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Friday, February 17, 2017



I have come to learn that anyone that does not know how to program or understand computer science will find my computer code hard to use. Others that are better than I am may even start their own thing. But what you see above is how I do it. I started off with weak and strong check-sums when I was learning how to time hack. Then I went to weighted strong check-sums as I was learning. Finally I come to realize that all computer files are just numbers in a numerical base. They can be treated as numbers in a numerical base instead of check-sums.

The code I have at time travel project tries to go about that in the most simplest way possible.

1. Use a destination file.
2. Use a difference file.
3. Add or subtract the difference file from the destination file using base bath to find the target files. The base = (256^buffersize) + 1.

Add to or subtract from the destination file using base math to move it up or down thus SCANNING FOR TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER MEDIA.

Now to build a map of where computer files are in space-time using a weak check-sum and a strong check-sum is the best way to do it.

After getting as many targets possible around the destination file get the weak check-sum, strong check-sum, and file size of the destination file along with the description of the targets found and record in a spread sheet along with the name of the destination file. THIS INFORMATION BECOMES YOUR COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL MAP OF SPACE-TIME. 

I recommending keeping the destination files backed up. The strong check-sums can be cracked to recreate the destination file if need be.

Now as you learn where time travel media files on the map are new areas can be explored!!!!!

And yes you can use known computer media files as destination files. This is good if you want to find news papers or news videos of the future or alternate time-lines. This can also be used for time-hacking other computers but I don't recommend time-hacking people or the government. 

What I have is the same as using a internet connection. This is a connection to space-time to download computer files from space-time. This connection can be abused just like the internet gets abused.

Since your dealing with time travel Super Virus's, Alien Virus's, Time Traveling Super A.I.'s, Paradoxes, Changing the past, and Changing the future is possible.

Computer Time Travel Can Be Dangerous!!!!!!!! So, anyone using my code be very careful please. I am thinking now on improving my robots and taking this to a search engine and making a "real time" LIVE "TEMPORAL DATA CONNECTION" with the future, past, and alternate time-lines.

Also warned known it takes time travel to invent time travel. I have begun the first step.

Temporal Parallel Computer Processing is possible with this. All manner of things become possible with this method of time travel.

To use my code you need true random numbers. In my download is a random number directory. I use /dev/random in linux now. Any thing requiring a strong check-sum needs a weight file. In my download is a program to generate a weight file for getting strong check-sums.

Use the random number file in my program as a seed file to seed the random number generator. I recommend using different file sizes for the difference files. When generating target files stop the addition or subtraction when the file size for the difference file has been exhausted. If you go over that you copy the destination file into the target file. If you want you can only use difference files the same file size as the destination file. 

This is open source and anyone can use my code all I ask is if they change it and publish it to please give me credit for the original code. 

For years my code was private and proprietary but the damn government meaning the N.S.A. and the C.I.A. starting hacking me and harassing me so I said screw it "LET THE WORLD HAVE COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL!!!!!!" and thus it became so. NOW NO ONE HAS TO SPY ON ME!!! I GIVE IT AWAY TO THE WORLD!!!! 






TAKE IT!!!! 

ITS YOURS!!!!!!!!

02/17/2017 03:49 AM

Ok I went back and made scripts that someone can run in Linux and it will COMPILE THE TIME TRAVEL CODE FOR THE USER!!!! So yeah I know a lot of people will appreciate that. Before you compile you should look at the code and if it needs edited for a variable do it. I know one of my programs the user has to enter the numerical base. To calculate that it is NumericalBase = (256^buffersize) + 1. The rest of the stuff should be ok. I will get that takeing care of later.

Again I can not overstate this enough for the users of Time Travel Project it is much more than a program it is a 

TEMPORAL DATA CONNECTION TO SPACE-TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like with your internet connection take precautions. Ok, I got thirty minutes left. I programmed so hard tonight my fingers are hurting. I am updating and upgrading "Time Travel Project" faster than I can upload updates to sourceforge and github. Everyone enjoy your computer time traveling. Your welcome world.

