Friday, November 6, 2015

Time Travel Institute Dot Com Is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have sent them a offer to buy their domain. I am pretty sure they will refuse it. I will keep everyone updated. This is a game changer for me. Now I have to take my forums and blog in a new direction. Oh sure I still may talk about them from time to time because they were my favorite subject to talk about. But, I can only talk about something that is dead for so long then I have to find closer and move on. I am just waiting to see if they stop hacking me and attacking my sites and making threats against me. We will see. Yes I had move this blog but I had to finish story that Rainman said I was once apart of. Now that their gone I can't promise I won't continue to run this blog with my web-sight. I shut it down because the conspiracy against time travel was using as a method to track me. I have to wait and see what occurs next. I still may be getting tracked so I have to see whats going on. I have books and a video to release. I have wondered if them shutting down their site had to do with my blog or my books and videos I was about and still am to release. Exposing them for what they are and that time travel is a reality even more so with computers. Well we shall see.


I went to see if I could find the conspiracy cafe forum. It has been a while but I did not see it listed on google any more. Well, I can't say that I am surprised that the conspiracy against time travel up and died on the internet. But, who knows where those creeps will turn up next. I am still pinching myself to see if its real. To see if their last remaining sites stay dead. As for me here is my update. I am currently working two jobs. On my days off I am working on building up a micro-manufacturing setup in my home.

I have my books and of course programs. Most of my books are finished but unreleased. When I do release them I do not plan on making an announcement right away. My code which I am writing for the public I have the program written but I am I still working on it. I have my progress bookmarked and documented and logged so I can pick right back up where I left off. I also have my first book updated.

I am going to a new publisher with my books. One that will allow book stores to order and return unsold copies so book stores will order them too. And, I will make sure they eventually get to the library system.

Well know when I talk about Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips I can call them the Dead conspiracy against time travel though they themselves as far as I know are still living. as least as far as I know. If Darby or Ray drop dead I will probably be the last person to find out if ever. I don't stalk them like they have me over the years. And I can refer to their failed fake time travel forum as the fake dead time travel institute dot com.

Over the years I watched that site daily die a little bit every day. Starting with how Rainman and Darby tried to run everyone off with their over bearing rules and regulations. Darby once made fun of me talking about using water as a fuel to run cars. Now every where on the net that subject has become a popular topic.

They tried to kill every possible topic that made any sense and made sure popular members of the forum where run off. And, their forum was popular at one time. It took a lot of work for those old trolls to kill it that is how popular it was at one time. But with enough hard work those trolls finally killed their own forum by trolling their own forum.

They tried to revive it after it was dead. After traffic died up. People stop posting. All the post were coming from Ray, Darby, and their henchmen but the public was not posting. I use to count the post that were from the staff and admin then count the post that were from the general public. Most of the post were from the staff and admin very little came from the public. They had finally killed their forum. And for me it was a long time coming.

I am waiting to see if anyone tries to revive it. If I get the domain I will put a forum back up but the conspiracy against time travel have prevented me from having my own forum going by spamming and attacking it every day. So, anymore I am the only one besides my admin in my forum and I really don't care. People come to my forum and read my post. That was what I wanted. To be able to post publicly and have people read it. So, I was successful even though the Dead conspiracy against time travel from the Dead time travel institute dot come tried to stop me.

Though I call them dead for now time will tell. I hope those old trolls stay gone. Ray Hudson was in Wikipedia controlling it so even if the fake time travel institute dot com is dead he is still trying to control information on the internet. Still trying to make sure some things the public don't get to see.

On my work bench I have a half built 3D printer to finish up next week

 then I have to get a CNC router built. I will print my stuff in plastic then use the plastic to make molds so I can cast metal parts or other types of material. It is called additive manufacturing. I am to the point now where I can make my own machines. I will primarily making 3 phase induction motors but on the side I can make things that primarily interest me. People who know me very well get goose bumps when they think about that. A cold chill runs down their spin. Honestly I am not bad but some believe I am. I like experimenting with energy, robotics, and propulsion. Those are my main areas of interest. I have other interest developing I may go into but I have to do one thing at a time. I have a list of priorities I am following. Yeah, I might make myself a ghost gun here or there but I won't stock pile weapons and it will all be legal I promise.

I will be making machines to sell to the public as another source of income but on the side I got a really bad ass awsome completely home-made drone going which I can't fly anywhere but on property that I own because of it being so bad ass It would scare people. It is more of a robot than a drone. Nothing on my drone is bought and nothing on it is standard. It is all home-made. When I finish up my micro-manufacturing capabilities I can finish up my drone. Rather rebuild the final version of it except out of different materials.

