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Sunday, May 14, 2017


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05/14/2017 8:28 AM

I don't have much time this morning but I have been thinking and I should write about how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" performed their "Long Promised" hit on me.

It happened one morning. I had been up all night programming my time travel code. I was fixing to goto bed. As usual I poured myself a couple of drinks of vodka over a couple of cubs of ice in my favorite drinking glass. My family had just left the house for school and work. I got up to go to the kitchen to get something to eat.

I don't remember a damn thing after that. I blacked out. My vodka bottle had been drugged and poisoned!!!

I woke up later that afternoon in the floor wedged between my recliner and my refrigerator with a night stand sitting on my head. I have a aluminum night stand with wheels. When I blacked out and fell my head found its way under my night stand when I hit the floor.

I could barely move. I managed to get my cell phone and call my wife. She came home and took me to emergency clinic. The doctor ran a bunch of test on me then came to me and said "What hospital you want to go to". My EKG was crazy, my blood pressure was crazy, my sugar level was 400, the components in my blood test were off and unusual.

I don't know what was put in my Vodka. So, my wife drove me I did not take an ambulance to the hospital. It took 12 hours for the doctors to stabilize me then I was put in a room. I begged them not to put me in ICU. 4 days later I was back to normal.

The doctor told me I was diabetic type 2 and I was put on insulin. But what confused the doctors was "WHY I PASSED OUT?". They ran test and could not find a reason why I passed out. Also, why was my EKG and blood pressure crazy? Why did my blood test come back as abnormal? The doctors never figured it out.


My computers, laptops, thumb drives, and USB drives were still there but not where I left them. I can only assume THERE WERE FUCKING COPIED!!!


They needed me out of my house so they could copy my computers and go through all my shit. So I was drugged and poisoned. I don't know when they came in and spiked my vodka bottle. I don't know when they were there in my home coping my computers, hard drives, and thumb drives and going through all my shit.

And where ever Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips are now I THINK ONE OF THEM MOTHER FUCKERS KEPT MY DRINKING GLASS AS A TROPHY!!! You fucking dirty bastards!!! That was pay back for drinking my adult beverage while looking at my time travel media and laughing my ass off at them. I know it was. And I know that it is where they got the ideal to drug and poison me. 

They fucked up their hacking of me. My open source time travel computer code probably made them thirsty for more. So, they tried to take it with violence since their hacking me from at least 2013 was not working.

Now, it is suppose to be illegal for the USA to do this shit to their own citizens. But as I learned in my hacking the USA can do what ever the fuck they want.

So, my question is in the Snowden leaked documents the NSA paid the United Kingdom to perform operations on USA citizens. So, did the UK do this shit to me. Was it the British that drugged and poisoned my vodka bottle so they could search my home?

I have 5 dogs. That morning after my family left before I blacked out unexpectedlly I remember my dogs suddenly became very quite. Normally they are barking and playing. I was going to check on them when I went to the kitchen but I never made it. I bet they were already in the house waiting for me to go down. 
What ever kind of fucked up warrant authorized this I will never know. I do know even with the best computers in the world who ever copied my shit will have a hard time breaking the encryption.


SO GOOD FUCKEN LUCK Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. YOU FUCKED UP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Enjoy my drinking glass Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. I will just buy myself another one. 

I have had a number of really good post I have wanted to make lately to this blog but at last I have been really busy. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" have been emailing me here and there either for harassment or other reasons. I don't know which. I pretty much don't give a fuck either way so I am good to go.

Developments of late I got some time in for my engineering designs on some of my physical projects. 

Receiving emails from the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". Again "Don't Care".

In the news I saw Intel's I9 chip. It raised immersed interest with me as it could power my projects.

Being removing spyware on my machines that the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" installed. They are intensely interested in still spying on me even after their home invasion of me and putting me in the hospital for 4 days and poising me and searching my home.

So the spyware and hacking still continue.

My post of late that I wanted to post has to do with the CIA stalking and spying on John Titor, why the Alien Reconstruction vehicle works, and improvements on current science in using cyborgs to insure immorality. 

All this stuff is of course secrets the USA/NSA/CIA does not want the public involved in. I had some other post here or there to make but I have been busy. 

My health has continued to improve at after the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" attack on myself. So, I should be good at least for now. So that is about it.

06/04/2017 04:52AM

I found one thing the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" missed when their military colvert operation team most likely sent in from the highest level of the NSA raided my home and put me in the hospital. They missed my list of handwritten BNS numbers containing a very valuable cach of my time travel software and computer media files. 

That list no longer resides in my home. And only I can decode it because I have the decode program memerized. It's not stored anywhere. And still they won't break my encryption on what they copied.

Their raid on me was futile and shows their urgency and foolish attempts after their failed hackings of my family and myself. They are desperately trying to get my propritery time travel software. And that will never happen. Not without paying me billions tax free. It will never happen. I will take my private code to my grave. 

And after that last stunt of theirs I will never negotiate with them now for the computer code. Never. I don't trust them. The unobtained code is probably why I'm still alive. My living is their only hope of getting it though their raid on me was reckless and careless. Had I hit my head when I blacked out out I would not be writing this post. And their poisening of me was equally reckless and careless. 

