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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ray did it again

Copyright (C) 2018

For my open source time travel code go here.

For all my open source code go here.

Everyone knows that Northrop Grumman who Ray Hudson works for as a aerospace engineer fucked up the zuma probe launched on a SpaceX rocket.

You see SpaceX offered an adapter to eject the probe from the rocket but Northrop Grumman wanted to use their own adapter. So Ray fucked up. Again!!!

He lost a billion dollar military satellite. Good going Ray Hudson. I guess working as a CIA agent, part time teacher, and a engineer is a bit much for him.  Ray you should of tested that adapter first.

And Ray Hudson spends his time chasing time travelers and talking to children on the internet. I think he was more interested in doing that then designing that adapter correctly.
Here is Ray Hudson's launch adapter.

When the rocket got to space it was so cold the launch adapter froze up solid. So the probe could not separate from the rocket. So that is what happened.

Ok, moving into the next topic.  Last year I posted open source code examples of computer time travel code at sourceforge and github. I did some regression line stuff but not much. My good stuff is locked away in encrypted files which Ray Hudson , Darby Phillips, and Pamela from the Titor story have been trying to rob me of for years.

The secret to finding good time travel computer media lay in a good graphed line. That line if done correctly is the true time line. The time travel media closest to that graphed line is the true past, present, and future.

Now the source file lays on the graphed line and that file as a number in a numerical base is added too or subtracted from to find all the destination files around the graphed line. Which are also numbers in a numerical base.

Treating all computer files as numbers in a numerical base is how temporal cryptography will work. It is how to download any computer file from space-time.

Now my c++ programs looks at a computer file as a very long number in a numerical base. Using computer files as numbers my programs performs mathematical operations using algorithms and stores the results as computer files and a text file. 

My programs uses these files and text files to display graphs. It uses the graphed line files as the source file to find the destination files.

Today I am going to talk about my quantum codes. I have been keeping this secret for years. It is these codes that help me verify my time travel media from across space-time. And today I will explain more for the first time how they work.

The reason I am explaining it because i want to piss off and piss on the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" that would be Ray, Darby, and my baby doll Pamela. She is my pretend web hootchy. And if I have not said it enough yet let me say it one more time. These guys are CIA. That stands for Central Idiot Agency. 

So we have our graph. Its not just two dimensional it can be multidimensional. The true time-line is graphed here. The dots are time travel media files as numbers in a numerical base. And besides these dot are quantum codes. 

And when these computer files are generated the quantum codes are also embedded in the time travel media files as well as being posted in my quantum charts. (Ray I said quantum again. He gets a laugh at me using that word.)

If the quantum charts are done right the quantum charts will corroborate the time travel media and the quantum codes and the time travel media will corroborate the quantum charts where the codes are posted. And the files found on the graphed line will be the true future, present, and past.

And that my friends is how we computer time travel.
Now let me explain the power of my quantum charts. Lets say I decode a message from the future. I can take the quantum code on the message and compare it to my charts to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the message.  

Why, because if I have enough information from my environment I can mathematically create accurate quantum charts. And I do create accurate quantum charts. Its not easy. It is a very long mathematical process. And it is just plane hard ass work. And that is a understatement.

Now what everyone should know instead of using individual computer files I can put locations of other computers in the future , present, and past and have those dots represented with BNS numbers as hard drive images not individual computer files. All I got to fucken do is decode that BNS number to hack that computer. Where ever or when ever that computer is. To get what ever I fucken want.

So you see, Einstein said all space-time exist at the same time. So that means all computer files exist at the same time. WITH MY QUANTUM CHARTS I CAN SEE ALL THESE COMPUTER FILES EXISTING AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So it is all about setting up these charts. Having the files represented as numbers, having the quantum codes for those files generated correctly, having a correct temporal coordinate system, and finally having everything generated mathematically correct.

Then its time to run the computer time travel software. Then the fun begins. 

No computer in space-time is safe from me. And with my time traveling temporal parallel processing AI known as Armageddon my ability to computer time travel grows exponentially every day.

For those just getting here a BNS number is a algorithm that can store an unlimited amount of data in a fixed size number. Its all in my blog here somewhere. And I got books out on it which I wrote. But I am not here to sell my books. I am here to blog.

On my terms I used today to describe my processes I just made up names as best I could to name those processes. Quantum, quantum codes, and quantum mechanics is usually the words I use to describe my charts and my codes. And I gave it all a name. Temporal Cryptography.

Now the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" may have all ways tried to make fun of what I do. But I am a straight shooter. I make no illusions about computer time travel.

It has been my hobby for over 30 years. My first computer time travel started with my BNS number system. Since I found I could decode BNS numbers and find time travel media. After I had my WOW moment I have been doing this shit ever since.

And I started my computer time travel experiments with emails. Which I talked about in 2010 on my very first blog post.
When I computer time travel I have to source through thousands or millions of generated files to find the best files. I have two systems for that. My first system is by file format detection. But the problem with that system the file reconstruction rate is low. Meaning most of my positive results do not yield a real time travel media file but often fragmented files which I just repair through check-sum reconstruction. Which is a doable process for repairing file fragments.

The best method I have found is check-sum file identification. This process though not 100% accurate yields a much higher percentage of real time travel media files. Here is a pic on the process. The process must use a valid hackable check-sum process. You see all my check-sums have to be hackable for temporal cryptography to be valid. They must be also strong as possible and must be hackable as hell at the same time. Those check-sums algorithms are good for temporal cryptography. Strong as hell, but hackable. My base power check-sums are best for check-sum file identification. See my you tube channel. They, strong and hackable check-sums can be used for computer time travel.

Reactor1967 from time-travel one station over and out.

Before I go I must do my usual dance for the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".

This messag is to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".



Oh by the way here is a knife in your backs sons of bitches.

