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03/0102017 10:52 AM

I'm going to give time travel project a second name. Its second name will be called Military Strength data recovery. Everything in the universe that currently exists could not exist if it was not for information. Everything in the universe has a blueprint and without that blueprint it cannot come into existence. That blueprint is information.

So all the blueprints for the universe exist in the informational universe. Those blueprints contain the technology and all the information that exists as space-time. And that information is attainable by creating and data mining binary computer files.

So the way that I have figured out how to do that is to have a destination file that remains fixed and create difference files that are added or subtracted from the destination files to create the target files around it.

The destination file can be moved up or down by adding or subtracting from it a specific number of bytes from time to time thus hitting every possible computer file that could possibly exist within space time per the file size being used.

So  this is how to computer time travel or to recover any lost file within space-time that is needed in the present.

The next few days I will update all the small files in the other folders with the files from the bin directory. I don't have people running my code for me and reporting bugs. 

With the disinformation campaign against me the c.i.a. and the n.s.a. doing their thing I have found in my work I can't rely on feedback from others So I have to test the hell out of my own code. Which I should do anyway regardless.

My next improvement currently planned is to rewrite my base power checksum to use a higher buffer. It would still be slow but it can be run in parallel. And I'm thinking of a second menu program called tools.

Now that I have the bulk of  my open source code up and running it now has become a repetitive process. Upgrade, update, debug, and repeat.

This is going to run in two modes of operations. The first mode will be the easy application. The second mode people can go out to the folders and run the programs in there and run those programs individually and manually using their own random numbers.

There will be a third world war and or natural disasters in the future that will wipe out most of what we know today. Tomorrow's world population will be far smaller than today. Canabillism, rape, slavery, and murder, and assault will rule society more than law. As well as other crimes. It will be the strongest rules and the meak serve and die at  the will of their masters. That is the law of darinism.its the law of the jungle.

It happened in Rome, it happened in Egypt, it happened in Samara , it happened in ancient South America, and it will happen here too.

And on top of all that the next ice age is still coming. No it didn't go away it is well on track to hit mankind smack in the face and knock him the f*** out when it gets here. That is if mankind is still here when it arrives.

There is a cycle with man that even the ancients knew about and is reflected in ancient writings. I have read some of those writings though it was hard as hell for me to do that. 

Mankind builds himself out of the wilderness into civilization and through war and mother nature ENDS UP BACK IN THE WILDERNESS TO START ANEW!!!! AND THIS HAPPENS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!! Where the cycle ends is anyone's guess. 

If SpaceX has it their way this cycle will end this century. I will believe it when I see it. I still think that mankind is headed back to the wilderness to start building again.

So Later down the road data recovery software like mine will become even more important than ever. Why, because in space-time there are at least two copies of all computer files. At least one copy existing on a computer itself. And one copy existing in the informational universe.


This part is why the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. have a problem with me. Because every computer file in space-time has a second copy existing in the informational universe and I run and TELL EVERY F******* ONE ABOUT IT!!!!


You see the informational universe it can't be fire walled. You can't track ip adresses going to and from it. You can't identify who is using it. THERE IS NO COMPUTER SECURITY ON THE INFORMATIONAL UNIVERSE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FREE, EVERYONE CAN USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why any computer can be hacked without connecting to it, the internet, or a phone line. Just use methods like what I have talked about all through my blog and programmed in to my software and any computer file existing on any computer anywhere in space-time can be recovered.

And it gets so much worse. Because all information in space-time exist in the informational universe. That means computer files of audio and video and medical records you name it exist on every thing that has ever lived in space-time every where.

The informational universe is gods hard drive. And my methods of data recovery have access to that hard drive. 

So yeah above top secret won't let me post there because what I have really is above top secret. The press is not allowed to touch it. The larger internet is not allowed access to it. Your government tax dollars at work to contain the secret as big as UFO's if not bigger.

The big secret is that a simple computer can run my computer time travel military strength data recovery software such as mine and gain access to every computer file existing within space-time itself as well as all information existing within space-time. That is some really damn big news.



It just keeps getting worse and worse for Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips and Pamela. I give those guys no quarter. No place to hide from the truth. No place to run from the truth. The truth is always and forever IN THEIR FACE!!!!

03/02/2017 12:33 AM

I updated the individual folders with my new code from the bin directory. I moved the individual folders containing my individual projects from the old code directory to the upper level directory. This full fills my plan to have two modes of operation for time travel project. 

I updated but I will update github later. No one is downloading at github right now and github is more of a pain in the ass to update. So I only update github every so often. I update when I update my code.

The easy application TimeTravel.cpp people can run and people being able to go into the individual project folders and running the code and or editing the code to make it their own and running it. I want people to be able to run the easy application or run the individual projects and make the time travel code their own.

To be honest I don't give a shit what anyone does with my time travel code. I do request acknowledgement of my original work when people modify it but my computer time travel code is for the world  to do with as they f****** well please.

I want all hackers and governments and normal people from all nations on earth around the world to have and use MY COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL CODE!!!!! TAKE IT WORLD IT IS YOURS FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!! 











Take this computer time travel world!!!Take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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02/24/2017 01:25 PM

Early this morning I spent hours testing out and going through my base conversion time scanner. I started upgrading it's code. I'm am testing each C++ instruction by hand thus improving it and making it better. The base conversion time scanner works with numbers in a numerical base where the base = (256^buffersize) + 1
filesize=(buffersize×howmanynumbers) in the text file. 

A base conversion number has to be decoded to a binary file from a text file but the bcscanner generates theses text files to be decoded. And the good news is theses text files can be busted up and decoded in parallel then rejoined using Linux split and cat commands and bash scripts. I love my Linux dearly.

Computer time travel gets easier every day. To me computer time travel is like breathing air. I've been doing it for so long that it has become automatic.  When I was told by Ray Hudson at Above Top Secret I could not time travel with binary files I fell out of my chair onto the floor rolling in historical laughter. Ray Hudson is comody relief for me. But I will stop here or I will start having a laughing fit. Then I will spend the rest of my post talking about him and laughing at him.

