.

Ray Hudson you should share your hookers with Darby Phillips. That poor old dude could use the morale boost. Hell, maybe Pamela will give Darby Phillips a pity fuck.


Arron Hiniker aka "Cosmo" why don't you give Darby Phillips a pity fuck. I think Darby would care either way. Hell, Ray Hudson could give the old man a pity fuck. Or Ray Hudson, Pamela from the "Titor story" aka "Dog Bitch and Aaron Hiniker you guys could give Darby a 3 way pity fuck.


Give that poor old troll a moral boost.

By the way you guys have still have failed to steal my full time travel code and despite your hacking of me have failed to shut me down.

You guys (Talking to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel") got anything left?

You can't hurt Reactor1967 no matter what the fuck you guys do. Talking to Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips.

Moving on I started my how to hack courses. I personally won't be hacking I will be teaching my A.I. how to hack. I will have my A.I. programmed with genetic algorithms and it will run against itself teaching itself and evolving and getting better. 

Damn that hacking shit is easy. I can see why Aaron Hiniker likes hacking because it does not take any brains to hack. Which Aaron Hiniker does not have.

I am finding all kinds of ways I can hack my hackers back. I will use a virtual machine to run my hacking tools and Armageddon on. 

I need to check it out but after I get Armageddon hacking I am hoping I can set up virtual machines on the same computer and have my genetic algorithms for Armageddon hacking the other virtual machines with copies of Armageddon on so Armageddon can evolve. 

Right now I am working on setting up my hacking tool kit Armageddon will use. For me to do that I first have to teach myself how to hack so I can teach Armageddon how to hack. And, as said in previous post when Armageddon is done I will make its code very very small and put it in a worm. It will be an artificially intelligent worm. I will also make a operating system out of it and it will be the operating system on my drone as well.

Luckly YouTube has lots and lots of how to hack tutorials. Also learning how to hack is teaching me how to remove all of Aaron Hinikers shit from my home network. Or should I say the CIA's shit from my home network.

I am going to start returning my router to my ISP on a regular bases and get a new one and on a regular bases and also restoring it to its factory settings. I am also going to start imaging and wiping my shit clean on a regular bases. 

I am going to start keeping my files off my computer and off site and monitor their strong check-sums to make sure the files have not been infected.

When I run my computers on the Internet now it will have a clean hard drive. I am setting up a clean image I can boot from a server not connected to the internet every time I boot my computer.

Also, formatting my USB drives on a regular bases and when I get new software getting its strong check sum before using it and checking its check-sum on a regular bases to make sure it has not being changed.

I am writing my own code for that. I am writing my own malware and virus detection program. Its very very simple and does not take me long to write. It will run from a DVD and check the entire file system.

Aaron Hiniker will no longer be able to run hidden undetected virus and malware on my stuff and his days of controlling my router will be coming to an end. 

I am redoing all my encryption too.

So, NSA, CIA, FBI, Aaron Hiniker and who ever the fuck else wants to hack me will find it hard to do. I all most have a fool proof system. I can't stop them from hacking me but when they do I can stop them from learning anything or getting anything. I can't stop the hacking but I can stop the information leaks.

So here is the plan to stop my hackers.

1. Boot computers with a clean image every time from a server or drive that has never seen the Internet. Re-image that server or drive on a regular bases.
2. Put in fool proof software to detect hidden undetected software by way of strong check-sum comparing and booting that up from a DVD. When files change remake the DVD because it has to have the check-sum list which has to be made.
3. Intrusion detection software so i know when Aaron is in my system.
4. virus and malware detection software though useless it still finds stuff.
5. Keep all computer files off site and not on a Internet connected computer. And encrypt the shit out of it.
6. Get Armageddon online and hunt these mother fuckers down like the dogs they are and deal with them.  
7. Redo encryption on a regular bases.
8. Start changing passwords on a regular bases.
9. Return router to ISP on a regular bases and get a new one.
10. Reset router to factory defaults on a regular bases and reprogram.

11. If possible re-install bios on all machines including routers on a regular bases.
12. Setting up layered firewalls.
13. Set up schedule to do all this shit.

This list may change but over all my home network will become more secure. When Armageddon comes on line my home network will have one hell of a set of TEETH. It will bite back.

When my drone is ready I may not be able to always find my hackers from my home but I can put Armageddon on my drone and physically go to where my hackers live and set outside their homes and 
I CAN GET INTO THEIR HOME NETWORK!!!!! PAYBACK CAN BE HELL!!!!! I won't even need to trespass on their property to do this.  


I am so looking forward to going on vacation!!!!! 

During my communications with Aaron Hiniker he promised me I could meet his sister. I wonder if Aaron will introduce me like he promised.


I doubt he will. Truthfully Aaron is probably not his real name and he probably does not even have a sister. When I get there I will probably find the CIA covered their agents (who hacked me and are still hacking me) their true identities rather well.

But oh well I will enjoy the drive and vacation anyway. At least I will find out the truth.

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Singapore 1 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ray Hudson and Dary Phillips Finding it Harder to Control me

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Well yesterday Ray and Darby have been having their hackers put virus's on my computer faster than I can take them off. I moved my files off the computer. Also, something else happened.

As their hacker was going through my files the files my hacker was opening up was showing up in my recent file section. So, I literally sat there and watched the files they were interested in being used.

Now, as for myself they were not looking at anything I am concerned about. They mainly want to know what files I have on them and for some damn reason they are interested in my ex-girl friend because they accessed a file I had on my computer about her.

But, the conspiracy against time travel are interested in her for some reason. She is of no real importance to me anymore. And, anything they do will be between her and them and law enforcement I am not getting involved. And I could care less.

But, so I am getting better at dealing with Ray and Darby's hacking. I have my books so my message is out there. The other files they opened was the file I had on Aaron Hiniker.

So, I learned one thing. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" want to know what information I have on them. By watching them I learn about them.

I need to tell the conspiracy against time travel. The real files I keep on you guys are not on any internet connected computer. But, I have made so many damn copies of those files that they are laying around on a lot of my machines. But, the real files I have I made into a DVD and I am keeping them on off site storage.

And, if I want to find out anything about you guys talking to Ray and Darby I have ways of doing that too. But, as I said in a previous post I won't tell you guys what I know. I have said what I needed to in my blogs about you guys (talking to Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips).