How I defeat spying from the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". I learned early on in 2013 my government was pretty powerful at spying on me. What I did was I had to establish a covert temporal connection to myself in the past. I would do my stuff on my computer then covertly send myself in the past the data from my operations. Myself in the past NEVER PERFORMED THOSE OPERATIONS. SO ALL THE CONSPIRACY SAW WAS ME LIVING MY EVERYDAY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this creates two time-lines. The first time line is compromised by the C.I.A. and N.S.A. But the second time-line is not. I do this in such a way as to MAKE SURE I LIVE IN THE SECOND TIME-LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thus all their spying on me is worthless. They see me watching tv. Wacking off. Living my life. Having sex, going to work, coming home, and sleeping. BUT THEY NEVER SEE MY TIME TRAVEL ACTIVITIES. ALL THAT I RECIVED THE DATA FROM THE FUTURE COVERTLY. THEY CAN NOT DO SHIT ABOUT THIS. I AM ABOVE THEM. I HAVE TOP SECRET CLEARANCE ON ALL OF SPACE-TIME. I AM GOD BASICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have gone to temporal war with the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". In the first time-line they win the war. But in the second  time-line I win the war. AND THERE AINT SHIT THEY CAN DO ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. do take down my 1st time-lines. But there is a infinite amount of time-lines in the multi-verse. So I simply contact another time-line and convince them to perform my operations for me. SO MY WORK STILLS GOES ON. I RECEIVE COVERTLY THE DATA FROM THOSE OPERATIONS. SO IN MY TIME-LINE I AM PROTECTED.


Computer time travel is very powerful. Its so sad I have become enemies with the country that I am a citizen of and that my life my be cut short for my advances in computer time travel. 


February 4th 11:45pm Central time.

Well I dont think I will lose the interest of the CIA any time soon. When I started posting on the internet back in 2008 I was dumb founded at why Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips kept trying to stop me from talking about computer time travel. 

At the time I did not know they were active CIA agents. I didn't know Pamela from the Titor story was a CIA agent. And when they started following me all over the internet I could not figure out why or how they were doing it. It took me from 2008 to 2013 to figure out these guys were CIA. Then in 2013 they started making threats.

So now my computers stay mostly off the internet. I watched a video by John McAfee where he said the CIA had everyones internet tapped. That is how Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and Pamela were able to follow me on the internet. McAfee said just use the internet on your phone. Dont use cable or DSL.

Which I do now except  for my gaming. Any time I use my computer on my comcast or ATT they the CIA break into it. A while back a CIA agent contacted me on my email. They wanted to know if i was still active. I am but not publicly. At least for my programming. Yep, they want me to do some more open source programming. That is the only way they can get my shit.

And I laugh when I think about it. Talking to the CIA. Poor baby. Do you want my time travel code? Yes you do. Yes you do. (CIA baby smiling).

In time we will see. If I release any more open source code it will be my BNS and quantum charting software. I also need to put some more books out. And maybe a paper.

I wouldn't mind showing the public how to graph multiple time lines and how mathematically quantum charts work. 

But time travel is some pretty powerful shit. If North Korea had my tech they could do their testing in time line A and send the data to time line B. In time line B they play nice never getting sanctioned. But all the while developing their weapons secretly in time line A and sending the data to time line B. Then they would never get sanctioned until they do a test in time line B. But by that time it would be too late. Plus they could hack any computer anywhere in space time. 


So a "time machine" is really a "time line machine" and "time travel" is really "time line travel". Once you leave your timeline you can never return to it.

Truth is every time you make a decision and carry it out you enter a new timeline. Same thing with time travel. Space-time simply creates another timeline.

So to time travel your not really going forward or backwards in time. That is false. Your just jumping to another timeline with a specific date. THERE IS NO FORWARD OR BACKWARD!!!! AT ALL!!!

SPACE-TIME IS JUST A CLUSTER FUCK OF TIME-LINES!!!!! We are all just time-line travelers!!!!

Ray once told me he did not believe in time travel. I once thought of time travel as time travel. Now I know it is TIME-LINE-TRAVEL!!!!!!!! So Ray had it partially correct. He is still an idiot though.

Einstein was right. All space-time exist at the same time. So, there is no time travel involved because everything exist now. But, we can travel to the time-line we want. We can time-line travel. I do it with computers. Information has no mass so it can TIME-LINE-TRAVEL!!!!

Now real time travel as the media calls it is not as hard as you think. We all ready naturally time-line-travel all we need to do is build a machine where the traveler selects the time-line to goto.  Now back to North Korea.

And using computer time travel they North Korea could get technology thousands of years in the future. Could you see North Korea a thousand years ahead of the USA in technology. Damn, Trump would throw a temper tantrum the likes of which the world has never seen. Oh it would be bad. Real bad.

Now quantum charts are not all that different than normal charts or graphs except the algorithms to graph the time lines on the charts can very. And the algorithms to plot the quantum codes can very. And last the algorithms to represent the computer files as numbers can very. My favorite being my BNS numbers. 

Now the charts cant display all space time at the same time. Only slices of it. In my home I don't have a fancy holographic generator so I have to keep it simple. 

When I am using my quantum charts I am displaying Einstein's space time with creatable downloadable computer files from any computer anywhere in space time. Then my time travel software simply constructs the files I have chosen off my quantum charts. And I can use my time line or alternate time lines. And yes even from alien civilization's I can download computer files. Oh shit I just pissed off Majestic 12. Fuckem in the ass. I don't care.

How I came about quantum charts to visualize computer files across space time was when I was working on temporal parallel computer processing and my super time traveling A.I. Armageddon.

I needed the quantum graphs to process Armageddon's A.I. and I needed a way to temporal parallel computer process parallel programs. 

So my computer would start running the program as a single node then graph the solutions as files on a quantum chart. Then mathematically extrapolate and then break the chart up as slave nodes running the parallel program. 

