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Sunday, January 22, 2017



Time travel computer code at

Well I went to sourceforge to upload my files and my current files have been deleted and I have been blocked from uploading my code. My code is contained in this blog. I will have to get another web-sight to post my time travel code on.

Sorry everyone. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" has struck again.

I am going to create a blog page and post all my code on it when I get a chance. I GUESS NOW WE DO KNOW AND THIS IS PROOF THAT THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT 


It was probably the C.I.A. or N.S.A. that got my code removed at sourceforge.
Later..... I did not post the time and date

I found out the problem. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" has infected my computer with a virus. So, I got to get that worked out. They got me again. They infected the binary files in my code knowing that would get my files deleted at Sourceforge. Yes, sounds like the C.I.A. to me.

I am going to try to remove all the binary files and just use the code only and see about getting that uploaded.
01/22/2017 04:10 AM

Ok time travel project seems to be back up at sourceforge

I have removed all binaries from my zip file. From now on everyone will have to compile their own binaries. I am sorry. I was trying to keep binaries in my code so people would not have to compile.

But, the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" do not want anyone having the binaries let along my time travel code.

Right now I am so pissed. I am going to get time travel project to the highest level of true time travel I can and screw these mother fuckers up the ass. 
01/22/2017 0700 AM

Well I got a shot fired across my side this morning from the C.I.A. or N.S.A. I will have to be more careful in the future.
01/23/2017 3:16 AM

Ok, here is my "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" HATE FUCK!!!!
REAP IT CONSPIRACY. REAP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
// This program will take a high file and a low file and treat them as numbers in a numerical base.
// Then this program will generate binary files between those two numbers
// Give this program the differece by using the filesize of the difference between the two files
// Compile this program like this g++ BinaryGenerator.cpp -o BinaryGenerator
// COPYRIGHT(C) 2017
// program                                       buffersize filesize howmanyfiles destinationfile       seedfile                    fileextension
// This program is run like this ./nameofprogram buffersize filesize howmanyfiles nameofdestinationfile nameofrandomnumberseedfile  fileextension    
// ============================================================================================
// declare includes
#include cstdlib
#include iostream
#include stdlib.h
#include fstream
#include sstream
#include string 
#include cmath
#include ctime
#include cstdio
#include iostream
// ============================================================================================
    // Declare namespace
using namespace std;
// ============================================================================================     
// declare subs
// ======================================================================================================================
long long filesize(string file1)
// declare variables
    long long begin1;
    long long end1;
    long long filesize1;
    string pause;  

    // open file1
    fstream myfile1(file1.c_str(), ios::in | ios::binary);
    if (!myfile1)
         cout << "Failed to read file one line 134.\n";
         cin >> pause;

// get filesize1
    begin1 = myfile1.tellg();
    if (!myfile1)
         cout << "Failed to read file one line 316.\n";
         cin >> pause;
    myfile1.seekg (0, ios::end);
    end1 = myfile1.tellg();
    filesize1 = (end1-begin1);     

// close file 1

// return filesize
// end sub
// ======================================================================================================================
// ======================================================================================================================
int binaryreadwrite(string whatdo, string file1, long long byteposition, int byte, int buffersize)

    unsigned char buffer;
    char pause;
    int byte1 = byte;
    long long count1 = byteposition;
    long long begin1;
//     int buffersize = 1;
    // open file
    fstream myfile1(file1.c_str(), ios::out  | ios::in | ios::binary);
    if (!myfile1)
         cout << "error in line 79" << " " << file1 << "\n";
         cin >> pause;
    if (whatdo == "read")
// cout << byte1 << " We are reading bytes " << "\n"; // debug code
         myfile1.seekg(count1); reinterpret_cast( &buffer ),buffersize);
         begin1 = myfile1.tellg();
         byte1 = (int)buffer;
    if (whatdo == "write")
// cout << byte1 << " We are writing bytes " << "\n"; // debug code
         buffer = (unsigned char)byte1;
         myfile1.write( reinterpret_cast( &buffer ),buffersize);
         begin1 = myfile1.tellp();

    cout << "Error in binary read and write" << "\n";
    cin >> pause;
// ======================================================================================================================