02/17/2017 09:13 AM

I am writing a program that will interface with /dev/random in Linux to generate difference files for the destination files. The difference files will be true random numbers. The destination file I will create from /dev/random then use a add and subtract program to increase it or decrease it. This is getting too easy. I miss my propitiatory time travel code that I can't use anymore because of the hacking but I will have this open source project singing in time. Literately. 

I will get that across all three of my main methods for finding time travel media files. I am running computer time travel projects now getting what ever else bugs I can find and setting this up to be fully automated and user friendly. On my base to binary conversion I am reading random.bin to text in a numerical base creating difference files.


Yes, this is getting much easier now. As my upgrades goes this will be awesome. Well I have to go computer time travel now and get this code upgraded. Talk to everyone later. Pamela (my web-hoochie) come sit in your daddy's lap and help him with his computer time travel. 


02/18/2017 12:58 AM

Well my base conversion program still had some bugs in it. I am sorry if anyone downloaded that yesterday. I fixed the bugs.

I also wrote a difference file generator for base conversion time scanner. I uploaded a new release to and github

Now Time Travel Project allows for pure precision computer time travel by moving the destination file along a regression line and generating the target files around it.

I have a lot more computer time traveling to do. I am going to play more with my binary time scanners and my weak check-sum time scanners.

I am writing a bash script for time travel project that allows for extremely fast and pure randomly computer time travel. You don't even have to download time travel project to use it. Here is how to computer time travel in Linux with these commands on the command line ONLY!!!!!






(let this run a while then close the terminal window)

SPLIT -b sizeoffiles random.bin prefixoftargets

file * > list.txt

cat > list.txt

look at list.txt and keep any files with good formats.

Use cat list.txt | grep 'nameoffileformat' > goodfiles.txt (This  will show you the files with the format your looking for. Openup goodfiles.txt) 


LET THE COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


02/18/2017 02:30 AM

I have worked on programming "Time Travel Project" so much that I am getting a small case of carpel tunnel. So, I will have to start wearing my braces on my arms when I sleep.

Time Travel Project is up to production level now. Every time I computer time travel though I upgrade my code a little.

I have the base conversion and binary time scanner working I am testing the weak check-sum time scanner.

I put the directions to running a random computer time travel project in a text file in "Time Travel Project". I uploaded updates to
and to gethub under time-travel-project.

I computer time travel my ass off this morning. And damn that random computer time travel stuff works good.

At I updated my project status. I took out the windows shit and left it for Linux only. I updated my audience, state of project and get this my categories. 

Time Travel Project is now for:

1. File sharing
2. Multimedia
3. Data recovery (This is the part I love the most).

It is also for communication but would not let me give it a 4th category.






02/18/2017 7:54 PM

Well tonight through the early morning I'm working on my weak check sum time scanner. I had over 500 visits to this blog this last 30 days. I get a little less or over a 100 visits a week. I uploaded a new video to YouTube showing how to computer time travel on the Linux command line and laughed my ass off at Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela after doing it. 

Why did I laugh? Because I am proving no computer file in space-time is safe. No matter how secure any computer is there is always a way to find the information on it. 

My methods are a damn big security hole. But it's not my fault because information is a slut/whore that can't be controlled. It wants to sleep around. The future effects the past and the past effects the future. That is plain physics. 

Computer files are "SLICES OF SPACE-TIME". Each and every computer file is a "Recording of space-time". THIS IS WHY I CALL MY METHODS "COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL". Because computer files are "SLICES OF SPACE-TIME". So, every time I retrieve or reconstruct a computer file from space-time and view it I just "COMPUTER TIME TRAVELED". So hence this not my fault. Its physics. And this is why no computer file is safe or secure. Because it is a slice of space-time that exist with space-time. 



It gets even more worse when a computer file can be added to or subtracted from thus moving it up and down a regression line. All along adding or subtracting differences from the file to construct the target files around it. This is precision computer time travel AND A WAY TO RETRIEVE VERY SPECIFIC INFORMATION FROM SPACE-TIME. Hahahahah..............