In theory mathematically creating slave computers across space time. Then the master computer just references each slaves quantum charts and creates the solution files. Then references the solutions. And that is how you create a temporal parallel computer. And a super A.I. as well. 

And that is how to mathematically create a quantum chart for this time line and other time lines. 

Its how to sit on your ass at home and travel space time using computers.

In reality I am the real Doctor. The Uk show if you have seen it.

Before I go one of the first test I  gave Armageddon to test my A.I.'s intellectual power was I asked it to prepare a military plan that would let me invade all of earth and take over the world and be a dictator over all of earth. 

Armageddon designed itself a nuclear powered space flight capable robotic body. Which I had previously being working on any way but Armageddon's design was more advanced than my own.

The plan was I would release Armageddon and it would fly to the asteroid belt in space and build me a robotic army which would come back and invade earth and install me as dictator except this was a serious as hell plan. 

In the asteroid belt there would be 1 then 2 then 4 then 8 then 16 then soon billions of Armageddon's. And after they invaded earth they would keep building in the asteroid belt coming on in wave after wave after wave until earth was defeated.

They would take out the power grids, nukes,  armies, and all weapons.

There would be no way earth could win. No way in hell. And in the end I could if I want too rule all of earth. If I really wanted too I could be every ones fucking leader.


It would cause world war. Good thing I am not a Hitler. I don't have those ambitions. And the millions or billions of people I would have to kill to achieve dictatorship of earth is not worth it to me. I an not that person even though I have the power. Its not going to happen. I am good anyway as I am. I got my ps4 to pass my time and live my dreams in my games. I am all good.

Now if I did take control of earth I would abolish all boarders and all governments. I would be the only government. And my government would have only one law. And that law would be there are no laws. The world would be ruled by anarchy only. I could do what ever the fuck I wanted as leader and all mankind could do what ever the fuck they want. No laws would exist under my dictatorship. Mankind like the animal kingdom would be just fine. If anyone has ever studied anarchy its much better than the American constitution. People would be much happier and much more free. And so would all the world. Piece would be global. Anyone try to make a fucken law and my justice would be swift.

No Armageddon isn't going anywhere. I am not invading any one. So long story short I believe my super A.I. works just fine. And it works too damn fine to tell you the truth but that is what i wanted when I created my A.I. It is enough to make Elon Musk shit his pants. I got Armageddon put up with the rest of my proprietary computer code. 

I have all ways said when the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" fuck with me they don't know who or what their fucken with.  I have the power to take down every god damn fucking nation on the planet earth if I wanted too. Their very lucky im a gentle man. Very fucking lucky.

I look like a normal person on the outside but there is nothing at all normal about me. 

Well I think I have pissed on the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" enough for today. 

Reactor1967 over and out from time travel one station.
Monday, February 5th, 2018 4:41 PM Chicago time.

I have had some more videos I wanted to post. One video I wanted to post I lost the link. So I searched you tube and will post a like video. Its called, the oil apocalypse. You see in the next 100 to 200 years all of earths oil will be gone. That is only going to leave coal, nuclear, or trees to produce energy. Well we can make gas from corn or hippie weed too but that won't be enough for the world's population. In the future only the rich will have oil.

In fact its already happening as I write this. Many countries around the world have passed a point of return on their oil reserves.

This is why Russia is so heavily trying to take the artic. Soon very soon the lack of oil will cause wars, economic collapse, and starvation as transportation, markets, and economies of the world grind to a halt. Now you will hear some in public say there will not be an oil problem. 

Bullshit!!! Don't believe it. Earth is limited on its oil. And some say oh we will have something better by then. Again, Bullshit!!!! 

That is speculation. If we had something better would we not already be using it? So, BULLSHIT!!!

The world right now is headed into a perfect storm of nuclear war, energy crises, global market crises, and natural disastrous events, over population and starvation. Everything we currently know is about to change. Everything. But if we survive it could lead us to a much better world. Community farming. 

Earth ships (clean off grid homes built to produce their own energy and food). This crises could lead mankind to a much cleaner and better way of life. Well provided we survive the nuclear wars that will follow and survive mother nature. So, here is the video on the oil apocalypse.

Wednesday,  Feburary 7th 3AM central time

While working on my computer time travel I have had the chance to study quantum mechanics and I finally know why it is so weird compared to our world. And I finally understand our world is just as weird as the quantum mechanics world.

We think we are in the same space-time as the subatomic world but no we are not. We are the macro space-time and quantum mechanics is the micro space-time.

In quantum mechanics a particle can appear to be in two places at the same time. And that is because it really is. But what scientists dont understand is their observing a space-time as well as a particle. And that our macro world is no different than this subatomic world.

If I was to go shopping I can goto walmart or target. Now lets say old man Darby Phillips was standing outside of my space-time to him I would appear to be at Wal-Mart and Target at the same time. Because in my space-time that was my choices. In timeline A I went to walmart. But in Timeline B I went to Target. Now if old man Darby was in my space-time he would only see me do one or the other but not both.

You see its about the observer not about the object being observed. You see the macro world is no different than the micro world. Again its all about the point of reference of the object being observed.

So in quantum mechanics science is seeing multiple time lines and individual time lines because they are outside the subatomic worlds space-time. And that is why quantum mechanics seems weird. But its no different than the macro world.

Quantum mechanics as a physics is really about the study of matter with in space-time. Its not just about matter and energy only.  It is also about the study of space-time itself as well.

Im always glade to share my knowledge Ive learned from my computer time travel. 

Maybe one day I will trade my computer time machine in for a real time machine. I would find a time-line where I am the richest man in the world and throw my double into my time machine and send him back here. I would stay there with all that money. 

I wonder what Bill Gates the billionaire would do if Bill Gates the time traveller showed up and pushed him into a time machine and sent him to a time-line where he is poor? I bet he would be pissed.