My drone can hack, crack, open doors, open windows, access wi-fi, see in the dark, see heat, has a power supply that no one can build but me and last a very very long time. It can use radar and has stealth mode. It is controlled by ham radio only which give it commands but the commands are encrypted and no other hams can't take it over. If it losses communication its own AI takes over if its controller is not available. It can jam communications. And the list goes on and on and on of what this thing can do. It has two robotic arms as well as set of tools. It can even pick a lock. It has a lock picking set installed on it. So, I got that puppy hidden away like I do my computer code and I work on it when I can from time to time. I got a lot of things going with this. A lot of this stuff I don't put on it all at once but I can outfit it with this stuff depending on the mission it is suppose to do. So, I can take it to small and light or big and bad ass. Its a configurable drone. I also am planning on adding a little drone on it that can take off from the big drone and come back. Drones are fun. I am finding that to be a new hobby of mine which I will get into more and more as the future goes along.

My main interest with it is to keep my property secured or use it to get my property back if I ever find myself in a situation where I can't go directly to retrieve my property. And I can use it to warn off trespassers. Its not intended as a direct threat to the public only for personal protection of myself and my property that's all. Yes, I can mount weapons on it if I want but at this time I have no weapons on it and I am not intending to get any. If It did have anything it would be to drop a net over a animal not a human or to be able to dart a small animal for capture. That would be most it could do otherwise.

Well Im out of here. Well, im off to bed. I worked the grave yard last night then worked this morning. Went to bed and my wife came home and woke me up. I only had 2 hours of sleep and if I am lucky I might get 2 more hours before going into night.


I wanted to talk about my time travel media today. If anyone has looked up my science in my blog  they will see that I reconstruct time travel media according to its check-sums. Now I have different ways on calculating those check-sums. But, here is what the DEAD CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL FAILED TO UNDERSTAND. That these check-sums contain movies of people in ancient times living their lives. These check-sums contained movies of dinosaurs in their true environment and with their true biology living their lives. My way of time travel was and is  the ultimate way to explore the past and to explore the future.  At I tried to explain this but I was silenced by the administration at that time and by the conspiracy against time travel. My method of time travel  can be used as a true  time machine to see the future or the past and all alternate realities in between. My method of time travel is true time travel with computers. Maybe now that is dead I can finally get this messages and science out to the general public.  


I am feeling kinda of naughty today. I am going to post the next generation power source that is used by the black shadow government but could be used today to end dependence on oil. Now I have the blueprints and actual designs of these devices in my time travel media but if I post them I most likely will be paid a visit so I just did a quick sketch in paint to give the general method of how these devices work.

They are atomic. Remember that matter is LOADED WITH ENERGY!!!! So, these devices even though THEY ARE NOT NUCLEAR as we know it but still atomic can power things as well as nuclear energy can.

You can make batteries from these things that would power your home your entire life or your car your entire life. Imagine buying a car but the battery in the car powered the car and was good for the entire life of the car. Yes, that is how powerful and strong this can be. Imagine buying a home and having the power source come with the home that was good for the entire life of the home.

Yes, it is suppressed by the USA and other governments for the sake of keeping the rich people rich and those in power in power. But, I today will post for you how they work.

These can also be used to power fusion bombs. Fusion bombs have a first stage that is where the energy is formed. The second stage the energy is collected. The third stage of a fusion bomb is where the energy is used to fuse matter to bring about a fusion explosion or to use for peaceful energy. This too is future technology.

I can't post the blue prints but plasma generators which I am about to post here are not all that complicated for a educated person to understand.

This could also power a neutron bomb or EMF BOMB.

One thing I have enjoyed about being a time traveler that never leaves my own time line is I am like a tourist in time. It is so sad I when I leave this earth I will take so many secrets or unknowns with me. But, I have enjoyed my ride despite what ever happens to me or what the conspiracy against time travel do to me.

Here is my picture for a plasma generator. Enjoy, and don't believe what the press says or what the government says. The truth is people need to stop trusting TV and what the government says because it is all controlled even in the good old USA. What you hear on tv and what the government says is not all ways evidence of the truth. People have to find their own evidence and take it at face value.

People don't know that right now humans could be space travelers and living with no war, no hunger, and little illness. And could be living much longer lives. Its the military and the rich and those in power and yes religion had a lot to do with it too that prevented humans from progressing like we should have. And racism and other factors do account for this too.

These batteries would go to a charging station. There they would be filled it up with plasma then the ions would be trained off. Then they give you back the battery. Once filled it could last as long as it was filled up to last. 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. You name it. The person with the battery would take it where ever it was meant to go to power what ever it was meant to power.

They can power homes, cars, buildings space craft you name it.

Lets all give Uncle Sam a round of applause for screwing over their citizens. Thank you Uncle Sam. All the poor people in America enjoy been slaves to the man. Paying them bills. And having no health insurance at the end of our lives so we can get doped up by the doctor and left to die without medical treatment.

