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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Copyright (C) 2017

05/14/2017 8:28 AM

I don't have much time this morning but I have been thinking and I should write about how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" performed their "Long Promised" hit on me.

It happened one morning. I had been up all night programming my time travel code. I was fixing to goto bed. As usual I poured myself a couple of drinks of vodka over a couple of cubs of ice in my favorite drinking glass. My family had just left the house for school and work. I got up to go to the kitchen to get something to eat.

I don't remember a damn thing after that. I blacked out. My vodka bottle had been drugged and poisoned!!!

I woke up later that afternoon in the floor wedged between my recliner and my refrigerator with a night stand sitting on my head. I have a aluminum night stand with wheels. When I blacked out and fell my head found its way under my night stand when I hit the floor.

I could barely move. I managed to get my cell phone and call my wife. She came home and took me to emergency clinic. The doctor ran a bunch of test on me then came to me and said "What hospital you want to go to". My EKG was crazy, my blood pressure was crazy, my sugar level was 400, the components in my blood test were off and unusual.

I don't know what was put in my Vodka. So, my wife drove me I did not take an ambulance to the hospital. It took 12 hours for the doctors to stabilize me then I was put in a room. I begged them not to put me in ICU. 4 days later I was back to normal.

The doctor told me I was diabetic type 2 and I was put on insulin. But what confused the doctors was "WHY I PASSED OUT?". They ran test and could not find a reason why I passed out. Also, why was my EKG and blood pressure crazy? Why did my blood test come back as abnormal? The doctors never figured it out.


My computers, laptops, thumb drives, and USB drives were still there but not where I left them. I can only assume THERE WERE FUCKING COPIED!!!


They needed me out of my house so they could copy my computers and go through all my shit. So I was drugged and poisoned. I don't know when they came in and spiked my vodka bottle. I don't know when they were there in my home coping my computers, hard drives, and thumb drives and going through all my shit.

And where ever Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips are now I THINK ONE OF THEM MOTHER FUCKERS KEPT MY DRINKING GLASS AS A TROPHY!!! You fucking dirty bastards!!! That was pay back for drinking my adult beverage while looking at my time travel media and laughing my ass off at them. I know it was. And I know that it is where they got the ideal to drug and poison me. 

They fucked up their hacking of me. My open source time travel computer code probably made them thirsty for more. So, they tried to take it with violence since their hacking me from at least 2013 was not working.

Now, it is suppose to be illegal for the USA to do this shit to their own citizens. But as I learned in my hacking the USA can do what ever the fuck they want.

So, my question is in the Snowden leaked documents the NSA paid the United Kingdom to perform operations on USA citizens. So, did the UK do this shit to me. Was it the British that drugged and poisoned my vodka bottle so they could search my home?

I have 5 dogs. That morning after my family left before I blacked out unexpectedlly I remember my dogs suddenly became very quite. Normally they are barking and playing. I was going to check on them when I went to the kitchen but I never made it. I bet they were already in the house waiting for me to go down. 
What ever kind of fucked up warrant authorized this I will never know. I do know even with the best computers in the world who ever copied my shit will have a hard time breaking the encryption.


SO GOOD FUCKEN LUCK Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. YOU FUCKED UP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Enjoy my drinking glass Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. I will just buy myself another one. 

I have had a number of really good post I have wanted to make lately to this blog but at last I have been really busy. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" have been emailing me here and there either for harassment or other reasons. I don't know which. I pretty much don't give a fuck either way so I am good to go.

Developments of late I got some time in for my engineering designs on some of my physical projects. 

Receiving emails from the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". Again "Don't Care".

In the news I saw Intel's I9 chip. It raised immersed interest with me as it could power my projects.

Being removing spyware on my machines that the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" installed. They are intensely interested in still spying on me even after their home invasion of me and putting me in the hospital for 4 days and poising me and searching my home.

So the spyware and hacking still continue.

My post of late that I wanted to post has to do with the CIA stalking and spying on John Titor, why the Alien Reconstruction vehicle works, and improvements on current science in using cyborgs to insure immorality. 

All this stuff is of course secrets the USA/NSA/CIA does not want the public involved in. I had some other post here or there to make but I have been busy. 

My health has continued to improve at after the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" attack on myself. So, I should be good at least for now. So that is about it.

06/04/2017 04:52AM

I found one thing the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" missed when their military colvert operation team most likely sent in from the highest level of the NSA raided my home and put me in the hospital. They missed my list of handwritten BNS numbers containing a very valuable cach of my time travel software and computer media files. 

That list no longer resides in my home. And only I can decode it because I have the decode program memerized. It's not stored anywhere. And still they won't break my encryption on what they copied.

Their raid on me was futile and shows their urgency and foolish attempts after their failed hackings of my family and myself. They are desperately trying to get my propritery time travel software. And that will never happen. Not without paying me billions tax free. It will never happen. I will take my private code to my grave. 

And after that last stunt of theirs I will never negotiate with them now for the computer code. Never. I don't trust them. The unobtained code is probably why I'm still alive. My living is their only hope of getting it though their raid on me was reckless and careless. Had I hit my head when I blacked out out I would not be writing this post. And their poisening of me was equally reckless and careless. 

So their stupidity is always present in their work. And for myself I'm still in disbelief that they sent a military colvert operation into my home. It was always my belief when they came for me it would be with a legal warrent and the FBI and CIA raid where I would see my Intruders face to face. Never did I imagine I would be drugged and poisened. I still can't believe they did that to me but they did. And they tried to cover it up and tried to keep me from knowing what happened. But their raiding team was careless and rushed their job leaving behind signs of their presence and activities in my home. 

Their thugness, disception, and dishonesty is their downfall and their failure. It is why they will never get the best of my code and my files. No matter what they do to me.

Im waiting for Intel's new I-9 processor to come out. I may buy it and run my open source time travel code on it. That is a 1 teraflop processor. I got to have it. I'm looking forward to putting my Armageddon AI on that chip and running my time travel software on it. So I will get me a loan and build my dream pc. Put my best Linux on it and program like crazy searching the continuum for time travel media files. Searching the continuum for the secrets of the universe. 