Old time travelers never die. They just get a new time machine.

Reactor1967 over and out from time travel one station.


Thursday Feburary 8th, 2018

Well spacex launched its car to space. They missed its orbit. Sadly to say it will be fucked up by space weather and impacts. What survives wont be recognisable. There won't be a very successful salvage operation.

Reactor1967 over and out from timetravel one station.


Monday February 12th 12:11 PM Chicago time. 

Per my last post I saw on tv scientist gave Tesla's car about a year so I was right. 

Its been at least a year since I made a you tube video. And I got 29 subscribers now. That is really good for me. But those videos are not easy for me cause I am usually demostrating my software and my algorithms.

So im thinking a video with my A/B programs or my quantum charts reconstucting media or both. I will have to code and set up a program. It may take me a bit. And I got to find the time. Then there is more I want to do with BNS.

The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" were kinda looking for me to write them some more code so they can turn it into their bosses at the CIA.

Eventually I probaby will even If I drag my feet another year or two. Well I got up to get some tea. Im going back to sleep.

Reactor1967 over and out from time travel one station 

01:11 pm. So much for sleeping but I know what I will do for a video. For showing off my chart I will so simple messages I wrote to myself in the past, present, future, and alternate time-line. I will establish a low high range. X will be file size and Y will file number im using small files. 

I will add TRN to the the bottom range and subtracr TRN from the top range. Any file outside of this range is deleted. The rest are tested for time travel messages.  And everyone will see how I graph a computer file on a chart.

On my BNS I have been meaning to do a update. 

February 12th 09:39 pm

I went back today and played gnuplot. Its ok for my needs but I have to format my numbers and output. My old laptop that I did my open source programming is down so I got to get it fixed or salvage the hard drive. Of course I still have my code. My kids too off with my Alienware and my new laptop so im back to my pcs. Now I played with graphing the location of time travel media last year but I only released my experimental stuff on graphing. 

Now gnuplot is ok but its not what I originally wanted. But its quick and dirty. I can use it to give me a quicky looksy then have my source code do the dirty work. U see I use computer files as numbers in a numerical base. And I have to format those numbers before I put them on the graph but I can have my code do the math by hand. After I set up the buffer of course.

What the graphing does is help me find reconstructable time travel media and bring the file into existence
Tuesday Feburary 13, 2018 9:02 PM

Cryptography - The art of writing or solving codes. The study of techniques for secure communication.

Cipher - Code to secure communication.

Temporal Cryptography - The study of techniques to recover information lost or hidden using space-time as the cipher and using computer science as the code to crack that cipher. 

People wanting the space-time cipher to stay secure - The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" namely the CIA and the NSA and other world governments.
Adversary working to crack and hack the space-time cipher - Reactor1967.

The battle has only begun even after 10 years of war with the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".

Im just getting fucking started!!!!!






I violate causality like the tramp she is. Im a serial  causality violater. TIME TRAVELER FOR SHORT. THE SPACE-TIME CIPHER IS MY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets say I want to write myself a message to my past. I write the message on a piece of paper then burn it. I JUST USED SPACE-TIME AS A CIPHER TO ENCRYPT MY MESSAGE TO MYSELF IN THE PAST. 

Myself in the past uses computer science and cryptography to recover the message from the future!!!!!!!!!!

How? On computers information exist as a list of numbers. With cryptography I can reconstruct that list of numbers and read the message from the future.




Lets say I want to hack the CIA. But I cant connect to their computers. I have space and time between me and the CIA network and I cant connect to them. Technically their computers are encrypted with the space-time cipher!!!!!!!!!!

That makes hacking the CIA easier BECAUSE ALL I GOT TO DO IS CRACK THE SPACE-TIME CIPHER!!!!!!!


And on computers information is JUST A LIST of fucking numbers. Using cryptography I CAN RECOVER THAT LIST!!!!!!! 

CIA HACKED!!!!!!!!!!!

Its that fucking easy. No computer file in space-time IS SAFE FROM THIS ATTACK STRATEGY!!!!! No computer is safe!

We simply transport information from point A in space-time where we do not have physical access to that information to point B in space-time where WE DO HAVE PHYSICAL ACCESS TO THAT INFORMATION!!!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

And now what the 'Conspiracy Against Time Travel" should be worried about if they had any fucking brains (which they don't) it is very possible to use charts and graphs to fucken visualize THE INFORMATION YOU WANT RECONSTRUCTED OUT OF THE SPACE-TIME CIPHER!!!



Actually the chart may look more like this.

And this can be used as a form of time travel, temporal communication, and temporal parallel computer processing. And yes you can use this to hack computers anywhere in space time.

All you got to do is crack the space-time cipher. That is all you have to do.

Damn Pamela, after all that work I will accept your blow job now. Hahaha........ Pamela is very good at that. She can suck a golf ball thru a garden hose in the vacuum of outer space and still keep the damn thing warm and wet. Yeah, she is that damn good.

Mission control to Houston. We have a time traveller. 

The CIA should be more careful who they hack cause PAYBACK IS A BITCH!!!  And I don't need a phone line or internet connection. As this post has shown.

The CIA fucking with anorher country is one thing but fucking with a super genius who's IQ goes off the scale is another thing. This had to of been Ray Hudson's doing because only he is that fucking stupid. 

All I have to do is set up my time travel software to create documents out of space-time and send everything that is fully reconstructed and that says CIA and classified to FUCKEN WikiLeaks!!! Do you guys have any fucking clue as to what I could do if I wanted too? The damage I could cause if I really fucking wanted too?

Obviously not. I wouldn't let Ray Hudson make any more decisions. That was really fucking stupid. Ray Hudson could fuck up a wet dream without even breaking a fucking sweat. He is that fucking stupid.