So their stupidity is always present in their work. And for myself I'm still in disbelief that they sent a military colvert operation into my home. It was always my belief when they came for me it would be with a legal warrent and the FBI and CIA raid where I would see my Intruders face to face. Never did I imagine I would be drugged and poisened. I still can't believe they did that to me but they did. And they tried to cover it up and tried to keep me from knowing what happened. But their raiding team was careless and rushed their job leaving behind signs of their presence and activities in my home. 

Their thugness, disception, and dishonesty is their downfall and their failure. It is why they will never get the best of my code and my files. No matter what they do to me.

Im waiting for Intel's new I-9 processor to come out. I may buy it and run my open source time travel code on it. That is a 1 teraflop processor. I got to have it. I'm looking forward to putting my Armageddon AI on that chip and running my time travel software on it. So I will get me a loan and build my dream pc. Put my best Linux on it and program like crazy searching the continuum for time travel media files. Searching the continuum for the secrets of the universe. 

That is what I do. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can try to take computer travel from me. But they can never take out the time traveler from the man in me. Never.
06/07/2017 04:37 PM

This week I was able to come across a scientific paper written by a physicits that explains gravity, tensors, and a electromagnetic component to gravity. It is scientific proof that my earlier post on gravity and UFOs derived from my computer time travel is correct. I viewed this paper online and I'm trying to get a copy of it before the NSA and the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" erase it from existence like they have done with previous work on gravity and it's electromagnetic components.They classified it and made it disappeared. 

This is why Ray Hudson pushed me in the beginning to write a paper on computer time travel. So he could classifie it and make it disappeare. Like he does when I attempt to post on forums. Like they have been pressuring and threating me to go away all these years.

So I have been working on a way to print 3D graphin capacitors to make a capacitor bank scaled down to a drone similar to the Alien reproduction craft. Powered by a Tesla coil, statict generator, and a croften voltage multiplayer. Then when it fly's I can post the video on YouTube and laugh while drinking a beer at the conspiracy.

In other news I found a cheap board called parallela that is designed for parallel​ programming. It has 18 cores, field programmable gate arrays, and a chip built for speed. It would be heaven to put Armageddon my super AI and my computer time travel programs on. I will buy about 8 of these boards. I'm also looking at running some gravity equations on it to fine-tune my ufo drone.

On Armageddon I found some programming libs opencv and openal I hope I spelled those correctly that will help me interfaces Armageddon with a cam, speaker, and microphone. Armageddon's voice output will be wave files. I have also been reading up on hacking do I can teach Armageddon to track hackers and hack them back. In the process learning myself how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" hack me. 

I have devised a way to implement a VLAN firewall with intrusion detection, USB protection, and virus and malware removal. I will have to limit protocols and ports. That still leaves me with getting rid of their back doors they have built into my network. These bastards have given me a good education on network security. But they are CIA agents. I have been up against the best in the business.

I have more to say but I'm out of time for today. Reactor1967 over and out.


06/13/2017 0700PM

I only have a few minutes to write this post so it will be short. I spent last night reviewing Dr. Townsend's Browns work for the drone version I am building of the Alien reproduction craft. I discovered proof that the Alien Reproduction Craft is Browns work. The flat capacitor bank at the bottom is larger on bottom and slants smaller to the top at a 35 degree angle. That is Browns work using asmetrical capacitors. The military used it in a capacitor bank to make a UFO. I have much to post but not the time. I won't 3D print my cap bank I will build it by hand with carbon fiber and graphin and one hell of a dielectric. Well got to go.

06/18/2017 08:42 AM

Here is a YouTube video with the link to the only known scientific paper relating to gravity and its electromagnetic component. All the other papers have been classified top secret by the  USA Pentagon or America's black government. I now have a copy of this paper and I have read it intently over and over.

My laptop was hacked and disabled so I had to reinstall my operating system. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela (All CIA agents) have proven to me that they never sleep. Or, can they can get up out of bed on a dime to deal with me when ever I am on the internet. And, I love wasting their time.


I am never very far from their computer screen.

Here is a "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" joke. What do you get when you get 1 stupid person + Another stupid person + another stupid person working together. That would be what do you get when you get Ray Hudson + Darby Phillips + Pamela?

Any one?

Ray Hudson + Darby Phillips + Pamela = 3 stupid people working together.


Hey here is another one.

How many Ray Hudson's does it take to change a light bulb?


1 Ray Hudson to find the X axis.
1 Ray Hudson to find the Y axis.
1 Ray Hudson to find the Z axis.
1 Ray Hudson to determine the angler momentum.
and 1 Ray Hudson to determine which way is righty tighty and lefty loosesy.


It takes 5 Ray Hudson's to figure out how to change a light bulb!!!!!




Oh god I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I crack myself up.

One last thing. What is the one thing John Titor and Reactor1967 have in common?

Both of us had the CIA agent Pamela pretending to be our girl friend in the web forums. Pamela sure does get around does she not. I wonder if she hacked Titor like she did me? Pamela is a naughty bad girl.