I will say this Ray and Darby have made thousands and thousands of post talking about other people on  the internet. But, for the last few years they have done everything they can to keep me from writing about them on forums and in my blog. WHAT CRY BABIES THESE CRAZY LOONS ARE!!! Its ok for them to go around talking about people even calling them names and cussing them but oh, let me start one damn blog and make a few post on the forums and their little cry baby worlds come crashing down around them. These guys in my opinion are not real men. If they are going to talk about people then they should be able to take it when someone talks about them. My forums, my blog, are not going away. My web-sight is not going away.

But anyway what I want to say in this post today is that Ray and Darby wanted to use the internet and hacking as a way to control me. The truth is they can't. I have too many internet connections and have computers that are not infected with their hacking and that are clean.

Ray and Darby got nothing. They can't do nothing that I can't get around or go over or by pass in some way.

Ray and Darby have lost the ability to control me. Their hacking is not working, their threat for me to have a accident is not working. Ray Darby what you going to do now?


The main reason for the drone is not to target people but target their network.  I can take that drone to their network that is hacking me and my AI will gain access to that network and shut it down. If needed my drone can physically jam that network with noise and stop it from working. And sense it is self defense I believe I will be in the right. I can plant this drone at some ones house and it will hide itself in the ground or in a tree or in a pound where ever. And stop anything electronic in the house from working. They won't even be able to watch tv. And, they won't be able to find my drone. They can try. It could be right in front of them and they will never see it.

So its not working Ray and Darby.

But, im working on Armageddon and the drone. Bad 🙅 boys bad 🙅 boys what you goanna do ? What you goanna do when Armageddon COMES FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Talking to my hackers)

What my hackers wont know till its too late is my AI will not be any normal AI. But by the time these stupid fuckers figure it out my AI will be done before they realize it was there. My time scanners are mighty powerful information tools. Current technology has nothing like it. Even without the time scanners this AI will still be one serious bad ass AI.

But, im working on Armageddon and the drone. Bad 🙅 boys bad 🙅 boys what you goanna do ? What you goanna do when Armageddon COMES FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Talking to my hackers)


Well when I get time I am setting up intrusion detection systems. I am going to have to set my home network up like the military or a business would set their network up. And I have to reorganize my offline storage. I am going to get a shelf for putting my desktops on kinda like a homemade parallel computer.

I have some more upgrades for my software I have to finish. I am always upgrading. I have a academic paper for the academic community  I would have to put my computer code in the methods section so people could re-produce my results. So, I am already working on a second release of my 3rd book. I am going to have it all there so computer scientist around the world can see how the inventor of time travel with information did his stuff. I might update my BNS book as well. I have decided that fighting with Ray and Darby on the internet is a wast of my time because Ray and Darby because they work for the government own the damn internet.

So, if Ray and Darby want to stop me it will have to be at the publishers. I wish them luck. But, in no way am I going away from leaving the internet.

Ray And Darby got me again last week. I was using my phone has a hot spot. I was on a web sight that was asking me to enter the captcha. Well to my surprise the captcha pictures where Ray Hudson's name.

I call that "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" DOG TRICKS!!!! Ray Hudson your dog tricks don't impress me. Those guys are all in my computers when I am on the internet.

So, yeah I can use different networks and when they find me they add that network to their list of networks that I use to hack to monitor me on. No problem, I just appreciate it that they let me know their there so I can change how I use that network. I guess by showing the Rays name in the captcha pics they think they are scaring me or pissing me off. Truthfully I laughed my ass off. For me it was like watching a dog doing a cute trick. Or like a little child trying to perform a magic trick. For me it was just another day of the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" humping my leg like a horny dog.

Like I previously said I am flattered they find the need to show me so much attention. It just validates for me that they believe in my work even though publicly they won't let me post in the forums.

One thing I have found is true. After setting down with a paper note book and running my math equations and problems I will be able to make a neural net function with my time scanners. Though my blog may be hard to follow I can do it. People just need to realize my blog is not a scientific paper it is just a place for me to talk about my work with the world.

I plan to write another book about it when I can. But right now I won't to work on my Armageddon project and get the bugs works out. I simulated a neural net on paper using regular known methods then I put my time scanners in and plotted my outputs with my inputs and then looked at my error rates.

What I found was that I can manipulate my time scanners to minimize the error rates just like you would with a real neural net. Which means, ARMAGEDDON WILL WORK WITH MY TIME SCANNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, point is:


I will take this to the publisher's too when I can.

Well  no sooner than I made my previous post using a unknown computer on a unknown network to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" than I got a email for someone wanting to join my google circle as a trusted member. Well when I tried to check out that person I ended up at a web-sight that was promising to help me with my problem with the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". It was a Aaron Hiniker like ploy. Which I believe now has my clean computer and clean network infected.

So, I have to clean that computer or nuke it. The network does not belong to me so that is their problem not mine. Yep, those guys taught me well. Also, I am being monitored in real time 24/7 so I no long believe this is a individual or individuals fucking with me. If it is the USA government they have satellites and all the networks taped into no matter what I do they will have my position and my computer connection. But, I have some plans to fuck with that. In time their hacking will do them no good.

This morning I preparing to nuke my computer that was infected the day before. I am watching you-tube videos on hacking, and reading up on neural nets a little. I am still beginning to understand more of why I am being hacked. The NSA is tasked with monitoring communications. That includes the internet. The CIA collect intelligence. So Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips when I met them were tasked with monitoring communications and collecting intelligence. Well, no way I can fight that. At least not without Armageddon. So, I will get my home network organized into two networks. One private and one public. So, I will keep my files in the cloud and on external encrypted hard drives with encrypted file containers.

I won't keep them out of my network but I can use a containment policy. I can keep them contained.

Well this morning I am quietly working my AI computer code and my drone designs. It won't take me very long to write Armageddon's first code. I am putting Armageddon's first release on SSI (single system image) system. So it can spawn its threads with little worrying about how things are done. So, NSA, CIA (the real conspiracy against time travel) that is where I am at today.

I must apologize to my public. I have been calling Armageddon a A.I. Well it is not a A.I. AT ALL.

It is a T.T.M.A.I.E.W or  "Time Traveling Military Artificial Intelligence Entity Worm". As I bring this project together it becomes more politically correct and a reality.

Here is my traffic for today.

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Well I got my logic chart close to being ready for Writing Armageddon. The only thing left for me is how big the network will be starting out. Damn this is going to be useful to me. I am going to keep one copy of it for regular things. I can use it for my day trading and playing the lottery. Starting out it won't be much of a military artificial intelligence but it will still be pretty damn good.

