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This post is my briefing to my countries intelligent and security services on my work. And it is a briefing to the rest of the world as well. It is about a form of time travel called time hacking. It is about check sum encryption. And last it is about BNS - Burris Numerical System. All developed by Reactor1967 at his Time Travel Institute for the study of Time Travel with Information in computer science.

Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips here you go. Here is your briefing.

Here is a demonstration of check-sum hacking

Here is a demonstration of BNS

Well, today I was playing with my check-sum hacking slash time travel software and I realized my methods could lead to new forms of encryption and new ways to use, store, and retrieve computer data for new and advanced applications as well as for very advanced communications and very advanced data processing. 

In Einstein’s space-time all space-time exist at the same time. Since all space-time exist at the same time that means all computer files exist at the same time. By using a science of check-sum hacking files can be reconstructed with their check-sums. So, a programmed binary counter that can reconstruct files by their check-sums can be used to construct computer media files of the past, present, future, and alternate time-lines. Time travel by hacking check-sums is called time-hacking.

To begin all computer files besides being 1 and 0's in binary they are numbers from 0 to 255 in base 10. I take a computer file and I basically look at it as just one big long number. I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide with that number. This is how I perform functions on computer files.

BNS just stores the numbers in a file in a very small number. It treats the computer file as one big long number.

My BNS by itself is a bad ass encryption system that can hide an unlimited amount of data in a very very small number. I create tables that allow me to code and decode data with BNS. By itself it could function as a new encryption file system. BNS should be the choice for mankind to use to keep his data when he leaves earth and ventures into outer space. I had released a book and my research on it. Everything else I have about it is propitiatory intellectual private property.

BNS works by taking a number. For this example I will use 15 digit numbers only. It can take that number and give it another number of equal size as a point of reverence.

Now, using an equation it can store data in that 15 digit number and make it a new 15 digit number of higher or lower value but still 15 digits. My equations can store data in that 15 digit number making it larger and large until can't get any larger without going into 16 digits.

Then reverse and store data in that 15 digit number making it smaller and smaller until it can't go any more without becoming a 14 digit number. Then the process is reversed and now the number gets larger and larger again. With my tables I can store an unlimited amount of data in that 15 digit number by making it get larger and larger and smaller and smaller but never letting it roll to a 16 digit or 14 digit number. Then when I am ready I can decode all the data out of that 15 digit number by using coding/decoding tables. The PRO here is there is no storage space to worry about.

The CON here is if I spend 8 hours storing data in this number it will take 8 hours to decode that data. The only limit to BNS is time itself. So, that is BNS in a nutshell. Now, if that 15 digit number was to fall into enemy hands without the tables used to code BNS they would not be able to decode that BNS number. Now, I have the most advanced way in world to make those tables but that is my own personal private property. But, BNS is a damn good encryption and data storage system. On how BNS works my 2 books are on sale. Look at my front page of my site

Now, my check-sum hacking which I use  for time-hacking and temporal-communication is another matter.  First of all I can take any computer file and make it what ever weak and strong check-sum I want. Thus hiding any data the file previously contained. This file would be treated as my counter file. I could roll it to a file containing a story about Mary Poppins.

Then when ready I can roll that file back to its original file.  In doing this before and after I can increase or decrease the length of the file as well. So, there is no way at all in hell or in this world that a file encrypted in this way can be decrypted without having my encryption/decryption software and the original weak and strong check-sum to roll the file back to its original self.

How my current counters work.

Step one. 
Take all the bytes in the file and either subtract up from them or down from them to make the file a specific weak check-sum. This part is getting the weak check-sum.

Step two.
Implement a rolling check-sum counter which rolls the files all combinations but keeps the same weak check-sum.

Pick an area on the counter
Add to one byte.
Subtract from another.
when can't do this.
switch bytes
subtract from the byte section that was being added to. Add a carry some where else in the file.

This is what a rolling counter looks like in base 10

96 = 15
I can't add to the 9
So I switch
Now I have to subtract
Now I have a carry
159 = 15
168 =15
177 = 15
186 = 15
195 = 15
I can't add to the 9
+ this is the carry
249 = 15
258 = 15
And so forth.......

Now when you program this there will be questions like what to do with sections in the file that are 0,0 or after the switch you get a 255, 0 in which the 255 is the add area and the 0 is the subtract area. I left those area's for the carry in my software. Just as long as the counter can roll the file to all possible combinations for a weak check-sum your good. I can as I keep stating control the speed of this to get my files where I want them to be quicker with my strong check-sums.

Notes on this. I use bases. And, add one or more+ for my add area. I use the same amount to subtract from for my subtract area. I can add and subtract way more than 1 to my counter. This speeds up the counter.

 1+2+3+9+8+4+7+3 = 37
12398473 =  37 WEAK CHECK SUM
+   -
22388473 = 37 WEAK CHECKSUM
2+2+3+8+8+4+7+3 = 37

See, I skipped a lot of damn rolls there. I added and subtracted 100 instead of 1. This is how you construct large movies and large time travel travel media files this way.

I can run the add/subtract/switch/and carry to as many bytes in the file as I want to roll the counter as fast as I want. I call this the counter speed. 