Here is that video I promised everyone.



06/19/2017 05:22 PM

Last night I worked on my BNS code. I have not had time to commit my work to a finished program yet though. This is the version of my BNS I left off on before the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" put me in the hospital and raided my home. Each BNS number codes all zeros and counts out the number being coded and when the BNS number codes a 1 then the byte has been coded into BNS and it starts off with another BNS number. 

Now when the list of BNS numbers is coded that represents a coded file the list of BNS numbers because they are a predicted number sequence can be coded into a single BNS number.

I have taken this work one step further and I can code a list of numbers in a numerical base from 0 to its base. When the number is decoded above its base then the number is finished decoding. This list of numbers can then be coded into a single BNS number using my methods. I like the BNS numbers counting the byte out better with 0's and 1's because it is simpler. 

Coding BNS numbers using predicted number sequences makes it possible to coded an unlimited amount of information into  a single small number. The amount of time it takes to code the BNS number is the amount of time it takes to decode the BNS number.

I have my methods of building a Townsend Brown capacitor bank worked out for building a drone replica of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle.

I would build my carbon plates and coat them with graphin. Then put on a layer of my dielectric. Then put another carbon/graphin plate on. The capacitor would be enclosed in its insulator. I would build these by hand and stack them up in a circle with the plates going up on their ends at a 35% angle. Making a asymmetrical capacitor bank.

I would have to build a controller that would switch power controlled by a computer from the Tesla coil powered by a cap bank that would up the voltage which is powered by a static generator. For my static generator I am looking at some options to make one hell of a static generator. My static generator would be powered by a free energy permanent magnet motor which in turn would also power the drone electronics.  

Well I went a little over my time limit so I must go. Before I do I have had more people subscribing to me on you-tube. Considering how complicated my methods and mathematics are it is a little surprising. Talk to everyone later.
06/24/2017 12:58pm

I found out today why I started getting hacked by the CIA in 2013. The CIA started a new surveillance plan. Here is the journalists article I found. Since Ray Hudson is CIA Ray signed me up for this to get revenge on me for talking about him and Darby Phillips stalking me online. Here is the article.

Begin article

The CIA has been targeting wireless routers since 2012, according to newly leaked confidential documents.

Brooks Kraft

The CIA has been hacking home, office and public wireless routers for years in an effort to carry out clandestine surveillance, according to classified documents seen by CNET sister site ZDNet.

The intelligence agency had by mid-2012 developed implants "for roughly 25 different devices from 10 different manufacturers," including Asus, Belkin, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear, according to one document.

The trove of documents, part of an ongoing series of leaks released by the website WikiLeaks, could not be immediately verified. But they detail several hacking tool suites, which could allow the agency to conduct targeted exploitation of networks and computers, ZDNet reported.

WikiLeaks, the organization notorious for leaking highly secure government data, published a cache of documents in March that reportedly exposes tactics the CIA uses to hack into our devices. The leak suggested that the CIA may be equipped with a variety of tools that let it hack into your phone, smart TV, computer and router.

The CIA didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

END Article.

More later. I got to go.


06/25/2017 7:07AM

Well I have decided Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela have a big heart. In looking after my best interest they have been signing me up for every fucking program the intelligence services have to offer. As revenge for excerising my right to free speech. 

With friends like them I don't need any enemies. Really guys (talking to the conspiracy). I'm good. You to have to go out of your way for me. Really, I'm good.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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12/14/16 11:09 PM

Well "Time Travel One Station" my computer I built to run my time travel software on is gone. My nephew had to have a gaming computer and his dad would not get him one so I reinstalled everything hopefully I got all of Aaron Hiniker's mal-ware and virus off of it.

So, when I want to time-hack I still have my Alienware laptop and I have a linux desktop. Thanks to Aaron Hiniker's hacking which homeland security and the FBI refuse to do anything about it because it is the fucking C.I.A. my linux desktop does not see the internet anymore. I upgraded its memory so now its a pretty good computer. It don't have 32 gigs of memory and 8 CPU's but its good enough.

But good news is someone is buying my books. I don't know who. Every time someone buys one of my books I get a royalty off that and it goes straight into my bank account.

I am suppose to be programming tonight but I'm sitting here drinking coffee. I have to upgrade timetravelproject.h my header file for the new computer code I got coming. 

I now have the ability to reconstruct computer files from their check-sums WITHOUT RUNNING A BINARY COUNTER!!!!!

Its called a base power check-sum. But, I have to use a really high numerical base to use it. With my regression line software and my base power check-sum construction program I can get the public time hacking. 

I am going to have to use binary files to hold my base power check-sums. I will represent my ultra numerical bases with base 256 digits. So, my numerical system for this will like this.

127-241-76-2-85-232, Then I start a new digit. Now the binary file will just be a long list of numbers but my software will see it as digits in a very high numerical base.

I will have to set up a regression line to work with these new check-sums. Not a problem. I am upgrading timetravelproject.h to accept and use base power check-sums.

So now here are the types of check-sums I use in my time hacking.