Any way I got to get my base conversion time scanner finely tuned then write a C++ program to automate it for computer time travel. Then get that uploaded to my open source time travel project.
For base conversion you need a destination file and a list of difference files to generate target  files to decode. I am going to put a add and subtract program for increasing or decreasing the destination file but right now the bcscanner can do that so Im in no hurry.

The difference files can be generated from /dev/random or I have some third party software to help out /dev/random in time travel project under tools random numbers. /dev/random can be used with pipe commands to convert it's output to a numerical base in a text file. For those who can't do that use my base conversion code program to convert the binary to text with numbers. Just make sure to use the same buffer size in the BC scanner.

I am always working on different parts of my time  code. My private code that is locked away now I chipped away at it for year till it was the best there ever was. It is a prize Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela will never see.

But I will keep chipping away at the public version of my code.

You can make check-sums out of base conversion numbers and create files and run gnuplot to create regression lines to map out where known files are as numbers. The files will slowly change as you go up and down the regression line. As the regression line is changed and moved up and down you can see the changes in the files and even in their file formats.

I have programs to code to known files to base conversion numbers. I also have a decode program. Those programs work just fine I am completely done with them.

If people could watch me computer time travel in private I would seem like a powerful magician performing my magic. When I go there that is my private place. That is personal for me.

Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach him to fish he eats for a life time. I will teach but my fish belong to me. I'm not giving my fish away. Metaphorically speaking this is how I feel about it. You got to get your own fish. I'm just offering the fishing pole.

I have to tell Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela my game is on like donkey Kong. I am the master of my game. And I intend to keep running the score board up in my favor. I will never stop.
The time travel war may be over but I have only just begun. I am throwing slam dunks and running up the score board. I can't be stopped. I won't be stopped. The score board will climb in my favor.
02/24/2017 10:22 PM

On using regression lines in my private code I used entire computer files as numbers in a numerical base to represent my regression lines and my programs worked with entire computer files mathematically adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing and what ever else I needed to do with computer files as a number in a numerical base. Even squaring the files as numbers in a numerical base and getting square roots of the files as numbers in a numerical base. 

Which is a lot of work I might add. It took me years to write and build up my private proprietary computer time travel code. Now I write a public open source version of my time travel computer code for the public so that the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" more commonly known as the N.S.A. and the C.I.A. don't have to hack me any more. 

They can download what I give to the world. And if they are going to steal it from me like they tried to do then I am going to make sure that everyone else in the entire fucking world has it too not just them. So, that was their fault this went open source. The government has no body else to blame but themselves. They got caught putting their hand in the cookie jar so I slapped it by making it open source. Now everyone can eat out of the cookie jar not just them.

Now back on topic....

But, it is possible to use a naming scheme. I did that too in my older code. Using check-sums to represent the files it is possible to do the math with the check-sums of the files then use GNUPLOT to find what you need to know. 

Then go back and apply a naming scheme to the files you have. 

Files above the regression line would use 1A, 2A, 3A or use coordinate names 03872.92374A. This would be like a X(name).Y(name)A(for above the regression line). Something like this.

Computer files below the regression line use B prefix or extension instead of A. 

The files that represent the regression line itself known as the destination files name them with a R prefix or extension.

Using regression lines with my software helps pinpoint how to build your destination files and how much to add or subtract from the destination files to move the files up and down the regression line commonly known as the RISE/RUN OR RISE OVER RUN.

Doing this will help others pinpoint computer time travel media files that you want out of space-time. Any computer in the world in the past, present, future, or alternate realities can be hacked this way without a connection to the internet, phone, or another computer. In the privacy and security of your own home. Your ISP can't track you. The government can't track you. There is no security to go through. No body knows what you have except you. I would still recommend encrypting the shit out of it. You can roll your files as a counter to encrypt them then roll them back as a counter to decrypt them. With this method there is no back door into your encryption for the N.S.A. or the C.I.A. to exploit.

For wiping your hard drive use the DD Linux command with /dev/random. You can set the bytes per second and control how fast the operation works. Before using random use all 0,s first. Then use all FF. Then use random. You also can set a script up and leave it running when your not using the computer. When you come back your drive will be clean. You can wipe your drive even as you work.

For those just getting here I use a destination file then I add and subtract files called the difference files from the destination file to find the target files around my destination files to make a long story short. The target files are the prizes to be won from this operation. 

Computer files are recordings of space-time. It is possible to create a computer file with a recording of the Jurassic or create a computer file from the far far future. This is why I call this computer time travel. It is also a method of hacking other computers. And can be used for very advanced things like temporal parallel processing and temporal communication.

If A in the past and B in the future know the check-sum range of their messages to each other through space time then A and B can create all the messages between the checks-sum range and read them. Even though A is in the past and B is in the future they can use my methods of computer time travel to read their messages to each other through space-time. Even including file attachments such as videos or what ever they like. A and B can actually use this as a method of temporal communication to talk to each other and share files through space-time.

Einstein said all space-time exist at the same time. So all computer files exist at the same time. All one has to do is map all the computer files in space-time as numbers then convert those numbers to binary and write them to the hard drive thus DOWNLOADING FROM SPACE-TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/25/2017 03:20 AM

Well I am pretty happy with what I have on my time travel computer code at

Anyone is welcome to make what ever improvements they want. Please scan the files you reconstruct from space-time before opening them up. In the folders marked old code a lot of that code is still good though its buffer may not work faster than 1 byte.

N.S.A. and C.I.A. your welcome to make what ever improvements you want in the code too for your classified time travel work. I hope you got what you wanted from me. But your still not getting my private code. You can have my open source code all you want though. And I am not going to apologize for giving your agents hell. They deserved everything I said to them and about them.

My video card on my development machine is starting to go out. It is the only Linux laptop that I have. So, when that video card finally goes it will stop my development dead in its tracks until I buy another Linux laptop. I am going to back it up as soon as I can hopefully before that video card goes. So for now I am going to stop using it at least until I get it backed up. The machine is at least 10 years old so my laptop has already lasted longer than expected.