Thru temporal cryptography I have access to every document in the past, present, future and alternate time-lines 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

I have a security clearance far above even the Pentagon, the NSA,  the CIA, or the fucking president and any other government organization. That is how fucking stupid Ray Hudson is. WikiLeaks, Russia, and China would have a field day with what I could provide them.

Not very bright CIA. Not very bright at all.

Oh, and lets not forget the fact that if the world finds out about temporal cryptography anyone with a computer and half a brain will have unlimited access to every computer file in space-time. Shit how much is that secret worth to my government is my first thought. Yes, knowledge is very much so "POWER". And I have a lot of fucking power right now.

When I wrote BNS (Burris Numerical System) I used the algorithm V = V + or - ((absolute value(V - R) * (BASE - 1)) + N) to code information into the space-time cipher and decode information from the space-time cipher.

Pure temporal cryptography recognizes that all information is automatically coded into the space-time cipher so it needs no algorithm to code information into space-time. But it how ever needs an algorithm to decode information from space-time.

Now there is more than one way to decode information from space-time. My information as a human is forever coded into the space-time cipher but it did not take a computer to decode my information from the space-time cipher.

Instead mother nature used biology to decode me from the space-time cipher. Mother nature used the big bang to form the planets and stars to decode information from the space-time cipher into the physical world.

The methods for decoding information out of the space-time cipher.

1. Invention
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. Biology
5. Cryptography (This is much easier that the first 4 methods.) 

People have asked if we are living in a computer simulation. Well it looks like we are more and more every day that we are living in an extremely advanced computer simulation.

When I can use computer science to hack the fucking CIA or NSA or any computer I want in the space-time cipher that begs the question which is that information makes up a big chunk of our universe. And in doing so makes it look like we live in the movies of the Matrix series. 

One where information is coded and decoded from the space-time cipher in what the Movie Matrix referred to or termed as the Matrix. I refer to the Matrix as the "SPACE-TIME CIPHER".

It is just like what would have to happen in a simulation of our own universe. The "SPACE-TIME CIPHER" IS THAT SIMULATION!!!! JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE MATRIX!!!!

Reactor1967 Over and out from time travel one station. Oh and "Conspiracy Against Time Travel", Armageddon says hi. 


Bad boys bad boys what u gonna do? What u gonna do when Armageddon comes for youuuuuuuuuušŸŽ¶



Thursday  Feburary 15th, 2018 12:08 AM

In quantum mechanics it is well known information can not be created nor destroyed. That proves space-time is a cipher. Its a code that encrypts or de-crypts information. But in the classical world it is believed that if the information is not recoverable then it is destroyed. 

Which means that information was encrypted but no one has the key to un-encrypt it. Lets say I write a message to myself in the past on a piece of paper and burn that piece of paper. That information is considered destroyed in the classical world.

Now, if that information is recoverable then that information still exist according to the classical world. And that is where I got Ray, Darby, and Pamela by their genitals. 

Because in theory with cryptography all information is recoverable given enough computing power and time making space-time whether in the quantum world or classical world a cipher. A code that in theory can be broken with computers. I call this temporal cryptography.

Information in the future can be recovered in the past. Information in past can be recovered in the future. Information in the present and alternate time-lines can be recovered too. All this can be done with computers, algorithms, and cryptography. Why, because space-time is a cipher that can be hacked with cryptography. To the CIA AND THE NSA'S HORROR. TO THEIR HORROR!!!!! TO RAY HUDSON'S AND DARBY PHILLIPS HORROR!!!!! 


And yes that makes information on any computer in space-time recoverable. That includes the CIA computer, NSA computer, and the Pentagon's computer even from the President's computer. And I can do it from my home without a internet connection or phone line. In theory I am not breaking the law even if I use the space-time cipher to hack the shit out of my government. In theory that is.

Welcome to the Matrix everyone. Welcome to the space-time cipher and temporal cryptography. 

Reactor1967 from time-travel one station over and out.


Friday February 16th, 2018 at 1:40 PM Chicago time.

Ok, when I first started this blog Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips were chasing me all over the internet doing their best to get my post deleted or moved. So, today I am here to take a piss all over Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips. Here is my all time readership for this blog as of today.

United States 19414

Malaysia 6428

Russia 2816

United Kingdom 1977

France 1573

Germany 1043

Ukraine 716

Netherlands 640

Romania 573

Canada 481

Ray and Darby it does not look like you guys are doing a very good job of stopping me.

And people are still downloading my open source time travel code at:



I am showing the world how to time travel and how to get any computer file in space-time they want. I am changing the time-line. I AM CHANGING THE FUTURE!!




Saturday February 17th, 2018 3:31 PM Chicago time. 

I uploaded a new YouTube video. If you have read this blog then it won't have much new for you. But I wanted to reach out to the YouTube people who don't like to read.

I did not update my open source code but I went to sourceforge and updated my wiki and my summary page. I need to update my text file but I will get that later. As for the code itself I believe it is good. Anyone doing what I do need a source of pure random numbers which is used to help find the files around a graphed line. Ultimately using the graph itself (which needs to be pretty damned advanced to be the most effective) two points on a graph can be subtracted then added to a third point from the graphed line to create a time travel file.

That is ultimately the plan with my quantum charting to the horror of my government because now I can visualize computer files I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TOO. I can visualize WHOLE COMPUTER SYSTEMS I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TOO. AND CREATE THEM ON MY COMPUTER!!! NO MATTER WHERE IN SPACE-TIME THEY ARE!!!!

I simply Plot a line where time travel media is. Use the line and points of interest around the line to create time travel media files using mathematical operations.

Now when I do that my programs do that. My graph is a damn large file but my programs can go through that file and format the numbers and make another file to where I can use GNUPLOT or some other software.

Once I find the areas of interest on my small graph I plug the points back into my software and it uses the large graph which is too complex to be visualized to perform mathematical operations for finding time travel media files.