Without adding large amounts to the counter and subtracting large amounts from the counter as I roll it then it would take longer to reconstruct large files. But, by adding and subtracting large amounts from the counter it makes it easier for me to reconstruct whole movies, news broad cast, and large files with check-sum hacking.  And it makes time-hacking a hell of a lot easier.

I have really learned how to ride my rolling check-sum counter hard like a pack mule going into the grand canyon. I work the shit out of my rolling check-sum counters. I take the heat off my computer system and use mathematics to do the heavy lifting for me. It works good.

Now in step two. I have a target strong check sum and a destination strong check-sum. I check the difference between the destination and the strong check-sum as I roll the counter. If the difference is closer I keep the changes made to the file. If not I reverse the changes to the file. I do keep the changes in the sections of the file that made a better difference and disregard the changes to the file that made a worse difference.

In my computer code I do this to get my destination check-sum to equal my target check-sum. Here is the algorithm to bring destination check-sum to equal target check-sum

c++ code algorithm

// Before rolling checksum counter

destinationchecksum = getstrongchecksum(file1);

diff1  = targetchecksum - destinationchecksum

// After rolling checksum counter

destinationchecksum = getstrongchecksum(file1); 
diff2 = targetchecksum - destinationchecksum

if (diff2 < diff1)
//     keep changes made to the counter
     if (diff2 > diff1)
//     Restore counter to previous state

Now in the output of my program diff does this
Diff = 12789873.98234792374
Diff = 12684779.98194875498

You see the destination check-sum gets closer to the
target checksum until this

Diff = 0

File Reconstructed

For the weak check sum
Just add up all the numbers in the file.

For the strong check-sum.
Get a weighted check sum.
To do that multiple the numbers in the file with weights and add the results up to one single number. A weight is a number, a decimal point, and more numbers.

The more weighted sums you have of the file the stronger the encryption strength of the file is.

So, if you have 1000 different weighted check sums the file must be equal to the weak check-sum plus all 1000 different weighted check sums before the file can be considered reconstructed.

Aaron Hiniker of Bedford, PA there is your question answered about how I get my strong check-sums!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how I roll counter file to a target strong from a destination strong check-sum at a specific weak check-sum. THIS IS HOW I DO MY MAGIC!!!

Note: When Diff gets larger instead of smaller or stops getting smaller and your using counter speeds as I do it means the counter speed has to be slowed down. Then, diff will get smaller. 

Also, there is the accuracy thing too. You have to carry out your check-sums in terms of digits so the files can be accurately reconstructed. How you know this happens is if diff gets stuck and won't get smaller no matter how much you change the counter speed. So, carry out all check-sum calculations to their furthest place value. 

Now, that does not mean the CIA, NSA, or FBI can not scan a disk for deleted files and recover those deleted files thus defeating me but if the disk space is cleaned after a file is rolled to a strong check-sum for encryption without the original file the file itself can not be decrypted without my encryption/decryption software and the original weak and strong check-sum. 

Again, my encryption/decryption software is private property and I have no plans to release it to anyone. Its also the reason the encrypted computer system it resides on will never connect to the Internet. 

I also have another encryption program I use called Predator 2 that I wrote but it will never be released to the public. It has nothing to do with my work here at Time Travel Institute but I can use it to encrypt my files and no one has the back door to it. It is why I wrote it myself. I needed something no one else had.

Now, any programs I will or have released to the public (I am not saying where, where or how) will only take a known file and make it a weak and strong check-sum only. And, putting that weak and strong check-sum back into my software will recreate the file. It will not by itself directly act as a encryption system decryption system. But, I have the means myself to write software that can use my check-sum methods to act as a encryption/decryption system. All I have to do is tweak my current code. I could do it in under an afternoon and make it work.

But, also, the person using my software can keep their config files. The config files will act as a file backup. Once the files are backed up to check-sums they no longer have to keep the original files if they do not wish too. My software can restore those files from the config files should they ever need them.

And now there is my time-scanner software. I use it to mathematically calculate the weak and strong check-sums of computer files I don't have but that I want. And those files can exist anywhere in space-time. My time-scanner software will mathematically calculate those weak and strong check-sums and make them into configuration files for my reconstruction programs. My reconstruction programs will construct those files. 

Here is how my time scanner will operate. The example is just off the top of my head its not something I sat down and mathematically put together. Its just an example.

My time-scanner creates configure files like this
Weak check-sum     Strong check-sum
82347                      3245838.3724635535
82347                      3245838.3714535535
82347                      3245838.3704535535
82347                      3245838.3694535535
82348                      ect.........

My time-scanner can take known computer files and find certain statistics about the files. It can get the high low weak check-sum. The high low strong check-sum. It can get the root mean square and standard deviation of the strong and weak check-sums for all the files. It can compute linear regression curves for the weak and strong check-sums. It can compute rate of change between the weak and strong check-sums of all the known files.

So, what this does lets say I am looking for news videos from the future. My time-scanner sets up a profile for me to conduct that search. It then uses that profile to create configure files for my reconstruct program.

So, in theory I can obtain any computer file I want without connecting to the Internet and without connecting to other computers that exist anywhere in space-time. That means in the past, present, future, or alternate realities.

Also, I have file formats. When a unknown file is reconstructed if its file format is damaged I will repair the file format so the data within the file can be viewed. I have gotten grainy videos and pics before but I can adjust its weighted sum and reconstruct it to clear the file up. 