// ============================================================================================
// declare main
int main (int argc, char *argv[])

    long long filesize1;
    long long filesize2;
    long long filesize3;
    string destinationfile;
    string seedfile; 
    string extension;
    int buffersize;
    string file1; // This is the suspected time travel media file
    string file2 = "temp.bin"; // This is the file we subtract from the main file.
    long long count1;
    long long count2;
    long long count3;
    int byte;
    int byte1;
    int byte2;
    int byte3; 
    int carry;
    string pause;
    int dummyfile;
    string whatdo;
    long long numberbase;
    long long howmanyfiles;
    fstream myfile1;
    fstream c1myfile1; // Seed file
    long long seed;
                                     // program      buffersize filesize howmanyfiles destinationfile       seedfile                    fileextension
    // This program is run like this ./nameofprogram buffersize filesize howmanyfiles nameofdestinationfile nameofrandomnumberseedfile  fileextension     // passing command line arguments to program
    buffersize = atoi( argv[1]); // How many bytes we are reading at a time.
    filesize1 = strtoull(argv[2],NULL,10); // Largest file size of temp.bin to subtract from destination file.
    howmanyfiles = strtoull(argv[3],NULL,10); // This is how many files we are building to day.
    destinationfile = argv[4]; //This is the file we will subtract from with temp.bin
    seedfile = argv[5]; // Name of random number seed file. We are not using this just yet.
    extension = argv[6]; // file extension for target files.

    // Setting name of destination file from command line
    filesize3 = filesize(destinationfile);

    // Setting up number base;
    numberbase = (buffersize * 255) + 1;
    // setting up file namer
    count3 = 0;

    // setting up for how man files
    count1 = 0;

      // open seed file, ios::in);
    if (!c1myfile1)
         cout << "There is no file list." << "\n";
    c1myfile1 >> seed; 
    srand((unsigned int) seed); 
    // Start main loop <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Here for debugging

// ============================================================================ DECIDED STATIC OR RANDOM
         // Get random file size below max file size
         filesize2 = (rand() % filesize1 - 1);

         // If you want a specific filesize set that here <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< YOU CAN HAVE A STATIC OR RANDOM FILE SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
//         filesize2 = 24;        
// ============================================================================ DECIDED STATIC OR RANDOM

         system("rm temp.bin"); // removing the previous file

         // create temp bin, ios::out  | ios::binary);
         if (!myfile1)
              cout << "error in line 38" << " " << file2 << "\n";
              cin >> pause;

         // Get random binary          
//         srand(time(0)); // randomize timer
         c1myfile1 >> seed; 
         srand((unsigned int) seed);
         count2 = buffersize * -1;
         // start second loop
              count2 = count2 + buffersize;
              byte = (rand() % (255*buffersize));
              whatdo = "write";
              file2 = "temp.bin";
              // write random binary
              dummyfile = binaryreadwrite(whatdo, file2, count2, byte, buffersize);

              // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< NOTE CAN ADD RESEEDED RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR WHERE WITH SEED FILE
//              c1myfile1 >> seed; 
//              srand((unsigned int) seed);

          // end second loop for random file size
         } while(count2 < filesize2);

         // get file name  from ss
         stringstream ss;
         file1 = "";
         ss << count3;
         ss >> file1;
         file1 = file1 + extension;
, ios::out  | ios::binary);
         if (!myfile1)
              cout << "error in line 207" << " " << file2 << "\n";
              cin >> pause;

         carry = 0;
         count2 = buffersize * -1;
         // start third loop
              // increment file variable
              count2 = count2 + buffersize;

              // set byte1 to zero
              byte1 = 0;

              // read byte1 if less than filesize
              whatdo = "read";

              byte1 = binaryreadwrite(whatdo, destinationfile, count2, byte, buffersize);