That is what I do. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can try to take computer travel from me. But they can never take out the time traveler from the man in me. Never.
06/07/2017 04:37 PM

This week I was able to come across a scientific paper written by a physicits that explains gravity, tensors, and a electromagnetic component to gravity. It is scientific proof that my earlier post on gravity and UFOs derived from my computer time travel is correct. I viewed this paper online and I'm trying to get a copy of it before the NSA and the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" erase it from existence like they have done with previous work on gravity and it's electromagnetic components.They classified it and made it disappeared. 

This is why Ray Hudson pushed me in the beginning to write a paper on computer time travel. So he could classifie it and make it disappeare. Like he does when I attempt to post on forums. Like they have been pressuring and threating me to go away all these years.

So I have been working on a way to print 3D graphin capacitors to make a capacitor bank scaled down to a drone similar to the Alien reproduction craft. Powered by a Tesla coil, statict generator, and a croften voltage multiplayer. Then when it fly's I can post the video on YouTube and laugh while drinking a beer at the conspiracy.

In other news I found a cheap board called parallela that is designed for parallel​ programming. It has 18 cores, field programmable gate arrays, and a chip built for speed. It would be heaven to put Armageddon my super AI and my computer time travel programs on. I will buy about 8 of these boards. I'm also looking at running some gravity equations on it to fine-tune my ufo drone.

On Armageddon I found some programming libs opencv and openal I hope I spelled those correctly that will help me interfaces Armageddon with a cam, speaker, and microphone. Armageddon's voice output will be wave files. I have also been reading up on hacking do I can teach Armageddon to track hackers and hack them back. In the process learning myself how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" hack me. 

I have devised a way to implement a VLAN firewall with intrusion detection, USB protection, and virus and malware removal. I will have to limit protocols and ports. That still leaves me with getting rid of their back doors they have built into my network. These bastards have given me a good education on network security. But they are CIA agents. I have been up against the best in the business.

I have more to say but I'm out of time for today. Reactor1967 over and out.


06/13/2017 0700PM

I only have a few minutes to write this post so it will be short. I spent last night reviewing Dr. Townsend's Browns work for the drone version I am building of the Alien reproduction craft. I discovered proof that the Alien Reproduction Craft is Browns work. The flat capacitor bank at the bottom is larger on bottom and slants smaller to the top at a 35 degree angle. That is Browns work using asmetrical capacitors. The military used it in a capacitor bank to make a UFO. I have much to post but not the time. I won't 3D print my cap bank I will build it by hand with carbon fiber and graphin and one hell of a dielectric. Well got to go.

06/18/2017 08:42 AM

Here is a YouTube video with the link to the only known scientific paper relating to gravity and its electromagnetic component. All the other papers have been classified top secret by the  USA Pentagon or America's black government. I now have a copy of this paper and I have read it intently over and over.

My laptop was hacked and disabled so I had to reinstall my operating system. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela (All CIA agents) have proven to me that they never sleep. Or, can they can get up out of bed on a dime to deal with me when ever I am on the internet. And, I love wasting their time.


I am never very far from their computer screen.

Here is a "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" joke. What do you get when you get 1 stupid person + Another stupid person + another stupid person working together. That would be what do you get when you get Ray Hudson + Darby Phillips + Pamela?

Any one?

Ray Hudson + Darby Phillips + Pamela = 3 stupid people working together.


Hey here is another one.

How many Ray Hudson's does it take to change a light bulb?


1 Ray Hudson to find the X axis.
1 Ray Hudson to find the Y axis.
1 Ray Hudson to find the Z axis.
1 Ray Hudson to determine the angler momentum.
and 1 Ray Hudson to determine which way is righty tighty and lefty loosesy.


It takes 5 Ray Hudson's to figure out how to change a light bulb!!!!!




Oh god I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I crack myself up.

One last thing. What is the one thing John Titor and Reactor1967 have in common?

Both of us had the CIA agent Pamela pretending to be our girl friend in the web forums. Pamela sure does get around does she not. I wonder if she hacked Titor like she did me? Pamela is a naughty bad girl.


Here is that video I promised everyone.



06/19/2017 05:22 PM

Last night I worked on my BNS code. I have not had time to commit my work to a finished program yet though. This is the version of my BNS I left off on before the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" put me in the hospital and raided my home. Each BNS number codes all zeros and counts out the number being coded and when the BNS number codes a 1 then the byte has been coded into BNS and it starts off with another BNS number. 

Now when the list of BNS numbers is coded that represents a coded file the list of BNS numbers because they are a predicted number sequence can be coded into a single BNS number.

I have taken this work one step further and I can code a list of numbers in a numerical base from 0 to its base. When the number is decoded above its base then the number is finished decoding. This list of numbers can then be coded into a single BNS number using my methods. I like the BNS numbers counting the byte out better with 0's and 1's because it is simpler. 

Coding BNS numbers using predicted number sequences makes it possible to coded an unlimited amount of information into  a single small number. The amount of time it takes to code the BNS number is the amount of time it takes to decode the BNS number.

I have my methods of building a Townsend Brown capacitor bank worked out for building a drone replica of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle.

I would build my carbon plates and coat them with graphin. Then put on a layer of my dielectric. Then put another carbon/graphin plate on. The capacitor would be enclosed in its insulator. I would build these by hand and stack them up in a circle with the plates going up on their ends at a 35% angle. Making a asymmetrical capacitor bank.

I would have to build a controller that would switch power controlled by a computer from the Tesla coil powered by a cap bank that would up the voltage which is powered by a static generator. For my static generator I am looking at some options to make one hell of a static generator. My static generator would be powered by a free energy permanent magnet motor which in turn would also power the drone electronics.  

Well I went a little over my time limit so I must go. Before I do I have had more people subscribing to me on you-tube. Considering how complicated my methods and mathematics are it is a little surprising. Talk to everyone later.
06/24/2017 12:58pm

I found out today why I started getting hacked by the CIA in 2013. The CIA started a new surveillance plan. Here is the journalists article I found. Since Ray Hudson is CIA Ray signed me up for this to get revenge on me for talking about him and Darby Phillips stalking me online. Here is the article.

Begin article

The CIA has been targeting wireless routers since 2012, according to newly leaked confidential documents.