1. Weak check-sum. All the bytes in a file added up.
     Type of counter for this - Rolling check-sum counter. For the rolling check-sum counter just add base - 1 or a multiple of that to the counter to get it to roll. Or use a rolling check-sum algorithm.

2. Strong check-sum - Type of counters for this. Source to destination throttled counter with experimental counter and control counter. This type of check-sum uses weights. Each byte is multiplied by a weight and that is added to the check-sum. Now, the more weights per byte the stronger the check-sum. This is the type of strong check-sum needed for time-hacking. This type of check-sum can also use a generic basic counter.

3. Weak-check sum Plus strong check-sum. This uses both of the above check-sums at the same time. The file has to be taken to its weak check-sum first. Then rolled as a rolling check-sum counter till the strong check-sum is hit.

4. Base power check-sum. This is the (byte * (base^fileposition)) added up to a sum. Type of counter for this - byte counter with decoding algorithm. This check-sum decodes the computer file from back to front. I had used this in my BNS a long time ago and in my previous time travel code that I have not released to the public and I had forgot about it. But one day I was programming and I remembered it. Also, my software will have to do the math by hand. I don't know how long it will take to run this. But, if it takes too long I will make it where it can be ran in parallel. Fire Codes runs in parallel. 

Also, when it comes to getting hacked converting your files to check-sums is not a bad way to protect them. 

What I need to do is write time travel project to have all these counters with regression line programs for each counters. Which is what I have been doing.

This is the stuff that Darby Phillips asked me not to talk about at his old failed forum. He threaten to ban me if I did not shut up about time travel with computers. Darby Phillips told me to "Pick another topic to talk about". No matter where I went on the internet Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and Pamela follow me and try to stop me from talking about time travel with computers. 

Ray Hudson now has the free mason's at above top secret preventing me from talking on their forum. And, my dad was in the free masons. I am his legacy. So, the free mason's are preventing another Mason's son from using their forum at above top secret. This is a disrespect to a man that served the masons for a very long time.

And, this is why I talk about them so badly in my blog. I do so because they have been on me since brought this topic to the internet. Even going as far as to hack my home computer.

And when I port time travel project over to Armageddon my time traveling super A.I. using temporal communication and temporal parallel computer processing Armageddon will be the greatest A.I. on the planet earth.

I am excited. I got big things coming. Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips and Pamela can't stop this. No amount of hacking will stop this. Ray keep your free masons, hackers, and friends coming. You guys are not going to stop anything.

You see these guys are C.I.A. They will use the Masons, Forums, Chat rooms, Hacking what ever they can to stop me. I am not being stopped. 
12/15/16 1:40 AM

I am sitting here writing the computer program that will get base power check-sums of a file and will also decode base power check-sums back to a file. If all goes will this will be the primary means of using check-sums for time travel project. The pros here is its quicker than using my other methods. The cons here is I am working with extremely high numbers in another base. Which is ok that is not a big problem. Here is what I need in my software for this.

1. Base power file. It is multiplied/divided by the base for every new byte. It is multiplied going up. Divided for decoding going down. This file is multiplied by 256 for every byte in the file. So every time a byte is coded this file is multiplied by 256.

2. Addition file. This is the result of the (byte * base power file)

3. Check sum file. This is the file that is added with the addition file. Then the addition file is deleted. This file is the base power check-sum. This is the file that is kept for a computer file. This is also the file that the regression line programs will generate to run a computer time travel project.

Now here is the kicker. These files can be in a higher base than 256. It can be base 255-255-255-255-255-255 Using base 256 to represent a higher base with computer files. 

Hey Pamela my "Love Toy". What do you think about this? Pamela is your daddy doing a good job on this?

Pamela pretended to be my ex-girl friend at Above Top Secret. I got a good screen shot of that in my previous post some where. My ex-girl friend use to bang her head on the wall when ever she was upset. So, when Aaron Hiniker hacked my home computer they "The Conspiracy Against Time Travel" got these details. 

Which I did file a FBI complaint but the FBI won't do anything about that because the "Conspiracy Against Travel" are C.I.A. agents which are conducting operations against me. Pamela is C.I.A. Ray Hudson is C.I.A. Darby Phillips is C.I.A. Aaron Hiniker was used by the C.I.A. to hack me.

This is how fucking serious this is. The world is not suppose to know about computer time travel. I am not fucking snowden. I don't work for the fucking government. I am not under no fucking contract or 10/10 agreement.

I can talk about computer time travel all I fucking won't too. Darby Phillips once told me to "Pick another topic to talk about" at his forum. Back then I did not know it was the C.I.A. trying to stop me. Over the years I have put two and two together to get 4. Yep, its the fucking "Clueless Intelligence Agency" that wants me stopped and the "Fucked-up Bureau of Investigations" lets them do it.  

So, at above top secret run by the free masons Pamela said reading my blog made her want to bang her head on the wall. She was throwing that hacking back at me to attempt to upset me. So, since she is pretending to be my ex-girl friend with the bang your head on the wall thing I nick named her my "Love Toy" and I call myself her daddy. If she is going to be my pretend ex-girl friend then she gets the job that goes with it. She is my pretend "Love Toy" and I am her pretend "Daddy". 