Everyone take care and HAPPY TIME-HACKING.


02/25/2017 08:50 PM

I have the conspiracy against time travel blocking my internet tonight. As usual I switched to my backup hotspot. As usual I really don't give a s***. Tonight if I can keep my laptop up because my video card is going bad I'm going to try to write a main program to run the rest of my programs. This will make it easier for people to use my software. My programs I have now have to be run from the command line with parameters but this program will be a menu-driven program. It will question the user about what they want to do and it will run the programs. When it's done if all went well the user will have time travel computer media sitting on their hard drive. Well I need to get around I'll talk to everyone later goodbye.

02/25/2017 10:18 PM

I'm back. I have had several request from real people not C.I.A. or N.S.A. agents (They are like cock-roaches on the internet. They are everywhere.) for a easy way to run my time travel software. So, I am going to make it as easy as calling Ray Hudson(Does not go by RainMan anymore), Darby Phillips (OLD TROLL), and Pamela (my web hoochie. She changed her name again that she uses on the internet AGAIN!) STUPID. I am going to make it easier than calling those guys STUPID!!!


Its the same thing I promised in my blog many many post back. I did a outline and posted it. This will be much different than my previous outline. I am going to make a bin directory and write a bash script that will make all the targets. The program will be in the very top directory. The rest of the directories I plan for now to leave as is. I have played with my code enough so it is about time to make it easier. 

This will also help me find any new bugs I have may not caught. But mainly it will be so much easier to run my open source time travel code.

I am going to put in this code. (That will run my programs.)

1. Random computer travel.
2. Base Conversion computer time travel.
3. Plain binary computer time travel.
? May add other stuff here later.
4. AI robot train
5. AI robot run
6. File Format robot (You have to edit the file format reject list. Default will be set to data files.)

I will have to put in a way for the user to create a destination file or provide his own. And I will have to put in a way for the user to add or subtract from his destination file.

In my very first time travel computer program I had a menu driving c++ program. That program is long buried deep into my heavily encrypted private code that the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. attempted to steal from me. But I have posted screen shots of it in my blog for years. 

At the government run 

(government cock-roach federal agent infested forum who hack their users and look at their kids on their web-cams) 

Between 2008 and 2010 when I first got my newer time travel programs up and running I posted screen shots at that govenment agent infested forum showing all the thousands and thousands of computer time travel media files I had on my hard drive and I talked about my success. Boy I was happy that day. At that time I did not know it was a C.I.A. & N.S.A. honey trap web-sight.

I have long lost those photos and Ray Hudson deleted my thread so that is long gone. I wished I had those photos because that was a date in computer time travel history that should of not being forgotten about. 

But, thanks to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" it was. I think at that point is when Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips decided to start double down tag teaming on me so I would shut up and go away and stop talking about computer time travel. 

That was when they tried to force me to go away like they forced John Titor to go away. But I never went away. I think it is possible that someday John Titor may show back up. Maybe. If they didn't kill him like the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" have threaten to do to me at Craig's list and at Above Top Secret. Ray Hudson at Above Top Secret has told me "My end is Nigh". At Craig's list Aaron Hiniker told me I would have a "Accident". They can take their threats and shove them up their ASSHOLES for all I care.

Anyway after that experience in 2008-2010 I got my own forum and web-sight and blog. Nothing changed except the IP address and the domain.

To Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela's horror.


And then they started attacking my web-sight and forum on a daily bases. They prevented me from getting users to my forum. No matter. 

Its less work for me and my admin. AND I HAVE MORE TIME TO BLOG AND PROGRAM!!!! 



GOD THEM MOTHER FUCKERS( talking to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel") 



Yeah they let me do the one thing they are trying to stop me from doing rather than let me run my forum. 

Yeah don't let me spend all my time running a forum instead have me write open source computer time travel code and post it on the internet for the world then brag about it on my blog.

You see I could be running my forum right now but instead I am open source programming time travel software the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. DON'T WANT THE WORLD TO HAVE AND BRAGGING ABOUT IT ON MY BLOG. AND HERE IS A UPDATE ON THE LAST 7 DAYS OF MY TRAFFIC.





So my web-sight being up that is all that matters. And if they take it down I will just put it back up again. NO BIG DEAL.

So this new program I am writing will be is a c++ program that will run my other programs there won't be a whole lot to it. It will ask the user a bunch of questions then make a bash script. The user will then run the script. Then the user can go back into the program and run the robots or train the robots. That is it. 

I have some of my laptop (Its going bad) backed up but not the rest. So, I am going to get that backed up right quick, then get a cup or two of coffee, then start on that program. I am on a internet connection the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" can't get to this late evening early morning.

When my video card starts acting up I shut my laptop down and let it cool down then reboot it. I think it might be getting over heated. That seems to temporally fix the problem. I think this thing might hold out a little longer. Hopefully long enough to get this next program written. Ok, off to write that program.

02/26/2017 03:43 AM

(TimeTravel.cpp still needs some more debugging before it is ran. I am working on it.)

I only have about 45 minutes left. I got most of that program written but I still have to test it out and finish it up. It will allow someone stupid Like Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, or Pamela to run my computer time travel code.


All that have to do is ./ and ./TimeTravel AND THEY ARE IN FUCKING COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

download at 

I AM STILL FINISHING IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT IT IS GOING TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man it just keeps getting worse and worse for Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela.






Oh god my ribs are hurting now. I got tears in my eyes. I think I will go home and computer time travel and have an adult beverage and laugh some more at the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel".

02/27/2017 03:14 AM

The "Ray Hudson" version of my time travel computer code is ready. It is meant for people who are not computer illiterate putting it nicely. 

Its at

As usual I am running my own code and working to find any bugs out I can find and fix them. And I found some more while writing the "Easy Application" as someone asked me to do. 

I have to improve how I add or subtract from the destination file that will be next. Though right now I use the time scanners to add or subtract from the destination file I will have to take the time scanners and alter them for that purpose and save it as a second program. From there I will keep looking for ways to improve this and again fix stuff as I find it.