No, I truly do not need a internet connection or phone line to hack computers. So Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela's worst fears have come true. A hacker that can hack with impunity BECAUSE ALL COMPUTER FILES EXIST AS NUMBERS IN SPACE-TIME JUST WAITING TO BE PHYSICAL!!! Which is why I am heavily watched by my own government. Anymore I can't piss without them knowing about it. Oh well. F*** them.

But I hack to explore space-time. I could care less about people's or government's personal and classified information. I'm a time hacker. Not a criminal hacker. My software can be considered military strength data recovery. Is another good name for it if anyone does not like the term computer time travel. But computer time travel it is because of the relationship information has with physics. That has been my focus all along.

Here is a screen shot of my stats for the week.


02/19/2017 02:04 AM

I fixed the weak check-sum time scanner. I only had to add 1 instruction of code to it. I looked at getting my base power check-sum counter using a higher buffer and that whole thing will have to be completely rewritten to do that. 

It matters little though because I have several ways in time travel project for people to computer time travel. What ever else I add or fix now is over REDUNDANT. In my private code I have god only knows how many different counters and old code that I use to computer time travel with. I know the more I add to time travel project the more I will probably confuse people.

But it is a matter of pride. That base power check-sum served me well for years in my private code. It is kind of like an old friend that is getting on up their in years.

But my newer stuff works faster and better. So, why drive an old Chevy when I can drive a brand new Ferrari. What I will do is some time when I am bored off my ass I will rewrite the base power check sum scanner. But I will leave the base power check-sum in the code. I am not going to upload an update till around 4 or 4:30 AM. I am off to see what else I can do now.


02/19/2017 02:48 AM

I found a way to upgrade my file format robot. It will open a list of files then open a list of file formats to reject. It will go down the list and look at each individual file's file format and if it is on the reject list the file will be deleted.

The most common one to delete or move will be the data format. The user can put what ever file formats to move or delete. I am going to have it just delete for now because I like to run my computer time travel projects 24/7 and I can't do that if I am saving files that may be bad. The hard drive fills up and stops the whole damn project. I like to set back and wait for my good files to appear.

Anyone can add what ever code they want to do something else.

For those thinking it is impossible to find a computer time travel media file think again. I started this in 2008 and I have been doing this up to 2017. When I started detecting the government hacking I put my code up and stopped time-hacking

The government crossed a boundary with me with my hacking so I crossed one with them. I wrote a open source version of my computer time travel code and gave it to the world. I laugh about that every day. They should know better than to hack their own citizens. Pay backs are hell. Well I'm off to finish that robot upgrade.
02/19/2017 04:16 AM

Ok my file format robot has been upgraded. The user can have thousands and thousands of suspected time travel media on their hard drive and this robot will look at every single one and check it for a file format that is on the reject list.

So, long story short the user only keeps the files matching the file format they want.


It just keeps getting worse and worse for Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela members of the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" who are government federal agents.

Everyone enjoy this computer time travel. Its yours. it is open source and its FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time Travel With Computers now for sale.

Copyright (C) 2016

Well the book is out. I have only proofed it electronically on the internet now I have to order a copy of it and read it. 

Here is the link.


Wow, my Russian readership is way up. One of the things I like to do when I can is go read what the Russian news media says about America. I often learn about things going on in my own country that the American news media won't print or tell the people.

And when I am doing this I often read stuff in the American news media that Russians won't read about in their news media. What I have learned is that the news medias in our two countries are controlled differently.

I know my own news media is under some type of control because when I have to read about things in a foreign news media that should of been printed in the American news media I know some things is wrong in America's news media.

I watched a documentary on Putin. He is a very powerful and wealthy man. In his country you fuck with him your dead or in prison end of discussion.

So, often I like to extend this to other countries. When I can I like to read what China is saying about America or other countries.