              // // set byte2 to 0
              byte2 = 0;

              // read byte2 if less than filesize
              if (count2 < filesize2)
                   byte2 = binaryreadwrite(whatdo, file2, count2, byte, buffersize);

              // byte3 = byte1 - byte2 - carry;
              byte3 = byte1 - byte2 - carry;

              // carry = 0;
              carry = 0;

              // if byte < 0 subtract from the base
              if (byte3  < 0)
                   byte3 = byte3 + numberbase;
                   carry = 1;

              // Check for error
              if (byte3 > (numberbase - 1))
                   cout << "Houston we have a problem\n";
                   cout << "byte3 greater than the base - 1\n";
                   cin >> pause;

              // write random binary
              whatdo = "write";
              dummyfile = binaryreadwrite(whatdo, file1, count2, byte3, buffersize);

         // end third loop
         } while(count2 < filesize2); // We are subtracting so we use the filesize of the destination file

         // if carry has value write it
         if (carry > 0)
              // write random binary
              whatdo = "write";
              dummyfile = binaryreadwrite(whatdo, file1, count2, carry, buffersize);
              // write to addition file              
              carry = 0;

         // Reseed random number generator
         // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Do reseeding here 
//        c1myfile1 >> seed; 
//        srand((unsigned int) seed);

     // End main loop for how many files to create
    } while(count1 < howmanyfiles); 
    system("rm temp.bin");



01/23/2017 04:11 AM

I went back and wrote a program that will subtract two files. I doubt most people will find that useful. In my bpconfigure I need to redo that but its ok right now.

I need to do a configure file program for the binary generator. The binary generator besides the pbcounter is one of my best and most useful computer time travel programs. Lets say I am looking for channel 4 news videos. I get a whole bunch of channel 4 news videos and treat them as numbers and I find the highest number. That will be the one with the highest file size and the highest numbers at the end of the binary file. You can use a hex editor to help. I may write something for finding the highest file next.

Ok, now we subtract our highest news video from our smallest news video. That filesize is our difference to use in the binary generator. And it should be the same file size as the highest file. Since comparing will slow the binary generator down I just decided to use the file size to generate random files and subtract them from the high file to look for more unknown news videos.

I used a seeded random number generator. Again I recommend getting the seeds from And if you want you can edit my code and use a random number file only. Seeded PRNG or use a random.txt for TRGN. Its up to the user.

Now train that robot program for both good files and bad files. You can get the good files from your sample of known news videos. You can get the bad files by running the binary generator and making sure the files are bad.

After it is trained now you can take the highest news video and run the binary generator with it 24/7 and use the Robot to look for good files. On the buffersize you will have to play with it to get it where you want it. A bad buffersize can cause the program to crash.

I have been programming all this but I have had little chance to computer time travel. That is where I will improve my computer code once I do.
01/23/2017 10:48 PM

I sit here tonight pondering my time travel computer code in c++.
I have shown the world my Base Power Counter in higher numerical bases. I have shown the world my concept of Destination and Target check-sums. I have show the world my Binary Generator which after looking at the code I have some more ways to improve it. I have to work on the buffer I saw some things I need to do for that code that will make it like LIGHTING FOR GENERATING TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER MEDIA. 


I will admit my computer code needs to come up to more modern programming but the concepts and algorithms work for computer time travel. I have had people contact me and want to know what I know. I have been asked directly if I can time travel. 

What I know and what I have seen could get me killed or arrested I have been playing with fire and playing with my future posting about computer time travel on the internet. My enemies are many and my enemies are greater than I am. I am just one man that could so easily been removed from this planet. With very little effort I might add.

I already have enough problems as it is with being hacked and threatened by my own government. I try not to tempt them more than I have too but at the same time I must stand up to them and defend myself.

With the coming age of computers "Computer Time Travel" is here and it will come of age eventually. I have just breached the surface of that barely. I will try to make it a time travel well and make it a gusher if I can. I will do what I can to further the code.