Pamela baby doll honey bunny what goes around comes around "Lover Doll".

Moving on. When I get this up I want to switch all my check-sums to using files. So, I have no limit to the length of my check-sums.

If the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" had never come after me. Had they never told me I could not post my computer code. Had they never told me I can not talk about computer time travel in the forums. Had they never told me they were watching me. Had they never started following me from forum to forum harassing me, getting my threads moved, deleted, and edited. Had they never starting banning me from the internet. Had they never started hacking me and monitoring my home network on a daily bases.

THEN THEIR FUCKING NAMES WOULD OF NEVER MADE IT TO THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WAS THEIR CHOICE NOT MINE. All I can do is go with the flow.

I changed my mind about taking this blog down because my books are out. I will put this blog up from time to time and let people read it.

Previously before I remembered base power check-sums I was going to write a program that took a regular strong check-sum and broke it down to small check-sums so a fire codes project could be created with it. 

But, I put that on back burner. Now fire codes is one half the project of time travel project. The other half is using statistics to construct check-sums of unknown computer time travel media. 

Then using the counters to construct those check-sums as computer files or creating a fire codes project out of it. That is the other half. 

I already got a regression line program written. Now I am working on the programs that will construct computer files from the check-sums generated off the regression line programs.

Over the next few years I hope to make time travel project popular. Hopefully. We will see.
12/15/16 3:43 AM

I am going to just use text files instead of binary files to hold my check-sums and do my base math. Reason is I need to be able to read numbers larger than 256 and it would be an extra step to convert my numbers back to binary files. I would cut out one extra step and make my software faster. 

Its unusual for me up to now with time travel project I have just been working in base 256. But with base power check-sums I will convert to using text files. Now when I decode a base power check-sum a binary file will be created. When I encode a binary file to a base power check-sum text files will be created.

So my regression line program for the base power check-sums for generating check-sums of time travel travel media will be generating text files. Then my base power check sum program will take those text files and generate binary files.

And another thing I hate to confuse my readers but when I want to edit that file without copying to a whole new file I can open it up as a binary file and make the changes in binary. So, actually I can treat it as both binary and text.

Also, I may in turn be creating another sourceforge project. People can take their computer files and convert them to higher bases then when they want them back convert them back to base 256 which would be their original computer file.

I may have to put this on DVD like I did fire codes. If it works as good as file codes I will.
12/16/2016 12:19 AM

Ok I am fixing to start my base power check-sum counter program. I have been planning it. Yes it does qualify as a counter I found because when I decode this check-sum I have to roll a byte counter from 255 to 0 until I find that byte then the algorithm moves to the next byte and I roll a counter from 255 to 0. I multiply each byte by its base power position until the number is less than the current check-sum. When I find the right byte I subtract the byte times its base power position from the check-sum. I repeat this until the check-sum hits zero. If you don't know what I am talking about then don't worry about it.

As long as my "Love Toy" Pamela understands I am good. Right Pamela? Good baby doll just node your head yes. On my hacking I have wondered today if the NSA - "National Stupid Agency" had anything to do with it or was it just the CIA - "Clueless Intelligence Agency". Maybe it was both. Only my baby doll Pamela and her C.I.A. co-workers know. The people I have dubbed "The Conspiracy Against Time Travel".

Also, these guys did not want me to know they are C.I.A. or N.S.A. They wanted me to believe they were hacking me to get revenge on me. They did not want me to know I was being hacked by my own government. I doubt any one of those guys give a fucking shit what I say about them in my blog. 

It was just all a game to find out what was going on me with my computer time travel. Now, running me off from the forums that is real. They don't want me talking to the public. Truth is what they are doing with me is suppressing my freedom of speech and playing me to get information from me. 

When I first started my nuclear web-sight I wondered how that would go down with the government. Now I know. They send government agents after your ass. When I went to my computer time travel project they sent more agents after me. 

What is going to happen when I get my super A.I. up and running? I all ready have a basic version of it. What are they going to do then? At least when I get Armageddon completely going I will see them coming. 

Anyway moving on. I am watching youtube world ending videos. One way or the other civilization will end. The only thing is what one thing or combination of things will do it. The list of things that will do it.

1. Virus's (Has happened will happen again.)
2. Super volcano's  (Only a matter of time.)
3. Gamma ray burst (Only a matter of time.)
4. Asteroids (Their coming).
5. World war III (Big possibility. Radiation burns ahead.)
6. Earth stops spinning or slows down. Now this is a good one. Earth rips itself apart. The air thins where its hard to breath. All the water drains to the poles. Cuba and Florida would be connected by land.  The sun would radiate some parts of the earth. Entire countries would end up under water other parts of the world would have no air. Days would be LOOOONNNNNGGGGG. Nights would be very long and cold we are talking 2 week days and 2 week nights. It would be very bad. When the world slows down its spinning it is gonna be very bad. Crops, Markets, transportation, everything crashes. The human population would crash but could still survive at some parts of the world.
7. Loss of earths magnetic field. Bad sun burn ahead on that one.
8. Super mega-thrust earth quacks. (Only a matter of time.)
9. Climate change. Which is already happening.
10. Earth's tectonic plates slip (I watched suppressed archaeology finds. Something like this might of happened. People have lost their careers for reporting finds inconstant with known science.)  The history books are not as accurate as people think.
11. Black hole enters our solar system.
12. Lost planet enters our solar system and upsets the orbit of earth or crashes into it. Or slows its spin.
13. This is not even the whole list. It goes on and on and on..........