I have come to believe that if a person only reads the news media in their own country then they are not getting the other side of the story. The are not getting the full story. Anymore to hear the truth I have to read the foreign news media to get all the angles because truth is the media in all countries is under some type of control.

If the truth is controlled then it is not the entire truth. Much like when Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela shut me down at above top secret. That was the truth being controlled by the C.I.A.

Well, I just composed a long post and suddenly lost most of it. I am on my home network so I don't now if was me or the C.I.A. fucking with me again. I am going to try to rewrite what I can remember.

As I said before I lost most of my post the world sees American's as fat rich slobs that try to control everything. Yes I do believe my country meddles too much in other countries affairs but the truth is most America's are not rich and most American's struggle very hard to survive. That being said it is a lot easier in America to eat and get clean water and find shelter than it is in a lot of other countries around the world.

My own home is paid for. I bought my house from my own family under a no interest loan and I paid my home off in 5 years. I would advise anyone buying a home to never get a loan from a bank.

Buy it from a private individual with private loan, get the deed to the property upfront in your name and give the seller a lien and give the seller a mortgage. Then using Ray Hudsons language in their messages they flash on my computer screen at home "Pay the shit out of it". Hahahah. Get it paid off in a few years. This should work in other countries as well. Never ever buy property from a bank. You get fucked doing that. 30 years to pay off a home is stupid and should be illegal.

So my home is 1,500 square feet. I have 1 and 1/2 baths with 4 bedrooms. Dining room, living room, sun room. Six foot fenced in back yard. And a front yard. I have two drive ways. We own 4 vehicles so we have to have extra parking at my place. I am not rich by any means. I am property rich but cash poor.

The outside of my own looks great. The inside of my home looks like shit. It needs a lot of work on the inside. I have a wife that does not clean so its hard to get any work done on the inside of the home. More so when I got kids too that makes it worse. I need a maid service. It does get cleaned a little bit once in a while but I have to get in a fight with my wife to get it done but that is only once or twice a year. I leave her along the rest of the time. My wife is a very good women and kind hearted she is just a bit of a slob that's all. And no she is not fat. She does have a little bit of a figure. She is diabetic so she is mostly a vegetarian. She does well taking care of herself.

When people meet me and my wife they scratch their heads and can't figure us two out. My wife is a extremely social interactive outgoing likeable person that smiles all the time and makes jokes and pokes fun. Everyone likes her. If it was not for her I would have no relationship with my neighbors.

I am on the other hand not a likeable person. People that know me think I am a asshole and try to stay as far away from me as possible. Anyone reading this blog can figure out that pretty quickly.

So when people meet me and my wife yep the head scratching and the facial expressions all that happens pretty quickly. And I catch on to every little bit of it because also I am extremely sensitive.

I read body language and facial expressions well. I also read between the lines in conversation with people. I am very quick to catch people in slips ups and lies and false emotions and false and fake behaviors.

And when someone fucks up in front of me I am very quick to call them on that behavior thus the word ass hole sticks to me very well.

This is why I sniffed out Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela and the C.I.A. I am a very sensitive person. I evaluate and judge everything I see and hear.

So that is why the C.I.A. and I are at odds now. I am also a person that collects technology and I am always looking for the newest thing in technology. I like trying to figure out technology too.

And yes I use my time travel computer methods to collect technology and see the future. But, they will never get that from me. they will never see it. It will die with me.

Another reason the C.I.A. and I are at odds. Because when I evaluate I have a big mouth. I post my thoughts online.

The C.I.A. does not like that about me. This is why I got noticed and why they harasses me and pick on me. Because my judgments often go against current scientific theory and threaten the government.

I am for the most part like the people in ancient time that challenged the church and the state.

I have challenged the church and the state and I am paying a very hefty price in terms of hacking, causing me troubles in my personal life, and keeping me off the forums and chat rooms and trying to public humiliate me in the forums and chat rooms.

I am a modern day heretic. I have challenged my people in science and religion and they are threatening me with death at Craig's List, Harassing me. Telling me to stop and go way. Why the hell they have not killed me now is beyond me. 