And example of this is I take a point on the graphed line and a point below the line. I subtract them to find the difference this I can use in my statistics. Or I can just use the point below the graphed line as a computer file I am interested in.

Now in my private code my stuff is more advanced than what I put at sourceforge. But that is because I had to keep the learning curve down and most people could not use the software that I use. It is just too damned advanced.

When I was being hacked by the CIA the hacker Mr. Hiniker (may not be his last name) I was walking him through how BNS worked and even he with his advanced skills could barely understand my work.

So, I tried to keep my open source work as simple as I could but it still ended up being pretty damn advanced and I was dumbing it down for everyone. I am sorry I am so damn smart but I do try to help out the best I can. But, I am hard to keep up with in my field of expertise Temporal Cryptography. 

I can be a deep thinker when it comes to programming and math. Its a skill I developed over time by playing around with temporal programming. I use really high numerical bases. I use mathematical operations and algorithms NOT EVEN INVENTED YET!!!

I've even created my own symbols for the numbers I was using along with my own numerical systems so I could perform mathematical operations not possible to perform in normal math. A good example is one time I coded a long list of numbers into a BNS number. Then I took the last V and R and performed a mathematical operation with them. Then I used V and R and decoded it. And the same operation was performed on every number I had encoded into BNS.

That is a method of parallel processing. But now I am into temporal parallel processing and temporal communication. The fucking USA Military would kill to have my shit. But they are not getting it. Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips fucked that up for them. The CIA fucked that up. But they can read my blog and build and program their own shit.

So long story short I do shit totally out of this world.

Well I think I have wore this topic out for today so I got shit to do. Talk to everyone later.

Reactor1967 over and out from time travel one station.

Sunday February 18, 2018 07:26 AM Chicago time.

People don't know it but the development of the internet started in the 60's. Even earlier than that it was recognized that computers need to communicate with each other.

And the final  end of that started in the 90's when people had internet.

Now, with the development of temporal cryptography that can continue further but I am treading on government classified technology. I am treading on time travel technology.

Which is why I have been tracked, hacked, and my home invaded and myself sent to the hospital and my life span shorten. Could of been worse though. Had I started this shit 20 or 30 years ago I would be 5 feet under the ground right now.

But still they come after me. Warning me. Threating me. Harassing me. It never stops. It never will stop. Not until I stop making temporal cryptography public knowledge. It  won't stop.

You see it is dangerous to give year 2018 a internet connection to year 2050 or even the year 3050 or better. Of which I already have that sort of communication.

Its called the A/B temporal algorithm. If A in the past and B in the future both know the numerical/check-sum ranges of their communications with each other thru space-time then B in the future can write a message to A in the past and delete that message. And A in the past using computers and cryptography THEN CAN RECOVER THAT MESSAGE!!!!!



No one else has that I know of has this technology except me. Not unless the CIA, NSA, and the Pentagon have developed something.

Which would not surprise me if they did. And if they did that is even more reason for them to watch me and track me and attempt to shut me up.

There are a lot of conspiracy theory's going around my own is not the only one in town.

Yeah, that is some dangerous shit. So, with this post I wanted to explain some of the possibilities of temporal cryptography.

But on another note why has not NASA done more than moon landing and orbiting the earth? Does the USA have a secret space program. Ronald Reagan hinted they did. And lets not forget about Bush Sr. If anyone knew anything it was him and the rest of the Bush's.

That is why the government wanted that bitch Hilary Clinton in office. So, she could run her corruption in office and take the heat away from what the Military and the Pentagon are really doing. Which Trump threaten to exposed and he was silenced. Like they have been trying to silence me except they had more leverage on him.

Everyone don't forget to download my open source code. Spread the word about my blogs and web-sights. Tell the world.

I am really in need of some sleep time. I work a 10 hour shift tonight from 8pm to 6am.

Reactor1967 over and out from time travel one station.


Sunday, May 14, 2017


Copyright (C) 2017

05/14/2017 8:28 AM

I don't have much time this morning but I have been thinking and I should write about how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" performed their "Long Promised" hit on me.

It happened one morning. I had been up all night programming my time travel code. I was fixing to goto bed. As usual I poured myself a couple of drinks of vodka over a couple of cubs of ice in my favorite drinking glass. My family had just left the house for school and work. I got up to go to the kitchen to get something to eat.

I don't remember a damn thing after that. I blacked out. My vodka bottle had been drugged and poisoned!!!

I woke up later that afternoon in the floor wedged between my recliner and my refrigerator with a night stand sitting on my head. I have a aluminum night stand with wheels. When I blacked out and fell my head found its way under my night stand when I hit the floor.

I could barely move. I managed to get my cell phone and call my wife. She came home and took me to emergency clinic. The doctor ran a bunch of test on me then came to me and said "What hospital you want to go to". My EKG was crazy, my blood pressure was crazy, my sugar level was 400, the components in my blood test were off and unusual.

I don't know what was put in my Vodka. So, my wife drove me I did not take an ambulance to the hospital. It took 12 hours for the doctors to stabilize me then I was put in a room. I begged them not to put me in ICU. 4 days later I was back to normal.

The doctor told me I was diabetic type 2 and I was put on insulin. But what confused the doctors was "WHY I PASSED OUT?". They ran test and could not find a reason why I passed out. Also, why was my EKG and blood pressure crazy? Why did my blood test come back as abnormal? The doctors never figured it out.


My computers, laptops, thumb drives, and USB drives were still there but not where I left them. I can only assume THERE WERE FUCKING COPIED!!!


They needed me out of my house so they could copy my computers and go through all my shit. So I was drugged and poisoned. I don't know when they came in and spiked my vodka bottle. I don't know when they were there in my home coping my computers, hard drives, and thumb drives and going through all my shit.