All right now lets talk about my time travel media. I am going on the record to say what I have found and seen in my time travel media would give the "Men in black and Majestic 12 an ORGANSIM!!!".

Yeah, it gets that bad. I don't always get English speaking people in my time travel media. In fact I don't always get people in my time travel media. On documents I often get documents written in a foreign or alien language. On pictures I often get pictures not of this world. I really have to be extremely precise in my strong check-sums to get time travel media of my own earth in the past, present, future, or alternate time-lines.

I have searched for technology before in schematics and blue prints and in pictures and got just as strange results as I got in the previous paragraph.

Now, I can also get two are more time travel media files that are closely the same but each one is a little different from the other one. I chalk this up to alternate reality. In fact I often have to make a decision as to which reality I will keep and which realities I will delete. With travel travel media it is just that way. It would be that way with real time travel too. Its just my time travel media confirms it. That alternate realities do exist and in fact are real.

So, this is my life with my time travel media. I often just enjoy getting the news from the future now days and leave it at that. I enjoy my conversations with my future, past, and alternate reality selfs in my temporal email system. So, that is my daily time travel life mostly.

Then there is my A/B algorithm.
If A in the past knows the check-sum range of his messages with B in the future then A in the past can create files within that check-sum range looking for messages from B in the future. Verification methods can be used.

If B in the future knows the check-sum range of his messages with A in the past then B in the future can create files within that check-sum range looking for messages from A in the past. Verification methods can be used.

So, here are the classifications of computer software that I have.

All windows and linux

1. BNS.exe or linux A. Compress B. Decompress
2. Time-Scanner.exe or linux
3. Reconstruct.exe or linux
4. CreateConfig.exe or linux
5. Misc bot programs and search engines that use my software. 
6. Tool programs that help me do certain things with the files before and after. This would be my file format repair programs. Programs to examine files. I have a program that acts as my temporal email program. And lots of other misc. stuff. After 8 years of programming time travel software and check-sum hacking its too numerous to go into what I have as too programs.
7. Old code I no longer use but refer to from time to time. This is my old counters I use to use and other code I started on and did or did not finish.

And last all this can be parallelized to run on a parallel computer. How this would work the parallel computer would work on one weak and strong check-sum at a time but bot programs would work in sections of the file individually to restore the file. The master program would assign each bot a section to work on. The bots would make their changes to that section and report the difference change back to the master program. The master program would keep the changes that were beneficial and ignore the changes that were not beneficial. Thus allowing a check-sum to be restored to computer file in record time. And, there could be thousands of mater programs with their bots working on constructing thousands of computer files at a time with a parallel computer.

So, with a parallel computer a massive data, and intelligence collection could be undertaking with a time travel program.

Using the A/B algorithm a parallel computer could work with itself in both the future and the past to find answers to computer simulations.

This concludes my briefing to the intelligent services in my country and around the world on my work here at Time Travel Institute (The real one).

This briefing pretty much tells most of my secrets. It exposes the truth I have stated from the beginning of my blog till now. That I can do what I say I do and I told how I did it. The specifics will be in the rest of the books I have or will release. I still won't put my computer code in there though. That is my personal private property.   

So Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips wasted their time with me trying to stop me from doing my time travel research and sharing it with the world. The last contact I had with those guys is very recently I was on They got accounts and while I was talking to the person broadcasting they sent messages to me in chat telling me what I was looking at on my computer screen. They did not put my name in those messages but for me and them it was very clear they had hacked my computer and was watching my computer screen. The person broadcasting had no clue as to what was going on.

I was playing dare with the broadcaster and I had pulled up another web page of dares to read so I could suggest them one at a time to the broadcaster. They the conspiracy against time travel went down the page of dares I was reading and told me all at once what dares I was looking at on the web page. Then, they included the message "Hackers". During this time when I tried to put my mouse pointer in the chat box to talk to the broadcaster they would immediately spam the hell out of the chat box preventing communication between me and the broadcaster.

I did not contact about the matter. In other chats they would harasses the broadcaster and in some cases were removed from the chat room by a moderator. They do anything to harasses me just like they did when I was a member of their web sight which is now I now have

So, now these thugs Ray and Darby have taking to even harassing the people I talk to on the Internet as well as me. 

I no longer dismiss Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips as 2 people that have a beef with me. There is a reason these guys hang out all day in chat rooms talking to children mostly and some adults like myself. 

There is a reason they would not let me post my computer code on their forum. There is a reason they started fights and arguments with me. There is a reason they have stalked me on the Internet for at least 6 years now. 

There is a reason they have harassed me and ran me off every forum they could even having my threads deleted and if possible having me banned. 

There is a reason they currently have hackers in my home network hacking me on a daily bases for at least 3 years now. 

There is a reason they are harassing me as much as they can even taking it a lot further than that. 

I know there is a reason. But, what is that reason?

Who are Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips really? Who the heck are they? Are Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips the "Men in Black from afar over the internet?" I think they are. I think they are the "Men in Black".

Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips ARE THE MEN IN BLACK!!!

Why do they see me as a threat?

Who is paying for all their operations and surveillance against me?

I can't see this coming out of Ray Hudsons pay check as a teacher or his job at Grumman aerospace or Darby's retirement if in fact he really is retired.