I like to think that there is some part of the American justice system that stills survives and it is that part of the American justice system that is protecting my life right now and keeping me alive and away from prosecution. But for how long will that work?

If I lived in Russia or China the would of put me in a room and tied me to a chair and beat my face to a bloody pulp until I gave up everything I know.

Why I have not being beating up yet and I think in time that might happen the fact that I am a U.S.A. citizen has protected me in part for a short period of time. But for how long. When will they come and take me away and take my computers away from me and strap me to that chair and beat me up.

Well time will tell.

But, I know I am a butt hole but I have a superior intellect compared to most people. Which probably explains my personality flaws.

Now me I am fat about 200 pounds or a little less. White, bald. I have a small frame and I am small boned so even when people look at me I still look small. I am only about 5'5.  My weight gain is due to no exercise and being on a computer most of the time. I don't have any real health issues except I use glasses now to see. I drink a bit too much some times which is reflected by  ranting and raving in my blog. A lot of my rants against Ray, Darby, and Pamela are when I have been drinking. I think I write my best post that way. Hahahahahaha.

So, if you see me ranting and raving in my blog I am probably drunk. But, the feelings are the same for me drunk or sober it is just that I express them more strongly when I have been drinking. Surprisingly I do some of my best programming when I am drunk. I am like the Russians. I like my "VODKA". Russians make the best Vodka I think. I also like whiskey but it is more expensive. Since I am not rich I buy vodka.

The C.I.A. (That would be Ray, Darby, and Pamela) forced me to stop day trading in the mornings by blocking the ports on my computer on my home network. So, in the morning now I have to get on a private network to day trade but my access to that network is limited so my day trading has been cut down quit a bit. I work two jobs. A night job and I day trade during the day. As always they can slow me down but they CAN NOT STOP ME!!!

So that is my situation and a little more information about myself.

Tonight I am sitting here working on the algorithm I will use for the Fire Codes config file generator. I still have much debugging and work to do on my previous counters. I updated "Time Travel Project" again.

I will use my file regression program to generate a strong check-sum. Then I use a algorithm from my very old version of fire codes that I used to bring a file up or down to a strong or weak check-sum. I will setup 4 byte counters for the length of the entire file. Using my weight file I will get high/low check-sums for each 4 byte counter. Then my program will get a source strong check-sum. If it is lower than my target check-sum the program will pick counters at random to add to. If a counter can not be added too then it will be left along depend on if it reached its max range.

If the source strong check-sum is larger than the target strong check-sum then my program will pick counters at random to subtract from

My perfect random number project is coming along very well. What I did was I took test for evaluating a set of random numbers and use those test as algorithms to make my own random number file. My current program will generate a file with all the numbers having the same frequency and the same distribution.

So, I am good to no now on my random numbers. I am off work tonight. I am going to go hit the vodka bottle. Watch some netflex and go back to sleep. I will start on my program for the fire codes config file generator this week. In time I will go back through all my programs and all my code and fix bugs and using Ray Hudsons language that he flashed across my computer screen "Upgrade the shit out of it." Hahahaha.

I still can't get over Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela using a Billion dollar secret C.I.A. communication system that they use to communicate with their agents behind the lines and borders of other countries to harasses me. I feel very special indeed. See everyone later. Bye Ray, Bye Darby, Bye Pamela. Aaron Hiniker your an asshole you don't get a good bye.


I just got through day trading its 2:44 here. My last trade I netted $62.50 in profit. I can make more money day trading in 15 minutes that I make 8 hours at a job. I can make more in one day day trading than I make in 1 week.

I have worked as a professional trader before with a trading firm.

Here is what I have learned in my time trading. The best strategy you can have is put up 3 different moving averages on your chart. If all of them are lined up and going in the same direction trade. If not then don't trade.