And where ever Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips are now I THINK ONE OF THEM MOTHER FUCKERS KEPT MY DRINKING GLASS AS A TROPHY!!! You fucking dirty bastards!!! That was pay back for drinking my adult beverage while looking at my time travel media and laughing my ass off at them. I know it was. And I know that it is where they got the ideal to drug and poison me. 

They fucked up their hacking of me. My open source time travel computer code probably made them thirsty for more. So, they tried to take it with violence since their hacking me from at least 2013 was not working.

Now, it is suppose to be illegal for the USA to do this shit to their own citizens. But as I learned in my hacking the USA can do what ever the fuck they want.

So, my question is in the Snowden leaked documents the NSA paid the United Kingdom to perform operations on USA citizens. So, did the UK do this shit to me. Was it the British that drugged and poisoned my vodka bottle so they could search my home?

I have 5 dogs. That morning after my family left before I blacked out unexpectedlly I remember my dogs suddenly became very quite. Normally they are barking and playing. I was going to check on them when I went to the kitchen but I never made it. I bet they were already in the house waiting for me to go down. 
What ever kind of fucked up warrant authorized this I will never know. I do know even with the best computers in the world who ever copied my shit will have a hard time breaking the encryption.


SO GOOD FUCKEN LUCK Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. YOU FUCKED UP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Enjoy my drinking glass Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. I will just buy myself another one. 

I have had a number of really good post I have wanted to make lately to this blog but at last I have been really busy. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" have been emailing me here and there either for harassment or other reasons. I don't know which. I pretty much don't give a fuck either way so I am good to go.

Developments of late I got some time in for my engineering designs on some of my physical projects. 

Receiving emails from the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". Again "Don't Care".

In the news I saw Intel's I9 chip. It raised immersed interest with me as it could power my projects.

Being removing spyware on my machines that the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" installed. They are intensely interested in still spying on me even after their home invasion of me and putting me in the hospital for 4 days and poising me and searching my home.

So the spyware and hacking still continue.

My post of late that I wanted to post has to do with the CIA stalking and spying on John Titor, why the Alien Reconstruction vehicle works, and improvements on current science in using cyborgs to insure immorality. 

All this stuff is of course secrets the USA/NSA/CIA does not want the public involved in. I had some other post here or there to make but I have been busy. 

My health has continued to improve at after the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" attack on myself. So, I should be good at least for now. So that is about it.

06/04/2017 04:52AM

I found one thing the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" missed when their military colvert operation team most likely sent in from the highest level of the NSA raided my home and put me in the hospital. They missed my list of handwritten BNS numbers containing a very valuable cach of my time travel software and computer media files. 

That list no longer resides in my home. And only I can decode it because I have the decode program memerized. It's not stored anywhere. And still they won't break my encryption on what they copied.

Their raid on me was futile and shows their urgency and foolish attempts after their failed hackings of my family and myself. They are desperately trying to get my propritery time travel software. And that will never happen. Not without paying me billions tax free. It will never happen. I will take my private code to my grave. 

And after that last stunt of theirs I will never negotiate with them now for the computer code. Never. I don't trust them. The unobtained code is probably why I'm still alive. My living is their only hope of getting it though their raid on me was reckless and careless. Had I hit my head when I blacked out out I would not be writing this post. And their poisening of me was equally reckless and careless. 

So their stupidity is always present in their work. And for myself I'm still in disbelief that they sent a military colvert operation into my home. It was always my belief when they came for me it would be with a legal warrent and the FBI and CIA raid where I would see my Intruders face to face. Never did I imagine I would be drugged and poisened. I still can't believe they did that to me but they did. And they tried to cover it up and tried to keep me from knowing what happened. But their raiding team was careless and rushed their job leaving behind signs of their presence and activities in my home. 

Their thugness, disception, and dishonesty is their downfall and their failure. It is why they will never get the best of my code and my files. No matter what they do to me.

Im waiting for Intel's new I-9 processor to come out. I may buy it and run my open source time travel code on it. That is a 1 teraflop processor. I got to have it. I'm looking forward to putting my Armageddon AI on that chip and running my time travel software on it. So I will get me a loan and build my dream pc. Put my best Linux on it and program like crazy searching the continuum for time travel media files. Searching the continuum for the secrets of the universe. 

That is what I do. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can try to take computer travel from me. But they can never take out the time traveler from the man in me. Never.
06/07/2017 04:37 PM

This week I was able to come across a scientific paper written by a physicits that explains gravity, tensors, and a electromagnetic component to gravity. It is scientific proof that my earlier post on gravity and UFOs derived from my computer time travel is correct. I viewed this paper online and I'm trying to get a copy of it before the NSA and the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" erase it from existence like they have done with previous work on gravity and it's electromagnetic components.They classified it and made it disappeared. 

This is why Ray Hudson pushed me in the beginning to write a paper on computer time travel. So he could classifie it and make it disappeare. Like he does when I attempt to post on forums. Like they have been pressuring and threating me to go away all these years.

So I have been working on a way to print 3D graphin capacitors to make a capacitor bank scaled down to a drone similar to the Alien reproduction craft. Powered by a Tesla coil, statict generator, and a croften voltage multiplayer. Then when it fly's I can post the video on YouTube and laugh while drinking a beer at the conspiracy.

In other news I found a cheap board called parallela that is designed for parallel​ programming. It has 18 cores, field programmable gate arrays, and a chip built for speed. It would be heaven to put Armageddon my super AI and my computer time travel programs on. I will buy about 8 of these boards. I'm also looking at running some gravity equations on it to fine-tune my ufo drone.

On Armageddon I found some programming libs opencv and openal I hope I spelled those correctly that will help me interfaces Armageddon with a cam, speaker, and microphone. Armageddon's voice output will be wave files. I have also been reading up on hacking do I can teach Armageddon to track hackers and hack them back. In the process learning myself how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" hack me. 