My Easy Application is a good way to get a novice off the ground time hacking and acts as a tutorial too if they read the code.

Just run ./ then run ./TimeTravel and follow the menu and your good to go.

I got about an hour left. I am going to go play with my code and get it uploaded to github and drink some more coffee.

Everyone enjoy. Happy Time-Hacking!!!!!!

02/28/2017 01:06 AM 

I got two time scanners now in the binary and base conversion programs. The first time scanner stops at the end of the difference file. The second one stops at the end of the destination file. The second one is the one that increases or decreases the destination file. The first one is the one for processing the difference files. If no one understands don't worry about it.

The Easy Application called timetravel.cpp with a install script runs just fine. On my computer I got entropy constantly going into my /dev/random so I can process my time travel media files. 

My next step is to continue running everything and finding any more bugs. When I feel I got them out I will update some of my older code and bring it into the project.

Right now TimeTravel.cpp creates way too many files. So, until I get that looked at I advise people to start small and experiment with it then work your way up to bigger files and bigger files.

On setting the buffer size the buffer size should divide into the file size being used evenly.  As things come along I plan more YouTuBe videos on computer time travel.

Monday, February 20, 2017


02/20/2017 04:22 AM

I have been writing my programs in c++ but it is possible to do a lot of what I do without my computer code on the Linux command line. Using Linux command line tools files can be converted to higher bases and piped to text files. People can make text files with numbers in a specific base and using the Linux command line write that test file to a binary file. Also using Linux commands  and scrpts files can be added to or subtracted from in base math just like I do in my c++. Linux has plotting utilities to plot regression lines. I am able to do most of my stuff on the command line without writing scripts by using echo and cat and less and piping from one command to the other.

So, I am including examples in time travel project. I don't have a update yet.

But here are some examples of Linux.

These are the list of Linux commands I can run on my system.

To get these commands use "compgen -c > commands.txt" without the quotes.


The most command commands I use are

file - "This checks file formats"

aspell - "Spell check text files"

split - "This splits files up"

cat - This gives whats in a file or can be used to join files USE CAT /DEV/RANDOM > random.bin for true random numbers

cksum - counts the bytes in a file.

join - joins files

nl - number of lines in a file.

shred-over write a file

echo 'obase=2; ibase=10; 674238' | bc - converts decimal to binary 

bc - can be used to perform mathematical operations on the command line. 
less - display content of long files
dd - reads binary files writes binary files
reverse hex dump
echo 'ibase=16' | cat - hdump | tr ' ' \; | bc | awk '{printf("%c",$0)}'
For the lottery program get your lottery data base this way.
remote file

lynx --dump > file.txt
links -dump
local file

lynx --dump ./1.html > file.txt
links -dump ./1.htm

I convert news from news web-sights this way to search for
news from the future with my software.
To rip a websight in Linux
$ wget \
     --recursive \
     --no-clobber \
     --page-requisites \
     --html-extension \
     --convert-links \
     --restrict-file-names=windows \
     --domains \
     --no-parent \
Display output as decimal integers (Convert binary files to numbers)
$ od -i input
0000000   171051569   171182643   171313717   171444791
0000020   808520249   170995978   822751793   875629107
0000040   171258122   822752817   942737975   171520266
0000060      667698
When converting files from one base to the other you have to
echo the file.

xxd test.bin > test.txt - converts binary to base 8 numbers

echo "$( test2.bin converts base 8 numbers back to binary
You can use the dd command to read a computer file and pipe it
to ibase and obase to convert the file to another base and write it to a text file.

You can echo a text file and pipe it to ibase and obase to conver the file then pipe it back to dd to write it as a binary file.
With my data recovery programs here and Linux commands this 
becomes a very powerful package for data recovery of any
file that can possibly exist anywhere in space-time without connecting to another computer.

You can use the man command to find out what each of this commands do.

Sometimes you can type the command -h to get more help.

You can put commands to a text file with the command
Man alert > alert.txt and build your own little book of commands
and read it.

Use | to pipe one command to another use > to store the output into something.

Well I would like to speak more but I go to go. I am updating my lottery program and trying to get a list of commands in Linux that people can use to computer time travel on the Linux command line.


02/20/2017 05:26 AM

To computer time travel in Linux you need to be able to do these things.

Use /dev/random
Split files
Join files
Convert numbers to other bases and back
Add two files together
Subtracted two files
Look at file formats
Search a text file 
Convert binary files to higher bases and put that in a text file
Convert text files containing numbers in a base to binary
Work with checksums
Plot and graph regression lines
Use command line math functions
Write bash scripts
Use Linux commands
Pipe commands
Store information in variables or files

This just gives you the general idea there is a lot more.

I mean my software in c++ is good but with Linux computer time travel becomes very very powerful. Also bash scripts and Linux commands are easier to use than C++. 

This is why hacker use scripting languages rather than programming languages. Scripting languages and the command line is way easier than programming. But now with my methods computer time travel every computer file in space-time can be at anyone's finger tips. Whether they program or script.

I still like my C++ programs because people can computer time travel without knowing how to script or program but knowing some Linux commands are required.
02/20/2017 04:38 PM

I am not programming today but I am planning the direction of time travel project. How I am going to use Linux in my computer time travel projects in the future is of course it will start with C++ my code of choice. The user can run my program from the command line. The program will then write a bash script the C++ will execute or leave it to the user to run it. 

What I want to do is make time travel project into a Linux package hosted on the the internet and people can use apt-get install timetravelproject and install it on their system and reconstruct computer files from all across space-time.

Of course I already know the C.I.A and N.S.A. position on this. They are like 'Oh hell no". My position on this is "To f****** bad. Deal with it."

To my calculations there are currently 240 Billion technologyally Advanced civilizations each having over one trillion computer files each . So that means there are 240 billion x 1 trillion computer files from technologically advanced civilizations in the known universe. All at the touch of your finger from a Linux computer system. Oops, the government didn't see that coming.