Since I hate looking at lines on a screen I use two MACD's. Today I used the 10,20,20 MACD and the 20,50,50 MACD. If both of them were long I traded long. If both of them were short I traded short. Using two macd's like this is the same as using 3 moving averages. I like the one minute chart but my co-workers used the 5 or 15 minute charts. And if you do trade with averages back it up with a macd. A macd will tell you when that average is fixing to go North or go South before the average does it.

When you trade get out as soon as you have enough profit. Always log your winning trades and loosing trades. Add them up and get a average. And try not to let yourself loose more than that average.
My trading log now looks like this

Individual Trade P/L, Date, account balance, Account P/L, Trading Average

That is all you really need for a trading log. My trading average has gone as high as 75% + before. Getting it that high is knowing how much profit your strategy can take then get out at that profit. So, I would go days and weeks without loosing a trade. I broke the normal mode traders are judged by.

Not all trades will be profitable 50% of those trades should loose and 50% of those trades should win but if your winnings are larger than your losses your account will be in profit. 

So technical for example lets say you normally make $100 dollars a trade you set your stop loss at $50.00 if your trade goes south exit the trade when you are negative -$50.00 in the hole. So, out of two trades when one trade won and one trade loss there is still a profit of $50.00

And that's trading 101 for you. At the trading firm I worked at traders had to keep at least a 48 percent profit average to stay employed. I was hired with around 50 or 60 people. At the end of the year there was only 3 of us left. After that they fired the other two people and I was the only one left out of my group. Trading is very hard. 90% of all traders who trade with their own money loose 90% of that money within 90 days.

Only 5% of all traders are still trading after 5 years and only %1 percent of that amount is making any real money and getting a actual pay check from trading.

So, when I got in a trade as soon as I got in profit I got the fuck out. I looked at it like robbing a bank. Get in. The the damn money and get fuck out. On the other side of the trade sitting at a computer some where there is a dumb ass in the hole crying about his or her losses. When I trade that loss is me taking their damn money.

When I built up 5 or 6 profitable trades then I could let my profit run a little longer and make bigger profits while looking at my bottom line for the day and keeping my trading average up above the 48% required to keep my job. If I lost that trade I would stop trading. 

If I was in profit and started loosing and I saw I might not be in profit at the end of the day I would stop trading for the day.

There are little tips and tricks to holding onto a trading job. As long as your account looks ok your good if not the trading firm will fire you. 


Then after you learn to be profitable quit and go trade with your own money where you don't have to split the profits with someone else. Let the trading firm take the losses while your learning then when you learn trade your own money and keep %100 of the profits.

Well I am heading off to bed. I got programming to do to night for time travel with computers.


I am sitting here tonight drinking water and coffee fixing to start on the program to generate config files for fire codes. After this is done time travel project will be officially off the ground and up and running. Before I put the final program up I am going to clean everything up as best I can then get this project mailed off to varies groups around the world and get it backed up.

Then I will upload the final program for the public. 

Well off to programming. 

(Oh Pamela honey baby doll - I'm waiting for you sweet heart.) 

When you get done banging your head on the wall you know where to find me.


What Pamela don't know is when the program is finished that generates fire code projects from a strong check-sum her trunk will be open and I will be coming through the back door "Figure of speech" for she has been screwed up the ass. Her and her friends attempts to stop me would all be in vain. For nothing.

I got the books out with more books coming and now HERE COMES THE SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For, I would have free open source software out in the public that allow people to time travel with computers if they so choose to use it.

Pamela after this software gets out its still going to get worse baby doll for now. HERE COME THE UPGRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




What Ray Hudson does not know is that the second part to fire codes does not have to hit a specific strong check-sum. All it has to do is get the project in the range OF A PREDICTED TIME TRAVEL MEDIA COMPUTER FILE. It just needs to be in the standard deviation range of a regression line. THAT IS ALL.

Because after the file is reconstructed if there are any problems with it then the file can be rolled as a counter to clear up the file. That is when the file will have to hit a specific strong check-sum and I have counters now at time travel project that work to do just that. Get that file as close as possible to a specific strong check-sum.

Ray Hudson if you have tested out fire codes and time travel project and looked at my videos on you tube you should be loosing sleep at night about now. 