I have to expand my hard drive space. This will be on a Single System Image computer. As I train it its data bases will swell till my hard drive capacity over fills. After that the oldest entries will be deleted as new entries come in. If the entries are close enough together I can get a average, mean, or regression line of the two data base entries so I don't have to delete any entries. I can just replace two entries with one entry that is in the middle of the two entries. I will experiment with a lot of that two. When my data base gets two big I can go through it and use this method to reduce my drive space without deleting any data base entries. I will see how this works once I get this up and running.

Now, I already have a running AI but it can't run continuously. The current A.I. I have will be upgraded to Armageddon version 1.

All my data bases do is find the closest saved input to the current input then use that trained output for that neuron data base input.

Example single neuron data base after training for different task.
Data base
Input Output
.371   .584
.125   .897
.405   .123

So, if my input for that neuron is .362 the closet match is .371. So its output will be .584
If my input is .105 for that neuron it is closest to .125 so its output will be .897
If my input is .427 its closest input is .405 so its output is .123

Now this is a RNN so its neuron outputs are recycled and the neurons goto other neurons in the neural net. Its data bases will be continuously updated as it actually performs task with back propagation training after it is found its neural net outputs. This will be a contentiously learning neural network. Though my readers may find it hard to understand how I will do that I understand how I will do that. This is not my first rodeo with neural nets.

From there I will convert my neural net to using mathematical functions to generate the data bases as needed. It will be kinda like the procedure used in the new PlayStation game "No Man Sky". The universe is generated as the player plays the game and their is no loading times. The universe is so large that there is no way it will every be entirely explored. I have learned less than 1% of that universe will ever be used.

That is how my military A.I. will work. Once I get the A.I. up I will take the procedures used for my time scanners in my time hacking software and the procedures I used in BNS for finding my R to generate my neural data bases as needed so the outputs for my neurons can be calculated per their inputs. And, THE FUNCTIONS WILL BE TRAINABLE!!! THE VARIABLES IN MY FUNCTIONS WILL CONTINUOUSLY CHANGE AS THE M.A.I runs. It will be able to SCALE ITSELF UP TO A HUMONGOUS M.A.I.

From there I can take this monster A.I. and turn it in to a time traveling military artificial intelligent worm. As a worm Armageddon could easily traverse the internet undetected writing virus, Trojans, and other worms as needed. Its own code will be very very small.

I am not letting Armageddon out of my computer system any time soon though. At this point I will keep Armageddon as a operating system on my drone protecting my network and hacking my hackers as they hack me.

I will teach Armageddon how to think. It will be able to perform math, read, write, run programs, perform my time travel calculations in its neural net and roll a binary counter to time travel media then look at the time travel media files. It will be awesome.


I am going to let Armageddon take over a lot of my work freeing me up to do other things. As I get this project up and running. I am going to use it to interface with my day trading A.P.I application programming interface and let it trade the markets for me.

I am going to make my own linux distro out of Armageddon. In my distro it wont have my upgrades it will be a simple RNN A.I. operating system on a SSI system. It will start out as a 1 cpu system and as more nodes are booted into SSI Armageddon will spread out and become bigger. As a A.I. operating system I still have a lot of work to do on this. Like how people will write software for it and use it.

In the mean time I may be buying more computer equipment but first I will finish the code first.

Moving on..... I am not the first person to think about writing A.I.s for hacking. Here is a link to other A.I. operating systems.

Begin links.

This company believes they are the first to write  a A.I. operating system. NOT!
End links.

If I find anymore links I will put them here. My A.I. operating system will function like a normal Linux system except the user will tell it what to do. If the user wants to manually use a keyboard and mouse then he or she can. What will make my system different is you can give it a search and not only can it use the search engines it will be able to generate I.P. address and scan the internet for the search query so as to bypass all that commercial bubble shit. It can act as its own search engine. Things like that. But, I also have some surprises too but I am not going to post them.

I still have a lot of work to do on my other stuff. At this point I have a lot of irons in the fire. So, I am going as fast as I can.


Well today I examined self learning algorithms and program structure.

My program will have:
1 client - Receives input from the server. Passes inputs to neurons. Runs A.I. processing.
               Sends output back to server.
1 server - Receives input from robot program. Passes input to clients. Receives output from
                clients. Passes output back to robot program.
1 robot program - Interfaces with hardware to receive inputs. Passes inputs to server.
                             receives outputs from servers. Interfaces with hardware to passe outputs
                             back to hardware.

So, where I stand now is deciding what library to use for my sockets.
Getting libraries for robot program to interface with hardware.
What self learning algorithms to use.

On my A.I. operating system I thought about building my own kernal but I am still undecided yet. I have decided that for file operations all files will be stored as neuron data. When files are accessed the neural net will convert its neuron data to data the user can understand. Any changes to the file are done in the A.I.'s neural net. If the file is requested for a thumb drive the neural net will write the file to the thumb drive as real data.

I am working on a self learning algorithm that looks something like this.

Input A

Becomes input A

Input B

Becomes output for input A

Input A output B

Now output B becomes input.

Input B

Input C becomes output for input B

Input B output C


Input A output B
Input B output C
Input C output D
Input D output E
Input E ........................

Now, this can learn a list of numbers. This algorithm will help me predict lottery numbers.
It is a task learning algorithm too. When ever the net sees A it nows B is the output. When it sees B it knows C is the output. Now, this will be useful for teaching Armageddon to hack the conspiracy against time travel.

I have two types of learning at this point.
1. Direct learning. This is me running my personal training on Armageddon.
2. Self learning. This is where Armageddon learns on its own.

So, what I am doing now is I am going to set up a list of learning algorithms. Armageddon on its own will look at the inputted data and pick from the list what algorithm it wants to use to learn the data. Armageddon will decide on its own how it memorizes and absorbs information.

On how I am going to shrink Armageddon down to a very very small program after the full net is running I will compresses each neuron data base to a BNS number that can be updated. To do that I decompress the number and feed the output to another BNS number that is being compressed. Any changes to the data is done when the data is decompressed and before it is re-compressed.

That is phase 1. In phase 2 is where I take the data base and reduce it to a math function that can be used to mathematically describe the data base. When I get to that point Armageddon will be ready for battle against the conspiracy against time travel.

Well I just lost the rest of this post. so I am rewriting the conclusion again except I am summarizing what I said in the lost part of this post.