The government is like "OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!" So I have found out through the years with the hacking, stalking, and harassment. 

At above top secret the conspiracy called my methods  automatted writing but it's way more than that because space-time and information have a relationship. Like when a child draws a picture for a parent and that picture gets scanned in a scanner now it becomes a number in a numerical base existing as a number on a computer as well as existing in the eternal informational universe.

Now, let's say trillions of years go by. The big bang happens again. I get born and grow up and with my methods find this picture trillions of years after it was created and scanned. I look at the picture. It's meaning has been lost to time. Now, just because it's meaning and it's message has been lost to time does that make it automated writing or does it become more instead something like computer time travel?

And what happens if my software finds very advanced technology thousands or millions of years ahead of what mankind has now? What then? Is this why Ray Hudson at above top secret called it automated writing? To protect government interest and prevent the public from believing in it? I'm pretty sure it is something like that.

My software has been very well tested using both known and unknown computer files. First I started with known files. With check-sums I coded  known files then decode them. I used diff to compare the original with the decoded files and found no difference. Then I ran a computer time travel project on it to find a unknown files. 

One my base conversion, binary, and checksum time scanners I did the same thing. And I have posted videos showing me doing this on YouTube. So what ever games Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela are playing at is cover-up and straight out bold face lies. They are all liars. All of them (Talking about and talking too Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela).

Now no one can look at trillions of computer files in their life time but a person can look at some of them. My robots do most the work. 

Precision computer time travel is extremely mathematical. I tried to stream line the process in my code and make it easy for the public. Take a destination file and use the destination file to find target files by adding or subtracting differences from the destination file in a numerical base. Then check the file formats for good files or bad files. The bad files can be deleted automatically leaving only the good files.

When your done with the destination file add to it or subtract from it thus moving it up or down the regression line or use one of the target files for the new destination files. Then come in with more thousands and thousands of difference files and find the targets around the destination file again by adding or subtracting the difference files from the destination file in a numerical base. Then again move the destination file up or down. Repeat as necessary.


Very simple. I took the math equations right out of that puppy so the public does not have to deal with them unless they want to.

Then there is purely random computer time travel. "ITS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING TO GET". To borrow a old quote.

So I will use bash when possible ran from C++ when not I will go to C++. I will have to make my code to conform to Linux standards. 

I took a old hard drive from a scrap computer so now I have what I need to start running computer time travel projects again at home. Of course this computer will not have internet. After my initial hacking and harassment from HTTP:// aka HTTP:// ran by the USA government by Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela who are federal USA government agents I am starting to get my computer travel back on track. And why have the internet anyway when you can have "SPACE-TIME INTERNET". 

And their new flunky (Talking to the Conspiracy) Aaron if that is his real name will not get access to my projects. It ain't happening.

But I will continually release my code as open source. To Ray, Darby, and Pamela's horror.

02/22/2017 11:58 PM

I am working on my file format robot in c++ tonight and into the morning testing it out and debugging if there are bugs. But the public can go to the Linux command line and run file *filenameextensions* > filelist.txt then run cat filelist.txt | grep 'fileformatlookingfor' > goodfiles.txt. Then do even more commands to copy the good files over to another directory where the user can then view their time travel computer media files.

With my c++ program all that shit is taking care of. Just give it a list of files to look at then give it a list of file formats to reject which is usually the "data" format or what ever formats the public is not looking for using the file command to find the file reject formats. This will delete all the bad files and leave only the good files after running a computer time travel project in Linux.

Since I have opened sourced my time travel code I have really pissed off and pissed on Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela who have worked so very very hard over the years to keep this out of the public's attention by stalking me on the internet, harassing me by what ever means they can, threatening me at Craigs list and at, hacking the hell out of my home network and you name it. Man I can't even fit everything they have done against me and to me into this blog. Someone "SURE DOES NOT WANT THE MASS PUBLIC TO HAVE TIME TRAVEL"!!!


At first I just thought it was personal. Later I learned no it really really was the N.S.A. and the C.I.A. Really like no shit. So, what hurts me makes me stronger. Well I had better go get that Robot tested out and debugged. Talk more later.

Here is a screen shot of this blogs stats for the week.

02/23/2017 2:40 AM

The file format robot in time travel project has been updated. I will get that uploaded as soon as I can. The new robot is fileformatrobot3.cpp All it needs is a reject file format list. It will delete all the file formats on that reject list. Its default is data. Also the user needs to put the files in alphabetical order and use a prefex or extension which must be put into the code before compiling. Or use the default targets as a prefex or extension. It works well for me anyway. I hope it works ok for everybody else too.

Again all this can be done from the Linux command line or bash scripts without using any of my c++ code from time travel project. My code is just to help those that are not very good with Linux and or not familiar with my methods of computer time travel.

Linux is a very powerful system. Powerful enough to find computer files from the past, present, future, and alternate time-lines.

There will come a day in the future where computers will be made where programs not approved by the manufacture and the government can be run or executed. Programming and compiling at home will become a thing of the past.

And any new code to run will have to be registered or approved before it can be ran on a computer. This will be to stop hackers and people like me who can time hack and time travel with a computer.

So everyone enjoy while you can. Someday the party will be over. Anyone wanting to program and run code will have to go back to building homemade computers from scratch. Already machines like android must be rooted or have its settings changed to run code. And some windows computers you have to go to the store to run apps. Its only going to get worse. And don't get me started on Play Station. Use to people could run code on play station and play station cut all that crap out.

As hacking gets worse more and more computers won't compile code or run code not from an approved list. That is alright world war III is around the corner. Hell people won't be able to get a computer if they survive.
02/23/2017 04:16 AM

I uploaded the upgrade to the file format robot I also updated the lottery number AI for picking lottery numbers. I am not sure what to do next this stuff already runs pretty damn good. I will as always be running my own open source time travel code and if I find ways to improve it will.  I plan to use my own code now in conjunction with Linux commands and bash scripts while doing my own computer time travel projects of course out of the reach of the Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela part of the N.S.A. and the C.I.A. surveillance of me. 

