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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Time Travel Project Moving Along

01/29/2017 05:42 P.M.

I have about 20 people following me that I know of. Sad thing is most of them are government agents. And my followers internationally are mostly government agents. I have very few real people. And it is real people that are my target audience.  Ray,  Darby, and Pam my bitch have been my longest following I prefer to call them my stalkers and tormentors.

But I have done a good job tormenting them back. Any bans and censors mostly came from the government agents not real people. The real people I have talk to were highly interested in what I had to say about computer time travel. Google along had been my protection from the government. Why they have protected me as they have has eluded me. I owe Google my gratitude.

The U.S.A have done a good job keeping my blog and websites off the internet. I am mostly listed in searches in Russia but I have bumped up against Russian government agents when attempting to post inside Russia on their forums. Russia too has secretly banned time travel.
So when I speak I am mostly heard by governments not the mass public.  

I know my time travel computer code is not that easy to use. In time I might post instruction videos on YouTube. In the meantime I'm trying to fix bugs and upgrade my code and post my physics of why it works.

Einstein said all space-time exist at the same time. So all computer files exist at the same time too.
My time travel software mapps all computer files to a number in a numerical base that my software can construct as binary computer files.

My guidance and control systems use a high number and a low number and are fed differences to add or subtract to hit all the target computer files in between as time travel media files.
My algorithms work my time travel math and physics work. I have secretly been deemed by the 

U.S.A. government as the most dangerous hacker on the planet. I'm a hair short of being called a terrorist and arrested or killed. But I am a simple diy time traveler nothing more. My goal is freedom of information nothing else. But my freedom of information covers all space-time.

Computer files are numbers in a numerical base that contains instructions and information for a computer to process. My time travel computer code gives access to every computer file in space-time.

My check-sums can be decoded to computer files. So I'm on the governments shit list. But my software is a vehicle for exploration not as a military weapon or to abuse. It was meant for good not bad.

01/29/2017 11:17 PM

Well after looking at my time travel code it is getting better. When first wrote all that code I forgot set the buffer to the user's buffer size so it worked on a default of 1. The buffer size is how many bytes it can read at a time. Now I am fixing that as I update it and use the code.

So I am fixing to open up my programming folder and get to work. I will speak more later.
01/30/2017 2:33 AM

I made my time travel video for you tube. I also found a bug in timescanner.cpp I am working out. Other than that I GOT A GOD DAMN FUCKING TIME MACHINE ON MY HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




IT IS IS OPEN SOURCE DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE WORLD HAS IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh shit my ribs are hurting from laughing so hard at the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel"!!!!!


I got tears now.....


Oh shit that was a good laugh. I had better stop before I have a heart attack or stroke out. I did find a bug in time scanner so I am off to fix it.


01/30/2017 03:21 AM

When I was copying time scanner which I fixed a bug over to my project files to upload to sourceforge I found the method I was using to copy over my files was not working correctly. So, that means some or all the bugs I thought I fixed I may have to go back and re-refix them. Because outside of my project directory I delete files when I am done with them.

That was a little bit of bitch slap for me. But that is ok most of what I have been playing with works and I remember how I fixed my files. What I am going to do is not worry about it. As I upgrade I am going to delete outdated material anyway and if I find any bugs I will just fix them again. So, far what I have does work but with computer programming there is always something. At least I found out my copying files over had a problem.

Anyway the good news is today I have verified my guidance and control system for taking my time machine to time travel media. My base power counter will get this new guidance and control system. Since I have my buffer fixed now I can get a high base power check-sum and get a low base power check-sum. Then create a bunch of base power differences that will be added to the low or subtracted from the high to HIT ALL THE TARGET BASE POWER CHECK-SUMS IN BETWEEN!!!!!!!!!!

Then those will be decoded and my robot will look at the files for good files and delete the bad files.

I have verified my base power check-sum counter IS WORKING AND IT HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO USE A LARGE BUFFER.



I have to work with my counter project a little bit. It is not using my random number files correctly but I will get that taken care of.


Most the public don't know about it thinks to the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. but in time it will get around. I am going to keep doing what I do and that is time travel with my computer.