I have more internet sites to put my code on. I have been thinking about getting some help but I know the government would send in their agents to sabotage the project from the inside out. And, I have a very hard time reading other peoples computer code. So those are the reasons I don't have more people working with me. 

But, I will say to the public if anyone wants to take my current code and spin off their own projects YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO DO SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My code, algorithms and concepts are for the world. Anyone that wants to further my work IN THEIR OWN WAYS ARE WELCOME TO DO SO. I ONLY ASK THAT I BE GIVEN CREDIT FOR MY ORIGINAL WORK!!! WHAT EVER IS DONE WITH MY ORIGINAL WORK JUST GIVE ME MY CREDIT THAT IS ALL I ASK.

I WILL NOT CHALLENGE THEM!!!! MY WORK IS FOR THE PUBLIC AND THE PUBLIC CAN USE IT ANYWAY THEY WANT TOO!!!!! Well I am taking the next couple of days off. I am watching Vikings on Hula. I will get back to my show. 
01/24/2017 03:36 AM

I'm taking a break. I wanted to give everyone some understanding what it is like to data mine and look for time travel computer media files.

It is not different than data mining for bit coins. Same principle. Running counters and algorithms to look for information that exist. If anyone says no one does what I do they would be telling you a lie. They would be fibbing to you. 

When people run Rsync they do what I do. When people data mine for bit coins they do what I do. Hell, even Google to some extent on other levels DO WHAT I DO.

But, let me tell you the informational world is the spirit world for information. When we all die our soul goes to the spirit world. When information dies it goes to the informational world. Now we can't bring people back from the dead BUT WE CAN BRING INFORMATION BACK FROM THE DEAD. Crooked Hillary's deleted emails is an example. If I had a check-sum for ever one of her deleted emails I COULD RECONSTRUCT HER DELETED EMAILS!!! If I new the check-sum range of Hillary's emails I COULD RECONSTRUCT HER EMAILS!!!!

In the informational universe are wonders and rich's beyond imagination. AND WITHOUT LIMITS!!!! The movie Matrix put a good face on the informational world. Their screen saver is world famous. Do you want to know what the informational world looks like. I have mapped every computer file in space-time to a number and constructed computer programs that can construct those computer files from their numbers. 

I have a connection to the informational universe. Well here is what the informational universe looks like.

Starting picture of the informational universe:
Ending picture of the informational universe:

That is what it looks like. IT IS THERE FOR THE TAKING!!!!

So, it takes a lot of work to download computer files from it but as said their are riches in the informational universe beyond imagination. I advise the world to learn how to mine the informational universe. It is no different than digging for gold or drilling for oil. You can not dry up the or dig out the informational universe. It will be there for ever and ever long after we are gone and when the universe recreates mankind in the far far future from another big bang the informational universe will still be there waiting for us. BECAUSE WE ARE INFORMATION AS WELL AS ENERGY AND MATTER AND WE EXIST THERE TOO.
01/24/2017 08:11 AM

I,ve been up all night so I am fixing to take a nap. I have been making plans for my new counters and upgrades to time travel project. On my binary generator I am going to give that a destination file and a file size and have it randomly add and subtract files from the destination file. And at the same time look for a target strong check-sum. I am putting all my past counters into one basket. It will run and get as close as it can to the target check-sum. Then the target file can be used as a destination file to continue looking for the target check-sum.

This is needed to clean up partially constructed time travel media files. It will load a configure file. In the mean time as it looks for that target check-sum it will generate binary files that can be looked at to see if it is a time travel media file.

And I will be upgrading my base power counter to work from memory only. It will be much faster that way.

I have my robot now time travel project at sourceforge and I have two really good counters for constructing time travel media files and I have my random number generators.

So, time travel project is really going some where. I was looking at my stats while ago and my audience is really growing. I was surprised. Here is my traffic for the week. Also, I want to think my readers for reading. Thank you. Here is the traffic. I am off to get some sleep.