Brooks Kraft

The CIA has been hacking home, office and public wireless routers for years in an effort to carry out clandestine surveillance, according to classified documents seen by CNET sister site ZDNet.

The intelligence agency had by mid-2012 developed implants "for roughly 25 different devices from 10 different manufacturers," including Asus, Belkin, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear, according to one document.

The trove of documents, part of an ongoing series of leaks released by the website WikiLeaks, could not be immediately verified. But they detail several hacking tool suites, which could allow the agency to conduct targeted exploitation of networks and computers, ZDNet reported.

WikiLeaks, the organization notorious for leaking highly secure government data, published a cache of documents in March that reportedly exposes tactics the CIA uses to hack into our devices. The leak suggested that the CIA may be equipped with a variety of tools that let it hack into your phone, smart TV, computer and router.

The CIA didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

END Article.

More later. I got to go.


06/25/2017 7:07AM

Well I have decided Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela have a big heart. In looking after my best interest they have been signing me up for every fucking program the intelligence services have to offer. As revenge for excerising my right to free speech. 

With friends like them I don't need any enemies. Really guys (talking to the conspiracy). I'm good. You to have to go out of your way for me. Really, I'm good.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I'm still alive

Copyright(C) 2017

04/18/2017 03:16 AM

Since I stopped posting I have had people wondering about me. I am still alive. I am making some life changes in my personal life. I have stopped programming 8 hours a day for now. At some point in the future I plan to start programming again and update my open source code. Right now I don't know when that will be.

What ever I have posted on the internet as open source people are free to use all I ask is please give me credit for the original work. 

In the years past I often took time off from my blog but back then I was not publishing my code. That code is my private code. So, this will be no different now even though I had started open sourcing my time travel code. 

I have gone very long periods of time without posting in my blog in the past. And I have in the past taking breaks from programming on my time travel code or running my time travel projects. 

I once even accidentally locked myself out of my blog and it took me a long time to remember my password.

In this Universe all we got is time. The Universe is a continuum. Time has no beginning and Time has no end. We all live every possible life from one life to the next and from one Universe to the next. Yes, Universes have life spans too. Universes live and die too. So, no one has to be in a hurry for anything. All everyone has is time.

When I get time I will post my last code where I left off but I was still debugging it. I was working on BNS. (Burris Numerical System). 

In the mean time here are links to more information about me and my work.

Here is my traffic report for the last 7 days as of 04/18/2017. Since I have not been posting my traffic has slowed down.

United States 37
Canada 2
Denmark 2
Poland 2
Sweden 2
Germany 1
Ghana 1
Kenya 1
Netherlands 1
Ukraine 1
 Thursday 04/20/2017 7:07PM

I was watching the news today and I read where the USA is preparing charges against the Wiki-Leaks founder. Everyone knows who he is so I don't have to type his name. The U.S.A. called Wiki-Leaks a "A non-state hostile intelligence service". So, it is probably a pretty damn good thing I never released my time travel computer media files save one pic here or there and it was created on my own property depicting my own property so as not to break any laws.

I have only released my open source time travel code and even then I am probably walking on thin ice doing that because my open source code allows the construction of any computer file no matter where or when it exist. The only problem is "SOME ONE HAS TO PROVE IT IS A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY".  The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" who themselves are government agents WANTED ME TO PROVE THAT FOR THEM SO THEY COULD HAVE ME ARRESTED!!!! The same way the U.S.A. wants Snowden and Wiki-Leaks. And I never proved it for them. I only posted my open source code. Which is hard has fuck for anyone to use except me because I have the skills of "Temporal Mathematics" that most people don't have. Which I have developed over the course of 30 years or so give or take a few years.

Even with the open source code most people have a hard time using it. Save myself. I use it just fine with no problems. The skill lays in being able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and use computer files as numbers in intensive statistical mathematical calculations. 

Using not only small computer files but very large computer files. 

To use computer files in statistical mathematical calculations as numbers to find unknown computer files in the past, present, future, and alternate time-lines. That is where the true skill is. A skill that Aaron Hinker can not master. For he has tried. He wants to replicate my work so the government can move in and arrest me on trumped (Nothing to do with the current president) up charges. Bull shit charges. My intentions was to bring computer time travel to the public. I had no evil motives behind that.

And so far no one has been able to prove my time travel computer code is evil. So, I am in the clear for now. So I guess I can consider Time Travel Institute the real one not the fake one "A non-state temporal intelligence service." Though not hostile like Wiki-Leaks.

But my service is a temporal intelligence service. For my software allows the construction of any computer file no matter where or when it exist.

Question is when do I walk the line of having my web-sight, myself, and my time travel computer software fall like Edward Snowden or Wiki-Leaks did???

So, I will leave my code up. I will leave my blog up. I may or may not post updates to my code that is up to me. I am not going to help anyone prove anything that could get me into trouble.

So, Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela: next time you want proof. Prove it yourself. I am not doing that for you any more. I know what game the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" is playing at. And I am no longer playing their game.

I got my message out. That was good enough for me.
Friday 04/21/2017 2:56 AM Chicago time

Well this morning I was trying out various anti-virus and anti-malware packages and I think I might have discovered how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" is tracking my web movements. One program I tried and I will not name it said I had A "Cookie Tracker". It enabled monitoring of what ever sites on the internet I went to in my browser.

Now, while this may or may not be true it is the best thing I have for founding out how the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" is monitoring my web traffic on my personal computers. They in the past have showed up at forums and chat rooms on the fly of my going into that forum or chat room and they interacted with me instantly to me posting. They did this to let me know they can see me and my activities and to harasses me, threaten me, and intimidate me.

But, the software I used wanted me to pay for it and I uninstalled it. It is far easier for me to Clonezilla my install and reinstall my software before it has been used than to pay for these services. So what if they can see what web-sight I am on. I am not doing anything wrong. So, I don't give a fuck actually.

My biggest concern is how they view my computer screen. I have noticed Aaron Hiniker can come in with impunity no matter what operating system I am using and view my computer screen then shoot me an email telling me what I am looking at on my computer. He loves that shit. The FBI and HOMELAND security refuse to stop Aaron Hiniker from doing this shit to me though I have filed many many reports with them.