Most of what I do from now on probably won't be in a blog or posted in a forum. Of course I will abide by all laws. I may start work on some of my other projects and work more on my day trading and other things in my personal life.

If the public finds my blogs and code useful great if not they are welcome to their own opinions. I know there is a truth in what I do. No automated writing program can find a real computer file from the past, present, future, and alternate time-lines.

So, my software kicks the shit out of any automated writing program in existence. I now consider the war between myself and the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" over. They got their hits in against me but I also got my hits in. 

Still I know this won't stop the government surveillance of me and probably will not stop Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela from doing what they have continued to do since 2008 when I first posted at 

If I had only known I was been interviewed by federal government agents at I would of never posted there.

So word of the wise to the public. When your on the internet federal government agents from all over the world are watching you. They are like cock-roaches. When in chat rooms and forums your probably not talking to real people most of the time. Even when writing this blog most of the time government agents are the mainstay of my readers more than the public.

My time travel code is open source and is now available to the mass public. It is available to the world free for any person, government, or organization. All I ask if they alter the code and publish it please give me my credit for the original code.
02/23/2017 12:11 PM

In this post I wanted to talk about special gifts. Recently I purchased the game called No Man's sky. Now I was one of the very first people to purchase the game. After playing it for a very long time I thought that I had achieved a high degree of game play and skills. But when I got on YouTube and watch the videos I found out that I was very low on the scale of the complexity of playing the game and I had not achieved as much as I thought I had as compared to other people.

In my post here I talked about the conspiracy against time travel as they were completely stupid and I still believe they are completely stupid. But now I realize everybody has different skills that they're good at. The conspiracy against time travel they are good at stalking, harassing, spying, threatening, hacking, and intimidating the people they were up against.

While I was good at computer science in finding computer files that had previously existed somewhere in space-time that nobody had access to accept myself. And I can also access any computer file existing in the present without accessing the internet or a phone line or the computer itself. And without going through any security I might add.

But that does not make me an enemy of the state cuz my intentions are purely for exploring space-time itself not for hurting anybody any organization any government or anyone I just want to explore space time that's all I was ever interested in.

I was never in this for the money. I'm not in it for the profit. I'm not in it to sell anything. I'm not in it to please anybody. I'm only in it for myself to know for myself what is out there. I don't give a s*** how anybody else feels about that. I'm not going to divulge anything that I learned from my experiences except for letting the public know about time travel with computer science. 

Minus the few vague comments I made about the future and technology at my own peril which I warned others not to do. Which I should not of done but it is too late for me to take it back. I'm still just human but I have rules I should live by and I try to live by those rules as best as I can. Minus my indiscretions.

So as for calling Rainman aka Ray Hudson stupid and Darby Phillips stupid talking about the conspiracy against time travel I will say they are specially gifted for their talents and I am specially gifted for my talents.

Again the conspiracy against time-travel are gifted for stalking people, harassing people, threatening people. Hacking, spying, covering up the truth and so on because that is what very stupid government agents do. They don't have the skills necessary to get a real job. So even with a education they work as a government agent instead of at McDonald's. And who would blame them the pay is better.

I will admit that computer time travel is not for everybody and a lot of people aren't going to be able to do it except the few that have the knowledge and skills. It takes a little computer science and computer experience and knowledge. 

Computer time travel can be incredibly time consuming just like playing video games is time consuming. Only the people that have the interest, the knowledge, and the skills are going to be able to do it. Just like I cannot play computer games as well as other people playing no man sky. So other people are not going to be able to computer time travel as well as me. Computer time travel is my gift.

Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips is gifted in their own way and Pamela as gifted in her own way and I am gifted in my own way and that is how it's meant to be. 

So in my time travel war with the conspiracy against time-travel we all pitted our gifts against each other.  I was the ultimate victor on that deal because the prize was releasing computer time travel to the public. They were preventing me from talking about it on the internet then they went crazy on me with the stalking and hacking and threats  and other things so out of self defense I released computer time travel to the public despite all their hard work to stop me.

So my point is not everybody is stupid it's just that everybody is gifted in their own way like Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela have their special gives. We all can't be as good as others at everything we try to do we are only good at special things. 

Which make it seem like were stupid when we try to apply our skills in other areas that we are not gifted at what which is why Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela attempted to do to their no avail. 

It was why they failed against me. They tried to apply skills in other areas which they did not have the ability to apply themselves in. Areas which they were not trained in and which they had no experience in but I did.

Their education and the United States government had not equipped them to deal with people like me. Their best choice in this would of been to take me out at the very beginning the best way that the government can do but that did not happen because I am an American citizen. 

So even if they carry their threats out against me now it is too late. But maybe and hopefully in the future this will not lead to other people like me getting terminated or killed prematurely when all our best interests is to help the public and to help mankind learn. Despite the interest of the black government.

My threat to the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" was that I had security clearances that I was not assigned or giving  and now the world with my software has the same security clearances that I do that they were not assigned nor given. Because space-time according to the government is classified information.

So is technology, energy, propulsion, time travel, and space travel. Which I and now the public have full access to all of it. You see computer files are just very long numbers in a numerical base. So after all computer files in space-time are mapped to numbers it is just a matter of performing math functions with a destination, difference, and target file to access all energy, technology, propulsion, space travel and and other damn thing you want to access in space-time in the comfort of your private residence on a Linux computer. With no security to stop you.

If you do more than watch TV and are curious about things generally not known then your supposed to have a security clearance. And if you don't have that clearance then your assigned people to watch you and if necessary deal with you.

So this should be a lesson to Ray Hudson Darby Phillips and Pamela. They should stick to what they know and leave what they don't know alone. 

Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. You stupid blundering idiots. Russia thanks you for your service to their country.

Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. You stupid blundering idiots. China thanks you for your service to their country.

Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela. You stupid blundering idiots. The rest of the world thanks you for your service to their countries.

For if you guys had not fucked with me it is very likely computer time travel would not have gone open source and so very public!!!! YOU SHOULD OF LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE!!