Thank you Uncle Sam. You see, it is not necessary for Americans to pay for energy. It is not necessary to pay gas and electric bills. It is not necessary for us to have to pay for gas. And, oh this cover up gets worse.

In the medical field there have been technology cover ups too because in the USA they don't want to cure illness they want to manage it. There is more money in managing illness than there is in curing illness. And there have been cancer cures but for some reason the company could not get the patent on it so it was never brought to market. Or the cure worked to well and was never brought to market because it is better and more profitable to manage a illness than to cure it.

Some cures go a long way back but are not used and no research is giving for them. There is no one at the helm driving the USA government and policies it is all dictated by corporations and those that wish to be in power.

Oh and last lets not forget about all the people that will be killed, forced to move, or put in poverty due to climate change. Oh, thank you again USA government for not releasing the technology to the American people to stop all this. For keeping the rich getting richer and all those in power still in power. Thank you so much USA.  We will watch our football games and believe what ever the media and the government tell us.

And last yeah lets everyone pay $1000 dollars a pill out of our own pockets because insurance won't cover it for MEDICINE THAT WE NEED TO MANAGE OUR ILLNESSES!!!!



This is why defense contractors which RAY HUDSON WORKS FOR love America. That is where our tax dollars go. And our money goes for other things as well which if the American public just knew about would they would be upset.

But Ray Hudson benefits three times. He gets paid by the defense contractor he works for then he gets paid by the CIA or better yet by USA government. Then he gets paid by the school that he teaches at. Ray Hudson has three pay checks coming in. 

So here is the break down. The CIA paid to insert Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips into their forum. Darby was Ray's handler at the CIA. The CIA also injected members into to get its membership up and to get people posting. The made money off the CIA, what it sold in its store, and made money paid advertising.

Darby evaluated people to see if they were crazy or not telling the truth and Ray evaluated the technology. So, finally the CIA pulled their funding and stopped paying but Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips and some of the inserted CIA personal came back in their own free unpaid personal time to try to float and help with its membership and posting.

It was not enough. Finally the ownership changed hands and still it was not enough. You see, the USA government made popular by inserting posters. Once that was gone the forum died and Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips were a big part of that forum going out of business. Its business was not real. It was a government operated project to catch people like me. To hack me. To track me. To get my technology. Then too shut me up.

Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips would get kids into their private messaging and chat and get them to work for them hacking people such as myself with a valid time travel claim. To get technology for the USA government.  I have known all this for a long time but I was waiting for to die before I brought all this to the public attention though I have gave hints and said Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips where working for the USA government.

This is how the USA tracks its citizens on the internet. The USA monitors just about every facet of the internet. Whether it be CIA or NSA. Now, this could of been a NSA controlled operation I don't know I just know the CIA ran the operation that Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips worked for. But I know Ray has plenty of income to go around through his jobs. He is not hurting for money anytime soon. 

Boy Ray, and you still need all them forums to talk in using private chat and messaging with underage kids. Really? That child internet army paying off your you Ray??? I guess it helps him with his CIA job. And with shitting on me every chance he gets. Yeah, I would like to see how much money the USA government spent on hacking me and harassing me. I would like to see that price tag. It has has my interest.

Well I will get off my soap box now. I think everyone has my point.

I want to personally thank time travel institute dot com for leaving that banner up went of out of business. I have thoroughly enjoyed going to that domain over and over and over again just to experience seeing that banner. GOD I LOVED THAT BANNER! Thank you time travel institute for finally dying like I know you always would. In essence by dying you have proved all my points about you true. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

This blog is moving to

News Flash for Darby, Ray, and the rest of the conspiracy against time travel. Hey pervert cocksuckers. My email address has changed and of course I am not forwarding my mail. Good luck harassing me by email in the future.  And it gets better. All my emails were backed up and downloaded and I am already using a new account and every one who I want to email me is being notified. You loose losers. You can't win. Well you can go suck Arron Hinker off and fuck him up the ass you perverts. Go play with your boy toy you got nothing else.

And conspiracy against time travel it gets better. My site is going to be my main focus in the future along with my  code and projects. Of your course you guys know I have some SECRET PROJECTS IN THE WORKS RIGHT? Enough said. You losers just keep losing.

Also you guys - Talking to the conspiracy against time travel you guys security clearances must be above the President of the USA to fucking commit all the crimes you guys have committed against me including spying on my pre-teen daughters web-cams. The FBI and my own local law enforcement refuse to go after you guys. You guys are are nothing but shit. You guys have some higher government power protecting you from prosecution for your crimes. How the fuck do you guys hack a little girls web-cam and spy on that little girl IN HER PRIVACY AND NOT GET FUCKING PROSECUTED WHEN IT IS REPORTED IN  DETAIL TO THE FUCKING FBI!!! HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THAT GOD DAMN SHIT HAPPEN!!!!! I know how it happen. Edward Joseph "Ed" Snowden warned the world about this shit before hand. I am American citizen of the USA being refused law enforcement protection because of the SPY programs of the USA.