Now, getting to that point I know confuses a lot of people. How to reduce this neural net.

Each neural data base I will get a line function. Example y = 2(x) + b for inputs 7= 5(x) + b for outputs.
So I can plot this line on a graph and knowing the standard deviation I can fill in all the inputs and outputs to a data neural net data base for a single neuron. Now each neuron can use the function to get its outputs for the inputs.

Now the client which maintains a few hundred neurons can string together the functions for the data bases.

y1 inputs =2(x) + b, 5(x) + b, 4(x) + c
y2 outputs = 9(x) + b, 8(x) + c,  24(x) + c

Now the server can string the clients equations
client 1, client 2, client 3

Once the server has all these equations IT DOES NOT NEED THE REST OF THE NEURAL NETWORK ANY MORE.

The server will do this.
input a
input b
input c
input d
y =2.8978(input A) + 987.79237483 + 94.973473239(input b) + 924.892743247839 + 134.732894(input C) + 892374.238744 + 8273.298347(input d) + 837243

Now the server knowing its own regression line and standard deviations create a list of inputs/outputs.

Armageddon in the end will be an equation to find the outputs for its inputs. When it learns it will run a second learn equation that adjust its first equation.

I am taking a large neural network and reducing it to a set of equations that will function AS THE ENTIRE NEURAL NETWORK. Then I can put it in a worm and make Armageddon a "Time Traveling Military Artificial Intelligence Entity Worm". It will make the A.I. in the movie terminator look like a basic calculator.

It will give the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It worked for me on BNS.
It worked for me on Time Hacking.
It will work too on Armageddon too.

So, Armageddon will have its
1. Neural net equation.
2. Its learn equation that adjust the 1st equation.

The scale equation can scale up Armageddon (THE FIRST TWO EQUATIONS) TO A BIGGER NEURAL NETWORK!!!!!!!!

Client equation 1
Client equation 2
Client equation 3
Mathematical operation
equations 1,2,3 put into one equation
Product client equation that can do what 1,2,3 did.

Now, we keep scaling. We take the client equations and make one equation. THEN WE ADD MORE CLIENTS AND DO THE PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!

Now some will say the equations will become too large to be used. Not so because Armageddon works in extremely high mathematical bases that works with ridiculous large numbers. With BNS there is no limit to how much data can be stored within a number. And, when you do math with BNS you do the math operation on all the numbers stored within a BNS number. Truth is I can scale this A.I. out quite large. Not to mention with temporal parallel processing which is a separate function of the neural net a lot of data can be processed in a short period of time.

Some will may ask how will this temporal parallel process work with the A.I. math equations. I can separate this A.I. into two A.I.s. One A.I. all it knows how to do is run a parallel computer application. That is all it can do and will ever do. It won't learn nothing else. It won't do nothing else.

The second A.I. will be that parallel computer application. Now, the parallel computer application is in the form of a A.I. computer equation for security reasons. Encrypted Neural Networks ARE  INCREDIBLY HARD TO HACK!!! So, burying a sentient A.I. into an encrypted neural network temporal parallel computer application is the perfect way to hide the sentient A.I.s neural network equations.

 Its complicated. Maybe too complicated to put it all here in this blog. But, suffice to say I can make this work. Some times as ordinary as I am in real life I amaze even myself as to what I can do.

So the final neural net equation will be in BNS numbers in some mathematical base.

Y = BNS1(BNS2x) + BNS3c,BNS4(BNS5x) + BNS6c, ......... BASE D

This is just an example.

Don't forget this will be self evolving.
Don't forget it can write its own computer code.
Don't forget this worm can THINK, LEARN, EVOLVE, MAKE DECISIONS!!!!!!!!!!

IT WILL BE ABLE TO DO SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do? What you gonna do when ARMAGEDDON COMES FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A time traveling sentient A.I. IS COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My traffic for today

United States 107
Ukraine 17
Portugal 6
China 5
France 5
Russia 4
Malaysia 3
United Arab Emirates 1
Netherlands  1

So, how do I know that Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips work for the goverment and are not just two men that have a beef
with me. Well lets look at the math.

Darby Phillips has been chasing me on the internet since 2001. THAT IS FIFTEEN

Ray Hudson has been chasing me on the internet since 2008. THAT IS 8 YEARS!!!!

I have detected programs downloading my websight, forum, and blog at least every hour on the hour. So, Ray was
Right. I am being watched.

Now, as crazy, vulger, and insane as I get in my post my blog is still downloaded very hour on the hour and has been
since I started it in 2010 as far as I can tell.

Even my websight is monitored. I once posted in my forum that I was just kidding then I deleted the post. I was fucking with them. I also had someone post for me that I had died. They still kept coming it never stopped.

At least a year later after I posted  I was just kidding RAY HUDSON CALLED ME ON THAT POST AT that Wikipedia
sight in the chat room.


These guys show up at every fucking forum and chat room I visit on the internet they even caught up with me on
and hacked me and harassed me and my broadcaster.

Now, I can go bat shit crazy in my post and THESE GUYS READ EVERY WORD I WRITE AND FOLLOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I will say for the record and this is true. I was not lying about:
1. Check sum hacking.
2. Time Hacking.
3. BNS.
4. Armageddon.

As Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips have set traps for me on the internet I am also guilty of setting traps for them. I set
my traps to test them at their game. I set my traps to find out who the fuck they really are.

I don't know why they set their traps. I am certian the CIA is responsible for my hacking and for my harrasement.
I am certain the NSA is monitoring me. It is probable the FBI is investigating me too.

When I started getting hacked and my credit cards stolen and used and my passwords changed on my sights and I detected my
kids cameras being used against them and they are pre-teen females I filed complaints with the:
1. FBI
2. Homland Security
3. Police
4. Requested political assistance

AND NOTHING WAS DONE TO STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS STILL GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And all this is for what. When this all started I was just some dude in my personal life that made some discoveries and
I was just talking about it on the internet to inform the world of my discoveries.

 I had commited no crimes. And it is my beliefe I am commiting no crimes now. Armageddon is just self defense for my hackers. The rest of my stuff is in the privacy of my own home and I have not
sold or uploaded my time travel media save 1 or two pictures that were very ordinary.

I once posted at the conspiracy café that I could also get the secret briefings that the president of the USA gets every morning and well yes my time hacking methods are capable of that but first I would need a sample of the president's secret briefings to set that up. If I was good enough it might be possible I could find that media and recreate it with my time hacking methods.