God the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" is SOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COULD THEY NOT BE ANY STUPIDER? I DON'T THINK SO!!!






Oh god that was a gut crushing laugh. I got tears in my eyes now.

May the world and all eternity remember "those idiots": "The Conspiracy Against Time Travel", for their gifted, infinite, stupidity. 

I can think of more ways to call "The Conspiracy Against Time Travel" stupid than there are stars in the universe. For their truly gifted, infinite, stupidity is larger than space-time itself. It is larger than the informational universe I am so fond of talking about itself.

Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela, you guys did a fine job of bringing computer time travel to the world. Again the world thinks you for your service. I think you for all the encouragement you guys gave me to make it possible to bring open source computer time travel to the world.

So in conclusion mankind can't learn if we hold others back. Religion, dictators, and governments have held mankind thousands of years behind in technology and development to a point where it can make the difference between survival or extinction for mankind for natures clock is ticking. Tick, tock, tick, tock to the count down for extinction for mankind.

Friday, February 17, 2017



I have come to learn that anyone that does not know how to program or understand computer science will find my computer code hard to use. Others that are better than I am may even start their own thing. But what you see above is how I do it. I started off with weak and strong check-sums when I was learning how to time hack. Then I went to weighted strong check-sums as I was learning. Finally I come to realize that all computer files are just numbers in a numerical base. They can be treated as numbers in a numerical base instead of check-sums.

The code I have at time travel project tries to go about that in the most simplest way possible.

1. Use a destination file.
2. Use a difference file.
3. Add or subtract the difference file from the destination file using base bath to find the target files. The base = (256^buffersize) + 1.

Add to or subtract from the destination file using base math to move it up or down thus SCANNING FOR TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER MEDIA.

Now to build a map of where computer files are in space-time using a weak check-sum and a strong check-sum is the best way to do it.

After getting as many targets possible around the destination file get the weak check-sum, strong check-sum, and file size of the destination file along with the description of the targets found and record in a spread sheet along with the name of the destination file. THIS INFORMATION BECOMES YOUR COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL MAP OF SPACE-TIME. 

I recommending keeping the destination files backed up. The strong check-sums can be cracked to recreate the destination file if need be.

Now as you learn where time travel media files on the map are new areas can be explored!!!!!

And yes you can use known computer media files as destination files. This is good if you want to find news papers or news videos of the future or alternate time-lines. This can also be used for time-hacking other computers but I don't recommend time-hacking people or the government. 

What I have is the same as using a internet connection. This is a connection to space-time to download computer files from space-time. This connection can be abused just like the internet gets abused.

Since your dealing with time travel Super Virus's, Alien Virus's, Time Traveling Super A.I.'s, Paradoxes, Changing the past, and Changing the future is possible.

Computer Time Travel Can Be Dangerous!!!!!!!! So, anyone using my code be very careful please. I am thinking now on improving my robots and taking this to a search engine and making a "real time" LIVE "TEMPORAL DATA CONNECTION" with the future, past, and alternate time-lines.

Also warned known it takes time travel to invent time travel. I have begun the first step.

Temporal Parallel Computer Processing is possible with this. All manner of things become possible with this method of time travel.

To use my code you need true random numbers. In my download is a random number directory. I use /dev/random in linux now. Any thing requiring a strong check-sum needs a weight file. In my download is a program to generate a weight file for getting strong check-sums.

Use the random number file in my program as a seed file to seed the random number generator. I recommend using different file sizes for the difference files. When generating target files stop the addition or subtraction when the file size for the difference file has been exhausted. If you go over that you copy the destination file into the target file. If you want you can only use difference files the same file size as the destination file. 

This is open source and anyone can use my code all I ask is if they change it and publish it to please give me credit for the original code. 

For years my code was private and proprietary but the damn government meaning the N.S.A. and the C.I.A. starting hacking me and harassing me so I said screw it "LET THE WORLD HAVE COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL!!!!!!" and thus it became so. NOW NO ONE HAS TO SPY ON ME!!! I GIVE IT AWAY TO THE WORLD!!!! 






TAKE IT!!!! 

ITS YOURS!!!!!!!!

02/17/2017 03:49 AM

Ok I went back and made scripts that someone can run in Linux and it will COMPILE THE TIME TRAVEL CODE FOR THE USER!!!! So yeah I know a lot of people will appreciate that. Before you compile you should look at the code and if it needs edited for a variable do it. I know one of my programs the user has to enter the numerical base. To calculate that it is NumericalBase = (256^buffersize) + 1. The rest of the stuff should be ok. I will get that takeing care of later.

Again I can not overstate this enough for the users of Time Travel Project it is much more than a program it is a 

TEMPORAL DATA CONNECTION TO SPACE-TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like with your internet connection take precautions. Ok, I got thirty minutes left. I programmed so hard tonight my fingers are hurting. I am updating and upgrading "Time Travel Project" faster than I can upload updates to sourceforge and github. Everyone enjoy your computer time traveling. Your welcome world.

02/17/2017 09:13 AM

I am writing a program that will interface with /dev/random in Linux to generate difference files for the destination files. The difference files will be true random numbers. The destination file I will create from /dev/random then use a add and subtract program to increase it or decrease it. This is getting too easy. I miss my propitiatory time travel code that I can't use anymore because of the hacking but I will have this open source project singing in time. Literately. 

I will get that across all three of my main methods for finding time travel media files. I am running computer time travel projects now getting what ever else bugs I can find and setting this up to be fully automated and user friendly. On my base to binary conversion I am reading random.bin to text in a numerical base creating difference files.


Yes, this is getting much easier now. As my upgrades goes this will be awesome. Well I have to go computer time travel now and get this code upgraded. Talk to everyone later. Pamela (my web-hoochie) come sit in your daddy's lap and help him with his computer time travel. 


02/18/2017 12:58 AM

Well my base conversion program still had some bugs in it. I am sorry if anyone downloaded that yesterday. I fixed the bugs.