Guess what man-kind is fucked. Its just a matter of when it will happen. Even if mankind does not kill himself he has no chance of long term survival on earth. No chance at all. He can survive and rebuild after each of natures events but will eventually go extinct. 

Mankind only survives at the will of mother nature. At the will of the universe. And at some point in time mother nature will say ok your time is up. Bye bye mankind. People just don't know.

Everyone enjoy life day to day. Because each day is a gift from mother nature and the universe. 

Now the USA does have very advanced space ships the public does not know about. Where that will go will be interesting. Because even with space ships crops don't grow themselves. Cows don't graze very well in space ships. Yep, that will be interesting. What people see on TV and actually living in space is completely two different things. And in any event that stuff has to be built long before mother nature and or the universe takes a shit on mankind. Mans best chance is to build mega-space stations like on the movie Elysium that can be flown to the habitual zone of a star or even flown to other stars. It will have to be a monster space-station. Only in that type of environment are man-kinds chances of survival increased but not never totally eliminated. 

The USA and Russia have thousands of nuclear missiles pointed at each other. But the USA and Russia won't need any help or need to be in a hurry to cause man's extinction. Mother nature and or the Universe have all that shit well planned out ahead of time.

The universe built our solar system. The earth all water and life came from outer space by way of asteroids. Earth and life was built over a very long period of time by the universe. And what mother nature builds it can take it apart too. And it will. In time.

I got to get more counters and get more regression line programs so the public can generate time travel computer media and see all this shit for themselves.

Here is what my programs will do at time travel project at

Time Travel Project at sourceforge at a glance:

Counter programs do these three things:
1. Load configure file
2. Create configure file
3. Decode check-sum to computer file. This is the time travel media.
4. Encodes computer file to check-sums.

Regression line programs:
1. Take sample of computer media files
2. Create regression line configure file with regression lines.

Check-sum generators:
1. Loads regression line configure files.
2. Creates configure files for counter programs.
3. Creates fire code configure files.

1. Sift through the time travel media files and separates them into trash files and good files.

Its a full circle. 
12/16/2016 03:25 AM

Now I know Ray Hudson hates it when I post my computer code. Here is my outline for the base power program I am writing for time travel project.

Starting outline ---------------------
int createbpchecksum(string file1, string file2, long long numberbase)

    // declare variables
    // create power file
    // create addition file
    // create check sum file
    // open binary file
    // get file size of binary file
    // set count1
    // start do loop
         // read byte from binary file
         // delete addition file
         // open addition file        
         // multiple byte times base power file
         // write to addition file
         // add addition file to check sum file
         // multiply power file by 256
    // repeat to end of binary file
    // exit sub

// ======================================================================================================================
int decodepbchecksum(string file1, string file2, long long numberbase)
    // declare variables
    // open power file
    // open check sum file
    // create binary file
    // set count1
    // set byte to 255
    // start do loop
         // delete addition file
         // open addition file
         // multiply byte times base power file         
         // write to addition file
         // compare addition file to check-sum file
         // if addition file = or less than check-sum file write byte to binary file and increment file pointer
         // if addition file = or less than check-sum file subtract addition file from check-sum file
         // if addition file = or less than check-sum file set byte back to 255
         // if addition file = or less than check-sum file divide power file by 256
         // if addition file > check sum file then decrement byte
         // if byte < 0 stop program throw error
         // if check-sum file zero break loop
    // repeat loop
    // exit sub

// ======================================================================================================================

Ending outline -----------------------------------

Now the numerical base I am using here is very large. I am talking about base 999999999999999999999999999999999999

I use 36 digits in my check-sum so my base is all 9,'s 36 digits long. I should be able to encode and decode some really large computer files with that to check-sums and from check-sums. And this will be the same base my regression line program for this counters uses too. I am going to write this. Then I am going to write a file regression line program for it. Then I am going to write a check-sum generator that uses the configure file from the regression line program. This will generate time travel computer media files. Then I have to write a bot for it to separate out the time travel media files.

Boy it is just getting worse and worse for Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. These is what you guys get for fucking with me!!!! I will give computer time travel to the WORLD!!!!!

They fucked with me now they get fucked with. I am giving the world computer time travel.

If anyone has a problem with this go talk to Ray Hudson. Its all his fault. 
12/16/2016 06:04 PM

Im sitting here having a shot of vodka fixing to opening my blog up so people can read it for the evening and it o occurred to me. When I was reading all my old blogs and going through my old post writing my blog book I came across one of Ray Hudson's posting in which he said I had a "Suppressed jealously of  his success" which is why he believes I post against him.