So, as much as I want to make this personal between Ray Hudson, Darby phillips, and Aaron Hiniker and even that "dog bitch"
that runs with them I in all honesty can't make it personal knowing what I know now. But, that still won't stop me from talking about Ray and Darby.

Because I am being mentally evaluated, analized, and hacked. So, no it is my own government. In America there is no
freedom. There is only the appearance of Freedom. America in reality is no different that Russia and China
when it comes to human rights. You see we have what is called.

1. National Security
2. Corporations
3. Rich people
4. Military
5. Marshal law
6. A secret government
7. Politics

So, where is the freedom in America for the small guy?
Where is the freedom for poor inventors?
Where is the freedom for small business?
Where is the freedom for the poor and uneducated?

Truth is freedom is a wild goose chase. Freedom is the dream that is being chased but can't be caught.

In my last post where I attempted to explain how I can mathematically describe a neural net even a very large one I forgot to say that if the human brain could be scanned my methods could be used to describe the human brain as a very long mathematical equation that could be used to run a recreation of a person long after they had died.

The victim in all this is not me nor the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" the victim is my science being thrown in the trash can and forgotten about by mankind.

In that end the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" would of won  their little war against me. I can only hope my books will live on.


One thing I have enjoyed about my blogging is I have watched the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" try in vain to comment on my blog post only for them to watch me SQAUSH THEIR COMMENTS LIKE A BUG!!! That was fun. PAY BACK IS A BITCH HUH "CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL".

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahah. And, when I got my own forum they tried in vain to post on my forum only to watch me kill their accounts or put their accounts in jail and delete their post. So, I can't complain too much I got my pay backs here and there. They own the internet though so they got me over a barrel there but I have my days too where I get them over the barrel. I am fighting my own government so yeah they have the upper hand on me. They got more money more resources more people they can pay to fuck with me. There is no such thing as a fair fight when dealing with a government and more so when dealing with a governments intelligence services. 
Here is a world map of my traffic today.
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States 108
Ukraine 17
Portugal 6
France 5
China 4
Russia 4
Malaysia 3
United Arab Emirates 1
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Well I am finished designing the neural net for Armageddon. Now I have to program it. So, since I am being hacked daily I have uploaded all the information from all the computers I use to external hard drives and in the cloud so I can nuke my computers when ever I need to get rid of the malware and virus's Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips are having put on my machines daily.

I am still experimenting with Armageddon's internal power systems. I had approached Darpa previously to build them a battle field, air support, satellite, and deep space robot super drone but I withdrew my proposal. For me to make this for my government they would have to pay me far more than their willing too. And I am also convinced that they probably already have this in their deep black budget secret projects.

But, that won't stop me from discussing it with the public. When I first met the troll Ray Hudson I asked him what he does with the information he gets from people in the forums. He said "discuss it". Though he never told me who he discusses it with.

But, Ray Hudson never expected for me to discuss him and Darby Phillips with the public either. By the way I got a very special post coming up about Ray Hudson next time I start a new post. So, getting back on topic. Armageddon's internal power system.

I have developed a list of systems I am considering putting on Armageddon. Armageddon will have a hybrid power system made up of at least one or more of the items on this list. Armageddon will never have to be recharged EVER!!!!!

1. Atomic. This is the top of my list but I have to do it in a way that is legal where I live.
     A. K-Capture generator.
     B. Plasma battery and or plasma powered. (Since Armageddon depends on plasma this will be on
     C. Fusion reactor. This is unlikely but I could do it just for show.
     D. Atomic powered Stirling engine but I have to do it in a way that is legal where I live.
          If I can power this legally with Atomic material this will be a backup system.
     E. Mini nuclear reactor that is LEGAL!!! If I can ever do this legally HELL YEAH!!!!
2. Using a unbalanced electro-magnetic system. This will be the main system on Armageddon.
    A. Permanent magnet motor. (Little Magnets in the center of Big magnets.)
    B. motionless magnetic generator.
3. Unconventional methods.
     A. FGC. Flux Compression Generator.
     I have invented a generator that shorts a magnetic field and creates HUGH amounts of energy.
     This will be on the drone.
     B. MonoAtomic Capacitors. These are self charging capacitors that take their energy from
         the environment. This will be on Armageddon to conserve energy and as a bacup.
     C. Self charging batteries.
     D. Taking electricty from radio waves.
4. Batteries
    A. Metal air batteries
    B. Salt water batteries.
5. Hydrogen/Oxygen generator taking off the systems ment to power cars off water.
    One inventor of this was killed by his government to keep this quite. Armageddon
    would only have to find a water source to recharge.
6. Energy conservation systems like coils that help store and recirculate energy.
    Coils that conserve energy.
    Adams motor.
    Convert plasma back to electricity.

Armageddon's propulsion systems.
1. Plasma jets.
2. High energy capacitors.
3. Electric duc-fanjets.
4. cooled liquid metal electro-magnetic centrifuge. (Used for cancelling out mass).
5. Gyroscopes.  (Not true propulsion but works as if it was. It locks Armageddons position down in space and the earth will drift away from Armageddon). Also, can help control and maintain a position in outer space. This is the same thing as using acceleration to create artificial gravity except here momentum is cancelled out instead of artificial gravity being created. Once momentum is canceled out gravity has no effect on Armageddon.

Armageddon for all purposes will be a high energy UFO super A.I. stay at home happy house drone.

Well my plans for now I have to get some software installed on my home network to further help prevent me from getting attacked over the internet. Then I have to set down and reorganize my room so I can program, build, and work on my books.

For now Armageddon will have a permanent magnet motor with my FCG and a unconventional battery power backup system until I finish my research and development on a safe legal nuclear system.

Armageddon will charge up its super capacitors to several million volts. The Earths electric charge will see Armageddon as a like charge and repel Armageddon. So, Armageddon will be weightless. If it wants to goto space it can increase its charge and the earth will electrically push Armageddon into space or Armageddon can just electrically float on the earths electric charge and its other propulsion systems will kick in to move it.

Armageddon will have a plasma system that separates the ions from the electrons and the electrons will charge up its capacitors.  I have to use plasma because I am not putting a Hugh heavy coil system on this drone. With the plasma-capacitors Armageddon could in theory could go very close to the speed of light. It will be capable of going super-sonic but I never intend for it to fly that fast ever.