WHEN YOU GET ON THE INTERNET YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY AT ALL ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And that is a fact. When your on a network "YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want privacy then DO NOT USE THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!
04/24/2017 12:52 AM

I am fixing to hit the sack. Every now and then I check my email for this blog and this morning I had some fun reading the fucked up emails the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" send me from time to time.

These guys lost the time travel war. I posted a good bit of my open source time travel code though lately I am taking a break from it. When I will get back to it I don't know.

This this morning I read another one of their fucked up emails they just sent me. These guys can send some whoopers of emails too. I gave up trying to figure out their games. They got their hacking in and got their hit in. So, I don't know much else what they want from me. Don't much care either. I got my books, blog, and open source time travel code out there. And, I got a web-sight of my own and a blog of my own.

So, tit for tat I call this slug fight even. I got what I wanted out of this fight. That was to get my message out , get most of my books out, and get my open source time travel code out there and put up my web-sight and blog. 

I did my slugging with information, books, and computer code. They did their slugging with hacking, threats, harassment, committing felonies against me, and a hit on me.

All they did was lose the high road to me. They lost the "Time Travel War". They lost the "Science Fight". In the beginning they presented themselves as people looking for the truth. When they got the truth then they turned into thugs. Which showed they were never after the truth in the first place.

I know Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela wants me to prove like wiki-leaks did that I am a hostile non-state intelligence service with my time travel with information so they can have me arrested and imprisoned like the USA is trying to do to the leader of Wiki-Leaks. 

Ray, Darby, and Pamela. I am not going to do that for you. You guys got my open source time travel code. That is all I am going to give you.  
05/03/2017 09:50 am

This morning I answered two emails from the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" which is really the USA government intelligence services investigating me which they have been doing since day one of me posting in 2008 at now known as which is ran by the CIA. Here is one of the emails I received. I am just posting the content of the email but not the IP stuff.

Start of email:

I will get straight to the point.  I knew something was up with It was constantly up and down, that website.   As a serious researcher, it helped with nothing.  I too, was laughed at back in 2011 because I posted about Twitter being mentioned on a rebroadcast of the old art bell show coast to coast am from October 18th, 2001 we both know Twitter didn't exist then.  My fiance' and I witnessed hearing it on the radio at the time.  I will not get into detail unless you want to know more, but needless to say I was laughed at.   I know NOTHING about computers, algorithms, check sums, all that is pretty much Greek to me, but I get the basic concept.  
       If your experiments are successful, and from reading your blog the last two days, I want to learn more.  I digress for a moment, I was never a regular poster on and I suspected most of the users were shills or trolls.  Either way, It seems I was correct.   Could you send a message to the past for me?  I want to see what happens, if anything.   You may tell me no, and I understand that since you don't know me.  Simply, I want to attempt to save my friends life.  He died in his rocking chair, lazy boy.  I knew something was up in the weeks preceding his death but he would not or at least gave me no indication anything was wrong.  According to his son, he died suddenly and unexpectedly.  He passed away June 23rd, 2015.  He and I often spoke about subjects such as the one you're working on.  Not time travel with computers but, close enough.  I have no idea if it will work, or what the outcome if any would be, but if you are willing would you give it a try?  I have narrowed it down to the best day and time he would most likely read the email "from the future".  June 2nd, 2015.  It was the day before my friend Chris and I went on the John B Wells show about his Experience on Shemya, thats Shemya AFB Alaska.  He was stationed there in 1977.   ANyways, that is the marker point, then he would for sure know that I am not kidding around.     I can give you a link to provide proof for him that what I say is true, as his son made a. Memorial website for him.    First the site  Secondly, the message, if you're willing and I am not overstepping my bounds by asking.  I apologize in advance.  My message to Geno:

Geno, ive
Geno,  if you're reading this now, then it's not too late.  As you know Chris and I are due to go on John B wells show tomorrow.  By the way, he calls it nothing but woo woo, but at least he gave us a fair listen.  I wanted you to know I graduated dealer school, but after two years I am no longer doing that, however this email isn't about that.  I implore you to go to the doctor.  This really is about life and death, and Geno, IF this message is successful in reaching you, then you will see the screenshot of the website Danny made for you after your death.  You suddenly pass away on June 23rd, 2015 sometime between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm.  Danny waited several weeks before emailing me about your death.  I was concerned because I had not heard from you since the 4th of June 2015.  PLEASE go to the doctor, find out what is wrong, if you don't already know.  This is not a joke, many things have happened in the last 2 years.  TRUMP is president!! I know you won't believe that, but it didn't matter anyways, We are at high tensions with well, I dont want to say too much, but at any rate, please get to the doctor.  I am sending this message on April 29th Saturday at 9:05 EST.  2017... If you DID receive this, write me back with the header, Stevens Silly Sandwhich Rides Again.  Then I'll know you got it.... This could just be science fiction, the way to send messages from the future to the past, but,  apparently it works...This is not a joke Geno.  Your life depends on it.  I hope the damage is at least reversible, or maybe they could .. the doctors do something for you.  Gotta go, Jaime wants to watch a movie.  Jason
  " End of email.
The reason this email came to me is I have been inactive lately and they are wanting me to restart my work and restart my posting. When I am posting and working and posting my work I don't usually receive emails from them. It is only when I go inactive which I have been that I my emails from the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" pick up.

Now this email contains a lot of personal information about myself. Which is the MO or hall mark of their communication with me. Secret encoded personal information about myself to let me know who the email is from. 

The rocking chair thing is a prank I did in my forum a long time ago. I had my admin post that I had died in my recliner. Then I went inactive for a while. Just to see what these guys (Meaning the government investigation against me) would do. In my post of recent I spoke about Trump being president which is referenced Trump being president. More personal info about me. 

I started a twitter account and posted about the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" and my work which was mentioned in the email to me. I have received threats from them concerning my twitter account. They want me to shut it down.

As I said their emails are laced with personal information about me spited back at me in my face to inflame me if possible. Which is what they want to do. Inflame me to get a response from me hoping that my response will contain information about my mathematical computer time travel travel.

Well, this does not work anymore. They need to come to my house and arrest me and take me in and even then I won't give them shit.