NOTE TO THE PUBLIC - At this time is not looking for assistance from the outside world. I usually find that people that offer their or there assistance have some type of agenda or threats to push with me that is not in my best interest and also not in the best interest of the work I am performing. 

And, when I check these people out they are usually not what or who they claim to be. Usually the assistance I am offered comes from the Conspiracy Against Time Travel directly looking for some type of revenge because I did not disappear off the net like I was suppose too seven years ago and because I perused my work and talked about it and the Conspiracy Against it publicly. 

I also talked about the actions the Conspiracy Against Time Travel took against me publicly. And I expressed my personal opinions and thoughts about the matter. So they, The Conspiracy Against Time Travel because of what I just said they continue to seek revenge against me. 

Most offers of assistance come from them in a Trojan Horse type of thing. Offer assistance then come in for revenge. My last offer of assistance I responded to out of curiosity and the Conspiracy Against Time Travel infected my computers with RAT SOFTWARE- REMOTE ADMIN software and viruses and Trojan horses in an attempt to directly steal my TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER CODE!!! 

And now everyday after the Conspiracy Against Time Travel attacked my home network when I check my computer logs now days I have at least a half dozen attacks going on against my computer network on a daily bases now which I DID NOT HAVE BEFORE AND I HAVE LITTLE GIRLS THAT USE COMPUTERS ON MY HOME NETWORK!!! 


Also to note I usually now forward offers of assistance to the FBI and Homeland security so be for warned before offering to help me. Also, the FBI and HOMELAND have been no help so I believe they may be in on THIS CONSPIRACY AGAINST TIME TRAVEL TOO. Them and more likely the CIA as well as the NSA TOO.

At one time I had asked for outside computer assistance so I would have a more powerful platform to run my computer code on but even right now I am not doing that anymore either. So, no need for anyone to try to hunt me down and offer to help.  Thanks but no thanks. I am good.

Also, to note the "TIME TRAVEL COMPUTER CODE" is no longer on a networked computer and stays encrypted when I am not using it or working with it. But, the public has my description of it and how it works and later will have more as my books, documentaries, and code get published. 
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is back up again at its new home. I have to back everything up again in case I have to move. The conspiracy against time travel has been pretty good at keeping me homeless on the internet. So, when  I move again I will take my data bases and what not. I try not to have to redo everything when I can just upload. Now I have to start moving in and I have some editing to do due to my initial mistakes. The main site is up but I have to get my blog and forum up to speed. 

This will be where my new blog and forum will be. I also be be doing a lot of updating and posting of new material, books, documentary's, and my  computer code. Just as Rainman Time wanted me to do. Post someplace else. Some of my other blog post are below click on older post to read them. I have been rotating out my post and on the weekends opening up the entire blog to the world. When my site is up and running good my blog will be transferred to and I will have all my media on one server linked to my blog, forum, and web sight.

FIY if you see my forum getting spammed and flamed that is just the conspiracy against time travel humping my leg like the horny dogs they are. Pay them no mind. Haters will be haters. THEY HATE US CAUSE THEY AIN'T US!!!!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

It drives the pervert haters from the conspiracy against time travel at the fake crazy I got the domain 

They tried to get all the domains time travel institute taken but I got the biz one. Now, if those assholes(Ray Hudson and Darby Phillips of aka The Conspiracy Against Time Travel) had not chased me all over the internet and had not gotten me banned from every fucking forum on the internet and prevented me from talking about time travel with information me getting that domain would not of happen. 

So, I had to get my own domain and web-space on the internet so that the conspiracy against time travel could not ban me from. Since I am a real to god honest time traveler and time travel researcher using computers and algorithms again I got MY OWN WEB-SIGHT, FORUM, AND BLOG where I can speak my mind and not be controlled from Ray and Darby of those thugs, dogs, rodents, and perverts that they are.

Those very very stupid government flunkies and fuck-ups. They have no control over me.

I am going to take a page from Rainman Times aka Ray Hudson's favorite tv show South Park. Please excuse me while I enjoy myself. 

To Ray Hudson aka Rainman time I have this to say to you:

"Nana Nana boo boo I got time travel institute dot biz and you didn't.... Nana Nano boo boo... BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! Sit and spin on it Ray Hudson. Sit and spin. BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh, I got it. You know what domain should change their name too???



My stomach is hurting from all this laughter. I got to go.