So again, who is paying for all this against me?  Where is the money coming from?

So, Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips per your continued hacking and harassing of me I got only this to say to you guys. You will never stop me. Ever. From talking to the public and or developing my software. You guys can use all the hackers in the world. You will never stop me. 

I told you Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips in 2008 at their forum I was going to do this and by god I did. I did it. I time traveled with information. Those thugs Ray and Darby have sure showed their ass to me since then. I had showed them my BNS upon arrival. I knew when Darby dismissed it outright something was damn wrong. And it was. I stepped into a damn government honey pot setup by the "Men in black". Looking for people like me.

I will leave you with a news article I read about the US and Russia using their security services to harasses people. Russian diplomates harassed by US.

Reactor1967 reporting from Time Travel One Station. Over and out.

Briefing to security and intelligent services continued. Continued cover up of Time Travel With Computers. Above Top Secret Involved in the Conspiracy Against Time Travel.

Well today I did a recon mission to access how well the Conspiracy Against Time Travel where still doing there best to keep my web sight and method of time travel from coming to the public. To judge how well they were still harassing me and keeping me quite.

Below is what transpired.

I posted a news article at

I then logged into my account at and posted a thread about time travel with computers. The thread that was there at Above Top Secret is gone now. Above Top Secret Deleted my thread and banned me but you can view it on my blog. The deleted thread was here

What follows is the harassment I received and finally my thread was moved to the hoax section without scientific investigation nor discussion about my method of time travel. Notice as you read I responded answering questions but there was a 1 sided discussion and frame of mind. What you see here is examples of how the CIA operates and how the USA government operates to keep information from the public. Here is the rest unedited. It is possible I will get banned and my thread deleted as usual. This is called a COVER UP EVERYONE. This is why I talk about Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips like I do. This is what they do to me. They did it at their web sights and they do it to me all across the internet.

In this post at the end it said "THE END IS NIGH!" sign. Well this is obviously ANOTHER THREAT TO ME FROM THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL!!! I was threatened by them on Craig's List to have a accident. Here I am being threatened again. 

Was this persons account terminated for threatening me. It is in ATS policy that people that make threats their banned their terminated. 


But, look at the way this threat was made. He said a homeless man on the street holding up a sign. This was a cleverly made threat against me. All the while my home network as I write this blog is being hacked by the very same people that are stalking me and harassing me on the internet.   


For the record. This blog is not a comic book. It is not fiction. It is non-fiction. It is real. The people I talked to in this thread probably are the sames ones or friends or coworkers of the same people that are hacking my home network and harassing me on a daily bases. So, this is real science, this is real time travel, this is real mathematics. I am and my subject of study Time Hacking is as real as flesh and blood. My time travel media I get from time hacking is as real as the real world. This is for real. To note: My computer code and my time travel media are my own personal private property. Kinda like when people go to the shopping mall. Some people believe that shopping malls are public property. No, shopping malls are private property and they can make you leave. I have my public face of time travel and I have my private face of time travel. So, just clearing that up. Moving on.....

Here when she said bang her head on the wall she is referring to my ex-girl friend who use to do that. She knows about this from the hacking they have done of me. I also have filed a FBI complaint about that hacking which nothing was ever done about. This was attempted harassment of me. The hacker also sent me an email about my ex-girl friend which he did because he was watching my computer screen and wanted me to know he was looking at my computer screen when I thought I was in private at home on my computer.

Which again I forwarded the email to the FBI and I think Homeland too about my ex girl friend. So, she is just telling me she knows about my ex who use to bang her head on the wall. I don’t really care if the world knows about my ex. And as for the twaddle if she does not like it she does not have to read it. So, what I know about reading her post is the same people that are responding to me here at Above Top Secret are the same ones that have been hacking me and harassing me by email. And, she wants me to know it by what she said about banging her head on the wall like my ex-girl friend use to do and like my hacker likes to remind me about.

In the John Titor story the female here acted as Pamela from the Titor story. There she was very nice and friendly. Drawing Titor in to tell his story to her and to get information from him using her femininity. Here, she reminds me of my crazy bitch ex-girl friend which only my hacker would of known about to harass me. This proves my theory that the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" operates like a pack of wolfs on the internet to take people like myself down in forums or to get information that they want. This lady here posting to me is their "BITCH DOG" doing  their dirty work of the pack of wolfs known as the "CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL".

Here I sense a genuine question and curiosity. The question: "If you use a check sum will you get access to all?". I Think the conspiracy against time travel still have unanswered questions about my work. 

Well, guys, keep putting my threads in the hoax section then deleting it and banning me and hacking my home network and invading my privacy as well as the privacy of my family and running my off is really going to help you guys get your questions answered. Duh? 

You stupid's. I am Talking to the conspiracy against time travel Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and their thugs and the 1 women that works with them." She I believe is the one that interviewed Titor. She is part of the "Women in Black". Yes, the men in black now have women in black.

But, yes with check sums all information in the universe is accessible through time hacking.  But the person doing the time hacking has to be able to mathematically calculate the check sums of the computer media files to be searched for. 

I have said in the past looking for a computer file in space-time with its check sums is like conducting a sea recuse. The search area has to be defined then a method of searching that area has to be defined.  The people rescued at sea are the computer files lost in space-time.