Traffic to this blog for the week.
United States 120
Sweden 19
Canada 7
Colombia 6
Russia 6
United Arab Emirates 4
Turkey 4
Germany 2
Ukraine 2
Brazil 1

01/25/2017 03:33 AM

I am not staying up till day light this morning. I am fixing to turn in. I was watching Vikings and I finished up TimeLess on Hula while smoking my hooka Aarin Hiniker turned me onto.

I to doing some thinking and I don't have to write a new regressing line line program for time travel project for base power counter. I can use the same program and get a strong check-sum of a base power check-sum. Its valid. And, when I generate a base power number I cant get its strong check-sum see where it stands on the regression line. So I am good there.

My regression line program I will inter-grate as a main part of all my counters. When I use the regression line I can use that as my target check-sum then use my pendulum algorithm which will add and subtract to a destination file to find the target check-sum.
When ever the counters run they are given a destination file and get as close  to the target check-sum as possible. Then the target check-sum file becomes the destination file but the target check-sum is kept and the process repeats all over again. This uses and experimental counter and a control counter. The strong check-sum file is always backed up when it makes a new low getting closer to the base power check-sum

So now it is clear to me.
1. regression line program for a strong check-sum. Keep what I have.
2. Configure programs for setting up the check-sum generators. I need to do a little work here.
3. Check-sum generators. Can generate for both base power or binary. Already writen. I might edit the code but I already have it.
4. Base power counters. 1. Works with files 2. works from memory.
I need to write the counter that works from memory. This is the most work I have to do.
5. Binary generate counters that use a destination file and look for 
the strong check-sum while generating time travel computer media at the same time. These will work from files. I have some written but I just have to finish it up.
6. Fire codes. Already written with and a done deal. Nothing to do here.
7. Robot for deleting bad time travel media. All ready written.

So basically I got to write two or 3 more little programs then clean the code up then basically I am done. Though I will continue to look for ways to make it better but after I this is done there is not much else to do except computer time travel with it while the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" continue humping my leg.

All else I will delete from the project all uneeded code. So get it now before I delete the unneeded code. 
01/25/2019 10:39 PM

I started to work on my binary generator. Actually I have been working on it from the very beginning of time travel project. I am on counter 11 fixing to be on counter 12. It is what I talked about in the above post. And I realized I need to take my final binary generator and make it a template for my base power counter. Generating base power check-sums around a point of reference instead of binary files. Because I will be using it my regressing lines and statistical analysis. But with my base power counter there is a extra step. The check-sums must be decoded where as with my binary generators no decode is needed it is just straight forward binary. 

People may ask "why do you need check-sums then". My answer is to do statistical analysis. And to prove by coding a computer file to a check-sum and decoding a computer file from a check-sum that "COMPUTER FILES CAN BE DECODED OUT OF SPACE-TIME".

Without statistical analysis to know where on the binary counter certain unknown computer files are in space-time its like shooting into the dark to hit a unknown target. So hence check-sums and statistical analysis are needed. 

Check-sums are what maps all computer files in space-time to numbers that can be decoded on a counter. Without that map its like going to sea in a boat without a compass or anything else. Without check-sums time-hacking is like sailing blindly.

Now I can take my computer files and just look at them as numbers only and when I do that then yes I can go from check-sums to using binary files as numbers only in a numerical base. My base power check-sum counter is kinda like a "MISSING LINK" in that process because my base power counter does not cut off the check-sum at a specific link. My base power counter when it gets a check-sum for a file writes the check-sum in its entirety no matter how long it is.

For me to do that with the public version of my time travel computer code I have more math functions that I have to write. But, my base power counter using files works at a best right now like 17 bytes a minute. Which is slow and means to get any real speed out of it you have to break the file down into sections and run it in parallel to get any real speed. Or set it up to work in computer memory only which I will be doing when I get around to it. And as of lately I have looked at reading my text files with a bigger buffer to which would speed up the process with base power counter.