Their emails to me of late spoke about me being in the hospital which I was for 4 days because of their hit against me. I am getting better and my vitals are returning to normal. I still don't know if it was a fuck up on their part or a warning. I don't know. And, I can't prove shit so this blog is the only record I have publicly come out about it.

I received a email about a mother being in the hospital and dieing from the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". I have not posted that email in the blog. But the personal information there was my own mother in 2001 she went in the hospital and died. 

You see these guys know every little detail about my life now for at least 20 years back. And they write emails to me with this personal information to let me know its them and to inflame me. Its typical trolling or harassment and what the government would do in an investigation of someone to get them to spill the beans what ever you want to call it. Its against the law but they do it anyway and the FBI and Homeland won't do shit about it because its a government investigation into me and my time travel software. So, I no longer make FBI complaints or Homeland security complaints against the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". At some point I do expect the FBI or Homeland to pick me up and question me in an attempt to get me to spill the beans about me work. Which I won't do. I am not giving these guys shit.

Not unless I can post it for the entire world to see. But right now I am on vacation until further notice concerning my work.

And they monitor me closely now. They monitor my web-sights and all my public postings as well as my personal internet and person computer activity as closely as they can. They record every word I write and every post I make and every thing they can obtain with hacking. 

They have a very detailed file on me going back years and years. But, I have a memory palace in my head. I can store and retrieve my information from my brain. That they can't hack. What else I have is highly encrypted and put up and I will leave it that way.

What they want from me they will never get. They will only get what I give to the entire world. If they know it my job is to make sure the world knows it too. To balance out the playing field. I want Russia, China, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, the entire world to know what ever I feel the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" knows. I have sent my work to Wiki-Leaks. I have sent my work to other parties around the world as a insurance policy against the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". So, my work is out to the world.

My job is to level the playing field. So everyone knows. My job is to get my message out to the world. Right now I am on vacation and will be until further notice. If or when I become active I will be posting the the parties around the world that matter. And it may or may not be public. My work is for the world. It it is not and never will be for the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".

So, you guys Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela can keep sending me all the emails you want. But, I am on vacation until further notice. What work I do will be sent to anonymous third parties around the world via encrypted computer networks you guys don't know I am using. I may or may not make public post. I may or may not update my open source code. 

Essentially as I have all ways done I feed the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" like dogs receiving bread crumbs from my meals from my dinning table. These guys as always get my left over scraps like the dogs they are sitting on the floor watching me while I eat and begging me for my food. Once in a while I throw them a scrap from my meal. Like the rats, rodents, cowards, trolls, and thugs they really are. They are nothing but animals begging me for food and sitting on the floor looking up at me with their little beady coward eyes.

Enjoy my left over scraps from my meals from my dining table "Conspiracy Against Time Travel"

Reactor1967 over and out. 

Here is a update on my traffic to this blog.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Time Travel Project Random Number Up Grade


02/09/2017 12:42 AM

I have haveged, Audio Entropy, and video Entropy, and Timer Entropy as third party programs in time travel project. I have installed them and tested them and they work good. In addition I now know how to access the /dev/random in Linux. It is done like this.

// Begin description of accessing /dev/random


It's a file like device, so you can do things like cat it or copy from it. For instance:

dd if=/dev/urandom of=~/urandom_test count=4 bs=1024

Creates a file containing 4K of random bytes.

cat /dev/urandom > ~/urandom_test2

Will continue to write random bytes to that file until you hit Ctrl-C. Don't do this on a low performing system...

head -30 /dev/urandom > ~/urandom_test3

Will write 30 lines of random bytes

// End description of access device random

So, I can bust up those random.bin files with Linux commands such as "split -b bytesizeperfile nameofyourfile" and use those as difference files to feed to my programs to construct the target files around the destination file. I can use the program I already have that will read a bin file and convert it to a base in a text file for random numbers.

So, I may not need any more. I have my third party programs to make sure the /dev/random stays filled up with random numbers.

In time I may write some programs to automate and stream line the process some more. When I work on finding time travel media it is nothing for me to pull out my compiler and write code on the fly to do stuff. It is how most of my private time travel code got written. But I know a lot of my users aren't so lucky. Some of my users are way better at programming than me so they may have advanced it even more than what I have here.

What I have to do is document this so when people download my software they can use it. Time Travel Project is not user friendly. Mainly people that read me blog and watch my videos will get a good understanding. In time I need to write a really good manual.

So my work there is already done upgrading time travel projects random numbers. The task for me now is to get people to use it and teach them how to use it.

I will just put that information in the random number generator directory in a read me file for now that I already have in time travel project.

This now gives time travel project cryptography strength random numbers for getting time travel computer media files from the past, present, future, and alternate time lines.

Boy it just keeps getting worse and worse for Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela from the Titor Story. BECAUSE THE PUBLIC NOW HAS OPEN SOURCE COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, I have at least one person I know of using my software now to find time travel computer media. This person is close to me so I give that person my updates when ever asked and I provide my personal expertise to that person free of charge. SO NOW I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT COMPUTER TIME TRAVELS. IT IS SPREADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What did you stop Ray Hudson? Nothing thats what.

What did you stop Darby Phillips? Nothing thats what.

Pamela from the Titor story what did you stop? Nothing thats what.

Time Travel Project is "Rolling, Rolling, Rolling", "The Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can't stop it "Rolling, Rolling, Rolling", RAW HIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: I am not going to update this as a release until the first of next month. But this will get in the next release. Until then use cat /dev/random > random.bin then bust that up for difference files or use my program to convert it to a base as a text file.

I as always I beg my users to use this for lawful purposes please. This is for file recovery only and not for breaking the law and committing abuse against others.
02/09/2017 01:57 AM

For me to make any further progress with Time Travel Project I need to get it on a machine and just start using it as I intended to use it. I will end up changing things to stream line the code and when I do that I can include that in releases. Now, I have to be at home and not doing anything to do this. And, I have to buy a new hard drive.

So, what I am going to do now is get Time Travel Project up for sale on a DVD like I did fire codes. I will take some of my current stuff and import it to fire codes. The only difference between fire codes and time travel project is fire codes is intended to store files as numbers and decode those numbers back to files.