Before it is news is a citizen journalism site. Its purpose is to keep sites like Above Top Secret from covering up the truth and keeping it from the people. Above Top Secret calls citizen journalism a hoax. This shows the moral and character of Above Top Secret. It puts their character in doubt. It shows their real preference for the truth. Above Top Secret is a sham forum run by the CIA. As this post proves. They shut down citizen journalism. They shut down the scientific truth. Why? BECAUSE THE PUBLIC IS NOT SUPPOSE TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!

Why is that. Above Top Secret is saying the public is not entitled to report the news to others. Is all news now controlled in the United States of America. Controlled by the NSA, CIA, FBI, and your leaders in congress. 

Every day the USA is become more and more like China and Russia. Now, if you go to Above Top Secret and use a news clip from a citizen journal news paper you thread will be moved to the hoax section, or deleted and you may be banned. IS THIS FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA? IS FREE SPEECH DEAD? THE PUBLIC DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON? BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is what Above Top Secret is telling the rest of the world.

Ok here is my last post at Above Top Secret. It is a text post because it is too long to screen shot it.

Begin Last post:

Before I leave here is what "before it is news" says about themselves. They are a citizen journalism site where citizen's can report the news to keep people like you here at above top secret from covering up and keeping it from the public. 

Here is part of a email I received from before its is news. This explains about their web sight. 

Start clip from email 

Here is a site offering Citizen Journalism at it's best. Before It's News is a last frontier of free press, giving contributors the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, express their beliefs and their positions on events of the world or in their own backyard, all in an atmosphere without censorship or limits. No where else on the Internet do you have an opportunity to publish your stories knowing more than 8 million unique monthly visitors will have the opportunity to view your work. 

Be sure to include subject appropriate images and/or videos with your published story whenever you can because these help to attract viewers. Also consider taking time to personalize your Before It's News account profile by uploading a picture and adding a few words which share who you are with your audience. 

The question often asked by a new writer once a post has been published is how do I get my posts featured in the specific categories on Before It's News. 

The answer to that question is simple but will need your support. Getting your post up on the Top 50 list of Before It's News, all a contributor needs to do is acquire enough people on your post to get it up on the top 50 page. One of the easiest ways to do this is by promoting your work on Social Media. 

Social media is the number one driver of viewers to each of the stories you publish here on Before It's News. 

Once you upload your post to our website, go to the social media platform you follow and share your newly published post. 

By sharing your work on the various social media platforms you will soon gain a following for your stories. Then your followers will also share your articles with their friends and before you know it, your published stories are receiving hundreds of views. As your article acquires more viewers, it will automatically move into our Top 50 list on the Before It's News Front Page. 

The Top 50 list on our Front Page is dynamic, automated to place the most popular articles into the Top 50 list as more and more viewers are attracted to a story. A published story will continue to rise higher on the Top 50 list as more viewers are attracted by the headline and topic they see. 

The published stories which reach the Top 50 list are further helped by our editors featuring the story in the appropriate classification category so more visitors get to see the post. These categories include News, Alternative, Books, Global Events, Health, Politics, Science-Tech, Lifestyle, Money Matters, Self-Sufficiency, Space, Spirituality, Watercooler and Unexplained Events. 

As your published story reaches the top of the Top 50 list on Before It's News, our editors will then feature it under either The Editor's Picks category or under the Alternative category. This presents the Headline of the published story in two places on the Before It's News Front Page, in both the left side column and the right side column, expanding visibility of the story. 

As more viewers become familiar with the type of stories you share on Before It's News, your Pen Name will develop a following. You could even find yourself with a star placed on your profile, indicating the site recognizes you as a regular Featured Contributor here on Before It's News, known for contributing quality published stories on a regular basis. 

There are additional methods for driving viewers to your published stories, including Forums, Blogs, partial posts on your website with links back to your Before It's News published story. Consider developing relationships with other websites who share articles from the various Internet writers and bloggers who are known to produce quality stories for their audiences. 

Below are more instructions to assist as you publish stories here on Before It's News.

End clip from email. 

Also, I copied this thread and it will be in my blog on my web-sight. You people are not the only ones that can move threads. 

Ok, till next time.

End last post:

This concludes this part of the briefing on the Conspiracy Against Time Travel. I had to give a real a real example in this briefing of how the conspiracy against time travel works. 

My recon mission today was a success. The conspiracy against time travel made themselves look LIKE THE STUPID ASSES THEY REALLY ARE. 

What you saw in this post today is what Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips really do for a living. Keep the truth from the people. Keep me from talking to the people. Confuse the truth. Shut the truth down. I am pretty sure I may have actually talked to Ray or Darby today in another disguise. Using another name. If not I talked to their friends. Some of the post were similar to the post I have had in the past like the one saying I used random numbers. That person was familiar with my work because I have had that similar post to me before at other forums.

The conspiracy will go after me at high volume web sights like above top secret but usually if its a very low volume web sight that gets very little traffic they don't bother with me. Its only the high volume web sights were they really come after me.

They will never keep me quite. They will never shut me down. I am like anonymous the hacker group except by myself. I don't forgive. I don't forget. Expect me everywhere. The truth will be known.

And what I mean by that is I got my article posted at Before its news. I plan to write more articles and post them at more citizen journalism sites. 