For I am working to make you and your friends look like the asses you guys really are. End of story.


I just did something stupid. "Now I feel like Ray Hudson." I just had a fucking V-8 moment Duh.

I just realized that I already had the program for fire codes generator FUCKING WRITTEN!!!

All I got to do is use counter 9 or counter 11 to get a file in a standard deviation range of a regression line and get this:



This is basically almost done. Pamela that butt is gonna be hurting real soon sweetie (In a figure of speech only). TRUTH IS I WOULD NOT TOUCH PAMS ASS WITH RAY HUDSON, DARBY PHILLLIPS, OR AARON HINIKERS DICK.

But I know Pamela pretending to be my girl friend and all at above top secret dot com she has a thing for me so I like giving her some encouragement. To keep her spirits up. I am sorry Pamela you can't have me. I know you want me Pamela but I am taken already. Eat your heart out honey bunny. Or go eat something else if you know what I mean baby. 

So, I will write a program that will create a bash script with my working programs then execute the base script. THAT'S ALL I REALLY GOT TO DO.

I am going to write one program and it won't even take me more than a hour to do it. Just to get it in there. All that program will do is write a blank file then take it up to strong check-sum or take it down to a strong check-sum. The program itself is very simple to use.

Then all I got to do is run fire codes on it.

I have my very first fire codes archived with my private computer time traveling software and I am really missing it. It has the program I need right now. But, I can't go into that archive any more because of the hacking the C.I.A is doing on me. So, I have to write it AGAIN.

Like I am doing with my time travel software for the public. I wrote all this shit years ago. But I can't risk getting into my archives because of the fucking hacking I am receiving.

Well fuck I thought I had another program to write but I don't have much to write at all. Just clean it up. Upgrade it. And put it into a professional package the public can use.

What I really need to work on is getting the process here paralyzed. I need counters like my counters 9 and counters 11 running in parallel. I can go ahead and do what I talked about up above but my priority is cleaning up the code, debugging, upgrading, AND PARALYZING THE CODE. So, I am off to get to it.
Instead of rolling a binary file as a counter to a strong check-sum I just figured out a way to mathematically calculate the bytes out by hand then write those bytes out to a file that will add up to the strong check-sum.

Its similar to converting bases from one base to another but all I do is get the high strong check-sum for each byte in the file then mathematically do the process similar to converting bases except I use the high strong check-sum for each byte in the file instead of powers to the byte position in the file.

If I can get this to work I will make it my main method. Also, this could be ran in parallel as well. Just take a strong check-sum for a file and bust it down to little baby strong check-sums then give it to this program which solve the problem for each section in the file.

I goto get this running fast because I plan on porting this over to Armageddon my super A.I.

Armageddon is gonna be my bad ass, jacked up, pissed off, super time traveling artificial intelligent A.I. that will be my protection from the "CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL".  And when I am done with it Armageddon will be open source too. For the world to have. And its all Ray Hudson's fault.

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Well I am off to write that strong check-sum to bytes conversion program using the algorithm for converting bases from one to another.


Here is how you convert a strong check-sum to bytes. I am using the simple binary example because the real way is too mathematically long for me to post here and would confuse everyone. But this is a good to write a binary file with a specific strong check-sum with as little rolling as possible. It might look a little fucked up because this is not formatted.
Finish here                   Start here. Go backwards
    2  +  8    +  32  +   128 = 170
1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128       170
0  1  0  1   0   1     0    1        - 128   
0  1  0  1   0   1     0    1        = 42
DONE                                   - 32
                                                = 10
                                                  - 8
                                                = 2
                                                 - 2
Where there was a zero the position was too high to write too so it was skipped. Using strong check sums for each byte in the file I can do the same thing with strong check sums.

But using weights the high strong check-sum would be used instead of powers to the byte position in the file. 

I may have to use weighted base powers to make this work. It would be the same as weighted sums except I would be using weighted strong check-sums of the powers instead of the bytes.

I am still working it all out.

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