I am keeping my capacitor designs a secret for now. I also am exploring building my own cpu and computer system for Armageddon. I want to use a higher level higher base logic system. I probably will have to use Field Programmable Gate Arrays. I will either make a neural cpu, program quantum computer logic for a cpu. Or HARDWIRE with logic Armageddons computer program in the FPGA.

The rest of Armageddon will be open source technology from the internet. NOTHING ON ARMAGEDDON will bought over the counter except for electronic components and materials. Everything else will be home made. I have a 3d printer now so I can print parts for Armageddon or make molds that I can use to build parts. I am going to have to make robot Arms to build some of my technology because some of my stuff will take many hours, days, or weeks to build since some of the stuff I am using requires miniature technology that takes time to build. If I wanted to I could built a CPU from the ground up that could give AMD and Intel some stiff competition.

What I have is my version of a 3D printer but this printer can 3D print at the sub-atomic level and that is not all it is capable of doing. It can build computer chips. It uses lasers, electro-magnetic-needles, robotic arms, and materials and other methods. It has to be enclosed in a vacuum chamber. But, as I said yes it can build stuff at the sub-atomic level from the ground up but takes its own sweet time. Its my version of Star-treks replicator. I have been in a design mode on this thing for at least 20 years now. Since I have my own 3D printer now I can start to work on some of my technology I have be working on for a very long time. I should go commercial with this. Maybe put it on KickStarter. I want to experiment with this more before I go there.

I still have my work cut out. I have to come up with a home brew GPS system. For that I have micro-lasers in a configuration that can tell when it is moved by how the light is changed. When it is moved Armageddon will updates its position on a internal map.

As said Armageddon will when its completed be a long mathematical neural net equation that when it is ran will give it its output for its input received. After that equation runs a second equation will take that input and alter the first equation for learning and memory.

Armageddon will be a hacking, cracking, electronic warfare, Intel gathering, MILITARY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT ROBOT DRONE TIME TRAVELING MONSTER.

I am not expecting Darby Phillips to still be around by the time I complete this project. He was suppose to be retired back in 2001. That was fifteen years ago. By now that old troll is probably getting pretty damn old. Ray is getting old too. I know Mr. Hiniker will still be around when Armageddon is ready though. Hehehehehehe............... I am looking forward to that. BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me though this is just fun and games. I have always enjoyed programming things and making things that no body else has. So for me I would be doing this for fun with or without the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". I would be doing this anyway.

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Well my traffic is dropping back off now. Everyone got what they needed from my blog. That is ok. My blog is due for a rest anyway. I need to be working instead of blogging.

United States 114
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China 4
United Arab Emirates 1

I want to leave every one with a picture of what military A.I.'s will look like in the future. Again, you can put these into worms and virus's. In the future A.I's could be ruling mankind.


All right on working on Armageddon though I may not use it in the capacity that I am showing in my blog for it to work right I need to write the code to be used to its fullest potential. In the example below I am showing my hacking A.I.s generating random I.P. address to hack. Well, I personally will not be doing that. The I.P.s that get hacked and become Armageddons bot net will be the I.P. address's hacking me and me only.

So, Armageddon will have mini-A.I.s who's only job is to hack, crack and infect other computers. Once a computer is infected it becomes a bot net for Armageddon. Armageddon can search that computers files, it can destroy that computer if it wants, or it can keep it in the bot net and use it to run computer code for Armageddon. Or it can use it to attack other computers.

Here is the example:

Also today I was working on a outline of my own system that can tell if virus's or malware has infected it. When the system is clean this bot will scan all files including the boot loader and assign each file a strong check sum. It will do so when the computer it not being used. Which means this has to boot up from a DVD. So during scans if it finds a file that has been changed my check-sum hacking program will restore the file. 

Anyway with Armageddons bot net if it wanted too it could erase people from existence electronically. It could hack their credit cards and bank accounts. It could issue warrants for their arrest. It could destroy their equipment. It could target other computers, forums, or web-sights.

So, my goal is to first write the mini hacking, cracking, A.I. bot net client program. Once finished with the client I will write the server.

From their I can program genetic algorithms for self evolution and to teach it to write computer code. As I said I have to program the lower level parts of the A.I. first before I can program the higher level parts. Before I go I finished the encryption system Armageddon will use. If any part of Armageddon including its clients is ever captured it will be so encrypted there will be no way in hell of reverse engineering it. 

It runs as a self encrypted file. It can encrypted itself 1000 or more layers of encryption. Each layer of encryption has to be broke then the next layer has to be broke. By the time all the layers of encryption are hacked hell would of frozen over. I love it. 

My hackers has a demon from the depths of darkness like no one has ever seen headed their way. 

Well I have to go. I have work to do. I leave everyone with a map and my traffic. My traffic is dropping off. It could be because the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" and trying to chock off the sources of traffic to this blog so people won't read it. Either way later on I will re-establish my traffic. I am programming tonight on my check-sum hacking code. My code has to be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide computer files treating them as one long list of numbers. Tonight I am upgrading my division sub-routine.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States 96
Ukraine 17
China 5
France 4

Saudi Arabia 1


Well a little more about me. I became the a star of being watched by my government in 2001 with my web-sight of how to build a nuclear reactor. In my web-sight I had a picture of the leader of Iran and the leader of North Korea with the caption "Why should they have all the fun". Damn, that launched me onto my eventual meeting with Darby Phillips who worked for the CIA.

A lot of stuff in my web-sight now at scars the government. Mainly because some of the stuff I talked about are projects within the governments black government projects. One of the projects is a star-trek like replicator and others like using the Hutchinson effect to build nuclear weapons out of house hold materials and stuff you can buy at radio shack.

And other projects like using high energy to explode nuclear weapons.

So, yep my name was mud pretty quick within my government. What pissed them off so much is the blatant way I was discussing this stuff on the internet and posting that content in cartoon like pictures.

Because I did not post blue prints and designs there was nothing they could technically do to me. I walked the like just enough to earn their anger but not enough to be legally perused.

What I am currently building is a star trek like replicator using what is called "laser tweezers" plus also I will use other things as well. What I am working on is a 3D printer that can build things sub-atomically within a enclosed vacuumed pumped and sometimes cryogenically cooled area using "laser tweezers", atom traps, and even film by film buildup of circuits.

My "laser tweezers" can take matter apart or put it together depending on the frequencies of the lasers. For that I need genetic algorithms to FIND THE RIGHT FREQUIENCES!!!