I am going to write a article about the Conspiracy Against Time Travel. I am going to take my time. I am going to make it damn good. And I am going to show my proof of the Conspiracy Against Time Travel. And best part of all. I AM GOING TO TALK MORE ABOUT MY METHOD OF TIME TRAVEL.

I am every where on the Internet. I can't be stopped. I won't be stopped. Ever. Expect me everywhere.

And, I will or have put the rest of my books out. I have to keep that secret from the Conspiracy Against Time travel. I have or will put my DVD's out. I have or will put my software out. And there is not god damn thing the Conspiracy Against Time Travel can do about it.


Well today at Above Top Secret they deleted my thread and banned me. But before deleting my thread they deleted my post I made yesterday linking my sites and my blog. Here is the deletion.

There was one more post of one of the people asking me to show a picture from the past. When I went back to reply my thread was gone.

The reason Above Top Secret removed my thread was because in the last post I said I was going to show it to Third Phase Of The Moon. Above Top Secret does not want Third Phase of the Moon looking at that thread. Those cowards. It has to be Ray Hudson Running things over there. He was alway a coward.

I have contacted Third Phase of the Moon and volunteered to go on their show. Third Phase of the Moon has never and probably will never returned my email for a request for a interview. It may be they are overloaded with emails for such request or they have a more specific reason for never answering my request. I will never ever really know. For the record Third Phase of The Moon is primarily UFO related and this is time travel with computers. 

So, Above Top Secret used unsubstantiated  personal opinions and harassment and threats to refute my claim of a time travel method. It seems that Above Top Secret has done a damn good job to prove the claims I have made through out this entire blog. As well as commit criminal acts against me in public. No wonder they removed my thread from public view. It was not my acts they were trying to cover up but their own. 

From here on I will be hitting the circuit getting my story out. 

By the way I got a joke.


Oh god my ribs are hurting. Hey you guys guess what. My thread was deleted because:

IT WAS ABOVE TOP SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I got to stop now before I hurt myself. 

On 07/13/2016 

I found my thread at ATS (Above Top Secret) they should call it Above Top Cover Ups. BAAAAHAHAHAHAH!  Any way they they put my thread
back up in the hoax section. They also edited the thread like they did at Conspiracy Cafe. My screen shots are the true version of how the thread went down.

Things may be slowing down for a little bit from here. I have been using public hot spots to get on the internet so I have been side stepping the Conspiracy's ability to find me and hack me. I reinstalled my operating system and when I do get on the internet at home now I clone my hard drive with Clonezilla. And when I am done with the internet I re-image my computer thus wiping over any malware or bots the conspiracy against time travel managed to put on my computer. 

I am working hard on my time travel stuff though because of the Conspiracy Against Time Travel I can  not provide details to the public.

And, I am posting links to my blogs and sights all over the internet  quit successfully now though not always using Reactor or Reactor1967. Aaron Hiniker of Bedford, PA (My hacker) told me that because I use Reactor in my post that is one of the ways they track me.

So, Time Travel With Information is making a come back from the attacks from the Conspiracy Against Time Travel.

I told the Conspiracy Against Time Travel to expect me every where and that is pretty much what is happening. Links to my sites and to my blog are hitting the internet and I have been or will be getting the rest of my books and DVD's out. So, things are on the up and up.

Till next time. Reactor1967 coming to  you from time travel one station over and out.

Monday, June 13, 2016


This blog copyrighted (c) 2008 - 2016

All my books have been written and either have been released or will be released sometime in the future. I have put out my second BNS book with my the rest of my programs and listed it on my web-sight

I am going back and editing my books and updating them from time to time whether or not they have been released. So, my current BNS books which I have on my web-page that are for sale will again be updated sometime in the future.

I am keeping the Conspiracy Against Time Travel guessing as to when and where the rest of my books and DVD's will or have been released. After I sale so many copies I will post that information on my blogs and web-sight.

And, as I said before from now on my final code will not be in the books but the good news is I have or will prepared DVD's with the compiled programs on them that will run my BNS program while take any computer file and make it a BNS number of 15 digits or less NO MATTER HOW LARGE THE FILE IS!!!!! That will be for sale on a DVD. The copyright and the code stay with me. How that works is my BNS system uses a algorithm to create a coding and decoding table. As the program runs it uses my tables to find R on coding and find the same R on decoding. That algorithm for creating those tables is a secret and my complied programs will run like an encrypted file container. All information in memory will be encrypted and all information on the hard drive will be encrypted. Even the compiled programs themselves will be encrypted. And the compiled program besides running like an encrypted file container will be spaghetti-fide to prevent reverse engineering. Each program will have to have a verified registration number to run and the program will not run if it can not verify the registration.

Also, on a DVD will be two programs. One program take any computer file and create a weak check-sum and strong check-sum. When those numbers are feed to my second program it will recreate the previous program. Now, the second program can be feed weak and strong check-sums to attempt to find computer files of the past, present, or future NO MATTER WHERE THAT FILE EXIST OR WHEN IT EXISTED!!!

No, computer hacking necessary to get that file. If you can find the weak and strong check-sum of another computer file no matter where or when it exist it can be recreated with these two programs. I will make a third program where that information can be entered and my first program will generate the necessary configure file(s) necessary to reconstruct other computer files from weak and strong check-sums so people can check-sum hack with these programs.