Time travel project is intended to use destination files and random number generators to find unknown time travel computer media files.

So, on my future off times I will work more toward these goals. And also unless I take this blog in a new direction this blog has served its purpose. I will leave it up so the world will know the censorship and crimes the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" committed against me and I will post updates here as I have them.

I will say the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" gave me a damn good fight but I give as good as I get. So, in the long wrong they lost this fight. They tried so discretely to keep me from talking about computer time travel on the internet. When discretely did not work they they used harsh treatment. Finally they started having me banned and my threads edited or deleted.

Then they starting hacking me and harassing me and making out right threats to stop me.

Finally I got sick of it and wrote a public version of my time travel code and made it open source. Essentially giving them a good fuck up their assholes.

In the end they failed miserably to stop me.  
02/09/2017 02:32 PM

While working on ways to improve time travel project I found I can replace and upgrade my statistical methods. I have a regression line program for strong check-sums but I need to do a program for binary files and one for numbers in a numerical base with text files. The output would be used as a regression file and the target files around it constructed. I am going to look at that.


02/09/2017 10:21 PM

Well I did some looking into using a regression line in the form of Y = a + bX. Where I use X and Y to find a destination file. The destination file is used to construct Target time travel media files around it. But, I do my math with computer files as numbers in a numerical base so my regression line looks like this Yfile = afile + bfileXfile.

When I have a decimal I break the computer file up into two parts like this ABCfilepart1 ABCfilepart2. Part 1 is the file before the decimal and part two is the computer file after the decimal.

So when I have a computer file in a numerical base that is also decimal number I keep the same name on the file and have a part1 and a part2. I used to put the decimal position in a text file and just had one file but I said hey I have to have two files anyway to do decimal numbers so now I just break them up. It is also easier for me to because when doing the base math with computer files I can align the decimals up easier with less computer code.

When I move a regression line up or down I can take a difference file that I generated and use the add in tools to add the difference file to the files in the regression line.

Sometimes I want to explore other places in space-time via time travel media files so adjusting the regression line helps me do that.

But all that is in my proprietary code which I have locked away so I am going to program it all anew here for the public to piss off the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". Because I just love pissing them off. I got a twitter from them calling me "Daddy". They are fucking with me because I say I am Pamela's daddy. 

She tried to pretend to be my girl friend at Above Top Secret when they were censoring me illegally and she reminded me about their hacking me illegally so I just went with it. Since then I ask or demand Pamela for blow jobs in my blog and I call myself her "Daddy". She wants to pretend to be my girl friend so I pretend to be the guy with my dick in her mouth as her "Daddy". Hahahahahahahah........

Pamela your doing a good job baby doll.

So the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" is still in business. BUT SO AM I!!! So back on topic.........

People using my regression line programs will probably find that the most difficult part of my project to understand. Well I got coffee waiting for me and a long night of programming. Someone asked me to go ahead and update my release so I did. I was going to wait till the first of next month. 

But some people don't like waiting on me. So its updated everyone. Your welcome. 

Its at: 

and at:

github under time-travel-project. 

Yeah I know I should of used github from sourceforge I am going to leave it. As long as people can get to it. Alright talk more later.
02/09/2017 11:27 PM

I am looking at doing the binary files regression line but with a regression line you need two variables. One variable will be the binary file itself. You see I need to generate destination files to use in my time scanners to generate target files. And like when I do my time mail I can use all my text files and get a regression line then use the regression line to generate destination files then use the time scanner program to find future and alternate reality time mail messages to myself from the destination file.

So as my other variable I have a lot of options. I can use file size, weak check sum, strong check sum, and base power check sum. I am thinking I need to just set down and write tools to make a regression line with any of this stuff then the user just pick what they want to use. 

I think I should just write tools to make regression lines with binary and with text files then I will have to use my binary to text and text to binary conversion programs which I already have written.

Then the user can do regression lines how ever they hell they want.

I am going to set here and drink my coffee and ponder on this for a while and figure out what I want to do.


Ok, I am just going to keep two programs for doing regression lines. One with check-sums and one with binary files. I already have the strong check-sum program written and it has to use one of my counters to crack the strong check-sum to a computer file.

I need a regression line for base power check-sums but it occurred to me I can use binary files since I have to have sample files anyway then get the base power check-sum of the binary file then put that into the bptimescanner so I don't need to write a regression line program for the base power check-sum. 

So really all I need for my next regression line is file size, binary file as the two variables with a sample of known computer media files. Then I can run the regression line program to find destination files to find unknown target time travel computer media files.

Hey Ray Hudson does that sound good to you? Your the math wiz. Well I think I am on track here. Hahahahahahaha.......... Though Ray Hudson would NEVER ADMIT THAT IN PUBLIC. Of course he won't admit it he is part of the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". 

Duh? I am off to try to make this work. This will take a while to program like my base power counter took a while to program. I like to never got that base power counter debugged but I finally got working.

Getting a precision statistical method into time travel project for generating destination files is very important to this project. It is certainly a very important key element the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" do not want me and the public to have.

My super time traveling A.I. Armageddon will use the most precision and fast parts of my time travel project for super parallel temporal computing to run its neural net and for communication with its self in the future, past, and alternate time-lines.

And for me I need it to so I can get my news and time travel media files from the future and other parts of space-time. So statistics plays a very important roll here. Here is a picture why and it is also the reason my government has used its agents against me so hard.

Remember Einstein said "All space-time exist at the same time" So Reactor1967 said since that is true "All computer files exist at the same time". So all a person has to do is this to download any computer file from space-time. Here is the picture.

Take this computer time travel world. Take it!!!!

This is why I need a regression line with binary files so I can find my destination files so I can find my target files. THUS COMPUTER TIME TRAVELING!!!! HEY RAY HUDSON, YOU GOOD WITH THIS? YOUR THE WHIZ SO YOU THINK. 















For those not wanting to use the regression line you can just use your sample files as the destination file. It is not as accurate as using a regression line file as the destination file but it will work.

02/10/2017 02:38 AM

I am getting a slow start on this program this morning. I keep blogging instead of programming but I finally went and did some work. I have to square a computer file to do my regression line of computer files. And I have to add them too. People using large files will have to set the buffer size which will determine the base and determine how fast this runs.