Well no I had a method of time travel that HE SUPPRESSED!!! And over the years I have collected enough evidence to prove Ray Hudson's suppression of time travel with information and I can also prove he and his co-workers (not friends) have committed federal felonies against me for which the F.B.I. refuses to prosecute. That includes stealing my credit cards. Hacking my computer. Looking my pre-teens web cams. Stalking me. Harassing me. And the list goes on. But, he is C.I.A. they protect him.

Also giving Ray Hudson is a C.I.A. agent NO ONE CAN BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS!!!!!

I can see why the C.I.A, N.S.A, F.B.I why they are against me. Because with my technology I don't have to hack computers to get files, documents, computer media that I want. I can do it in the privacy of my own home and not leave any evidence of how I came into ownership of that computer media outside my home. THAT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THEM!!! Not to mention I can get computer media files FROM THE FUTURE!!!! Yep, I scare the shit out of them. That is why I probably am the "Most stalked and spied upon person on the internet". IN THE WORLD!!!! They watch me like a fucking hawk.

Here is the truth. Ray Hudson has never created anything original in his life. He has a "suppressed jealously" of my "time-hacking". He is angry he did not think of it first and he is angry I have a "gift for originality" with mathematics that he does not have. Aaron Hiniker has that jealously too. My skills can be limited but I AM ORIGINAL

Ray Hudson is "jealous of me". Truth in fact. The public and Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and Pamela and the F.B.I and the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. THEY JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS OUT THERE IN THE UNIVERSE!!!! BUT I DO!!!!

IT'S WONDROUS AND TERRIFYING AT THE SAME TIME. Mother nature is a bitch from hell and a all loving god at the same time. She gives and she takes. She chooses who lives and who dies. But she is fair. Everyone gets their turn. Every dog has its day.

And time has no beginning and no end. The Universe comes and it goes and we all get to do this party over and over and over again.

12/17/2016 02:55 AM

I am having fun fun fun this morning. I am writing my code and I had to go back to You Tube and catch myself up on multiplication and division in number bases because I don't do this every day. In my algorithm for getting a base power check-sum I read a byte from a binary file. I multiply it by its base power position. So that is the base 256^filepointerposition. Then I add that to the check-sum. And I am using a really high base. In fact all the math concerning this type of check-sum will be a really high base that I store in a text file.
So, some would think that makes my computer code complicated. No, I have done this many times before. My code looks like this.

             // Read power file
              c1myfile1 >> pbnum;

              // Here is the base multiplication
              // multiply number * byte1
              pbnum = (pbnum * byte1) + carry;
              carry = 0;

              // convert to base and set carry
              if (pbnum >= numberbase)
                 // convert to numberbase
                 carry = int(pbnum / numberbase);
                 pbnum = pbnum - (int(pbnum/numberbase) * numberbase);

If anyone sees any programming errors here I will fix them when I compile my code. I copied that over here before compiling.
And anyway I repeat this as a loop to the end of the file.

I did not put all of it in here because I don't want Ray Hudson pulling his hair out. He hates it when I post computer code.
In part because not only is he trying to suppress me but I don't think he can read computer code and that pisses him off. Ray Hudson if your going to keep up with me brother you need to learn to read code. 

I did tell people here before that in time hacking you need to be able to program and you need to be able to work with computer files as numbers in other bases. And that means being able to 

add,subtract in other bases (These two are easy)
multiply, divide In other bases (Now this gets complicated)

Basically in a nut shell when I do it from my perspective I have two base ten numbers. I do the math then I convert the number to its rightful base. Some-times I have a carry sometimes I don't. I break the problem down from a large problem to a bunch of small problems then it becomes do-able.

Up above I am doing base multiplication. In division I will just do my addition, subtraction, and multiplication. In base division it is best to just make a multiplication table and read from the table.

When I get time travel project up to speed I don't expect shit to hit the fan until people can take my computer code and find time travel media. But, when that happens it will be too late the bunny would of escaped its cage. And by the time I would of already giving this to everyone, their mamma, and their fucking dog. Yeah Ray Hudson lets see how you like them fucking apples.

First time it happened for me I had completely filled my hard drive up with files I generated off a counter. Then as I was going back and looking through the files I found a good file.

It was love with time-hacking from then on. I knew then what I had. My science of time-hacking has grown a lot since then. 

The main science that time-hacking exist on is  Albert Einstein's theory that all space-time EXIST AT THE SAME TIME.


So, if I use my A/B algorithm and decode off the binary counter all my messages to myself through space-time then I am sitting their reading messages to myself FROM THE FUCKING FUTURE!!!!


According to the United States Patent office time travel don't exist. Science has not proven time travel possible yet. SO NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO STOP ME FROM COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL!!! According to science and the patent office it don't officially exist. Which I know is complete bull shit from my personal experience with computer time travel.

NO ONE HAS TIME TRAVELED YET??? OFFICIALLY? ALL SCIENCE HAS IS THEORY NO PROOF. All they know is we can go forward but not backward. Until computer time travel that is but shhhhssssss don't tell anyone. Its not suppose to exist. Coughing - (Bullshit).