This will be my check-sum hacking software suit.
Now the programs on this DVD will also run like an encrypted file container and will be spaghetti-fide to prevent reverse engineering.  Again, each program will have to have a verified registration number to run and the program will not run if it can not verify the registration.

I use check-sum hacking for time travel and it is my intention that this DVD be used for the same. And my other DVD can be used backup files and or data.

So "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" this is the reason you have not seen my using my home Internet very much lately. I know you guys are still in my home network. Thats ok, you can't see what matters. I have been taking a break lately from the Internet not because you guys have been harassing me but because I have been working.

So, I got two DVD's with compiled programs that have been or will be released with the rest of my books in the works.

Also, to know all my blogs are not up just what I want to be up at this time. 

I have went back and greatly simplified how my code works. I did this by taking my complex algorithm's and making the algorithm's simpler. My BNS compression program which is not real compression I have table code simplified and no Aaron Hiniker your not getting that code. And, when I ran it with my BNS program I took a movie and using my table program made a 2 hour movie into two small numbers that I can write down on a piece of paper and put in my pocket. Then I put those two numbers back into my BNS program and it decoded the movie out. I ran a compare program with the uncoded movie and the decoded movie and they were the same. 

Anyway the point is my new BNS table code speeds up the process. Its cleaner, simpler, faster.

And, I,ve done the same thing on my code to make a file into a weak and strong check-sum and decode that file from the weak and strong check-sum. Now, I am again scrapping some of my code (I put all scrap code into a file I don't just delete it) and putting in the new code.

I believe this is called a upgrade. I,ve been upgrading since 2008.  On my check-sum software. I do have my own methods for my check-sums but my computer code now that creates files from check-sums is good enough now it can be used with any methods of check-sums. 

If I wanted I could substitute other methods of strong and weak check-sums. Now my program could create files that have those check-sums but the quality of the files is as only good as the weak and strong check-sums being used.

But, I will stick with my check-sums. Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, whats her name, and Aaron Hiniker will not get this stuff.

I,ve been told recently that if it is the CIA doing all this shit to me that their just fucking with me. Playing games with me to distract me and keep me from my work. To keep me from trying to bring this stuff to the public. And to steal my shit.

I also have been told that if there are not any laws governing this stuff that when it hits the public there will be.

Now, where does all this go? Will of course on DVD's that will be sold to the public. But my goal is to use my BNS to code my time travel media so no one can get it and to use my program that can create files from their check-sums to make my file scanner better.

My file scanner is the program that uses the check-sum creation program to scan the continuum meaning the past, present, and future for time-travel media. And to use my file scanner to establish communication with the past, present, and future.

You see my file scanner can use my programs to create any computer file no matter where, or when it exist. It can hack computers without ever connecting to that computer or the internet. IT DON'T NEED NO FUCKING CONNECTION TO HACK!!!!! NO EMAIL, NO COMPUTER FILE, NO DOCUMENT IN THE CONTINUUM IS SAFE FROM MY TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER CODE. 


And, using that with my time travel communication algorithms gaining real time communication with the past, present, future, and alternate time-lines is getting better and better with my faster simpler code.

Well that is all for today.

So, the punch line now is I am working on making my scanner code better.

Reactor1967 over and out.

And, as all ways Ray, Darby, Aaron and the rest of you conspiracy against time travel can suck my dick. Cock-Suckers.


For the DVD with my check-sum hacking programs there will be three programs.

1. Create config file. This program will take a known  file and create a config file for it so in the event the the file is lost the config file can be used to reconstruct the file from its weak and strong check-sums.

2. Reconstruct - All this program does is take config files and reconstruct a file with the same weak/strong checksum that was in the config file.

3. File Scanner - Here is where the real power is. This program will take a weak/strong checksum range and construct config files for the reconstruct program to run. Now here again the file scanner does not give a shit about where or when these files did or will exist in space-time.

Well today I was playing with my DVD programs. I was using my strong check-sums to construct computer files. In my output I have my current strong check-sum subtracted from my target check-sum. As counter.bin is closer and closer to its target strong check-sum this number gets smaller and smaller till it reaches zero. Then my program prints FILE RECONSTRUCTED!!!. From there I can view the file.

I can't use my own internet and computers to talk with my publishers on my books or DVDs. Because of Ray Hudsons and Darby Phillips hacking of me I have to go to a computer and internet where they can't monitor me. They have my home network completely monitored. To work on my stuff I had to get a clean system and keep it off the internet and highly encrypt it.

Yeah Ray and Darby fucked up. If they were really watching me they would of never went for revenge on me for the way I talk about them because they are thugs. They tipped me off now they can't use their hacking shit to get to my time travel code. They really fucked up.

I am on to them cock-suckers now.

Problem for me is when the federal government does finally catch up with my books and DVD's will I get shut down. That is the question. 

For me its not a issue to know that all files in space-time can be reconstructed with a weak and strong check-sum but for others this is a big fucking security risk.

No one is going to want people setting at home on their computers randomly reconstructing emails and documents that might exist on their personal private computer. That might exist on a business server. That might exist on a classified government computer system. And the kicker is. The emails, documents, and files can be in the past, present, future, or alternate time-lines. My software don't give a shit about where or when the check-sums I reconstruct as files existed.