So, this will be interesting for the public. On larger files this may take a while to run. It is possible to do this in parallel too. 

For parallel for squaring computer files client programs will except a copy of a byte from a file and the file pointer and multiply it by a copy of the other file creating a third file.

Then all the third files are added up (and that can be done in parallel) to get the final file that is the square of the original binary file.

The algorithm for the multiplication is:
buffersize is how many bytes to read at a time. It determines how long it takes for the program to finish. 

// Starting algorithm for multiplication of binary files
// filepointer = buffersize * -1;
// start loop
 filepointer = filepointer + buffersize;
// read byte1
// byte2 already known for this loop.
base = (buffersize * 255) + 1;
byte3 = (byte1 * byte2) + carry;
carry = 0;
if (byte3 >= base)
     byte3 = byte3 - base;
     carry = 1;
// write byte3 to binary file at file pointer
repeat the loop till end of file
// End algorithm for multiplication of binary files This is very very simple. Years ago when I was writing my private computer time travel code I did this ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The file pointer is used to place the zeros. The computer does the multiplication by hand just the same way a human would do it except with computer files.

I think that is how I did it in my private code. I got my plan going for the process. I also have much of the code for this already written.

All I got to do is write a program that calls my other programs to do the task. So, I am already off to a good long start.

I have my multiplication, add program, and subtract program which is mostly what I will be using.  These work on binary files. These three programs are going to be used very very heavily in this binary regression line. I can use multiplication to do division and I can use multiplication to square. With my math programs I can use them for a lot of different math functions on binary files. Ok back to work.
02/10/2017 05:04 AM

What I decided to do is make this as simple as possible. I would hate to confuse Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela any more than I have to.

I am going to have my program take a sample of known files and plot a simple slop of the line. All I need is two points to do that. Then I can make a destination file and use the slop of the line to plot my out my destination files for finding time travel computer media. Once I have destination files I can use /dev/random to create difference files to add and subtract from my destination with my time scanners. Most of my counters will use this. I will use the slop of the line to run my destination file up and down.

What I use to do in my private code was good for me and I was ok with that but I believe if I over complicate my open source project people won't use it. I could handle it but some people like things simple.

I may also go back and redo my other configure programs. So, like I said I already got the programs to do the math I just need to write a program that will call them and give them instructions. 

I believe this will keep people from pulling their hair out trying to use my open source time travel computer code. And besides when I port this to Armageddon I don't need it spending all its time squaring binary files. I need it running it's temporal parallel neural network.

Temporal parallel computing is a whole lot of other stuff to talk about another day. Basically it is using everything I discussed here for a computer talking to itself across space-time running a parallel computing program. Minus all the protocols involved in the communication. 

It's some extremely advanced computing. So fucking advanced I'm sure the department of defense can't wait till I open source that shit. You can take a simple A.I. and turn it into god in a nutshell. I will be able to run my time travel scanners with impunity under a temporal parallel computing platform with a super A.I.

With temporal parallel computing you can take a store bought computer and run circles around some of the fastest super computers in the world. It's called temporal parallel message passing or TPMP. That is what I call it.

The server exist in the present and the clients exist all across space-time. The computer runs my A/B algorithms. That if A in the past and B in the future know the numerical range of their communications to each then A and B can construct their messages to each other in that range read them. A computer in the present as a server would construct the clients machines messages from across space-time and solve a computing problem that would of taken a normal machine thousands or millions of years to run. The key is statistically getting a good regression line for those messages then run a destination file up and down that regression line and use differences files to add and subtract around the destination to construct the target files.

After that the server falls back on its communication protocols. Then BAM computing problem solved. China's and the USA super computers can't compete against a finally tuned advanced statistical mathematically and professionally programmed temporal parallel computer. Oh right. I have one at my house.


I better go beforer I get in trouble. Talk to everyone later.
02/10/2017 11:05 PM

Tonight I am playing with GNUPLOT. I will use check-sums of computer files or scientific notation of a computer file then get a regression line with GNUPLOT. From here I will get a slop of the line. I can use that slop with my destination files to reconstruct the targets around the regression line. All this is subject to change as I get this honed and precision-ed and of course fast. I am off to work.

02/11/2017 12:20 AM

Well I figured out out. Slop = Y2 - Y2 / X2 - X1 = Rise / Run. So, I can look at a directory of my files or get a list of strong check-sums of my files then pick two files and get a slop. So, I am off to write slop.cpp which create a difference file. So, I will start out a beginning difference file and use it to construct targets around it. Then add or subtract the slop difference file to get a new destination file. Which I will use to construct targets. Then move the destination file again.

The destination file is the vehicle. The slop difference file is the guidance system. I should also working on manually taking the destination file up or down in value.

I found my base conversion programs needs some work. Some of my code works pretty damn good. Other parts of my code needs some work. Here is a screen shot of what I will be doing.

02/11/2017 01:45 AM

Since Linux has GNUPLOT I did not have to write any new software. GNUPLOT does what I need. I already have the add and subtract and the time scanners which add and subtract so all I did was create a pic in the top level directory explaining my slop, destination file, and target file concept. The user can add or subtract from the destination file to move it up or down. Then construct target files off of it.

I all ready have the code in place to add and subtract so I did not have to write any new software. So much of my code overlaps now that I have slowed down writing new code. But I still have more bugs to work out here and there.

So with GNUPLOT and the SLOP equation I can already implement a regression line in time travel project. So, no new code was needed just some more documentation for the user which I provided. I already did a update to the code because if I don't I will be asked for it anyway. So I did the update. So much for me updating once a month.

I have some more bugs to work out here and there and I need to organize the code better but this project is very usable and ready to go at this point.

What I did learn this morning is now I can take individual files and using GNUPLOT graph the data in them. Then I can use that graph to help me generate more unknown time travel media files. In the future as I get time I will check-out how well that works for me. I am going to fix some more bugs now before I bring anything else new into this project.

Right now I can set down with the code I have and run a computer time travel project. The public can see the code and use it. The "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can evaluate the code. I went and checked out my book sales I sold some more books and someone bought my fire codes DVD.

So, I got a little interest here and there. But mostly I am not in this for the money. When I make money yes it is nice but I also like getting my original work out to the public to be used. 