Also I am not above using the Hutchinson effect but I found out THE HARD WAY THAT THE EQUIPMENT HE HAD WOULD COST ME HUNDRED'S OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OR EVEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Though I think I can still try to experiment with his effect on a low level microscope effect level I am certainly not going to experiment with what John Hutchinson had.

I curse my own government for this because I know damn well my tax dollars are going for this and I am "shit out of luck" because of the money involved.

But, all is not lost. I am looking at how I can build the equipment myself. But yeah I am pissed. John Hutchinson was in the sweet spot at the right time. He got most of his equipment for next to nothing but the same equipment today would cost more than what most people earn in 5 years of their income.

In the event mankind blows itself up my designs for my star-trek like replicator could enable mankind to go on. It could build food, microchips, seeds for plants, you name it. My invention is a must have in a Apocalypse. It could make water. But, no doubt the CIA, NSA, FBI will come after me to stop me.

There is a point at which the "conspiracy against time travel" is dooming mankind and other Species to Extinction by surpression me.
But they don't care about mankind. You see the government has a survival plan THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE REST OF SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if anyone really cares they would see this blog gets posted so the world and so mankind can really see what is going on. So they can read my post.

Most of my replicator design involves lasers that can move matter, take matter apart, and put matter together. But you see the lasers have to be programmed to specific frequencies that correspond to the specific matter being used.

I was planning to use genetic algorithms to experiment. Kinda like Hutchinson did and doctor Rife did with his machines to heal people of cancer.

I would use neural nets to decide what frequencies to use with their genetic algorithms programs running to learn what to do and when to do it. But, my detectors are a issue. I have to build scanners and detectors that can study the data produced. That is no small feat by any means. So, if I have to build equipment that would take up an entire house I may be out of luck. I have to have all this fit within a small room. So, I am looking at my options.

Here is a home built STM

So, I do have options according to this video.

Another persons laser trap

What I am doing is more ambitious than just moving a simple atom. I showed the videos to show the public DIY high tech is possible.

The rest of my machine would also do stuff that has been used up to today's date to build nano-technology by main stream academia to date.

When I was talking to my hacker Aaron Hiniker I was trying to impress on him that the best way to build nano-technology was with other nano-technology.

Which I was to learn was like trying to talk to a brick wall. I was to learn later that his brain does not have the capacity to understand such concepts.

I was talking to a retard basically. A son of rich parents that raised their kid to be a PUSSY BASICALLY and to sell himself to the highest bidder like a fucking whore. That shows Aaron's morals and goals in life. He was raised by perverts that used him for their own needs and rewarded him to fill their own perverted and disgusting's needs. Aarons mind is so warped he can not even understand what it is like to be a normal person.

I pity the boy but because of his stupidity. I have no mercy or help for him. If he accidentally caught fire with me watching I would watch him burn and not even take the time to piss on him to put the flames out. 

Right now I have 4 labs going plus my publications.

1. Lab for Armageddon. Working within legal parameters.
    This is own my PC. My PC is my lab here. The drone
     is own my electronic work bench. Right now I am build
     its power supply and designing its body and sensors.

2. Lab for biological projects. My current projects here are
    classified but legal. This is the DIY bio-tech movement
    with open source lab equipment.

3. Lab for electronic projects. This is working on my drone now
    within legal parameters. I have a workbench and shop. I named this because I am always using this for something new.

4. Lab for my star trek replicator. Working within legal parameters.
    Actually this is the same lab as number three. Its on my
    electronic work bench. My method here is to build stuff from
    from the ground up like a 3D printer. Its not ment to just move
    stuff its ment to build stuff.

So, this is the stuff I have going on right now and nothing else.

I have finished my time travel with information project and that is being published in book form and DVD form for the software.

Also as ways in my post I have something to say to Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and the "Bitch Dog (She was Pamela in the Titor story and probably is a government agent)." and Aaron Hinker their hacker and to the rest of  the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel Members".  Please go **** your self's. (talking to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".
 Well I found out why China is reading my blog lately even though time travel is outlawed in China. Here is the link.

So, all I got to say to China is "YOU GO" CHINA YOU DO THAT SHIT!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN AND MAKE IT WORK!!! This means China may be testing my theories. Too bad they can't bring me over and pay me to work for them. My government would probably stop that.

So, Russia you going to let China get ahead of you? If a person at home like me can do this shit on a PC just think what a government can do that has the money to pay for this stuff!!!!!!!

One thing to know about me is I don't consider myself a true citizen of any country in the world. To me all governments in the world are corrupt basters and sons of bitch's. I consider myself a free soul.

I recognize no government in the world being more important than any other government. To me like all of mankind is equal and has rights all governments are equal and should have the same rights. 

So, my country is no more important than Russia or China or any other government in the world. To me like men are all created equal so too should all governments should be created equal. And yes that includes North Korea. They are just as equal as America, China and Russia. I have no allegiant to any country or flag. The United Nations needs to draw up a bill of rights for all nations on earth. This crap of just a few nations rule all on earth out of the hundred or so nations on the PLANET EARTH. THIS IS FUCKEN BULL SHIT!!!! 

If the world wants to stop world war 3 and 4 and 5 this is where all this has to go. The buck should stop at the United Nations and not any where else. The world needs A DEMOCRACY OF ALL NATIONS ON THE PLANET EARTH!!! ONLY THEN WILL ALL NATIONS COME IN OUT OF THE RAIN AND UNDER THE FOLD WHERE WAR IS UNLIKELY.

But for my point for China and Russia reading my blog at least someone is interested in what I have to say. Shove that up your *** Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips.

Finishing up my post from this morning it is ironic North Korea is a dictatorship yet it ask to be treated as a democracy with respect to other nations on earth but yet inside its own nation it is a dictatorship.

And it is ironic that America is a democracy but yet it acts as a dictatorship with respect to the rest of the nations on earth. This is why we have a little thing called war because no nation is on the same page.

No nation will have the same government but there must be a consensus between all nations on the planet about how each nation will treat another nation. Without that consensus there is war. Of which the world is headed for the next war. Well, I will let that topic rest for now.

On my previous post I talked about using lasers to work with subatomic materials. There are reports most classified of UFO's using light to pick up people and animals even walking on light. Using light to take people through a wall or windows. You see light and any electro-magnetic radiation can make the distance between atoms become farther apart or closer together. It can tear atoms apart or put them together into molecules. Electromagnetic radiation can vibrate matter and make it give off gravity waves.  