I will say one thing about Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips they did teach me something. And, that is to be careful what I talk about on the internet.  

Ray once told me that he is watching me. Well Ray, I am watching you too. Ray, has it not ever occurred to you that when you and Darby track me across the internet and show me where you are that I can make a record of that shit and create the big fucking picture with it. 

Yeah, this whole blog not only what is in it but also what is not in it when my paths cross with that of the conspiracy against time travel it helps me create the big picture. 

The big picture is I have been able to watch the conspiracy against time travel just as much as they have been watching me. So, the hunters have become the hunted and their prey is circling them.

These guys got my home address, phone, email, and everything. But, I don't tell these ass holes what I got on them. I have been playing a very advanced game of chess with the conspiracy against time travel going on 8+ years now.

Everyday I see what these guys have got. What they are made off. I think they have done their worst and aint got nothing left. But, for me I am still just getting started. 

Well I got stuff to do then its back to my time-hacking, back to my updating my nuclear site, back to experimenting at my electronics bench and seeing what I can build. 

Back to being watched by the conspiracy against time travel but Yeah they just think their watching me but really they are not because I KNOW WHERE THE BLIND SPOTS ARE. I WILL BE IN THOSE BLIND SPOTS DOING MY THING. When I am not in a blind spot I become very boring.

Reactor1967 over and out.


It is not very often that I find something that makes me laugh as hard as I laugh at Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips in their puny attempts to shut me up and run me off the internet and get revenge on me because I tell people about the stupid shit they do.

But, today I found it. I was watching YouTube about hash functions and check-sums and this guy in the video said "YOU CAN'T TAKE A HASH FUNCTION AND REVERSE IT TO GET A COMPUTER FILE". Man I laughed so hard I fell in the floor and my ribs starting hurting and I had tears coming out of my eyes.

I laughed like this for a few minutes and I had to calm myself down before I because seriously ill. 

You see, when I create time travel media one of the things I do is I have my hash function for the computer file that I want to create. Now, this can be time travel computer media that I am searching for or known computer media that exist in my time line.

Then I have the current hash function of the file I have right now which was randomly created with the weak check-sum I am using.

I call this my destination hash function and my target hash function.
The destination is the hash function I have now. The target hash function is the function I want to bring my current file too.

Now, I use my own hash functions I specially designed and created to check-sum hack computer files and find time travel media. My computer program will come up with a change to the binary counter. It will compute the new hash function for that change. 

Now, If my new destination hash function is not any closer to my target hash function the change is reversed and ignored. If the change brought my new destination hash function closer to my target hash function then the change is kept and becomes permanent at least at that stage. Later it may change again.

This is done till my destination hash function equals my target hash function. This is how I search for movies in space-time that will come out years from now. I watch the move. If or when it comes out I buy it so I can't be accused of stealing. This is what I do in my scanning program to find news broadcast of the future or future alternate realities. 

You see, my programs don't give a shit when or where these files existed. I just have to do the math to calculate what check-sum range I need to create my files in and compute the hash functions for that check-sum range. 

So please people I know science is suppose to be the know it all but seriously don't always believe everything some college educated person or scientist tells you.  I am ahead of my time in in this area and so what can I say.

Here is the basic way to check-sum hack a file. Get a weak check-sum for it by just adding up all the bytes. Then compute a strong check-sum for that file. Now create a file with the same weak check-sum don't worry about the strong check-sum now.

Pick byte one from the counter file anywhere in the file is fine.
Pick byte two from the counter file anywhere in the file is fine.

If you can add 1 to byte 1 and subtract one from byte two do it.

Now, if you can't do this switch byte one and byte two. Put byte one where byte two used to be. Put byte two where byte one use to be. Now subtract 1 from byte 1.

Now you have a carry to worry about. Find a byte in the file you can add one too. This is byte three. Keep up where all these bytes were meaning record your changes so you can reverse them.

Now compute your new destination hash function. Is it closer to your target hash function. If it is keep the change in the file. If not reverse the changes.

Now, do this all over again. 

Now the kicker is now you have the speed of the counter file. You can do this to AS MANY BYTES AT A TIME IN THE COMPUTER FILE THAT YOU WANT TO DO THIS TOO!!!! 

IF YOUR YOUR DOING THIS ONCE (up to three bytes) IN THE COMPUTER FILE YOUR COUNTER SPEED IS 1X. Your operating on as much as 3 bytes at a time in the computer file.











So, everyone please laugh your ass off at Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips for me. These government thugs can't stop me and will never ever stop me from time traveling and telling the world about it. And, as long as they hack my home network, look at my kids naked through their computer cams, stalk me across the internet, and harasses me I will continue to put their names in every fucking post I write till the day I fucking die.

To date this is one of my most informative post on how to time travel with computers i have ever made. 

I hope I don't regret it later. It might hurt my book and DVD sales. I hope not.

Everyone enjoy, your welcome. For the conspiracy against time travel and you know who you the fuck you are you (not talking to the general public) can get on your fucking knees and **** my god damn **** and **** and **** my **** **** and go to god damn hell you ****-*******. You (the conspiracy against time travel aint got shit!! You can't touch this.)


Reactor1967 coming to you from time travel one station over and out.