Time Travel Project is about ready to port to Armageddon. Armageddon will move a destination file up and down while using difference files to construct target files off of it. Then use the robots to find the files it needs. I have to work some more on Armageddon's code.

I am undecided if I should start a new Temporal Parallel Messages Passing project or include that in time travel project or both. So, I am thinking on it. I am pretty much done for this morning. I did't get much sleep today.

After I get more of my bugs fixed I guess I can set down and write one application that will move that destination file up and down and generate targets off the destination file and run the robots too. If I get something like that running I can pretty much delete all the extra and un-needed computer code. I will think on it.
02/11/2017 04:36 PM

I went back and got the extra code out of the project directory's and the extra stuff is in the tool directory. I deleted the counter project directory for now. My focus is on my time scanners and GNU Plot. Tonight and tomorrow morning I will fix the base conversion programs and work on the robots then go back to the up grades. I want people to use a graphing program when running my software so they can visualize where the computer time travel media files are as they construct them.

So with my time scanners and moving the destination file up and down the regression line and a graphing program such as GNU Plot. This project is right on track. It does not bold very well for Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and my web hoochie Pamela.

There is a difference in the way my time scanners add and subtract and the way my add and subtract programs work. My time scanners use the length of the difference files for stopping and my add and subtract programs use the length of the largest file to stopping. The reason is on the time scanners I don't want the destination file copied into the target files. That was for those that noticed.
02/12/2017 02:45 AM

I didn't make my usual around 10 PM post. I went straight to work debugging. I got the base conversion program working though it was not at all what I intended. So, I may have to re-write that. I need a base conversion 2.

And I debugged more on the file format robot. Though it worked for me I don't know just yet how well it will work for others.

And I cleaned up my directories of the extra code. People will have to go to the tools directory to get the extra stuff as they need it when they compile the code. 

Reason I did it that way is because when I make updates I don't want to be flipping all over the directories updating the same code. So, I am trying to keep copies of the code throughout the zip file at minimum because when I make updates it may not get updated in the other directory it was previously copied too.

And my stuff is still not at all user friendly at this point. People that know how to code c++ may find it useful but others may not. 

There are two ways to use time travel project. 
1. Generate random files or check-sums and decode the check-sums.
2. Use a regression line and move the destination file up and down and the time scanners to find the files around the regression line.

I like #2 the best. I am still working on it. I am making it better every day.

I have about a hour and a half left so I am going to go make plans for my work on time travel project tomorrow.

Later ............

I removed the base conversion project from time travel project because it was not working as I had planned it too and because the base power check-sum does the same thing as the base power conversion. I had planned on the base power conversion being faster. So, the base power conversion is yanked until further notice use the base power check-sums for the same thing.

I still have the strong check-sum counters in tools but right now I recommend using the base power check-sums or the binary time scanner and file generators for computer time travel. I may go ahead and yank the strong check-sum counters for now too until I see a stronger performance from it.

I put in a pdf file for using GNUPLOT. I recommend using the strong and weak check-sums as the data for the plot.

There you go world. Happy time-hacking everyone.

Later again ............

Ok I went back and clarified the project some more. I took out the strong check-sum counters until further notice. They are not performing like I want them too right now. So, its a wast of my users time to leave them in there.

There are now 3 main methods of using computer time travel.
1. Binary random or time scanners for generating targets.
2. Weak  Check-sum file explorer.
3. Base power check-sums coding and decoding with random or time scanners for generating targets.

The two main methods for 1 and 3 is random generators or moving a destination file up and down and using the time scanners to find the targets around it.

The weak check-sum generator does not have a time scanner as of yet. It manually rolls the weak check-sum file. I can add a program where a random (base - 1) * speed is added or subtracted. The destination file for the weak check-sum would have to have (base - 1) * speed added or subtracted from it to move weak check-sum destination file up or down.

On the GNU Plotting program I will use the weak check-sums and the strong weighted check-sums for the plotting. Using known files I get my regression line then I use my destination file and my generated targets to see where I am in relation to my true regression line. This is precision computer time travel. Computer time travel is an art as well as a science.

Man once I get all this cleaned up and upgraded it is going to be aw-sum. When I get time I need to drive my new toy around the block and kick the tires some and continue to upgrade it.

Oh I bet Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and my bitch Pamela are loving this. Yeah, this is how we do "Conspiracy Against Time Travel". THIS IS HOW WE DO!!!!

I need to trim the fat off timehacking.h header file and remove the un-used code there. But I am done for this morning. I did a update to sourceforge but I will update github later. 
02/12/2017 11:38 PM

I cleaned up the code some more and did another update to github and sourceforge. I ran a computer time travel project tonight with the weak check-sum counter. I did set it up where the user can supply a destination file so I don't need anything else there.

Unless something hits me to work on I'm good. People are buying my books, my DVD, and watching my youtube videos. I'm not viral but people are reading and watching.

My traffic to my web-sight is really good. So shit I really don't have much to talk about. I guess I can rag on the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".

Here we go: 
Why does it talk all three of the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" members Darby Phillips, Ray Hudson, and Pamela to change a light bulb? ? ? ?

Anyone? Anyone? Here is why it talks all three of them to change a light bulb.

BACAUSE THEIR STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh god I got tears in my eyes. Oh god that joke never gets old to me.

What did Aaron Hiniker say to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" when they asked him if he wanted to come over???

Anyone? Anyone?



Oh god I got tears now.

I decided not to use a shell account to run my time travel software because what files I produce from that process could get monitored and I don't want to get into trouble for some file I created off my computer time travel software that I have not even looked at yet.

So, I am  pretty much waiting now to get caught up on some bills then splurge for a new hard drive to run my computer time travel code from.

Since the time travel war is over between me and the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" most of my books are out. And my code is pretty much finished beside upgrades I don't know what the fuck to do any more. I feel a little lost. But I am ok. I need to work on Armageddon and my drone I guess now. I am not planning to blog about that. I was going to but I have had enough of the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. reading my blog every fucking day. Some where down the road I will open source it and put it at sourceforge.

Also, I got my temporal parallel computing project I can work on.

And as always I can keep upgrading time travel project.