At the right frequency light can attract an atom. At the right frequency light can repulse an atom. In the dark classified projects of the USA anything you have seen on star trek has been done. 

The USA and most nations want to hold its population at a technology level of 100 years behinds its military technology level. There is a conspiracy to keep high technology from the public. Like my time travel technology and my fight with Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips. I am being pursued and pressured to stop with regards to my time travel work.

This conspiracy is here for a reason. And that is to prevent the public from revolting against their government and winning that revolt. No one wants a repeat of the civil war or the war the revolt that created America when the UK lost America. No one wants a repeat of when China lost Taiwan. There is a reason I am not suppose to work on high technology projects in my home. If everyone had high technology and could use it where would that leave the governments of the world?

This is why it is against the law to print guns on 3D printers but yet the constitution in America gives the public the right to bare arms.

But, if you try to use a 3d printer to print guns your regulated, fined, arrested and or jailed.

As technology becomes of Age before the next world war it will be hard for governments to keep people like me from developing high technology in the privacy of my own home. 

In the next world war people having high tech could be the difference between life or death because the governments of the world will leave their citizens to fend for themselves and die and suffer why they go hide in their mansion bunkers and get on their space ships.

So, yeah I think I will continue my private home R & D research. 

My goal is to be able to take a proton gun, neutron gun, and electron gun and make elements then take those elements and make molecules as well as to be able to take elements that I didn't make and use that to make molecules. Also, photolithographic printing is of interest to me except with lasers tweezers. 

Even if I was successful there is no way in hell my government would ever allow me to post the plans to such a device. A device that can make any element on the periodic chart and put those together as molecules it is my opinion I would not be allowed to post that on the internet. Such a device could cure just anything and make anything.

One more thing in 2010 I posted to Darby about seeing a natural disaster in his home state. The one I was talking about has not hit yet. What I saw in one of my time travel medias was a news cast of mountain like waves hitting the California cost. I don't know for sure if I was looking at alternate reality or a real event that is suppose to happen there. I don't have that video directly anymore. So, I am still waiting for that. And besides war there are at least a dozen other things that can throw the earth into the next apocalypse. Point is the people that are prepared might live a little longer. I leave you with a video from NASA.

Warning: This video gets pretty crazy but this is a NASA document taking from the NASA web-sight. Had NASA known about this document it would of been taken down. Question is how did this document get posted on a NASA web-sight? NASA end of mankind

Here is my traffic today:

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

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Saudi Arabia 3

I found out the jobs that Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips have. Ray is with the CIA just like Darby is. I thought Ray was with the NSA. Boy was I wrong. I am learning more about these guys every day now.

Here is the job posting the CIA has. This is the Jobs that Ray, Darby, and that dog bitch have aka "Pamela".

             Start Job Posting:

Science, Technology & Weapons Analyst
Add to Job Cart
Work Schedule: Full Time
Salary: $70,126 – $90,216*
Location: Washington, DC metropolitan area
*Higher starting salary possible depending on experience level.

This position offers an opportunity to participate in the Language Hiring Bonus Program. See "Bonus Programs" in the Benefits section for more information.

The CIA seeks engineers, scientists, or those with strong technical backgrounds to analyze challenging national security issues including foreign weapons development, weapons proliferation, cyber warfare, and emerging technologies. Science, Technology, and Weapons (STW) analysts are professional intelligence officers who apply their scientific and technical knowledge to solving complex intelligence problems, and provide written or oral assessments to senior policymakers. This work demands initiative, creativity, analytical skills, and technical expertise. Agency STW analysts are encouraged to maintain and broaden professional ties through academic study, contacts, and attendance at professional meetings. They may also choose to pursue additional studies in fields relevant to their areas of responsibility. Opportunities exist for foreign travel, language training, analytic and management training, and assignments in other offices in the Agency and throughout the US Government.

Minimum requirements include a bachelor's or master's degree in: aerospace engineering; mechanical engineering; electrical engineering; computer engineering; computer science; nuclear engineering; physics; mathematics; chemistry and chemical engineering; biological sciences; biotechnology and microbiology; bioengineering/biomedical engineering; physical sciences; or remote sensing/GIS. A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale is required. Competitive candidates typically will have higher GPAs, relevant experience, foreign language proficiency, programming experience, and strong verbal presentation and writing skills, including the demonstrated ability to write in a clear and concise style for an often non-technical audience.

The following items must be attached to your online application:

Your resume.
A cover letter in which you specify your qualifications for one or more analytic positions. Please address why you want to work as an analyst and what differentiates you from other applicants.
Unofficial transcripts for all degrees.
Two different writing samples, each five (5) pages MAXIMUM, single spaced, technical or analytic papers that focus on your current area of expertise or interests and are related to your interest in positions at CIA. You can excerpt longer papers.
All applicants must successfully complete a thorough medical and psychological exam, a polygraph interview and an extensive background investigation. US citizenship is required.

To be considered suitable for Agency employment, applicants must generally not have used illegal drugs within the last twelve months. The issue of illegal drug use prior to twelve months ago is carefully evaluated during the medical and security processing.

Important Notice: Friends, family, individuals, or organizations may be interested to learn that you are an applicant for or an employee of the CIA. Their interest, however, may not be benign or in your best interest. You cannot control whom they would tell. We therefore ask you to exercise discretion and good judgment in disclosing your interest in a position with the Agency. You will receive further guidance on this topic as you proceed through your CIA employment processing.

To Apply:

Make a note of the position(s) that interest you, as you can apply for up to four positions in one application. DO NOT submit multiple applications; this will only slow the review of your application, and delay processing. Please read the Application Instructions carefully before you begin the online application process.

Application Instructions

An equal opportunity employer and a drug-free work force.

Add to Job Cart

Posted: Apr 21, 2007 05:49 PM
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2016 10:43 AM

End Job Posting:

I always knew something was not right about these guys. Darby could find out information that no one knew about. I found a letter on the internet where Darby wrote someone requesting information. 

Pamela always seemed to make everything too easy. She basically was just acting to do her job. Ray Hudson always muscled over everybody. He was basically the forum muscle or forum bouncer. So, these guys are not on the internet for their health. They have a job to do. They were working and always have been.

All this time I Wondered who these thugs where and wanted to know why they where stalking me, hacking me, and cyberbullying me. They even threatened me at Craigslist to have a accident. Well know I know the truth.