But if I use strong check-sums and a buffer of say 512 bytes to like 5000 bytes at a time I can speed up my statistical analysis. 

So, when I want to do statistical analysis with binary files only as numbers in a numerical base instead of using check-sums I will have to: 
1. Read binary and use a large buffer.
2. Convert them to a higher numerical base as I did with my bpcounter.
3. Write them to text files.
4. Write more math functions perform the math with those text files.
5. Be able to write the results out to a configure file for processing.
6. If needed to convert a result to a binary file.

Its a lot of work. Check-sums are much easier to use which is why I am still using them right now. 

As said right now I can get strong check-sums of my base base power numbers and use that in my regression line program. Then I can use a strong check-sum as a destination check-sum in my binary counters which when reached would be a text file of a base power check-sum to be decoded. 

So, check-sums are still much easier to use for me right now. But later on who knows what I will do. But what ever I do I got to start looking at making my programs fast enough to use very large files. So that is becoming more my mission right now in my work.

When I upgrade my regression line program to work with binary files as numbers only in a numerical base and then rewrite my strong check-sum generator to use a higher buffer, convert to a numerical base and then write that to text files then I would of crossed a line in time travel project. Then I would be using strong check-sums and base power check-sums with no limit on the amount of digits they can have. And my regression line program can work with both check-sums and computer files as numbers only. It would all be the same. This is where I should go eventually in time.

And with that I have much work to do. My web-sight needs upgraded. My books need upgraded and I have more books to write. I got a paper to write. And I need to put time travel project on a DVD like I did with fire codes. But it is all getting there. 

The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" is still in my home network. But I just laugh at them and reboot my home network and pull out my hot spot and access the internet through my wireless hot spot.

And if they find my wireless hot spot I will just get another device and sale my old one. So I'm good. Hahahahahah.............. 

Anymore my home network is for my wife and kids. I don't do jack shit on it anymore. I got my other outside internet connections I use now that the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can't get too. At least not easily. Well I am off to work on that new counter and to keep making plans to better time travel project.
01/26/2017 04:14 AM

Ok I got my binary generator project better. I took what I was going to do for counter 12 and broke it down into its individual steps so it can be used for MASS PRODUCTION OF TIME TRAVEL MEDIA FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tomorrow I will do counter 12 individually to look only for its target strong check-sum. This counter will only produce the closed file it can find. Then I will upgrade base power counter then finally set up fire codes with its own file generators.

I spread time travel project into 4 project directories and put the directions in each project for running that project. It is in these four projects.

1. Base power counter project.
2. Binary generator project. 
3. Constructing a file from its strong check-sum.
4. Fire codes. (I still have to make a project directory for this.) I will come up with a way people can use random number generators to generate fire codes projects.)

On fire codes I will use my regression line to calculate the week sums and strong sums then load that into then generator that will generate fire codes projects that can be constructed in series or parallel. I can run a counter to generate 4 byte files in numerical order then create a index or equation to generate strong sums with their weak sums then use that to generate fire code projects. Then when I use my regression lines to find time travel media my generators will be programmed to create fire code projects for finding time travel computer media files.

I may even bring my Burris Numerical System into time travel project for file backup and file attachments in time mail. 

I will also finish moving all my new stuff to fire codes for file backup minus the generated and statistical analysis. Fires Codes is for backup and time travel project is for file recovery and yes that means across space-time. You can't beat that for file recovery.

I am going to rewrite base power counter to be more like binary generator project. It's going to get much better.

These will be my final 4 ways to construct time travel computer media. They still need much upgrading. When I can I will go back and edit timetravel.h and remove the un-needed code and I will removing any old outdated and uneeded code. I will leave some tools and I won't delete any code I think someone might use. I am off for some coffee. I uploaded the update to time travel project to sourceforge. I will begin work again tomorrow.

This project is getting close to max production status little by little. One line of code at a time.