I also wrote a difference file generator for base conversion time scanner. I uploaded a new release to and github

Now Time Travel Project allows for pure precision computer time travel by moving the destination file along a regression line and generating the target files around it.

I have a lot more computer time traveling to do. I am going to play more with my binary time scanners and my weak check-sum time scanners.

I am writing a bash script for time travel project that allows for extremely fast and pure randomly computer time travel. You don't even have to download time travel project to use it. Here is how to computer time travel in Linux with these commands on the command line ONLY!!!!!






(let this run a while then close the terminal window)

SPLIT -b sizeoffiles random.bin prefixoftargets

file * > list.txt

cat > list.txt

look at list.txt and keep any files with good formats.

Use cat list.txt | grep 'nameoffileformat' > goodfiles.txt (This  will show you the files with the format your looking for. Openup goodfiles.txt) 


LET THE COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


02/18/2017 02:30 AM

I have worked on programming "Time Travel Project" so much that I am getting a small case of carpel tunnel. So, I will have to start wearing my braces on my arms when I sleep.

Time Travel Project is up to production level now. Every time I computer time travel though I upgrade my code a little.

I have the base conversion and binary time scanner working I am testing the weak check-sum time scanner.

I put the directions to running a random computer time travel project in a text file in "Time Travel Project". I uploaded updates to
and to gethub under time-travel-project.

I computer time travel my ass off this morning. And damn that random computer time travel stuff works good.

At I updated my project status. I took out the windows shit and left it for Linux only. I updated my audience, state of project and get this my categories. 

Time Travel Project is now for:

1. File sharing
2. Multimedia
3. Data recovery (This is the part I love the most).

It is also for communication but would not let me give it a 4th category.






02/18/2017 7:54 PM

Well tonight through the early morning I'm working on my weak check sum time scanner. I had over 500 visits to this blog this last 30 days. I get a little less or over a 100 visits a week. I uploaded a new video to YouTube showing how to computer time travel on the Linux command line and laughed my ass off at Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela after doing it. 

Why did I laugh? Because I am proving no computer file in space-time is safe. No matter how secure any computer is there is always a way to find the information on it. 

My methods are a damn big security hole. But it's not my fault because information is a slut/whore that can't be controlled. It wants to sleep around. The future effects the past and the past effects the future. That is plain physics. 

Computer files are "SLICES OF SPACE-TIME". Each and every computer file is a "Recording of space-time". THIS IS WHY I CALL MY METHODS "COMPUTER TIME TRAVEL". Because computer files are "SLICES OF SPACE-TIME". So, every time I retrieve or reconstruct a computer file from space-time and view it I just "COMPUTER TIME TRAVELED". So hence this not my fault. Its physics. And this is why no computer file is safe or secure. Because it is a slice of space-time that exist with space-time. 



It gets even more worse when a computer file can be added to or subtracted from thus moving it up and down a regression line. All along adding or subtracting differences from the file to construct the target files around it. This is precision computer time travel AND A WAY TO RETRIEVE VERY SPECIFIC INFORMATION FROM SPACE-TIME. Hahahahah..............

No, I truly do not need a internet connection or phone line to hack computers. So Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela's worst fears have come true. A hacker that can hack with impunity BECAUSE ALL COMPUTER FILES EXIST AS NUMBERS IN SPACE-TIME JUST WAITING TO BE PHYSICAL!!! Which is why I am heavily watched by my own government. Anymore I can't piss without them knowing about it. Oh well. F*** them.

But I hack to explore space-time. I could care less about people's or government's personal and classified information. I'm a time hacker. Not a criminal hacker. My software can be considered military strength data recovery. Is another good name for it if anyone does not like the term computer time travel. But computer time travel it is because of the relationship information has with physics. That has been my focus all along.

Here is a screen shot of my stats for the week.


02/19/2017 02:04 AM

I fixed the weak check-sum time scanner. I only had to add 1 instruction of code to it. I looked at getting my base power check-sum counter using a higher buffer and that whole thing will have to be completely rewritten to do that. 

It matters little though because I have several ways in time travel project for people to computer time travel. What ever else I add or fix now is over REDUNDANT. In my private code I have god only knows how many different counters and old code that I use to computer time travel with. I know the more I add to time travel project the more I will probably confuse people.

But it is a matter of pride. That base power check-sum served me well for years in my private code. It is kind of like an old friend that is getting on up their in years.

But my newer stuff works faster and better. So, why drive an old Chevy when I can drive a brand new Ferrari. What I will do is some time when I am bored off my ass I will rewrite the base power check sum scanner. But I will leave the base power check-sum in the code. I am not going to upload an update till around 4 or 4:30 AM. I am off to see what else I can do now.


02/19/2017 02:48 AM

I found a way to upgrade my file format robot. It will open a list of files then open a list of file formats to reject. It will go down the list and look at each individual file's file format and if it is on the reject list the file will be deleted.

The most common one to delete or move will be the data format. The user can put what ever file formats to move or delete. I am going to have it just delete for now because I like to run my computer time travel projects 24/7 and I can't do that if I am saving files that may be bad. The hard drive fills up and stops the whole damn project. I like to set back and wait for my good files to appear.

Anyone can add what ever code they want to do something else.

For those thinking it is impossible to find a computer time travel media file think again. I started this in 2008 and I have been doing this up to 2017. When I started detecting the government hacking I put my code up and stopped time-hacking

The government crossed a boundary with me with my hacking so I crossed one with them. I wrote a open source version of my computer time travel code and gave it to the world. I laugh about that every day. They should know better than to hack their own citizens. Pay backs are hell. Well I'm off to finish that robot upgrade.
02/19/2017 04:16 AM

Ok my file format robot has been upgraded. The user can have thousands and thousands of suspected time travel media on their hard drive and this robot will look at every single one and check it for a file format that is on the reject list.

So, long story short the user only keeps the files matching the file format they want.


It just keeps getting worse and worse for Ray Hudson, Darby Phillips, and Pamela members of the "Conspiracy Against Time Travel" who are government federal agents.

Everyone enjoy this computer time travel. Its yours. it is open source and its FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!