It was what I was doing when I started this blog in 2010. And it is what I will keep doing. Well I am very happy this morning. I will get with the base power counter and get that upgraded and get with the counter project and get that upgraded. I will keep testing and working with stuff and fixing it if it needs fixed.

My stuff has been selling from the top page of this blog. So, I got a little money here and there coming in from my computer time travel but it was never about the money for me. For me it was PROVING IT COULD BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I have proving it to Ray Hudson's and Darby Phillips and Pamela's HORROR!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahah.

Well I am going to take the rest of the morning off.
01/30/2017 04:39 PM

Well I backed up all my current and past uploads to time travel project to my archives. While in my archives I got into some of my old computer time travel code. I found Ray Hudson's proof program he made a cartoon out of. I actually did two of those programs that rolled a computer file from one picture to another.
I took some screen shots of my folder and I copied a couple of pictures over that I had posted at the old fake Here is a walk down memory lane.

This is a very old GUI I had planned for my computer time travel program. I posted this in 2008 at

Here is more of the GUI I had planned  for my computer time travel software.

This is a concept map I had previously planned for my software back in 2008. This is another post I did at the old fake C.I.A.

This is the TTI dance I use to do at the old fake government C.I.A. spy site

Here are some screen shots of some of my old time travel code on my computer I keep my archives on.

I copied my old fire codes over and I have the code I use to use to experiment with pulling file formats from pictures and videos to verify if a computer file is a picture, video, audio and so forth. I am probably going to have to back this laptop up in time and nuke its hard drive and install the latest version of Linux mint. Well I had better get off here. I am on my home network and Aaron Hiniker of Bedford, MA could be in my computer by now.

Wait - I forgot I was going to post some more pics. I may have posted some of these before but that was way back deep in this blog. So, here are the pictures I did my original computer time travel experiments with. These pics helped me learn how to computer time travel. They are from my very first and original computer time travel experiments. Here they are. Some of you should find these interesting since they are quite old. I have been at this computer time travel for a very long time now. Here are the pics.

Here are some more pics I used in my computer time travel experiments from the internet from CNN. These are very old too.


01/30/2017 11:19 PM

I wanted to get started on my upgrades for time travel project today but I feel asleep. So, I am staying up later than expected to at least get some stuff done. I am writing a bptimescanner.cpp like I did with my binary generator. And I am writing a bpcompare.cpp to compare to base power check-sums in a numerical base to see which one is higher than the other and a binarycompare.cpp to do the same thing.

I all ready have the code for my bptimescanner.cpp in my bpcode and bpdecode I just need to extract it and make some minor adjustments.

and my compare program all it does is get the size of the number to see which one is larger. If the sizes are the same then it looks at the ending digits in the number to see which ones are larger and smaller. That is about it. It will be my upgrades for next week. Plus If I feel like it I will take a hard look at all my code and retest it some more.

My base power check-sums is getting a large upgrade. I will at least make sure all the programs in my base power counter and my binary generator are up today with no bugs and working perfectly.

Even with all that people are going to find time-hacking is still an art. It is not just something you do like fucking or walking. It is a skill that is honed and perfected with time. You got to know what the fuck your doing to time-hack. The reason I become so good at it was because I am a determined individual. I set my mind to it and I stuck with it. There are little tips and tricks here and there. But, I wrote my computer code to assist people as much as possible with the job of time-hacking.

I got a kick out of reading the news. Trump fired Obama's attorney general. It is about time we got someone in office running the government that has some god damn balls and is interested in protecting American citizens. I am so proud of Trump and I know the rest of America or at least most of them are behind Trump. His opposition is the corrupted elite, the corrupted press, and corrupted government officials. They are the only ones that have a problem with Trump. Everyone else loves Trump. You go Mr. President Trump. America is behind you 200% percent+. Hell yeah keep them god Damn terrorist out of America. 

And why your at it please fire Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, Pamela, and Aaron Hiniker of Bedford, MA. Yeah fire them "cock-sucking son's of bitch's". They don't deserve to have jobs. Them fucking government agents are like cockroaches. They are every fucking where. I don't meet real people on the internet anymore. All I run into is them god damn government cockroach agents. We need less of them on the internet. No wonder the government is going broke. 

Well I had better do some of that programming. I am hard at work bringing computer time travel to the world.