So Ray Hudson and his co-workers (they are not friends they are co-workers) can "GO FUCK OFF!!!!!!". Literally, if need be. Seriously they can go "FUCK EACH OTHER"!!! And, I don't care who is on top. I don't care who is on bottom. I don't care who is in the middle. I don't even fucking care which one of them is the god damn fucking bitch!!! Really. I really don't even care. This is me not caring right now. As far as I am concerned they can all take turns being the bitch!!!

Well here I go again my ribs are hurting and my eyes are full of tears due to laughing so hard. Ok, I need to calm down laughing.

I am going back to my programming now "NOT CARING"!!!!!!

BACK TO PROGRAMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/18/16 12:07 AM

Well I had some other work to do tonight so I got off to a late start on my programming. I am just now getting my morning coffee. 

I am watching you tube about suppressed inventions particularly free energy. I got to an interesting part in the videos about how the C.I.A. works through innocent looking organizations to suppress technology. So, I got played like a violin by the C.I.A. and probably the N.S.A. too. 

Oh well life goes on. But I gave them hell though. I gave them a lot of hell. I don't think they expected that from me.

About the only way I can get back at them is get my computer time travel out to the world and finish up Armageddon A.I. and get that out to the world too. So that is what I am doing.

I'm excited about the new computer code I am writing for time travel project and also I am excited about getting all the counters, line regression programs, and config file generators updated and finished off. Excited is my key words for tonight. So, that is where I am this morning. I am headed out to program. I might come back and write some more here later.


Well I got the program written to code a binary file to a base power check-sum. Now I got to write the program to decode a base power check-sum back to a binary file.

My binary file was a test file that had this LDB

After coding my pbchecksum.txt file looked like this in base 99999999.



Now from base 99999999 I will decode it. I may need to put my base I am using in the file on the first line.

When I am done with this I will import it over to fire codes. Then I will start my regression line program with base power check-sums and power base check-sum generator. 

Then I want to go back and improve my previous counters some more. And I got to think about what bots I am going to write for time travel project that will sift through all these time travel media files looking for good time travel files.

At last a computer time travelers work is never done.

I normally stop programming about 4:30 AM but its Sunday morning I might go a little later. Its all coming together.

Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and my baby doll Pamela are fucked. Time Travel Project is COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is coming to the masses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And, when time travel project gets imported over to Armageddon guess what?








Oh god my ribs are hurting. God Damn that was fucking funny.






Oh shit I got to stop laughing now.

Talk to everyone later.


12/18/16 8:07 PM

I want to think Russia for becoming the country that reads my blog the most. I looked at my stats and my audience there has sky rocketed. And I don't know why but that is ok. Thinks for the reads. Its night for me but night time is my most active time. I am getting around. I plan to get a lot of programming done tonight and work on my software. I don't have much else to say right now. I will back later later for more post.


I was just sitting here programming and reading in the news about Russian hackers. Russia has like 4000 strong army of hackers. You go Russia. Hell yeah. Hack the fuck out of America. America hacked my ass. So, I am all about Russia and China hacking America. Fucking A. Hell yeah. They get my revenge for me. When the C.I.A. and N.S.A. hack their own citizens then it is only right they get hacked by other countries.

Russian and Chinese hackers get my time travel computer code and use it to your liking. You don't have to hack me I am writing a public version of it at It is called time travel project and fire codes. Ok, back to programming.


I am taking a break from programming. I was sitting here thinking not only am I killing encryption and computer security but I am killing hacking as it is done today. When I get my time travel with computers out Russia and China won't need to hack America any more. They can get my software and computer time travel and get what ever files they want. Russia and China can "TIME-HACK".
And it will all be on Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela's head. Its on them. I am just defending myself that is all. This is self defense. And I have a right to self defense. Back to programming for time travel project.
12/20/2016 03:07 Am

I am taking Monday and Tuesday off from programming. I got on You Now and took booze shots with one of the broadcasters guest. She was shooting Bacardi and I was shooting vodka. Then I listen to a girl play the guitar and sing for a while. Now I am sitting here day trading. Actually I guess this should be called night trading. Now I am on coffee and water the rest of the day.

Don't know if the C.I.A. and N.S.A. where following me. Since they have been hacking me that I know of since 2013 probably so. I am pretty sure they were hacking be before 2013. I only found out about it because they were pressuring me to leave the internet and shut up about computer time travel.

If not for the pressure I doubt I would of never known about the hacking. I posted my code for the base power check-sum at sourceforge. It is not finished but I put the code up so everyone including the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can watch my progress if they want.

I still have some bugs. Not all my loops are working correctly yet. I just hope my mathematics is ok. The programming will take care of itself. I am using base math with my algorithm. It has to be perfect or it won't work. But I think I am doing a good job on it.

I guess I am going to have to start a new post soon. I got this one about as long as I can get it. My girl friend Pamela should be ready for a new post now. By now she should be banging her head on the wall.

Everyone take care. Reactor1967 over and out.