I have devised a way to implement a VLAN firewall with intrusion detection, USB protection, and virus and malware removal. I will have to limit protocols and ports. That still leaves me with getting rid of their back doors they have built into my network. These bastards have given me a good education on network security. But they are CIA agents. I have been up against the best in the business.

I have more to say but I'm out of time for today. Reactor1967 over and out.


06/13/2017 0700PM

I only have a few minutes to write this post so it will be short. I spent last night reviewing Dr. Townsend's Browns work for the drone version I am building of the Alien reproduction craft. I discovered proof that the Alien Reproduction Craft is Browns work. The flat capacitor bank at the bottom is larger on bottom and slants smaller to the top at a 35 degree angle. That is Browns work using asmetrical capacitors. The military used it in a capacitor bank to make a UFO. I have much to post but not the time. I won't 3D print my cap bank I will build it by hand with carbon fiber and graphin and one hell of a dielectric. Well got to go.

06/18/2017 08:42 AM

Here is a YouTube video with the link to the only known scientific paper relating to gravity and its electromagnetic component. All the other papers have been classified top secret by the  USA Pentagon or America's black government. I now have a copy of this paper and I have read it intently over and over.

My laptop was hacked and disabled so I had to reinstall my operating system. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela (All CIA agents) have proven to me that they never sleep. Or, can they can get up out of bed on a dime to deal with me when ever I am on the internet. And, I love wasting their time.


I am never very far from their computer screen.

Here is a "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" joke. What do you get when you get 1 stupid person + Another stupid person + another stupid person working together. That would be what do you get when you get Ray Hudson + Darby Phillips + Pamela?

Any one?

Ray Hudson + Darby Phillips + Pamela = 3 stupid people working together.


Hey here is another one.

How many Ray Hudson's does it take to change a light bulb?


1 Ray Hudson to find the X axis.
1 Ray Hudson to find the Y axis.
1 Ray Hudson to find the Z axis.
1 Ray Hudson to determine the angler momentum.
and 1 Ray Hudson to determine which way is righty tighty and lefty loosesy.


It takes 5 Ray Hudson's to figure out how to change a light bulb!!!!!




Oh god I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I crack myself up.

One last thing. What is the one thing John Titor and Reactor1967 have in common?

Both of us had the CIA agent Pamela pretending to be our girl friend in the web forums. Pamela sure does get around does she not. I wonder if she hacked Titor like she did me? Pamela is a naughty bad girl.


Here is that video I promised everyone.



06/19/2017 05:22 PM

Last night I worked on my BNS code. I have not had time to commit my work to a finished program yet though. This is the version of my BNS I left off on before the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" put me in the hospital and raided my home. Each BNS number codes all zeros and counts out the number being coded and when the BNS number codes a 1 then the byte has been coded into BNS and it starts off with another BNS number. 

Now when the list of BNS numbers is coded that represents a coded file the list of BNS numbers because they are a predicted number sequence can be coded into a single BNS number.

I have taken this work one step further and I can code a list of numbers in a numerical base from 0 to its base. When the number is decoded above its base then the number is finished decoding. This list of numbers can then be coded into a single BNS number using my methods. I like the BNS numbers counting the byte out better with 0's and 1's because it is simpler. 

Coding BNS numbers using predicted number sequences makes it possible to coded an unlimited amount of information into  a single small number. The amount of time it takes to code the BNS number is the amount of time it takes to decode the BNS number.

I have my methods of building a Townsend Brown capacitor bank worked out for building a drone replica of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle.

I would build my carbon plates and coat them with graphin. Then put on a layer of my dielectric. Then put another carbon/graphin plate on. The capacitor would be enclosed in its insulator. I would build these by hand and stack them up in a circle with the plates going up on their ends at a 35% angle. Making a asymmetrical capacitor bank.

I would have to build a controller that would switch power controlled by a computer from the Tesla coil powered by a cap bank that would up the voltage which is powered by a static generator. For my static generator I am looking at some options to make one hell of a static generator. My static generator would be powered by a free energy permanent magnet motor which in turn would also power the drone electronics.  

Well I went a little over my time limit so I must go. Before I do I have had more people subscribing to me on you-tube. Considering how complicated my methods and mathematics are it is a little surprising. Talk to everyone later.
06/24/2017 12:58pm

I found out today why I started getting hacked by the CIA in 2013. The CIA started a new surveillance plan. Here is the journalists article I found. Since Ray Hudson is CIA Ray signed me up for this to get revenge on me for talking about him and Darby Phillips stalking me online. Here is the article.

Begin article

The CIA has been targeting wireless routers since 2012, according to newly leaked confidential documents.

Brooks Kraft

The CIA has been hacking home, office and public wireless routers for years in an effort to carry out clandestine surveillance, according to classified documents seen by CNET sister site ZDNet.

The intelligence agency had by mid-2012 developed implants "for roughly 25 different devices from 10 different manufacturers," including Asus, Belkin, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear, according to one document.

The trove of documents, part of an ongoing series of leaks released by the website WikiLeaks, could not be immediately verified. But they detail several hacking tool suites, which could allow the agency to conduct targeted exploitation of networks and computers, ZDNet reported.

WikiLeaks, the organization notorious for leaking highly secure government data, published a cache of documents in March that reportedly exposes tactics the CIA uses to hack into our devices. The leak suggested that the CIA may be equipped with a variety of tools that let it hack into your phone, smart TV, computer and router.

The CIA didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

END Article.

More later. I got to go.


06/25/2017 7:07AM

Well I have decided Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela have a big heart. In looking after my best interest they have been signing me up for every fucking program the intelligence services have to offer. As revenge for excerising my right to free speech. 

With friends like them I don't need any enemies. Really guys (talking to the conspiracy). I'm good. You to have to go out of your way for me. Really, I'm good.